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Full text of "Erasmi Colloquia selecta; or, The select colloquies of Erasmus"

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E R A S M I 




E R A S M U S : 



Author of ihc Efays on Education and Study. 




Sold by bim, and by Thomas c2? Andrew s, Bojhn; 


$5 % 

E R A S M I 


A. XTARRAS kor- 
yirmda: eftifluc 
navigare ? Deus prohib- 
eat ne quidquam taleve- 
n Ire t u n qk a m i n rsentem . 

B. Imo quod meniora- 
vWKclenus^iX merits lu- 
fus praz his, qua nunc 

tis maloruni. Inhorref- 
co te mem or ante i quafi 
ipft interfim ptrlculo* 

B. Imo, atli laborcs 

Junt jucundi wz$Az.. Ea 

/20c7<? quiddam accidxt 

quod £* magna parte de- 

mit/pem fa! Litis nauclero. 

A. Quid tf/V^n? ? 

THOU tclleft flSy^i?/ 
things: is /An? failing' V 
6W forbid //W any /' c//. MzTrg" 
Ihould comef^r into my mind 

Nay, zuli at I have related hi* 
therto, is mere play, 2» compart- 
Jon of thefe things which now 
yen fliall hear. 

I have heard wz^ra rftfa e- 
nough<?/>r/z/j. I freinble^'/; 1 /// 
>'<?& relate, as it I nty/i'ff were 
prefer* t zfl //z> danger. 

Nay, ##/2 labors #/v plea fa at 

tome. That W7£#/ fomething 

happe?ied,\vhich rn a great biea- 

Jure took away ihehopts of lafc 

ty from the ma//e>\ 

What, I pray you ? 

B. Era* 


B.Er» fullu/lris nox, 
it q ui d am e naut is {lab at 
in galea ; parn/tc vocant, 
opinor; circumfpeBans, 
ft viderat quavi terram. 
Quctdam fpbgpra ignea 
ccepit adfi/lere huic ; 7 a? 
e 11 / r ifiijjim t/moflentura 
nattiiji fi quando ignis 
f// folitarius, jte/?'.* cum 
gernim. -Vetuftas fr^ 
2^/// hos effe Caftorem et 

A. Quid illis cum 
nautis, quorum zher fa- 
il c q u e s , a //.<* r p ug i ] ? 

B. vSic z>?y&/?2 <*// poe- 
f is . Na uclei u s* q iii tzy^- 
*Wtf/? clavo, inquit, So- 
c\efna?n naut as compel- 
lant fe rruuuo <?0 nomi- 
ne) videfne quod fo la di- 
hum iXtxvAddbl latus ? 
Video, refpcndit ille, et 
precor tit fit \fel\x. Mox 
igneas globus delapfus 
per Junes, devolvit /<? 
ufque ad nauclerum. 

A. Nurn ille exani- 
mat us efi #*£/& ? 

B. Nautie a/fuevere 
roonftris. Ibi commo- 
ratus paulfper, volvit/? 
per ?narp y c nes tot i us na~ 

Ms, inae di/ajfus per 
inedjos for os evanuit. 
Sub meridiem tempeftas 
ccepit incrudefcere ma m 
gis ac magis. Vidiftine 
Aipts uiiq'uam ? 

It was a moon Jlii ne v\\g\\\ ,ani 
one of the fail 'ors Rood upon the 
round top; lor fo they call it, / 
think; looking about ?/he could 
fee any land. A certain globe 0/ 
jfre began to /land by him; that 
is # very fad fign /0^/2* Jailors, 
if tf^ tf/?j' /z;/2£ the fire w but one, 
a happy oat when there are two. 
Antiquity believed thefe to be 
Cafior and Pollux. 

What have they (o do with 
failors, of which oncwas a horie- 
man, the other a boxt- r ? 

So itfeemedgood to the poets: 

The mafter,\s\\ofat at the helm, 

fays, comrade, (for failors call 

one another by chat r\'amt)doyou 

fee what company covers y$ur 

fde ? I fee, anfwered he, and 1 

wiOxthai it may be lucky. By 

and by the fiery globe Aiding a« 

long Me r0/><?.f rolls z//^ to Me 


Was he not killed with fear f 

Sailors are ufed to ftrange 
things. There flaying a little 
while, it rolled Xtfelf along Me 
e^e.r of the whole Jhip, alter 
that /lipping through I he middle 
of the decks, itvamfhed away. 
About noon the ilorm began to 
rage more and more. Have 
you feen Me Alps ever ? 


A. Vidi. 

B. Il!i monies funt 
verruca, fi conferantur 
ad undas maris. Quoties 
toliebamur in a/turn, li- 
cuiffet contingere lunam 
digito. Quoties demitte- 
bamur, videbamur ire 
recle in tartar a, terra 

A. O infanos qui ere- 
duntfe mari. 

B. Nautis luclantibus 
fruflra cum tempeitate, 
tandem nauclerus totus 
pa] lens nos. 

A. Is pallor praefagit 
aliquod 'magnum malum, 

B. Amici, inquit, de* 
fivi effe dominus meae 
navis ; venti vicere ; re- 
Ixquumejl \x\. collocemus 
noftram Jpem in Deo ; 
et quifque paret fe ad 

A O coneionem vert 

B. Autem in primis, 
inquit, navis eft exone- 
randafic neceffitas jubet 
durum telum : Praejiat 
confulere vita* difpen- 
dio rcrum quzm interim 
fimul cum rebus. Veri- 
tas perfuafit ; pfurima 
vafa plena preciofis mer- 
cibus projecta funt in 
vi are. 

A, Hoc erat vtxeja- 
cere jaclurara. 

A 2 

I have feen them. 
Thofe mountains are melt Li lis 
if they be compared to the waves 
of the fea. As oft as we were 
lifted up on high, one mig-ht 
have touched the moon with a 
fnger. As oh as' ai; were let' 
dozon, we feemed to go diteclly 
into lull, the earth gaping. 

O mad folks, zcho truii them* 
Jtlves to the fea ! 

The IWilors /IruggUng in vain 
with the temped, at length the 
mailer all pale came to us. 

That palenejs prefages fame, 
great eviL 

Friends, faith he, I have ceaf- 
ed to be rnafter of my Slip ; M* 
winds have conquered ; ?/ rc- 
mains that a;* /?/W? our hope in 
God ; <zW let every one /;/<?- 
/;ar^ hlmklijbr extremities. 

O fpeech '? 'uly Scythian ! 

But firJL quoth he, theJJiip [j 
to be unloaded ; fo necf/ity 
commands, ^ /Wa weapon' : // 
is better to take care of lfe } \\{\* 
the lofs oj goods, than /<? ^<r/2/% 
together a;j/^ our goods. Truth 
per funded ; very, many vcflels 
yw// ot precious wares were 
thrown w/0 thejea. 

This &-4J- truly ^ aw/J&lofs- 
B- QuiJam 


B. Ouidam I talus ad- 
erat, qui egerat legatum 
apudregem Scotia, huic 
GtvxJcriniuiA plenutiuzr- 
genteis vafis, annulis 
panno, et fericis vefti- 

A. Nolebat is decide- 
ic cum mari ? 

B. Non,yW cupiebat 
aid perire cum fuis ami- 
cis opibus, aut fervari 

Jimul cum illis s itaque 
re/ rag a bat. 

A. Quid dixit nau- 
clerus ? 

B. Liceret tibi per 
nos, inquit tile, perire 

Jo him, cum tuis ; fed 
/2(9« cequum efl % ut waj 
omnes perichternur cau- 
fa taz fcrinii, ah o qui da- 
bimus te praecipitem ?'» 
mare una rtti» fcrinio. 

A. Orationem vere 
nauticam ! 

B, Sic Itahis quoque 
^aV jacturam, pre cans 

mu ha mala fuperis et 
inferis, qutfd e&didttffbt 
juam vitam tarn baibaro 
eiemento ; battle port 
venti fafti nikila mitio- 
jes no /his munerihus, 
- rape re times, disjecere 

A. O calamka'em ! 

B. Ibt rurjus nauta 
adit nos. 

A* Cancionaturus ? 

A certain «Italian was there, 
#^0 had been ambafTador a^/ft 
the king of Scotland s ke had a 
box iu\\ of /ilver vefl'els, rings, 
cloth and filk clothes. 

Would not he compound 
with the fea ? 

No, £«/ he defired either to 
perim *w/A his beloved riches, 
or to be faved together with 
/Afz» s there} ore he, rejujed. 

Whztfaid the mailer ? 

You might, for us, quoth he,. 
periftr alone with >'0#r things ; 
but ft is not fit that &/£ MJhould 
be endangered for the lake {?/ 
jwftr box, otherwise we will 
thro\* )•#& headlong *>?/<? thejea, 
together a/z'M your box, 

A fpeech /r#/y failor like ! 

So M<* Italian too /«tfdfc lofs ; 
w\jking many <rt/*7 things to 
thefe above <*## below, fAfli he 
had nulled his life /0/0 barba- 
rous an element : A little after, 
^i<? zy.wafr.made nothing • mih'er 
/7 tfwr prefents,/ 1 ?^/^ the ropes, 
tort away the fails. 

O c ilamity ! 

There agon. n the (&\\oi comes 
'to us. 

To make a fpeech ? 

B. Sa- 


B. Salutat. Amici, 
inquit, tempus hortatur 
ut unufquiique commen- 
dct fe Deo, ac prccparet 
{emorti. Rogatusaqui- 
bufdam non imperitis 
nauticse rei, ad quot bo- 
ras crederet fe pojje tueri 
navem, negavit fe po fie 
polliceri quid^uam, fed 
non polfe ultra tres ho» 

A. Haec concio erat 
etidm durior priore* 

B. Ubi locutus ejl 
hdtcfubet omnesfunes 
incidi, ac malum incidi 
ferra, ufque ad thecam, 
cui inferitur, ac devolvi 

fimul cum antennis in 

A. Cur hoc ? 

B. Quia vtlo fublato 
cut lacero, erat oneri, 
non ufui ; tota fpes erat 
in clavo. 

A. Quid inter ea vec- 
tores ? 

B. Ibi vidj/es mifer- 
zmfacicm rerum. Naw 
implorabant virginem 
rnatrem^ appellantes earn 
ftellam mans, reginam 
&&li, dominam mundi, 
portam falutis, ac blcrtlr 
dientes illi multis aliis 
titulis ,quos Jacroz li terse 
nujquam tnbuunt Mi. 

He falutes us. Friends, fays 
he, the time exhorts that every 
one commend himfeli to God, 
and prepare h\mk\i for death. 
Being afked by fome not un- 
skilled in the Jailing bufinefs, 
for how many hours he believed 
he could maintain the /h?p, he 
denied that he could' promife 
any thing, but that he could not 
above three hours. 

This fpeech was <w?2 harder 
Ma?? the former. 

When he had f aid thisjie <?r- 
ders all ^/z£ r#/^j to be cut, and 
the maft to be cut with a faw, 
c/0/2 by the cafe, into which it 
is put, and to be tumbled, to- 
gHhcr with the fail yards, into 
the fea. 

Why this ? 

Becaufe the fail being taken 
away or torn, it was a burden, 
j not of ufe ; all our hope *ra.nn 
the helm. 

What in the mean time did 
the paffengers ? 

There you would have fen a 
m\ferab\cjace of things. J he 
Jailors, finging, God Jave you, 
O queen, implored t^.e virgin 
mother, calling her the flar of 
the fea, the queen of heaven, la- 
dy ef the world y harbor of J of e- 
ty, and flattering her with many 
other "*2/$W, which the holy. 
fcriptures no where attribute to 

A. Quid 



A. Quid \\\ ma- 
ri, qua. nunquam navi m 
gavit, op i nor ? 

B. Venus olim agebat 
cur am nautarum, quia 
credebatur nata ex ma- 
il ; quoniam ea defivit 
curare, virgo mater eft 
fufiefta lime matri, non 

A. Ludis. 

B. NonnulW procum m 
bentes in tabulas adora- 
bant mare, efFundentes 
quicquid olei crat in un- 
das, blanditntes illi non 
aliter quam folemus i- 
rato principi. 

A. Quid aiebant ? 

B. O clementifTimum 
mar el OgenerofifTimum 
m a re ! O form oii (Tim u m 
mare ! mitefce, ferva. 
Occinebant multa hu- 
jufcemodi/^r^ mari. 

A. Ridicuia/^r/?r 
tio ! Quid ala ? 

B. Quidam nihil ali- 
ud quam vomebant, /?/<?- 
rique nuncupabant ?;<?/£. 
Aderat quidam Anglus, 
qui promittebat aureos 
monies virgimWMng- 
amicac, fi attigiHet ter- 
rain vivus. Aln promir 
tebant mutt a ligno cru- 
el s quod ejfet in tali lo- 
co, alii rui fus quod ef- 
fet -in tali loco. Idem 

Ja&um eft de virgine 

What has fhe to do with the 
kz,who nzvevfailed, I believe? 

Venus formerly took rare ot 
the failors, becauje (lie was be- 
lieved to be born of the fea ; 
becauje (he has ceajed to take 
care, the virgin mother is fub- 
ftttuted to this mother, not a 

You banter. 

Some falling down upon the 
/>0ar^.y,\vorfhipped the lea, pour- 
ing whatsoever oil ^r^ ^^zj, 
into the waves, flattering it #0 
other wife //taw we ufe to do an 
angry prince. 

What did they fay ? ■■ 

O mo ft merciful /?# / O 

mod noble fea ! O mod rich 
Jea ! grow mild, favt us. They 

fung many things of this kind 

to the deaf fez. 

Ridiculous fuperflition ! 
what did others ? 

Some did nothing elfe than 
vomit, 7110 jl put up* vows. 
There was there 
lifhman, who promifed golden 
mountains to the maid o\ Wal- 
fingham, \\ he touched land a- 
live. Others promifed viany 
things to the wood of the cro/s 9 
Which was in fuck a place, oth- 
ers again to that which was in 
fuch a place. The lame was 
done as to the virgin Mary : who 
reigns in maay i) laces f and ^<?y 


Maria quce regnat in think the vow to no purpoje, 
multis locis et putant unlefs you cxprefs the place. 
votum imtum> nifi ex- 

prunas iocum. 

A. Ridiculum ! qua/i 
divi non habitant in ccc- 

B. Erant qui prorrnV 
terenty? fore Carthufia- 
nos< Erat nnus qui 

Ridiculous ! as though the 
faints do not dwell in the heav- 


There were who promifed 
that they would be Carthujians. 
There was one who promifed 

polliceretur fe aditnr- that he zvould go to James, who. 

urn Jacobum, qui habit- dwells at Compojteua, barefoot 

at Compq/ie/l&i nuiispe- and head^ with his body only 

dibus et capite, corpore covered with an iron coat of 

tantum \ei\ojerrta Ion- mail, befides this : begging his 

ca, ad hac emendicato meat* 

A. Nemo merninit Did nobody mention Chrift- 

Chriftophori ? op her ? 

B. Audivi unum non I heard one,r\o\. without {m\\ m 

fine rifu, qui clara voce, ing,who with a clear voice, left 

nznon ex a u diretu r, p o 1 - he Jli aula not he hea rd prom i fe d 

Jiceretur Chrifiophoro, Chrijlo pher jabo is at Paris, en 

qui ^y? Lutetian injum- the top of a church, a mountain 

»w temple, mens verius more truly than <s ftatue, a wax 

quarii jlatua, cereurn candle £j £?£ ^zj- he was him- 

tantum quantus rjfetip- Jetf. When bawling out \.b\s 

je. Curn vociferans as hard as he could, /^ mad- 

hsec quantum -poterat, cated it now and then ; /^ /A#£ 

incu'earet identidem ; by chance flood next, known to 

#&£ torte ajlabat proxi- him, touched him with his eU 

inus, 7z^^j illi, tetigit bozo, and advifed him, have a 

eum cuhito, ac fubmon- care O/Aal you promife, /i?r 

z^^, Vide tfzm/ poll ice- though you make rt/2 auction of 

aris, etiamji\az\asaut~ti- all yourg^Wj, you will not be 

tf/z*?;?; omnium tuarum able to pay. Then he fays 

rerum, non fueris fol- with a x^oice, ?20ct> lower, to wit 3 

ille ??2- left Chrijiopher fhould hear, 

vend us. Turn 

quit voce jam preffiore, hold your tongue, ycu fool ; do 

videlicity ne Chriftopho- you think I Jpeak from my 




rus exaudiret, Tact, fa- 
tue ; an cr ceils me lo- 
qui ex animo ? Si fe- 
mel contigero terram, 
non daturas fum ei Jc m 
baceam candelam. 

A. O era ffum ingeni- 
u m I fu fp ic i ofwffe B a - 

B. N on $ Jed erat Ze- 
I andus, 

A. Miror Paulum A- 
poftolum venffe nuili 
in mentem, qui naviga- 
vit ipje olim, et nave 

Jracta, defilierit in ter- 
rain, nam is haud igna- 
rus ?;2a/z <\\&\c\t fuc cur m 
rere miferis. 

B. Erat nulla rnentio 

A. Precabantur inte- 
rim ? 

• B: Certatim. Alius 
canebat, Jalve regina ; 
alius, credo, in Deuni. 
Erant^ttz habebant quaff 
dem pecutiares preculas, 
non dijjimiks magicis, 
adver/us pericute. 

A. Ut religio/os affile- 
tin Jacit ! Sec and is re- 
bus, nee Deus nee divus 
vemt in mentem : 0/zV 
tuinterca f nuncupabas 
vota nulli divorumf 

B. Nequaquam. 
A. Curz/fl ? 

heart ? z/* onee 7 touch land, 7 
oj*7/ not give him a tallow can- 

grofs zvit ! I fufpeft he 

No, buthe was a Zealander m 

1 wonder that Paul the A- 
poftle ca?ne\nto nobody's mind, 
who failed himfelj former! y,and 
the fhip being wrecked, leaped 
out upon land; for A^not be- 
ing ignorant of evil has learnt 
to Ju c cor the miferable. 

There was no mention of 

Did they pray in the mean 
time ? 

Hard. One fung, God five 
you O queen ; another,! beiieVe 
in God, There were who had 
Jcme peculiar prayers, not un m 
//^magical ones, againjl dan- 

How religious affliction makes 
us ! in profperity, neither God 
nor faint comes into our mind : 
What didyon in the mean tune ? 
did you make vows to none of 
the faints ? 
Not at all. 
Why fof 

B. Quia 



B. Quia non pacifcor 
cum dwis. Nam quid 
eft aliud quam contrac- 
tus juxiajormulam. Do 
Ji facies, aut faciam fi 
facfes. Dabo cereum Ji 
cnatem ; ibo romam, Ji 

A. At implorabas 
praefidium alicujusdivi. 

B. Ne id quidem. 

A. Quamobrem ? 

B.Quiactf/wm eRJpa- 
tiofum. Si commendaro 
mtumfalutem cui divo x 
puta Sanclo Petri, 0M& 
fortafle audiet primus, 
#W0d? aftet ojiio j priuf- 
quam z7& conveniat Dc- 
um 9 priufquam exponat 
caufam egojam,periero* 

A. Quidjaciebas igi- 
*ur ? 

B. Adibam r£<7<? pa- 
ttern ipjum, diccns t Nof 
tcr pater, qui es zrc cce- 
lis. JNemo divorum 
audit citius illo, aut */<?- 
7?dtf libentius quod pzti- 

A. Sed interea non 
confcientia reclamabat 
tibi ? #0;* verebaris ap- 
pellare ^w patrem, 
?m offenderas tot fee- 
leribus ? 

B. Ut dfrcaTtt ingenue, 
confcientia deterrebat 
non nihil ; fed mox re- 

BecaufeVflfo #0/ ^r^aznwith 
the faints. ¥ or what is it <?//* 
than a contract according to 
form?! give if you would do, or 
I will do if you will do. I will 
give you a wax candle if I fwim 
out : I will go to Rome, if you 
fave me. 

But you implored the protec- 
tion offome faint. 

Not ^^ indeed. 

Why ? 

Becaufe heaven is fpacious» 
If 7 recommend my fafety to a- 
ny faint ^ fuppofe /<? &«W Pe- 
ter, who perhaps will hear firft, 
becaufe he ftands tf/ /^ door ; 
before he goes to God, before 
he declares my cafe, / am al- 
ready ruined* 

What did you do then ? 

I went direclly to the Father 
himfejj\ faying, our Father, 
which art in heaven. None of 
the faints hears fooner than he, 
or gives more willingly what is 

But in the mean time, did not 
your confeience cry outagainft 
you ? were you not afraid to 
call him father whom you had 
offended withfo many crimes ? 

That I may /peak ingenuoufly, 

my confeience did terrify me a 

little ; but by and by I recover- 




cipiebam animum, cogi- 
tans ita mecum eft nul- 
lus pater tarn iratus Al- 
io, £ftzft G vidtat eum 
pericbtantem in torren- 
te tWlacu, ejiciat arrep^ 
ium capillis in ripam. 
i/zter omnes nullus age- 
bat /cr tranquillius ^/^^ 
quaedam mulier, cui e- 
rat infantu us in finu, 
^f/« laftabat. 

A. Quid ?.//* * 

B. Sola nee vocifere- 
batur, nee flebat, nee 
pollicitabatur : tantum 
complexit puellum 9 pre* 
cabatur taate. Interea 
than navis illideretut va- 
do fubinde 9 nauckrus 
metuens ne tota joiveretur, 
cinxit earn rudentibus a 
frora, et a puppi. 

A. O mifera prasfi- 

B. Interim exoritur 
fenex facrificus, ftxa- 
ginta annos natus, no- 
men erat Adamus : is 
abjeftis vefiibus uiquead 
indujtum t abjeftis etiam 
ocreis, et calceis j*ffi* $ 
ut omnes pararmu* nos 
itid.m. ad natandum. At- 
que ita flans in medio 
navis 9 concionatus eft 
nobis ex Gerfone fum- 
qut veritates de militate 
confltenai ; hortatus om- 
nes t ut auifaue praeparar* 

ed my courage, thinking thus 
within myfeif ; there is no 
Jdther, fo angry with a fon, but 
if he Jets him wt danger in a 
torrent, tfrlake, Atf would throw 
him out, taken by the hair, up- 
on the bank. Among all, none 
behaved himjdj more quietly 
than a certain woman, who had 

# <://?/</ in her boiom, which fhe 

What did fhe? 

Sne alone neither bawled- »0* 
wept, wpr promifed ; only em- 
bracing fer c£t&, fte prayedy?- 
ien ly % In the mean time,^A ifl 
the fhip was k'.oikcd a 6 ainfl the 
bottom rc/ifc. and then, themafter 
fearing left itflcud be all broke 
begirt & with cables at the head 
and at the /tern, 

O rniferable helps J 

In the mean \\mzflarts up a» 
aged prieft,y^(y years ^, his 
ni'me aw Adam ; ^ having 
caft off his clothes to his Jhirt 9 
having caft off/ -kezvije his leath- 
er {lockings and (hoes, bade us 
all prtpare ourfelves in like 
manner to fwim. And fo /land- 
ing in the middle of the flip, he 
preached to us out of Gerfon, 

• he jive truths concerning the ufe- 
iulnefs of (onf effing , exhorting 
all, that every one fhould pre- 
pere him/elf both for life and 
death. There was prefent, aljo 




retT? et vitce et morii. 
Aderat et quidam Do- 
minicanus. Conreffi 
funt/2?yqui volebant. 

A. Quid tu? 

B. Ego videns omnia 
plena tumuhuSr confef us 

fum tacite .D<?0,damnans 
apud eum meam injufti- 
tiam, et implorans ejus 

A. Quo migraturus 
es, fi periiffes fie ? 

B. Committebarn hoc 
Deojudici. Nam neque 
volebam ejfe judex mei 
ipfius : tamen quadam 
bonafpes interim habe- 
Jikc aguntur, nauta re- 
dit ad nos lachrymans. 
Qui/que parztfe, inquit, 
nam navis non erit ufui 
nobis ad quartam partem 
horce. Nam jam con- 
vulfa aliquot locis, hau- 
nt mare. Paulo port, 
naut a rznuncizhdiX no biS) 
fevidere procul facram 
tmnvn, a dhor tans ut im* 
ploraremus auxiliumdfc- 
vi, quifquis effet praefes 
ejus templi. Omnes 
procumbunt, et orant 
ignotum divum. 

A. Si compellajfes no- 
m'mefortajes audifTet. 

B. Erat ignotum. In- 
terim nauderus dirigit 


a certain Dominican. They 
conieffed to thoje that would. 

What did you? 

I feeing all places full of tu-. 
mult, confejfed filently to God> 
condemning before him 7?/jy un- 
righteoufnefs #/?^ imploring /zz> 

Whither would you have gone % 
Wyou had died fo ? 

1 left this to God my Judge. 
For neither would I be the Judge 
oj myfelf: yet feme good hopes 
in the mean time poffjfed my 
w?W. Whilft theje things are 
doing, ihefailor returns /0 us 
weeping. Let every one pre- 
pare himftlft fays he, for the 
fhip a;?// /20/ be of ufe to z/J for 
a fourth part 0/ #/& hour. For 
«0Z0 being broke til Jeveral plac- 
es, 2* /a j z/2 the fea. -^ /?/- 
/& alter the Jailor told wi" 
that he faw far ofF a /acred tur- 
ret, advi/ing that icejhould im- 
plore the ailiftanee 0/ the faint, 
whofoever t0£j- the prefident 0/ 
M#£ Church. All fall down 
dW pray to the unknown faint. 

If you hadfpoke to himbyhh 
name, perhaps he would have 
heard you. 

It was unknown. In the mean 

time the mafler fteers the JJnp 




n&vem jam laceramjam 
combibentem undas undi- 
que^c plane dilapfuram, 
ni fuiffet Juccincla ru- 
dentibus, co quantum 

A. Dura conditio re- 

B. Provecli fumus eo 
ut incolce ejus loci prof- 
picerent nos periclitan- 
tes ; ac procurrentes cq- 
tervatvn in extremum 
littus, togis fublatis, ac 
galeris imp o fins in lan- 
ceas, invitab.ant ad f'efe ; 
ac brae hi is jaclatis in 
c ce I u m , /i'g n if cab a nt f e 
deplorare no ft ram j^r- 

A.Expeclo quid eve- 

B. Jam 7**2 ;r occupa- 
ver&C totam navim, nt 
fuutri eiiemus «z/zi7d tu- 
tiores in navi quara z« 


A. Heic conjugien- 
damerat ^&facraimw 

B. Imo ad miferam. 
NautcE exonerant J'ca- 
pkam aqua, ac demit-. 
tunt in mare. ^ Omnes 
cortantur conjicete Ji 
in banc, nautis recia- 
mantibus magna tumul- 
tu. fcapham non eife ca- 
pace in ta n tae w^ llitudi - 
??ff> quifque arriperet 

now /077*, now drinking in the 
waters <w* all /ides, and plainly 
ready to fall in pieces, «jz/g/i it 
had been gzr/ with cables,//n//i- 
er as much as ^d oj«. 

A hard condition of affairs. 

We advanced fojar, that /A* 
inhabitants oi that ^/a££ faw ^f 
in danger ; and running out in 
companies to th« edge of the 
fhore, with their coats lilted up, 
and hats £#£ upon lances, they 
invited us to them ; and with 
their arms tcjfed up towards 
heaven, Jignified that they la- 
mented our Jortune. 

I wait to know what happen- 

Now thejea had feized the 
whole (hip, that we were like 
to be no fafer in thejhip than 
?>z tfiejea. 

Here j'0?j &^r<? tojfe? to the 
holy anchor. 

Nay, to the miferable one. 
The Jinlors empty the boat of 
the water, and let it down zw/c? 
thefea. All endeavor to throw 
themfelves into it, the Jailors re- 
monftrating againft it BJlM 
£*■<?** tumult, M^ */z* foa* was 
not capable of fo great a »»»- 
&rr ; that every one JJiculd take 
So himicli wka&fe could a??<af 




fibi quf>d pofTet ac nata- 
ret. Acs non patieba- 
tur lenta confilia, tf/Ztti' 
arripit remum, alius <:##- 
/ww alius alvenum, alius 
Jitulam, aiius tabulam : 
ac quijque rntentes/tttf 
prczndio, commitlunt j£ 

A. Quid interim acci- 
dit t7& mulierculae, ### 
fola 720;* ejuldbat ? 

B. Ilia pervenit prima 
Omnium ad littus. 

A. Quipotuit ? 

B. Impoiueramus £- 
£tf* rapandae tabula; et 
a/ligave ram us fie, ui non 
poflet facile decidere ; 
dedimus illi tabellam in 
nianum, #fctf uteretur 
i>^£ remi ; tfc precantes 
i^«<?, e x p o f u i m a s r ?? yft/ c- 
/zij, protundentesri/?/*?, 
ut abeJJ'et a navi, fcrcafc 
erat periculums ilia te- 
w^j infantulumAri/a re- 
migabat dextra. 

A. O virginem ! 

B. *Duxnja?n nihil Jw 
p'ereff?t, quidam avulfit 
ligrieatn Jlaluam virgi- 
nis matris,]zm putrem, 
at que excavatam a fori- 
cibus <tf romplexus earn 
ccepit natare. 

A. Pervenit fcapha 
incolumis ? 

B. Nulli periere pri* 

fwim. T/r<? M?w^ did not ad- 
mit //^^ counfels ; tftf£ takes <ffc 
oar, another a boat hook, anoth • 
er ajlick, another a bucket, a- 
nother a board j and every one 
refting upon their /ccunfy, 
commit theinfel ves to the waves , 

What in the me&n time hap 
pened to that poor wotnan,^^ 
alone did not cry cut f 

She came firft oj all to the 

How could Jlit ? 

We had fat her upon a h?.rA. 
board, and had tied her fo, that 
(he could not eajily fall off; tot 
gave her a board into her hand, 
r^AtfA die might ufe injlead of 
an oar, and wifhing her ziell, 
we placed her upon the waves, 
fhrufting her forward with a 
pole, xhditjhe might be at a dif- 
t'ance from \he[h\p,Jrom whence 
there was danger : fhe ho/ding 
her child zutth her left liana, 
rowed zoith her ? ight* 

O flout lafs ! 
When now nothing remained, 
one pulled down a wooden im- 
age of the Virgin Mother, now 
rotten, and hollowed by the 
rats, #W embracing it, began 

Did the boat get /d/*^? 

None a»w /g/2 fooner. 

A. Quo 



A. Quo malo fato id 
jfaclum tji f 

B. Priufquam poffet 
liberarey^a magna na- 
vi, fubverfa ejl lliius va- 

A. O male factum! 
guid turn ? 

B. k.go, dum confulo 
cle aliis, pene perieram. 

A; Quo paclo ? 

B. Quia nihil fupera- 
bat apium natationi. 
^ A. IlUc^tra fuif. 
iVnt &/iz. 

B. In eo articulo re- 
rum, maluijjan vile/w 
ier, quain aureum can- 
delabrum. Tandem ve- 
nit t/i men tern, circum- 
ipicienti, dfe naw parte 
ma li J quoiuam no n pote- 
■ ram. ex i mere earn Jo/us, 
adfcifco factum : ambo 
a /? « z ,r z mi i c co m m itt z - 
mus nos mari^ fie id e- 
go tenerem dextrum co'- 
riu, ille Icevum. Dum 
jacl*ba?nur{\c, ille facri- 
ficus nauticus conciona- 
tor injecit/? medium z/z 
nofiros humeros : auteni 
£/#/ ingenti cor pore. 
lixclamamus, ^/y?j ille 
tertius f is perdct nos 
omnes; */fe c o n t r a z w # z/ it 
placide, litis bono ff»2- 
tne % eft fat fpatii, Z)^7i 
aderit nobis. 
A. Cur ilk cctpit efTe 
,qt tam /?r> ? 

By what z7/ fate happened 
that ? 

Before it could deliver it/elf 
from the great fhip, it was o- 
verft by its tottering. 

O ill done ! what then ? 

I, whiljl. I take care of other s t 
had well nigh perifhed. 

After what manner ? 

Becaufe nothing was left^fa 
for fwimming. 

There cork would have been 
of ff. 

In \hdit j unci ure cf affairs / 
had rath' r hav^ had mean cork 
than a golden candleftick. At 
lajl it came z>?/0 my mind, as I 
was looking about, to think of 
the low part of the majl becaufe 
I could not get it out alone, I 
take a companion : we both 
leaning upon that, commit our- 
felves to tkefea, (o that I /fo/# 
the right £/zaf, he the left. 
Whilft zve were t off ed about io, 
that prieft, the fta chablain, 
threw him/elfin the middle up- 
on our JJwulders. And he was 
of a huge body* We cry out 
who's that zVzzW .? he toil I ruin 
us all : He, on the other hand, 
/zyj, fmoothly, beoi good cour- 
age, there is room enough, God 
will be with us. 

Why did he begin to be a 
fwimmer fo /#& ? 

B. Imo 


B % Imofuturus erat 
cum Dominicano infca- 
pha ; nam omnes defe- 
ftbant hoc honoris iili ; 
Jed quanquam confejji 
irant invicem in navu 
famen obliti nefcio quid 
ientur rurfus in ora na- 
vis, et alter imponit ma- 
num alteri ; interim 
Jcapha perit ; nam Ad- 
amus narravithoc mihi. 

A. Quid aclum eji 
de Dominicano ? 

B. Is, ut idem narra- 
bat z implorata ope divo- 
rum, abjeciis veflibus, 
eommifit fe nudum nata- 

A. Quos divds frivo- 
cabat r 

B. Dominicum, Tho- 
mam, Vincentiuin \ Jed 
confidebat imprimis Ca- 
tharine Senefi. 

A. Chrift'us non ve- 
niebat itti in mentem ? 

B. Ita facrifcus nar- 

A. Enataffet melius, 
fi non abjcajfet facram 
cucullam j ea depofita^ 
qui potuit Catharina Se- 
nffis agnofcere turn ? 
fed perge narrare de te. 

B. Durn volvebatnur 
z&\\\icjuxta navitn vo 1 - 
vcntem fe hue aique illuc 

B 2. 

Nay, heJJieul5 have beenwith 
the Dominican in the boat \for 
z\\ gave this honor to him ; yW 
although they had confffed to 
one another in thejlup^zi hav- 
ing forgot I do not know JrAtfrl 
cirtum fiances, they corfejs 
again w/torc the edge of the fhip ; 
and one lays his hand «/;07z /fe 
0//z^r ; in the mean titirp rife 
£00/ is loft ; /sr Adam /'0/tf 
this to me. 

What became of the Domin- 
ican ? 

He, as the fame teldme, hav- 
ing implored /Ac? Ae/p of the 
faints, having cajt off his 
clothes, c0#2?«.?7/£*/hiiiiIelf #<«A- 
€</ to fwiroming. 
Wh&tjaints did he invoke ? 

Domimck ,Thoitia s, Vincent; 
but he trutted chiejly in Catha- 
rine oj Sens. 

£)id not Chfift rawe 2/?/<? &£* 

777777 tV ? 

So //:<f ^nj^ told me. 

He would have fwam out 
better, if he had not thrown off 
his holy carol ; that being put 
off, how could Catharine of 
Sens know him ? but gt> on to . 
tell of your/elf. 

While &4 j&JtfVfc rozi' as 

yet 7J2V/2 the (hip rozuling iffelf 

hither and thither % at the plFaf- 




arbitt \o flufiui.i,, clavus 
f range bat ejus femur, 
qui tenebat laevurn cor- 
72u:fic ille revulfuseft. 
Sacrificus precatus illi 
cCternaHi requiem, fuc- 
ce flit in locum illius&Ar 
h or tans 7^, ut tuer^r 
meum cornu magno an* 
7?no ac mover em pedes 
flrenue. Interim pota- 
bamus multumT^v^ a- 
quee. Neptunus teni- 
peraverat ko^z'j non 
tantum falfum balneum, 
icdetia?n falfam polio- 
nem ; quanquam/icn- 
jfoaj raonftrahat remcdi- 
urn ei rei. 

A. Quid obfecro ? 

B. (3uoties wWa oc- 
curreretw^'j, \Wzoppo- 

Juit occipiturn .ore claa- 

A. Narras #nAz ftre- 
nuum fen e?n. 

B. Ubi natantes^ fie 
aliquamdiu, promovifle- 
mus jam no n nihil,/? m - 
ficus quoni*m erat mirte 
procentatis, inquit,<?ide 
bono animo ; fentio vd\ 
dam. Ego, wtf/z <zw/wj- 
lperare tantum felicita- 
tis mquam, abfumus 
longius a Iittore, quam^ 
ut vadura {wfperandum. 
\mofinquit, fentio f*r-' 
nmipedibus : eft, in- 
quam, fortafjis aliquod 

ure of the zuaves, the he\mbroie 
his thigh, who vWaf the left dftd?. 
So £« was knocked off. The 
priejt w idling him eternal reft, 
fucceeded m his place, advifing 
me that IJhould take care of my 
end with great courage, and 
move my feet jlrenuoufly. In 
the mean time zue drank much 
fait water. Neptune had mixed 
for us not only a fait bath, but 
a//2> a fait drink, though the 
prie/l (hewed a remedy for that 

. What, / befeech you ? 

As oft as a wave rati us, he 
oppofd the ba'ckfideot his head 
with his mouth fhut. • 

You tell me of a flout old 

When fwimming thus fome 
time, we had advanced now 
fomeuYing, the priejt, becaufe 
he was of wonderful tallnefs % 
fays, be of good courage, I feel 
& bottom. I W0* ^nw^ to 
hope for /0 02*0$ happinefs,y^y 
we at e farther from the more/ 
//zdw that *A* bottom is to be 
hoped for. Nay, fays he, I 
perceive earth with my feet. 
// is, fay I, perhaps fome 0/" 
*& boxes, which Md ^/?fl has 
tumbled hither: Nay ; y^i 4e? f 
tfcnniis % 



efcriniis, quod mare de- 
volvit hue : Imo, inquit, 
fentio plane terram 
Jcqipiu digitorum* Cum 
nataffemus adhuc ali- 
quandiu, ac fentiret va- 
dum rurfus, tufac, in- 
quit, quod videtur tibi 
optimum faclu, ego ce- 
do tibi totum malum, et 
credo me v ado, fi??iu I que 
expe£lato dece[fu fluc- 
Xuum, /quutus e/i pedi- 
bus quanto curfu potuit. 
Run'us undis accidenti- 
b\is complexusxitnxmqnt 
genu unaque manu, ob- 
nitebatur fluclibus, oc- 
cultans fefe fub undis, 
quemddmodum mergi et 
anates folent » rurfus 
fluclu abeunte, promica- 
bat et currtbat. Ego 
videns hoc fuccedere illi 
Jiim imitatus. Stabant 
in arena, qui fulciebant 
fe adverjus impeturn 
undarum, prae Iongis 
haflilibus porreclis in- 
ter fe, robufli viri, et 
affueti flufiibus, fie ut 
ultimus porrigeret haft- 
um adnatanti ; ea con- 
tafta, omnibus recipien- 
tibus/*ad littus, pertra- 
kebatur tuto injiccum. 
Aliquot Jervatijunth&c 

A. Quot ? 

B, Septern. Verum 

I perceive plainly the earth 
with the /crate king of my toes. 
When we had fwam as yet fome 
time, and he perceived the bot? 
torn again. Do you, faith he, 
what Teems to you be ft to be 
done j I give you the whole 
maft, and truft my ft If \o the 

bottom, £tfd £/ /^ /#772£ ft|g£ 

having vraited the going in ot 
the waves, he follows on his feet 
zw'M as great pace jj ^ £<?«/</. 
Again M^ waves coming on, 
embracing both /4/z^j with both 
hands, he oppofed /A<? waves f 
hiding hitnfelf under the water, 
as your fea guilsaW ducks ufe 
to do s again the wave going 
back, he /prang out and ran. 
\, feeing this, Jucceed with him, 
imitated it. There flood en 
the /and, who propped them- 
felves again/ the force of the 
waves, with long /w/W flretch- 
ed between them, flrong ??ien,and 
u/ed to the waves, Jo that ifa 
/a// held a pole to hjm that 
fwam towards him ; that being, 
touched, all betaking them/elves 
to the fhore, he was drawn tate* 
ly on dry ground. Some were 
faved by this means. 

How many ? 
Seven; Z?#/ two ofthfe faint- 



duo ex his foiutrfunt it- 
pore, admoti igfti. 

A. Quot erartis in na* 
vi ? 

B. Quinquaginta *c- 

A. O fevum mare ! 
faltem juijfet contentum 
decimis, quae Jnfficiunt 
facefdofibus ; reddedat 
lam paucos ex tanto na- 
xftero ? 

B. Ibi experti fumvs 
incredibilem humamta* 
te?n gentis, fuppeditan* 
its nobis o?nnia miraa- 
lacrxtate, liofpiti am. ig- 
nem, cibum, vefles, viat- 

A. Quxgens erat ? 

B. Hollandica. 

A. Nihil humaiiior 
ifta, f «stamen cinBafit 
fefis nationibus. Non 
repetes neptunufn poft- 
hac, opinor. 

B. Non nifi Deus a- 
*&7rt<2£ fanam mentern 

A. Et *£<?' malim au- 
dit e tales- jabut&s quzm 

ed away Kfc'lft iffc twlf toM|fe6mg 

fet by the fire. 

How rnany a/effc >e?w in the 
fliip ? 

fifty «]gA/. 

O cruel fea 1 at lea ft :V ww£4/ 
Adi^ £ c r# content with the 
tithes, vthxch Jufficeihe priefts ; 
did it return fo few out of /^ 
graz/ a number ? 

There we experienced the in- 
credible humanity of the nation, 
furmjliing us rift/8 all things 
with wonderful cheer fulnejSy 
lodging,J?r<r, meat, clothes , pro- 
visions for our way home. 

What fta/z<?7z was it ? 


There is none more cit/ihhzn 
that, though yet ft be fur round- 
ed With, favage nations. You 
will not go again to fea hereaf- 
ter, Ifuppofe. 

Not unlefsGod tdkcaivay mf 
wits from vie. 

And / had" rather hear fuch 
ft dries, than rffctffo /fotfi £y expe- 




A./^>UR ita vifum ejl 

V^pJerifque commo- 
rari biduam aut tridu- 
um Lugduni ? Ego in- 
grejfus nmexi Jeme I ,non 
conquiefco, donee per- 
venero quo conftitui. 

B. Imo, ego admiror 
quenquam poffe avelli 

Ar. Quamobrem tan» 
dem ? 

B.Ouia Hlic eh locus 
unde Jocii UlyiTis non 
poterant avelli ; illic 
S irenes. Nemo trafita- 
tur melius fuae do mi, 
quarn zV/zV i:« pando- 

A. Quid Jc? 

B. Aliqua mulier af- 
tabat menjk kmper, qua: 
exhilara'ret convivas/#- 
riflfm ac leponbus. Pri- 
mum mater fa nihas ad- 
ibat, ^z/# falutabaty«- 
fo/zj' nos ^ hilares, <?£ 
poneretur. Film fuc- 
cedebat 0&zVj elegans 

WHY afo<?j it feem good to 
mo ft people /6» yZay two 
days or three #/ Lyons ? I A^c/- 
2»^g" entered upon a journey 
<?#££, do not reft, till I come 
whither Idefigned. 

Nay / wonder that any one 
can be got from thence. 

What for at length ? 

Becaufe there is the place, 
from whence the companions 
of Ulyffes could not be drawn 
away ; there are the Sirens. 
No body is treated better at his 
own home i than //zen? in an inn. 

What is done ? 

Some woman flood by/A* fti* 
ble always to divert the com- 
pany with wit and drollery. 
Yiill, the good woman oj the 
houfe came to us, who faluted 
us, bidding us be merry, and 
take in good part what was 
fet before us. The daughter 
fu cceeded her, a neat woman, 
oi humor and tongue Jo mer- 



mullet, moribus ac lin- 
gua adeo feftivis, ut 
poffet exkilarareCdXo- 
nem ipfum. Nee con- 
fabulantur tit cum ig- 
notis hofpitibus, fed ve- 
lut cum ohm notis et 
familiar ib us. 

A. Agnofco humani- 
tatem Gallicae gentis. 

B. Quoniam autem 
?7/# non poterant adeffe 
femper, quod muniaafo- 
mejtica effent obtunda> 
ac r eh qui con vivas con- 

falutandi, quaedam pu- 
ella adftabat continen- 
ter f inftru&a ad omnes 

focos. Una erat fatis 
excip ien dis o m n i u m ja - 
cults : hasc Jujhnebat 
fabulam, donee fiiia re- 
al ret ; nam mater erat 
natu grandior. 

A. Sed qualis erat 
apparatus tandem; «(2W 
venter non expletur fa- 

B. Profefto lautc, «f 
^0 miror zY/tfj" pofle 
accipere hofpites tarn 
vili : rurfus convivio 
peraclo, alunt hominem 
\t^\A\s Jab v lis, ne ^a^ 
taedii obreperet. Vide- 
bar ?;zz/iz effe ^^z? # non 

ry, Ma/ me might divert t]!ato 
himfelf. Nor dfo M^y talk as 
ewVA unknown gue/ls, but jj 
with people formerly known to 
them, and familiar friends. 

I perceive M* civility of the 
French nation* 

But becaufe //jfy could not 
^ prefent always, becaufe the 
bufinefs 0/"/^ hotife was /0 fo 
minded,and the rejioi theguefts 
/0 £<? faluted, a certain £*W 
flood by conjlantly furnifhed 
for all jejls. She alone zfa.r 
fufficient to receive all M^?> 
d^r^ ; She kept up the farce, 
till the daughter returned ; for 
*/z<? mother was elderly. 

But o/Aa/ was yourprovifion 
at laft ? y^r the belly zj ft?* 
j6//<ra? with tales. 

Truly dainty, that / wonder 
that they can entertain guefts/0 
cheap : /fjam the feaft totf£ 
ercdW they treat # man with 
pretty f cries, left <z;ry ^ztf^ of 
wearinefs Jfwuld creep upon 
him. 1 leemed to myjelj to be 
#* home $ not abroad. 

A. Quid 


A. Quid fatlum eft 
in cubiculis ? 

B. Illic aderant ali- 
quot puelloz nufquara 
non, ridentes, lafcivien- 
tesju/itantes : ultro ro- 
gabant, fi habuerimus 
quid vejlitumfordida- 
rum, lavabant eas, ac 
reddebant. Quid mul- 
tis ? videbamus nihil 
illic practer puellas ac 
mulieres, nid injiabulo, 
quanquam puellce ir- 
rumpebant et hue y?^- 
quenter. Compkttun- 
tur abeuntes, ac dimit- 
tunt tanto ajfeclu , quafi 
0/?2/2£j eilentyr^/r^i,aut 
propinquce cognationis. 

A. Fortaffis ijli mores 
decent Gallos : ?&ores 
Germanise arrident mi- 
ni magis,utpote mafcu- 

B. Nunquam conti- 
git mihi videre Germa- 
mam : quare, quajo te, 
ne gravare commemo- 
tari, quibus modis ac- 
cipiant hofpitem. 

A. Nefcio an fit uii- 
quetzdem ratio tra&an- 
di : Narrabc quod ego 
vidi. Nemo Jalutat 
advenientem, ne vide- 
antur ambire hofpitem. 

What was done in the 
chambers ? 

There were tome girls every 
where, laughing , wantoning. 
playing : Of their own accord 
they afked us, if we had any joul 
clothes ; they warned them, and 
gave us them again. What needs 
many words ? we Jaw nothing 
there befides girls and women, 
but in thejlable, although the 
girls broke in too hither fre- 
quently. They embrace men 
departing, and difmifs them 
with fo much affetlion, as if 
they all were their brothers , or 
oj near relation. 

Perhaps thofe manners become 
the French : The manners of 
Germany pleaje me more, as 
being majculine. 

It never happened to me to 
feeGermany: Wherefore,/ pray 
you,do notthink much to relate 
after what manner they enter- 
tain a gueft. 

I know not whether there be 
every wliere the fame manner of 
treatment. / zvill tell what / 
havefeen. Nobody falutes a 
man upon his coming, lejl they 
may feern to court a gueft. 


Nam exiftimant id for- 
didum, et indignum 
Germanica feveritate* 
Ubi inclamaveris diu, 
tandem aiiquis profert 
caput ^zxjtnejlram<£.[- 
tuarii (nam degunt in 
his fere if que ad asfti- 
vum fol/HtiumJ non al- 
iter quam teftudo prof- 
picit e tefa. Is eft ro- 
gandus, an liceat diver- 

fari\\\\z. Si non ren- 
uit, intelligis locum da- 
ri : commonllrat manu 
mota rogantibus ubi fit 

flabulum. II lie licet ti- 
bi traRare tuum equum 
tuo more, nam nullus 

Jamulus ad mo vet ma- 
num. Si fit celebrius 
diverforium, ibi famu- 
lus commontlrQjlabu- 
/&7/2,atque etiam locum 
minune commodum e- 
quo. Nam fervant 
commodiora Venturis 
prsefertim nobihbus. Si 
caufers quid, audis Ha- 
timjiinqn placet qucere 
aliud diver jorium. Prae- 
bentfanum in urbibus 
agre et parce, nee ven- 
dunt multo minor is ^ 
quam avenam ipfam. 
tlbi confultum eft equo 
commigxas tot us in hy- 

For they think that mean, and 
unworthy of the German grav- 
ity. When you have called a 
long time, at laft fome body puts 
hi s head through the window 
of a ftove, (for they li/e in 
them almoft till the Summer 
SolfliceJ no other wife than a 
/nail looks 0^ of itsflielL He 
zj" to be afked, whether you 
may nzrc there. If he does 
not refufe, you under/land a 
place 2J» allowed you. He 
fhews ojzVA his hand moved, to 
thofe that afk where the fable 
is. There you may manage 
your horfe after your manner. 
For no fer van t puts to a hand. 
If it be a famous Inn, there a 
fervant fhews the fable, and 
tf^ft, a place 720/ at all conven- 
ient for a horfe. For they keep 
the more convenient for thofe 
that are to come, efpecially 
Noblemen, li you fnd fault 
with any thing, you hear pref- 
ently, iff it do not pleafe you, 
feek another inn. They afford 
you hay in the cities with diffi- 
culty, and Jpartngly, nor do 
they fell it for much lefs than 
tftf/j* themfelves. When pro- 
vifion is made^r your horfe > 
you go # // together into a ftove, 
tw/A your boots, baggage % 
dirt, 77/dtf is one common to all. 




pocauftum, cum ocreis, 
/arcinis, Into. Id efl u- 
num coinmune omnibus. 
B. Apud Gallos de- 
fignant cubicula, ubi 
exuant fefe, extergant, 
calefaciant, aut quief- 
cant etiam, fi libeat. 

A. Hie nihil tale. In 
hypocauflo exuis ocre- 
tt % induis calceos. 52 vis, 
mutas indufium ; fuf 
pendis veftes madidas 
pluvia juxta hypocauf- 
tum ; ipfe admoves te 
ut ficcas. EJl et tf<7«tf 
parata,y? libeat, lavare 
ma.nus; fed ita munda 
plerumque, ut alia 0- 
##a fit quxrenda tibi, 
^#tf abluas €<z/« lotio- 

B. Laudo vivos ef- 
fceminatos nullis deli- 

A. Quodji tu <z/>j£#- 
im ad quartam ho ram 
a meridie, tamen non 
cannabis <2«/e nonam,<S? 
nonnunquam decimam. 

B. Quamobrem ? 

A. Apparant nihil, 
nifi videant omnes, ut 
miniftrent omnibus ea- 
dem opera. 

B. Quaerunt compen- 


Among £/$£ French they fhew 

people chamber sjHhzxQthey may 

Jlrip themfelves, wipe, warm 

themfelves, or reft too \ if they 


Here's nofuch thing. In the 
Rove you put off' your boots, 
put on fhoes. If you will^ou 
change your fhirt ; you hang 
up your clothes, wet with rain, 
nigh the ftove ; you place 
yourfelf by it, that you may 
dry. jT/for* is alfo wtfter ready, 
2/ you pleafe to wajli your 
hands; but fo c/^# for the 
moft part, that other water is 
/<? ^ fought by you, ^2/A 
which you may wafh off //W 

I commend the men effemi- 
nated with no delicacies. 

But if you arrive at the 
fourth hour after noon, yet you 
will not fup before the ninth, 
and fometimes the tenth. 

What for? 

They provide nothing, nn\tU 
they fee all, that they may 
ferve all with the fame trou* 

They feek thefhortefl way. 

A, Tene 



A. Tenes. Itaque 
frequenter otloginta 
aut nonaginta conveni- 
unt in idem hypocauj- 
turn, pedites, equites, 
negotiatores, nauta,a\i- 
rigae, agricolce, pueri, 

fcemince, fani, cegroti. 

B. llihuc eft vere c<z- 

A. Alius z^peftit 
caput, alius abjlergit 
fudorem, alius repur- 
gat perones aut ocreas, 
alius etuclat allium. 
Quid multis ? Eft non 
minor confufio ibi Hn- 
guarum et perfonarum 
quam 0/m in turri j?a- 
fo/ fc Quodj£ confpex- 
erint ^u^w peregrinse 
gentis, qui proefeforet 
rionnihil dignitatis cul- 
tu, omnes funt intenti 
in hunc, contemplantes 
oculis defixis, quafi #/- 
iquod novum genus an- 
imantis adveclum fit ex 
Africa. ^<&<? w£ poft- 
quam accubuerint, ad- 
tu rejlexo in tergum ; 
«£<; dimoveant oculos, 
immemores a^z. 

A. Romae, Lutetice, 
ac Venetice, nemo mira- 
tur quidquam. 

You have it. Wherefore 
frequently eighty or ninety 
meet zw/p the hmefiove, foot- 
men, horfemen, tradefmen, 

Jailors, coachmen, hujband* 
men, boys, women, found iolks, 


That w really /zt/zwj tVz <T0w 

One M*r£ combs Azj &*a</, 
another wipes off fweat, anoth» 
er cleans his winter fihoes or 
boots, another belches up gar- 
lick. What needs many words? 
There is no lefs conjufionxhexe. 
oj tongues and perjons, than 
formerly in the tower of Ba* 
beL But if they fee anyone 
of a foreign nation, who makes 
fhew 0/Tomething of dignityby 
his drefs, #// are z'nfctt/ upon 
him, viewing him with their 
eyes fix t, as iifome new kind 
of animal a^J brought out of 
Africa. S0 Mtf/ after they have 
Jat down, they look at him 
continually, with their face 
turned backward ; nor do they 
take off their eyes, being un- 
mindful of their meat. 

At Rome, Paris, and Venice 9 
no body xoonders At any thing» 

A, Interim 




A. Interim eft nefas 
tibi, pofcere quidquam. 
\Jb\ja?n eft multa vej- 
pcra> nee plures expec- 
tantur \zx\\.ux\,[enex fa- 
mulus prodit cana ^r- 
&j, tonfo capita, torvo 
vultu> fordido vejlitu. 

B. Oportebat ^/<?j 
efle a poculis Romanis 

A. Is circumaclis o- 
culis, dinumerat tacite 
y«0/ fint ^ hypocaujlo : 
quo p lures \\AttadtJfe, 
hoc vehementius hypo- 
cauftum accenditur, e- 
tiam fi alio qui {o\Jit mo- 
leftus cejlu. Hsec g/? 
praecipua pars bonae 
traclationis, fi omnes 
diffluant J'udore. Si 
^^z; non ajfuetus vapo- 
ri, aperiat rlmam fenes- 
tra, ne prafocetur, pro- 
tinus audit, claude. *SV 
refpondeas, A r 0tt j£- 
ro, audis, quare igitur 
alxud diverforium. 

B. Atque nihil vide- 
tur periculofius, quam 
tarn multos haujurum 
ejfe eundem vaporem, 
maxime corpore refolu- 
to, atque hie capturum 
ejfe cibum, et commo- 
ratura iri complur&sho- 

In the mean time it is un- 
lawful/^ you to call for any 
thing. When now it is laie 
in the evening, and no more 
are ex peeled to come, an old 
fervant comes out with a hoary 
beard, fhorn /zW, grim /w& 
mean clothes. 

It behoved y&ofc to be cup- 
bearers to the Roman Cardinals. 

He having cafl about his 
eyes.ra^tf??^ filently how many 
there are z# thejlove : By how- 
much the more he fees pre/ent, 
by fo much the more violently 
the flove is heated, although 
otherwije the fun be trouble- 
forne by his heat. This is the 
greateA part of good treatment, 
if all run down with ]w eat. If 
tf>2^ <???£ not accuftomed to the 
heat, 0^£# a chink 0/^ window 
left /^ be Jlijled, immediately 
he hears, {hut it. // you an- 
iwer, / cannot endure, you 
hear, [eek then another inn. 

But nothing feems w^r^ */##- 
gerous, than that jfo many 
Jhould take in the fame vapor ; 
efpecially the body being open, 
#/?*/ here take meat, «tz^ ftay 
feveral hours, For now / 
omit Garlic Belches, and //-/? 
blajl of the belly, Jiinking 




ras. Nam jam omitto 
alliatos rutlus, et fla- 
turn ventris, putres ha- 
Jitus : Sunt multi qui 
laborant occultis mor- 
tis, et omnis morbus 
Jiabet fuum contagium. 
Certe f plerique habent 
Hifpanicam fcabiem, 
iivc, ut quidam vocant 
Gallicam, cum fit com- 
munis omnibus nation- 
ibus. Opinor effe non 
multo minus periculi ab 
his, quam leprojis. Jam 
fa divina quantum ^?/ 1 
criminis fit z/z pejlilen- 

A. Suntfortes viri, 
r identic negligunt ifta. 

B. Sed interim funt 
fortes periculo multo- 


A. Quid^/anaj ? fie 
affueverunt ; et £/? con- 
it antis animi non dfc/^ 
cedere ab inllitutis. 

B. Atqui d/zte vigin- 
ti quinque annos, nihil 
£r#/ receptius tf^z/a? 
Brabantos ^zz^w publi- 
co thermaz ; ha? wwrtc 
frigent ubique ; nam 
/^f<2 fcabies docuit nos 
abf liner e. 

A. Sed flat/a camera: 

breaths. 77z£r£ arc many,<^/z0 
are troubled with fecrec difeaf- 
es, £#tff every diflemper has z'/.f 
inteclion. Certainly moft have 
the Spanifh />0#, or, «j- fome 
ca// 2V the French, though it 
be comynon to all nations. I 
think //z^n? ij nol war A lefs 
danger from M^/<r than lepers. 
Now dfo ^0& <g^A now much 
danger there is 2« M^ plague* 

They ^xt flout fellows, ^y 
/az/gi a/, and neglect thofe 

But z;z the mean time they 
are flout at the hazard 0/^ ma- 

What can you do ? So they 
have been ufed y and 2* is the 
part of a conftant ;?22W not to 
depart from old cufloras. 

But tzcenty Jive years ago, 
nothing was more common a~ 
mongjt the Brabanti, than pub- 
lic baths ; thofe now are out 
of ufe every where ; for the 
new pox has taught us to ab* 

But hear the reft. 



pdft ille barbatus Ga- 
nymedes redit ac infler- 
nit men fas linteis quot 
putat effefatis illi nu- 
mero. Sed immor- 
talem Deum ! quam 
non Milefiis. Diceres 
cannabea detrafta exan- 
tennis. Nam deflinavit 
ad minimum oclo con- 
vivas unicuique men- 
fbe. Jam quibus pa- 
trius mos efi notus, ac- 
cumbitnt, ubi libitum 
fuerit cuique* Nam 
eft nullum difcrimen 
inter pauperem et divi- 
tern, interhevum et fer- 

B. Haec tjl \Wavetus 
aequalitas, quam nunc 
tyrannis fubmovit e vi- 
ta. Sic opinor Chrif- 
tum vixijfe cum Difci- 

A, Poflquam omnes 
accubuerunt, rurfum il- 
le torvus Ganymedes 
prodit, ac denuo di nu- 
meral y#£ fodalitia. 
Mox reverfus, apponit 
fingulis ligneum pina- 
cium, et cochleare jfoc- 
tum ex eodem argento, 
deinde cyathum vitre- 
um , aliq.u a nto po ft pa - 
n<m: Eurn qui/que ce- 
C * 

wards that bearded Ganymede 
returns, and fpreads the tables 
with cloths, as many as he 
thinks to befufficient for that 
number. But immortal 
God ! /&0Z*; j^r /r^^ £***,$ 
yW / you would fay they were 
canvafs taken down from the 
fail yards. For he defigned at 
leaft^'^/gueftsytfr every ta- 
ble, iVflZtf they to whom the 
country cuftom is known, fit 
down where it pleafes every 
one. For there is no differ- 
ence betwixt a poor man and 
a rich, betwixt a maftcr and a 

This is that old equality, 
which now tyranny has remov- 
ed out of life. So / believe. 
Chrift lived with his difciples. 

After all have feated them- 
felves, again that grim Gany- 
mede comes out, and over again 
counts his companies. By and 
by returning, he ftts before 
each a zuooden difh, and a 
fpoon made of the fame (liver, 
then a glafs,a little aherf read. 
That every man cleans for 
kimfelf at his leifure, whilfl 
the pulfe are boiling.. So />ky 




purgai Jib i per 'otium, 
dum pultes coquuntur. 
Ita Jedentur nonnun- 
quam ferme fpatio ho- 

B. Nullus hojpitum 
efllagitat cibum inter- 
im ? 

A. Nullus cui inge- 
nium regionis eft no- 
tum. Tandem vinum 
upponitur, bone Deus, 
quam non Jumo/um ! 
O portebatf ophiflas non 
bibere aliud ; tanta eft 
fubtilitas et acrimonia. 
Quod /i quis kofpes, pe- 
cunia oblata privatim, 
rogat ut aliud genus 
vuii paretur aliunde, 
primum di/jimulantjed 
to vultu, quaji interfee- 
turi. Si urgeas, res- 
pondent, hie tot Comi- 
tes et Marchiones di- 
ver fatifunt, neque quif- 
quam que ft us eft de meo 
vino ; fi non placet, 
quaere tibi aliud diver- 
forium ; nam habent 
nobilesyj^ gentis Jolos 
pro hominibus, et ojlen- 
tant horurn infignia 
nufquam non. Jam ig- 
itur habent offam quam 
objiciant latranti fto- 
jniicho. Mox difci 

Jit fometimes, ahnojl the fpace 
oj an hour. 

Does none oj the guejls call 
for the meat in the mean time ? 

None to whom the temper*?/' 
the country \$ known. At length 
wine is ferved up, good God, 
how far Jrom being tajlelefs I 
It behoved Sophijters ,not to 
drink any other ; Juch is the 
thinnejs and JJiarpnefs. But if 
any guejl, money to'flg offered 
privately, dejires thatjome oth~ 
er fort oj'wine may be got from 
Jomewhere elfe, at firft, they dif- 
Jemble the matter \ but with that 
countenance, as if they would 
kill you. If you prefs them, 
//$ey anfwer, here Jo many Earls 
#7^ Marquifles have lodged, 
nor <sW any one complain of 
^7 wine; if it do not pleafe, 
Jeek for yourfelf another inn ; 
for /A^y account the noblemen 
oj their nation #/tf/2£ for men, 
and Mry j^<fz^ their Coats oj 
Arms every where. Now 
therefore they have a piece 
which they may throw to the 
barking ftomach. By and by 
the difhes come in great pomp* 
TIk firft commonly has pieces 
of bii&djoaking m the broth 



veniunt magna pompa. ojflefi, or if it be a fijli day, in 
Primus Jerme habet of the broth of herbs. After 
fas panis madefaclas that another broth, after Jo me- 
jure carnium, autf eft thing oi flefh boiled over again, 
pifculentus dies, jure or faltfifti warmed again. A- 
ieguminum. Deinde gain fome pulfe, by and by 
aliudy^i", poft aliquid fome more folid meat, 'till M«? 
carnium recoclarum,-<\ut Jlomach being well tamed, they 
falfamentorum recali'ac- Jet up roafted fe/h, or boiled 
torum. Rurfus aliquid fiih, zvkich you cannot contemn 
pultis, mox aliquid fo- at all. But here they are fpar- 
lidioris cibi, donee Jlo- ing, and fuddenly take away. 
macho probe domito After this manner they mix 
apponant afTas car?ies 9 their entertainment, as the abl- 
aut elixos pifces, quos ors of plays, who mix choruf- 
non poflis contemnere es with their J'cenes ; but they 
omnino : fed hie Junt took care, that thelajl a£l mhe 
parci, ^/ fubito tollunt. beft. 
Hoc pafto temperant 
convivium, quemadmo- 
dum a£ioresJabularum, 
qui admijeent choros 
Jcenis : a u tern cur ant 
ut extremus a£\us ft op- 

B. Et hoc eft boni 

A. Potto ft piacu- 

is the part of a 

And this 
good Poet. 

Moreover it is a heinous 
Ium,yf quis interim di- crime, 7/any one in the mean 
cat, tolle hunc dijeum, time {ay, take away this dY/7z, 
nemoi/g/a^r.Defiden- nobody ^/j. You mull fit 
dum eft ^^ W fpa- Vz7/ the time appointed, which 
immprafcriptum quod /Agy meafure om/£ hour glajfts % 
illimctmnturckp/ydns, as I fippofe. At laft Ma/ 
ut opinor. Tandem bearded fellow, or the inn- 
*//* barbatus, aut pan- keeper himfelf, very little ^ 
docheus r#2 minimum fering from the fervants in 




differens a famulis vef 
titu, prodit, rogat ec- 
quid animi nobis fit. 
Mox aliquod generofius 
vinum ae/fertur.Autem 
amant eos qui bibunt 
largius, cum /hi vat ni- 
hilo plus, qui haufcrit 
plurimum vini^ quarn 
qui minimum. 

B. Ingenium gentis 

A.Cum nonnunquam 
fint qui abfumant plus 
in vino, quam folvant 
pro toto convivio. Sed 
antequam finiam hoc 
convivium, mirum dic- 
tu, quis ftrepitus ac tu- 
multus vocu?n fit ibi, 
poftquam omnes coepe- 
runt incalefcere potu. 
Quid multis ? omnia 
furda. Fifti moriones 
admifcentj/J frequenter, 
quo genere hominum, 
cum fit nullum magis 
deteftandum, tamen vix 
credes quantopere Ger- 
mani deleilentur. I Hi 
jaciunt cantu, garritu, 
elamore, faltatione,]>ul- 
fu, ut hypocauftum vi- 
dealur corruiturum. 
Neque qui f quam audi- 
at alterum loquentem. 
^interim videntur & 

clothes, comes out, a/is if we 
have a mind to any thing. By 
and by fome more generous 
wine is brought. But they 
love thofe who drink plentiful* 
ly 9 though he pays no more 
who drinks moll wine, than A<r 
Ma/ drinks leaft. 

The temper ^/M<? nation is 

When fometimes there are 
fome zfl^0 con fume m^r* in 
wine, than they pay for the 
whole fea/l. But ^?r* I end 
lA« entertainment, eV is- won* 
derfnl to be faid, what a noife 
tfW confufion of voices is 
M<?r<r, after that all have begun 
t/> grow warm with drink. 
What need? many words ? all 
places are full of noife. Pre- 
tendedyWj thru ft in thernf elves 
frequently, with which kind 
of men, though there be none 
more deteftable, yet you will 
fcarce believe how much the 
Germans are delighted. They 
caufe by tinging, prating, 
{houting, dancing, thucnping r 
that the Hove/eems ready ta 
fall. Nor can any one hear 
another fpeaking. But in the 
mean time they fee m to them* 
felves to live fweetly ; and 
you mud fit there willing or 




bi vivere fuaviter ; at- 
que defidendum eft il- 
lie, volenti nolenti, uf- 
que ad multam noc 

A. Nunc tandem ab- 
folve convivium ; nam 
me tadet quoque tarn 

A. Faciam. Tan- 
dem Cafeofublato, qui 
vix placet ilh s, nifi pu- 
tris acjeatens vermi- 
bus, Me barbatus^rtf- 
dit, adferens pinacium 
fecum, in quo pinxit 
creta aliquot circulos,et 

femicirculos, deponiuV 
in menfam, tacitus in- 
terim ac triftis, diceres 
quempiam Charontem. 
Qui agnofcunt piftu- 
ram, deponunt pecuni- 
am, deinde alius at que 
alius, donee pinacium 
expleatur. Deinde no- 
tatus eos qui depofut- 
runt, fuppiKat tacite ; 
fi nihil defit, annuit 

B. Quid Ji quid/w- 
perfit ? 

A. Fortafle redderet, 
txfaciunt hoc nonnun- 

unwilling,, until late at night. 

Now at lafi finifli the enter- 
tainment ; for I am weary too 
oj Jo long a one. 

I will do it. At laft the 
cheefe being taken away, which 
fearce pleafes them, unlefs rot- 
ten and foil of maggots, that 
bearded fellow comes fortk % 
bringing a trencher with him, 
in which he hath drawn with 
chalk fome circles and femicir- 
clef, he lays that upon the ta- 
ble,^/*?/?/ in the mean time and 
fad \ you would fay he was 
fome Charon. They who 
know the pi8ure, lay down 
their money, then another and 
another, Hill the trencher be 
filed. Then having obferved 
thofe who laid down, he reck- 
ons filently ; if nothing be 
wanting, he nods with his 

What if any thing be over ? 

Perhaps he would return it, 
and they do this Jo metimes. 

A, Nemo 



B. Nemo reclamat 
rationi iniqua? 

A. Nemo qui fapit, 
nam audiret protinus, 
qui tu es hominis ?Jbl- 
z/ejnihilo plus quam a* 

B. Narras liberiim 
genus hominum. 

A. Quod Ji quis la/ 
/us ex itinere, cupiet 

mox a carta petere lec- 
turn, jubetur cxpeclare, 
donee cceteri quoque 
cant cubitum. 

B. Videor mi hi vL 

A. Tum/uus nidus 
cftenditur cuique, et 
vere 222^2/ aliud quam 
cubiculum ; nam ibi 

Jitnt lefti tantum, et ni- 
hil praeterea, quo ma- 
ris, aut quod/ureris. 

B. Eft mundities il- 
iic P 

A. Eadem qua in 
convivio, lintea lota 
forte # 22te fex men/es. 

B. Quid interim fit 

A. Tra&antur £ df e- 
andam difciplinam, ad 
quam hoinines. 

B. Sed £/? eadem 
tra&atio ubique ? 

A, Alicubi ejl civil- 

Does nobody £27 out upon 
the reckoning # j unjujl ? 

Nobody that is wife ; for 
he would hear jorthwitk,\V hat 
arc you of a man ? you Jhall 
pay no 22202-* than others. 

You tell oia/ree kind of men* 

But 2/ any one, weary with 
his journey, dejires prefently 
after /upper to go 2*0 2W, he is 
ordered /0 a^zi* 'till the rejl 
too £0 to bed. 

I feem to my /elf to fee a P/j- 
tonic city. 

Then Azj neft is/hewn to 
every one, a?2</ truly nothing 
elfe M#22 a bed chamber ; for 
there are beds ^22/y, and »0//^ 
ing e\(e that you can ufe, <?r 
that you can/leaL 

Is there cleanline/s there ? 

The fame as in the feaft, 
/222*22 wafhedperhapsyfo months 
be/o re. 

What 222 the mean time be- 
comes of the hor/es ? 

They are treated according 
to the fame difcipiine as the 

But is there the fame fraz*- 
ment every where ? 

In fome places it is civiller, 



ior, alicubi durior quam 
narravi ; verum in gen- 
cre eft talis. 

B. Quid Ji ego nunc 
narrem tibi quibus mo- 
dis hofpites traftentur 
in ea parte Italic, quam 
vocant Longabardiam, 
rurfus in Hifpania, de- 
inde in Anglia, et in 
Wallia ? Nam Angli 
obtinent partim Gal- 
licos, partim German- 
icos mores, ut mix* 
ti ex his duabus genii- 
bus. Walli prcedicant 
fe aborigines Anglos. 

A. Quaefo te ut nar- 
res, nam nunquam con- 
txgit mihi videreezs. 

B. In praefentia non 
eft otium ; nam nauta 
jujjit adeffem ad ter- 

tiam \iox*vn,niJi vellem 
relinqui ; et habet far- 
cinulam : alia oppor- 
tunitas dabitur nobis 
garriendi ufque ad fa- 

in fome places harder than I 
have told you ; but in general 
it is fuch. 

What if I now tell you af- 
ter what manner guejls are 
treated in that part of Italy, 
which they call Lombardy, a- 
gain in Spain, then in Eng- 
land, and in Wales ; for the 
EngliJJihave. partly the French, 
partly the German manners, as 
being mixed of thofe two na- 
tions. The Welch pretend 
themfelves the orginal En- 

I pray you that ^z/ would 
tell me, for f/ never happened 
to me /tfy&s them. 

At prefent there is noti\vat\ 
for the failor ordered me to be 
with him by the third hour, 
unlefs I would be left, and he 
has my baggage : another 
time an opportunity will be 
given us of prattling to fatif- 


A# O ulD hona rei 

^Zs ejt quod rides 

tecum tarn fuaviter,#&tf- 

Ji naflus fis thejaurum? 

B.Tua divinatio non 

aberrat procid a fcopo. 

A. Annon imperties 

fodali quicquid boni 

iftuc £/? ? 

B. Imo, jumdudum 

optabam que mpiam dari 

million cujus finum ^/- 

Junderem hoc gaudu 

urn meum. 

A. Age zgzVar im- 

B. Audivi modo le- 
pidiflimam jabulam 
quam jurares effe com- 
icum figmentum, mji 
locus, perfonce ac tota 
res ejfet tarn nota mihi, 
^waw tu es notus wzAz. 

A. Geftio audire. 
B. Nofline Polum 
enerum Fauni ? 

A. Maxime. 

B. Is ejl et auclor et 
i?<?r hujusjabulce. 

WHAT £**</ thing /j 
/Aer^, that ^0W laugh 
with yourfelf y2? fweetly ax 
though you had got # treafure ? 

Your gue/s does not wan- 
derer from the mark. 

Will youHOt impart to your 
companion whatfoever good 
thing that is ? 

Nay, fome time Jince I was 
yNihWixg fomebody might be of- 
fered me, into whofe bofom I 
might pour out this joy of 

Come then impart it. 

I have heard juji now a 
very pretty Jlory, which you 
would/wear was a comic fic- 
tion, unlefs the place, the per* 
Jons, and the whole affair was 
as well known to me, as you 
are known to me. 
I long to hear it. 
Have you known Pool, the 
foninlaw of Faun ? 

He is both M<* author and 
/A* £#0r of this play. 



A. Facile credam,' I can eafily believe it,/<?rhe 
ille pqjit agcre could a£t any phy, even with- 

quam vis fab u lam, vel out a maJJi. 
abfqae* perfona. 

B. Sic eft. Noil', So it is. You have known, 
trpinor prdium J"^ 1 fancy the eftate which he 
habet non ita procui a has #<tf {o jar from London. 
Land i ho* 

A. Phy ! compotavf- P L1 gb ! ^ ^^^ drunk to* 

mus iWicJczpe. gether there #/?£>?. 

J3. Agnofcis igitur You know therefore the way 

viam feptam utrinque hedged in on both fides zzi&A 

arboribus digellis /y^rz /r^j placed at an equal dif- 

intervallo. tance. 

A. Ad \?zvzvc\ partem O^ the left fide of thehoufe, 
sedium,ye;'e altero jaftu almojl two bow fliots off. 

B. Tenes. Alterum You ha/e it. ##? fide 0/ 
iatus vice habetjiccum the way has a dry diich /et 
alveum obfitum dumis with thorns and briars ; over 
et yeribus ; e ponticulo the bridge, there is a way into 
eft iter in planitiem. a plain. 

A. Me mini. I remember. 

B.Jampridem vaga- Some time ago there met it a 

torrutnor, tfc tabula report, ^?2d\-z flory, among the 

/w ruflicos e/wi loci, coumry people of that ptace, 

Jpeffrdtim obverfari juxta that a /pint haunted nigh this 

nunc ponticulum, cuju.s bridge, whofe miferable howl- 

tnijtrahdi ejulatus e>¥- ings a/^rd heard now and then ; 

audirentur lubinde ; M^y fuj peeled that it was M<r 

Jujpicabantur effe <zh?- Jbul oi iome man, which was 

Wtzw. cujuipiam £z/<# tortured zn'M dirtful torment^ 
torqueretur dfeni cru- 

D A, Ouis 



A. Quis erat auclor 
ijtius rumoris ? 

B. Quis niji Polus ? 
Pi a'flruxerat hoc pr oce- 
lli mm fuae fab id a* 

A. Quid vcnit ijliin 
mtfiiem ut confingeret 

y? a - .... 

B. Nefcio, 72//? quia 
ingemnm hominis <?y? 
fie ; gaudct ludere ft id - 
titiam populi commen- 
ts hujufmodi : Dicam 
quid defgnaret nuper 
nin'iiS generis. /5/z- 
g : sa?nmulti equitabamus 
Boftonem, inter gwj" e- 
::aut, quos tu diceres 
eordatos vinos, Coelum 
trot mire fcrenum, nee 
fuffujbaium ufquarn »/- 
/.i nubecula, Ibi Po- 
li^oculis inteniis med- 
ium fi&navit to tarn fa- 
ciem ^ fcapulas imag- 
ine crucis, et vultu 
compofito ad ftuporem, 
?&z flfe>$ fecum, i>z- 
■m or tale in, Deum ! #&fdf 
ego video ; Rcganiibus 

t] 1 1 1 ££« 2 /<2 £<2 H 6 p i'OX - 
3ii)c, <7&?<s/ videret, rur- 
/us obfigmnsfe niajore 
cruce, clementiHirnus 
Deus avertat hoc of- 
ten! um, Cum 
inftarent cupiditate*:^- 

VJhowas \X\tz\x\\\oxofthat 
report ? 

Who but Pool ? /2^ had pre* 
pared this prologue {oxhisplay. 

What came into his mind 
to invent thqfe things ? 

I know not, unlefs becaufe 
the humor of the man is fo ; 
he loves to play upon the folly 
of the people with inventions 
of this kind. / will tell you 
what he contrived lately of this 
fort. A good many of us were 
riding /0 Bojlon, among whom 
there were fome whom 
you would call prudent men. 
The (ley #;<2J wonderfully 
clear, nor overcajl any where 
a/aVA £ft>' little cloud. Tlure 
Pool o;*a4 /nj" ^i directed to- 
wards Heaven marked all his 
iace and (houlderblades with 
thefign of the Crofs, and with 
a countenance compofed to af- 
tonifliment,/i?^Mz^ with him- 
felf, immortal God ! What do 
I fee ? They afung, who rode 
next, g/jfta/ he faw, again fign- 
ing huvfe If with*, greater crofs, 
the moil merciful 6W avert 
this omen, fays %. When 
they urged him, out of a defire 
of knowing, he having fixedhis 
eyes tt/?£>rc heaven, andfiewing 
tke place /2/ ^ Heaven with 



hofcendi, ille dejixisoc 
c i\\ is in caelum, ac com- 
m o nfl ra n s locum call 
digito, inquit, nonne 
viaetis immanem draco- 
nem, armatum igneis 
cor nib us, cauda re tor- 
(a in circulum ? Cum 
negarent fe\ 7 idere,atque 
Rtejif$lffci 9 intenderent 
oculos, azfubinde com- 
monftraret locum, tan- 
dem units quifpiam ne 
vidcretur parum ocula- 
tus, ajfirmavit fe quo* 
que videre : unus item 
at que alter imitatus ejl 
hunc ; nam pudebat 
non videre quod ejfet 
tarn perfpicuum. Quid 
multis ? intra triduum 
hie rumor pervajerat 
totarn Anglian, tale 
portent urn apparauilTe. 
Mir urn autem quantum 
popularis farna addidit 
fabulae. Nee deerant 
qui ferio interpretaren- 
tur quid ojlentum vel- 
vet fibi. ///^ qui c^/7z- 
mentusjuerat argumen- 
ium,jruebatur horum 
ftultitia cum magna vo- 

A . Agn of c o inge n iu m 
hominis ; Jed redi ad 

his finger, fays; do you not 
fee a vafi dragon, armed with 
fiery horns, with his tail turn- 
ed up into a circle ? 7///^ 
they denied thai tkgy faw it, 
tftttf 7 he bade them diiefl f&eir 
£}'£./, and fttfttf c^W $f*i (hewed 
them the place , atfarijbme one, 
left he Jliould feem bad fighted, 
affirmed that he /tfi 1 Jaw it : 
0«« likewife and another imi- 
tated him ;Jor they were a- 
Gxamed net to fee w h at & a s To 
plain» What needs many 
word s ? Wi thin three d ay s th x s 
report had gone through all 
E ngla nd, that f u c h a m o n/l t r 
hath appeared, But it is zven- 
derjul how much popular faaje 
added to the ftory . Nor were 
there wanting fome who in 
Ceiled interpreted what this 
prodigy meant. He who** had 
invented the matter, enjoyed 
theh'Jolly w'uh great p leaf u re- 

I know the temper of the. 
man ; but return to the appati- 

B. Interea 



B. Interea divertit 
quidain F annus facer- 
«ios ad Polum commo- 
dum, ex contra genere, 
q tubus von Jatis eft ap- 
p Hari . - '<?^regu lares, 
tiiji idem cognomen ac- 
c i n a t u r G rceca, p a r o - 
chjis vicihi oppidi t/^c 
ahcunfc* i^videbatur 
lijbj fr#« vulvar iter Ja- 
pe re , p r se ferti m in Jar 
ens rebus. 

A. Intel ligo, $a#r 
fabtilas re perl us eft. 

B . S u p e r c cc nam ft r- 
^PorKis eft dt rumor e 
i) > e cl ri , c a m Po 1 u sjentz- 
ret hunc ru?ncrcm non 
fo ! u m a & di i u m ejfte Fa u - 
noj vet Hm etiani credi- 
iicn, coepit obujlari 
nominem, ut doclus ac 
p i u s vz r fu c c urreret an- 

: m idx patien t i tam di- . 
ra ; et fi quid dubitas,, explora rem, 
obambula ad decimam 
juxta ilium ponticulum, 
etaudies rmfev&m eju- 
tatum, adjunge tibi 
quern iWej comitem, 
ito auclies et tutior et 

A. Quid delude ? 

R.Coena peracla^o- 
has ex mora abit vena- 

In the mean time comes one 
Faun, a prieft to /W/ oppor- 
tunely, of their kind to who itu/ 
z> not enoughtobe cdilediu Lat- 
in rtguht's^unltfs the fame /a r- 
$4'/K£ be lung tothemz/z Greek, 
a parfon tf/'^z neighboring town 
//2d*r<? abouts* He fcemed to 
hi rnfe If «0* to <££ vulgarly wife, 
efpecial'Iy 2/2 /ztf/y things. 

I under ft and, an a&orof the 
play zvas found. 

At fupper ^ dijeourfe arofe 
about the report of the appar- 
ition, z^/2 Pool perceived that 
this report not only /z^df /v,f^ 
heard by Faun, ^«^ 1 r/'tfi" alfo 
believed, he began to Mitch the 
man, //W he being a learned 
#W godly ?;2cZ?7 *.*ould fuccor 
the poor foul fufTering fuck 
dreadful things ; and if you 
doubt at all, fays he, examine 
the matter, walk about ten fcrgvfc 
that bridge, and jtf-w wzY/ hear 
miferable howling, take to you 
whom you will as a compan- 
ion, Fo you will hear both 
more fafe #W more certainly. 

What then ? 

Supper being ended_,Yoo\,ac- 

cording to his cujlom, goes a 




(urn, aut occupatum. 
Taunus obambulans 
cum jam tenebrae fujlu- 
liffent certum judicium 
de rebus, tandem audit 
miferandos gemitus. 
Ftos artifex Po/useffm- 
gebat mire, abditus it* 
lie i n v e p r e t a, fi 3 Hi o 1 - 
Ja adbibita ad id ; quo 
v ox.reddita e cavo/?- 
na ret quiddam luguori* 

A. Hasc fabula, rift 
video, vine it phajma 

B. Dices z/?/zz/£ ma- 

fis, ft audieris totam. 
aunus recipit fe do* 
mum, cupiens narrare 
quid audijfet. Pol us 
antevenerat jam #/?# 
compendiaria m<z. Ibi 
Faunus narrat Polo, 
quod <?ra/ atlum, et tf/~- 
jingit aliquid^/2^;7z,quo 
r^J eiTet admirabilior. 

A. Poterat Polus in- 
terim tenere rifuui. ? 

B. Illene ! /fczfo* 
vultum in manu. Dix- 
iffes w?z agi /eric Tan- 
dem Faunus, Polo *£- 
tejlante vehenieriterjfjj/- 
tfS^fi negotium ex ore f 
mi, et #^z7 tot am £<2.?2 
nofikm irfcmnem, dum 


hunting or a fowling. Faun 
walking when ?20&> the dark- 
nefs ^#J ta.&# flo/ay a certain 
judgment of things, a/ length 
he hears mi/erable groans, 
77z§/2 the artifl Ptf<?/ feigned 
wonderfully being hid z7zf/£ in 
a bufhy place, #>z ear them pot 
^z'??g w/&/ for that purpofe ! 
^/z^ the "voice &fcflig returned 
from the hollow, might found 
fomething more mournfully* 

This farce, as far as //?<?, 
exceeds the apparition of Me- 

You will fay that the more, 
if yon hear the whole . Faun. 
got him home, defiling to tell 
what he had heard. Pool /zsdf. 
g-0/ before already by another 
fhort to ay. There Faun tells; 
P00/, what /z^6 7 tae/z */tf?ze, ana 
invents fomething too, that ihe 
thing, might be mere wonder* 

Could Pool in the mean 
time hold {royi laughing? . 

He ! He has a countenance 
in his hand. You would 
have faid that the thing was 
doing in earneji. At lafl Faun* 
Pool befeeching him very 
much, undertook the bufinefe 
of exorafm, and he fpena's all 
mat night without deep, whilft 

4 2 


defpicit quibus modis 
aggrederetur rem tuto, 
iiajn mifire metuebat fi- 
bi quo que. Prim urn u 
iaque efficaciflimi ex- 
orcifmi congefti funt, 
et nonnuili novz additi 
per vifcer'a btatoz Ma- 
rise, per olfa beatazWz- 
renfridae. Deinde lo- 
cus deleclus eji planitie 
vicinus vepreto, unde 
vox exaudiebatur. Sa- 
tis ampliusaVr^/^j cir- 
cumducts ell qui hab- 
eret crebras cruces, vfr 
riafque notulas ; kxc 
&mma peragehantur 
conceptis verbis. In- 
gens vas plenum con- 
ft c rata, aqua? a dh ib i - 
turn eft. Sacra fcola, 
q u a m v oc an t , a ddi ta eft 
in collum, unde pen de- 
bat inilium Evangelii 
fecundum Joannern. 
Habebat in loeulis ce~ 
rula?n folitam confer a- 
ri quotannisa Romano 
fontifvce, quae dicitur 
vulgo, Agnus Dei. His 
armis ohm muniebant 
fe adverfus noxios dae- 
rnones, priufquam cu- 
culla Iranci/ii ccepit 
effe formidabilis illis. 
Omnia hccc procurata 

he cqnfiders which way he 

might atttinpt the thing Jafely, 
for he teas mijerably afraid of 
himfelf too. Fir it then the 
moft effectual exorefms were 
*got together, and Tome new 
ones added, by the bowels of 
bleffed Mary, by the bones of 
bleffed Werenfred. Then a 
place zv as chofen in the plain 
nigh the bufhy place, from 
whence the voice was heard* 
A good large circle was drawn, 
which had many croffes, and 
divers marks : All thefe things 
were done with a form of 
words. A huge vejfel full of 
holy water, was made ufe of: 
A holy gown, as they call it, 
was put over his neck, from 
whence hung the beginning of 
the Gofpel according to John. 
He had in his pockets, a bit of 
zvax ufed to be con fee rated ev- 
ery year by the Roman Pon~ 
tiff, zvhich is called commonly 
the Lamb of God. With thefe 
arms formerly they fortified 
themf elves againft mifclnevous 
Daemons, before the hood of 
Francis, begun to be terrible 
to them. All thefe things were 
provided, lefl if itflwuld be an 
tvilfpirit, it mould make an 
attack upon the exorcift. Nei- 
ther yet di'.rft he truft himfelf 
alone in the circles^ but it was 



Tunt, nc fi tjfet maius 
fjriritusjlacexet impetum 

inexorciiiam. Nee ta- 
men aufus eft commit- 
tere/2 folum circulo,(ed 
decrelum eft alterum fa- 
cer dotem ad liibendum 
eiTe. Ibi Polus metuens, 
ne, ft naiiitior e/Jet ad- 
junftus, myflerium tab- 
ulae prodereiur, adjun- 
git quondam parochum 
ex viama, cui operit to- 
tam re-n j nam/c aflio 
Jab ula poftuhbat, et e- 
rat is qui non abhorreret 
a tali ludo. Foftridie, 
omnibus rebus paratis 
rite, fub decimam horam 
Faunas, cum par ochoin- 
greditur circulum. Po- 
lus, qui praeceffaret, ge- 
writ miferabiliter e ve- 
preto. F annus aufpica- 
tur exorcifmum. Inte- 
rim Polus fubducit fe 
clam per tenebras, in 
proximam villain. II- 
line adducit aliam per- 
[on*mfabulaz % nam non 
potcrai agi ni per mul- 

A. Quid faciunt ? 

B. Confcendunt ni' 
gros equos, ftrunt oc- 
cultum 7gne?n fccum 
ubi non abeffent procul 
a circulo, qflentant ig- 
nero, quo metu abige- 
rent Faunum e circulo. 

determined that another Prieft 
mould be employed. 7$*f€ 
Yoo\, fearing M&> lf& cunning- 
er man was joined with them, 
the myftery of (he iarcefhould be ' 
bet rayed, j oi n s t o h i m a ce:> ia i n 
p^rfon of the neighborhood, to 
whom he difclofes the whole 
matter ; for fo the acting of the 
farce required, and he was one 
that was not averfe to fuch 
fport. The day after, all things 
being prepared rightly, about 
the tenth hour Faun, with the 
parfbn, enters the circle. Pool, 
who had gone before? groans 
miferably out of the bufay place, , 
Faun begins the exorcifm. In 
the mean time Pool withdraws 
himfelf privately in the dark, 
into the next village. Thence 
he brings another atlor of the 
play j ior it could not be acled 
but by many. 

What do they ? 

They mount black horfes ; 
they carry covered fire with 
them, wlun they were not far 
from the circle, theyfliew their 
fire, that, by fear' they might 
drive Faun cut of the circle. 

A. Quantum 



A. Quantum opera 
fumpfit i lie Pol us, ut 
falleret ! 

B. Sic homo eft- Verum 
ea res propemodumcef- 
ferat pe/Jime ill is. 

A. Qui fie ? 

B. Nam equi confter- 
nati igne fubito prolato, 
parum abfuit quinprae- 
cipitarent et fe, et feiTo 
res. Habes primum ac- 
tum fabulae. Ubi red- 
ditum eft in colli quium, 
Pol us velut ignarus om- 
nium % rogat quid effet 
acl-am- Ibi Faunus 

'tiarrat duos leter rimes 
Dcemonos confpeftos/?. 
fri, in nigris equis, igne- 
is oculis, aefpirantes ig- 
nem nanbus, qui ten- 
taffent ingredi circulum r 
verum abaclos in maiam 
rem effcacibus verbis. 
Curn animus accrevifftt 
Fauno his rebus, die 
poftero rediit in circu- 
lum cum fummo appa- 
ratu : cumque provo- 
cafjet fpe&rum rn.ultis 
«bteftationibus, Pol us 
rurfum cum collega of 
tendit fe procul ex atris 
equis, horrendo fremi- 
/tf,quafi cuperentinutn- 
pere circuto. 

A. Habebant nihil f 

B. Nihil, nam id cef 
Jartt rnzte* Sed audi a* 

How much pains took tliat 
Pool, that he might deceive ! 

So the man is. Rut that thing 
had well nigh fallen out very 
badly for them. 

Howfo ? 

For the horfes being frighted 
with the fire fwddenly product d y 
had like to have thrown both 
themfelves,tfW their riders. You 
have the firft acl of the play. 
When they returned to confer 
together, Pool, as if ignorant 
of 'all things ,afks what had been 
done. There Faun tells him that 
two very ugly devils had been 
fcen by him, upon black horfes^ 
with fiery eyes, and breathing 
fire 0#/ of their nqfes, who Aaaf 
/nVd? to enter the circle, but 
a/£r£ driven away with a ven- 
geance by powerful wordsv 
When courage grew upon Faun 
by thefe things, the day follow- 
ing he returned into the circle 
with his utmoft furniture* And 
when he had called out the fpir- 
it with many intreaties, Pool a- 
gain, with his colleague, Jhe we d 
himfelf at a diflance from black 
horfes, with a horrid muttering 
noi/e, as it they dejired to break 
into the circle. 

Had they nothing of fire. 
Nothing, for thatfell out bad- 
lyt-Zfalhear another invention. 




liud commentum, Du m 
cebant Ion gum funem s 
eo iraclo lev iter per hie 
mum, dum uterque pro- 
ripit fe hinc atque hint, 
velut abacli exorcifmis 
Faunu provolvunt in 
terrain utvumque facer- 
do tern, una cum vafe 
quod habebant plenum 
iacrae aqu<z. 

A. Parochus till it hoc 
praemii pro fua aclione? 
B. Tulit, et tamen 
maiuit perpeti/W,quam 
defer ere fab u lam ccep- 
tarn. His gejiis ita ubi 
reditum elt ad colloqui- 
um, Faunus drprcedicat 
a pud Polum in quant o 
fkriculofuiffii, et 912am 
former profligajjet u- 
trumqr.e cacodemonem 
fuis verbis; jam que con* 
ceperatcertam fiduciam, 
ejje null urn dcemenem 
tarn noxium, aut imp 11 ■ 
den tern, qui peffet ir* 
rumpere circulo. 

A. Ule Faunus non 

nmiltum abeft afatuo. 

B. Audifti RzAi/a^huc^ 

Fabula progrefta hujuf- 

que com mod um fuper- 

venit Poli gener, nam 

dvLXtrat ejus «£?# »*£.*- 

iviam hWamfuvenis, ut 

Jfcis 9 mire tefhvoYtfg^mtf. 

A. Scio, rc^c abhor- 

rens ab hujufmodi jocis. 

7%d^ took a long r^; thatte";?^- 
drawn lightly along the ground* 
vvhilfl &z£# throws himfelf out 
on this fide and that fide, as if 
driven away by the conjuring 
0/^ Faun, they tumbled down 
z^tfrc //zd- ground both pnejis, 
together &'?7/z the tub which 
they IradJ'ull of holy water. 

Did the parfon get //z?j re* 
ward/or his acting his part ? 

He- did get it, and yet >$£ 
chqfe rather to fatter //h\.r, than 
to Jo? fake the play&g#»« Thefe 
things tettg- /&«£ thus., when 
j£ey returned ^ the conference* 
% .in tells 10 Pool z>2 how great 
danger /z<? ^/z^/ £4??, and >^a; 
ftoutly he had put to flight both 
the -devils with his words ; 3/id? 
now he had conceived # cer- 
tain a durance that there was 
no devil {omifchievdus, or im- 
pudent, who a?<//</ break into 
the circle. 

That Fiftfl is not far remov 

ed from a fool. 

You have heard nothing as 
yet. The play being advanced 
thus far* in good time ft?#fiJ 7/2 
Popf's foninlaw, lor /*<? //tfJ 
married his </;/<?// daughter; £ 
)oung man, as you know, of a 
wonderful merry humor. 

I know, 72 #r averfe to /acA 

B. Abhorens ! 

4 6 


B. Abhorens ! Hit 
deferreret nullum non 
vadimonium, fi talisj^- 
bula effet vel fpeQanda, 
vtl agenda. Socer de- 
narrat omnem rem huic ; 
at que delegat ei partem, 
ut agat an imam . Sumif 
ornatum, aclubens con- 
volvit fe linteo^quemad- 
moixxmfunera fole-nt a- 
pud ftos+ Habet vi- 
vam prmam in tcjta, 
quae p'r linteum redde- 
batjpeaem incendii. Sub 
naafm itum eft ad lo- 
cum ubi hcFC tabula age- 
bat 'ur. Miri gemitus 
audiuntur. Faunvscx- 
pedit o?nntsexorc\fmos. 
Tandem aniro3 oftendit 
fefe procul i n tra vep re- 
turn, fubinde ojlcritnns 
iguem, ac fuipirans mi- 
Jere. Cum Faun us of- 
teirtaretur hanc, ut ^/0- 
queretur qui (nam j^W, 
Po I us £ r ^/J7z ?V f ub 1 1 o <? 
vepreto, ornatu catedai- 
moms, {iEhoquz f remit u> 
inquit, ejl tibi nihil ju- 
ris in bane aniviam x eft 
»&£&, ac fubinde procur- 
r i 1 ^/# « <? <?// o r a m circu- 
it, velut'ifdfturus impe- 
turn in ex ore? /lam : mox- 
que velut full mot us ver- 
bis exorcijftni, et vi y#- 
ct# accuse, ##&#& adber- 

Averfe ! he would iorhke any 
bail, 7/Tuch a play vid&eiiher to 
be feen or to be acled. The fa- 
therinlazv tells a// the matter to 
fnm,and appoints him iej part ; 
thathe TTzaj #<<? the foal. He takes 
hisdrefs, tfrcaf willingly wraps 
h i m fe 1 f 2 /z a fheet, zsdea d b c di es 
ufed to be with us. He has a 
liveco'dl in aJhell,wh\chthrougk 
thejlieet, made an appearance of 
fife. ^/ night they went /0 /A<? 
#/#££ where this p\ay was acled. 
Wonderful groans are heard. 
Faun makes ready allhh exor- 
cifm. At length the iouljlzews 
it felt <s #?-^ way off within the 
buj 1 ** Olace, n6w and then Jhew- 
ing me iue,and groaning nnfer- 
ably. When Faun befought it, 
that it would declare who 7 1 was, 
Pool jumped fuddenly^ of the 
bufhy place in the drefs of a 
devil, and with a feigned tout- 
tering noife, fays, j<?# have no 
right to this foul, it is ;#z;/j, and 
»0& and then he runs #£ ^ the 
edge of tht circle, as if he would 
?nake an attack w/w» 6^ conju» 
ror ; And by and by as z/^beat 
off^y M<? words of the conjura- 
ifdn,a-arfth^vittufejjf ///£ holy 
water, winch he fprinkled upon 
him in great plenty^ drew off. 
At length the pedagogue devil 
bang driven away, begins a du 
alogue of Faun's with the fouJ. 
7/ anjwered htm afking and be- 
ffceciiing, thai it was the foul of 




fit///* multam, retro- 
ceJTet. Tandem pctda- 
gogo d^emone aba&o, 
nafcitur dialogifmus 
Fauni cum anima. Re- 
fpondit percun&anti et 
obteftanti fe effe ani- 
mam Chriftiani ho mi- 
nis. Rogato quo no- 
mine vccareturjefyon- 
dit, Faunus : Faunus, 
inquit idem eft mihi 
noraen ,ja7nque res cce- 
pit effe cordi illi magis 
ex communi nomine, ut 
Faunus liber aret Fau- 
num. Cum Faunus^r- 
contaretur multa, ne&\- 
utina conjabulatio pro- 
deret fucum, animayi^- 
ducebat fefe, negans ef- 
fe fas fibi colic qui diu- 
tius, quod tempus ur- 
geret, quo cogerttur a- 
bire^/^(9 liberet pceda- 
gogo dtemoni : tamen 
pollLitus eft/i reditu- 
rum po/tridic, hora qua 
effetfas. RuiTus con* 
vent urn efl in Poll 2edi- 
bus,^' erat chcragus 
fabuiae. Ibi exorcifta 
driarrat quid effct gef- 
tu:n, admtntiens non- 
nulla etiam, quae tamen 
perfuadebaty/^' effe t'£- 

a chriftian man. Being afked 
by what name it was called, it 
anfwered, Faun : Faun, Jays 
he, the fame is my name ; and 
now the thing begun to pleafe 
him more, becaufe of their 
common mmc,that Faun might 
deliver Faun. W^tt Fauntf/^- 
^many things, /5/? a long tfV/^ 
courfe mould betray the rogue- 
ry, the foul zoithdrew itfeli, <&- 
nying that 2/ was laziful for 
him /0 ta//£ longer, becaufe the 
time 8/ai <2/ hand, when fo 
fhould be obliged to go, to hit her 
it pleafed the pedagogue devil : 
y^ he promifed /A<2£ /z<* would 
return //2^ afoy after, 2X the hour 
a;^72 it fhould be lawful. Again 
Mey meet in Pools houfe, who 
was the fur niftier of the play. 
There the conjurer tells wlratwas 
done, /y;^ in fome things too, 
which yet he perfuaded himftlf 
to be true, fo much he favored 
the bufmefs which was dqing. 
A r 0o/ this was found out,to wit, 
that it was a Chriftian /r;z//, 
which was.plaguedwith dread- 
ful torments, under a 7720ft un- 
merciful devil. To this, all 
his endeavor is directed. But 
a certain comical thing hap- 
pened in the next conjuring- 




ra adeo Javehat nego- 
tio quo a agzb&tur. Jam 
hoc compcrtum erat, 
fciiicet, eJJ'e Chriilia- 
nam am mam quae vex- 
atetur diris cruciatibus 
fab incUmebfiffimb dae- 
mone. Hue omnis co- 
natus intenditur. J r e- 
rum quiddam ridicu- 
him accidit in proximo 
A.Obfecro quidnam? 
H.Cum Faunus evo- 
cafTet animam, Polus, 
qui agebat dcemonem, 
afliliit prorfus fie, quafi 
irf upturns intra circu- 
it! m, cumq ; Faunus 
pugnaret exorcifmis, et 
afpergeret viultam vim 
aqua; ; tandem daemon 
exclamat fe ne ' facer e 
omnia ifta q u i d e m p ili ; 
inquit, hahuijii rem 
cutTfpuplfa, es mei ju- 
ris. Cu m Polus dicer et 
idjoco, tamQii Jcrtefor- 
tuna vifus eit dixiffe 
vcrum : Nam ex ore if- 
ta taclus hoc diclo, ii- 
lico recepi.t fe in cen- 
trum circuli, tt immuf- 
favit ncje-o quid in du- 
re m parccbi. Polus feu- 
tie: js id tecipitfe/e, ne 

I befeech you what? 
MVhcnFaun had called out the 
foul, Pool, who a&cdthe devil, 
leaped up jujl fo, as if he would 
break within the circle, and 
when Yaun fought by conjura- 
tion, and fprinkled on him a 
vajl quantity of water ; at lojl 
the devil cries out that he did 
not value all tkoje things fo 
much as a hair ; quoth he, thou 
hajl had dealings with a girl, 
thou art a, part of my right. 
Though Pool j 'aid that in jefl, 
yet by good fortune he feemed 
to have [aid the truth : For the 
conjurer being Jlruck with this 
faying^ prefently betook him- 
feif into the centre oi the circle, 
and muttered / know not what 
into the ear of the Parfon. 
Pool perceiving that, with- 
drew himfelj, left he fliould 
hear any thing, which it was 
audi ret 


audiret quid, quod non not lawful to hear. 
eilet Jas audire. ' 

A. Sane Polus age- Truly Pool acled the relig- 
bat religiofum et modef %ous and modejl devil. 

/#;/z daemonem. 

B. Sic f/if. Aftio po- So zV jfi. The a&ion might 
terat reprehendi, quod be blamed, becaufehe little re- 
parum meminiffet de- garded decency. Yet he over- 
coris. Tamen exaw heard the voice of the parfon 
divit : vocem parochi in- appointing fatisfatlion. 
dicentis fatisfaclionem. 

A. Quam ? What ? 

B. Ut diceret Domi- That hefnouldfay the Lord's 
nicam precationem ter. Prayer thrice. By this he 
Ex hoc conjiciebat /*a- gueffed that he had had deal- 
£w^£ rem /tfr eadem ings thrice the fame night. 

A. Hoc fane ille r£- This truly that regular did 
gularispvtttev regulam. befides his rule. 

B. Sunt homines, et They are men, and zV ztftfJ' a 
erat humanus lap/its. human Jailing, 

A. Perge, quid dein- Goon, what \X\tvtwas done ? 
dejaclum ? 

B. Jam Faunus re- Now Faun returns more 
dit fracior ad oram fierce to the edge of the circle, 
circuli, et ultra provo- and of his own accord chal- 
c at damontm ; at ?//£ lunges the Devil ; but he now 
jam timidior refi\gie- being more timorous, .ran away, 
bat, inquiens, feteilifti faying, thou haft deceived 77^, 
we, fi fapu.fftm, non if I /za</ been wife, I fliould not 
monuiilem te. Hoc have told thee. This zj be- 
£/S? perfuafum vndtis, lieved by many, what you con- 
quae, conffus /is femel jfc/} once ^ the priefl is g^zte 
jacerdoti, efle prorjus^ wiped out of the ??iemory o£ the 
abolita £ me?ndria'frai~ devil, that he cannot upbraid 


E nionis, 


monis, ne pojjit appro- 

A. Narras plant rid- 
iculu?n jocum. 

B. Sed ut finiam/#- 
b ula m , a 1 i qu a n d o cotlo - 
quium habitum eft cum 
anima in hunc modum 
aliquot dub us. 
evafit hue. Ilia rtf- 
pondit exorciftac ro- 
ganti num poffet «jita 
via liberari a cruciatu, 
pojje fi ptcunia quam 
reliqujfet parta Jraude 
reilitueretur. Ibi Fau- 
nus inquit, quidy? dif- 
p en far etu r in pios if us 
per ban os viros ? i?<?/^ 
pondit ut hoc projutu- 
rum. Heic exorcijla 
e xhi laratus ^<?/tz^ ttt7<z- 
taJ 9? fumma diligtn- 
ti.%, quaritay^/;;^ ef- 
fet. ///a dixit in gen- 
tern, quod erat bonum 
*/ commodum zV/z. In- 
dicavit et locum, Jed 
procul dijjitnm, ubi hie 
thefaurus ejfzt defoflYis. 
Pnfcripjit in quos u? 

Jus vellct inipendi. 

A. In quos ? ' 

B. Ut tres fufcipe- 
rent peregrinatwnem, 
umm quorum adiret li- 

You tell me a very cc 

But that I may finifh the 
Jiory at laft, a conjerence was 
held with the foul z# this man- 
ner for fome days. The up/hot 
came /<? this, it anjwered the 
conjuror,, afhiyig whether z£ 
r0#W any way be delivered from 
torment, that it might if ///£ 
money which & hadlejt, got by 
cheating, fhould be reftored. 
Upon that Faun Jays, what if 
it mould be difpofed of to pi- 
ous ufes by g00*/ men ? It an- 
Jwered, that that alfo would do 
good. Here the exorcijt being 
rejoiced, inquired with the 
greateft diligence,, how great 
thejum was. // faid, a huge 
one, which a^j good <zW con- 
venienty<?r ln?n. It difcover- 
ed alfo the place, but a great 
way dijlant, where this treaf- 
ure was hid in the earth. It 
prescribed for what ifes it 
would have it laid out. 

For what ? 

That ih ret mould undertake 

a pilgrimage, oae of whick 

mould go id the threjholds of 




ynina Petri, ahtr iret 
pojlellanum ; tertius of- 
cularetur petlinem Je- 
j^.qui ejl Treviris. Dc- 
inde m^gna vis pfalte- 
riorum et mifTarum pe~ 
rageretur per aliquot 
monafteria. Quod fu« 
pereffet, ipfe difpenfa- 
rtx pro fuo arbitratu. 
Jam totus animus Fau- 
fit erat in tkefauro. 
. Devorarat ilium toto 

A. Eft vulgaris mor- 
bus, quanquam facer- 
dotes peculiariter male 
audiunt, koc nomine. 

B.Ub'mihil omiffum 
cflet quod pertineret ad 
negotium peewniee, ex* 
crcijlatubmomius aPo- 
lo ccepit percuntlan an - 
imam dealcumijlica,<Xt- 
que magica, it anitna 
tefpondit quaedam ad 
h&t pro tempore; ccete- 
rum pollicitay^ indica- 
turum plura, fimul at- 
<|ue liber ata juiffet il- 
lius opera a paedagogo 
damont. Sit hicj? vi- 
detur, lerlius a&us fa- 
buia. In quarto Faw 
tius ccepit prizJicare 

Peter, another fliotild go to fa- 
lute James of Compofitlla ; a 
third fhouldkifs the comb of 
Jejus, which is at Triers, 
Then a gx tat quantity of pfalms 
and ma&es fhould be performed 
through fome fnonafteries. 
What remained he might dif- 
pofe of according to his pleaf 
ure. Now the whole foul 0/ 
Faun was zfc thetreafure. We 
ha J devoured it with his whois 

It is a common difeafe though 
priefts peculiarly have an ill 
report up an this ace cunt. 

When nothing had been o- 
milted, that appertained to the 
bufinefs of the money, the con- 
juror being put in mind 01 it 
by Pool, began to ajk Hit foil I 
about the Alcumftic art, and 

of rnaoic. And the foul an- 


Jiuered fome things to that foY 
that time ; but promifed thai 
it would difcover mo re t as foon 
as it was delivered by hia 
means from the pedagogue acv - 
U. Let this be, if it lecm-s 
good, the third act of the pla\ , 
In the fourth Faun began to 
tell of this prodigious thing 
Wry z^£r<? in earneft, /(9 fa/# 



hanc prodigiofam rem of nothing elfe in company, in 
ubique ferio, ciepare feafis, to promife/?/;^ mighty 
nihil a/?W in colloqui- matters to the monajlries, and 
is, in conviviis, polli- he /poke of now nothing at all 
eeri quccdam magnifica *?2<?tf;?. He goes to the place, 
monaflcriis, et loqueba- finds //?£ marks, yet ^ afor/i 
iurj&txi nihil o.mnino not dig up //^ treafure, be- 
humile, Adit locum, caufe the Jo id had thrown in a 
repent figna, tamen fcruple, that he would do it 
Wi0« tftf/aj- £/? effodere ZW$ g?-^ anger, j/* the treaf^ 
thejaurum quod anima urej/iould be touched, before 
injeciffet Jcrupulum, the maffts were performed, 
idclurum ingenti peri- -iV^o/ the roguery ggai fmelt 
c\\\o,fi\.\it{zxMK%attin- cut by many ;;z<?r^ cunning 
geretur priufquam ?;z£/ : people. When, notwithjiand- 
Ja peracla? eifent. Jam z'tfg* he every where publiflud 
iucus Jubolebott multis his folly ; he was advifed />?i- 
ncijhictibus. Cum ta- r vattly by his friends, cfpecial- 
men ille nufquam non /}' by his abbot, //W /2^ would 
depredicaret {aamjlul- not give a different fpecimen of 
titiam, admonitus eft himfelf /0 a// /rc*», who /2 2*M- 
c/# tfz ab amicis, prafer- erto had been accounted a ^ra- 
ft' /# ab abb ate fuo ft£ cWz/ man. y^/ he could be 
tft/r?/ diverfum fpeci- moved by no man's tali, from 
men de fe omnibus, qui believing M^/ ^ matter was 
haclenus habitus effet mz/ ; And /&j imagination 
prudens vir. Tamen Jeized the mind of the man fo 
ille potuit commoveri thoroughly, that he dreamt 
nuiLiks oratione, quo <?/ nothing, [pake of nothing 
minus crederet remeffe btfides ghofts aw*/- evil fprr: 
feriam : et /z#c imagin- 2/j. The habit 0/" his mind 
atio occupavit animum had got i nto hi s very face, which 
koinims adeo penitus 9 . was fo pale, was fo thin, fo 
ut foviniaret nihil, /0- dejecled, thatjytfw zvould have 
queretur nihil, prater J aid he was a ghojl, not a man. 
ipectra */ malos genics. What needs many words ? /fc 



Habitus mentis abierat 
in ipfam faciem, qua 
ficpallebat, etat fie ex- 
tenuata, fie dejecta^ ut 
diceres effe larpam ,non 
hominem. Quid mul- 
tis ? minimum aberat 
a fc^ftf dementia, ni 
fuccurfum fuiffct celeri 
reined 10. 

A. Nimirum hie <?* 
ri/ extremus z&asfab- 

B. Reddam^^ tibi, 
Polus et f/wj gerafr 
commenti funt hajuf 
modi teclipam. Effinx- 
erunt epijtolam defcrip- 
tam in raris Uteris, 
Idque non in vulgari- 
bus chartis. Sententia 
epi(tol3D<?ra/ haec. Fau- 
nas dudum captivus, 
nunc /e^r^beternam fa- 
lutem Faufio fuo 0/^z- 
?w<? liberatori. Non cjl y 
mi Faune, rwr maceies 
te diutius z/z A<?c nego- 
tio. Deus refptxit pi- 
am voiantatem tui ani- 
mi, ^ illius merito /;'- 
beravit me afupplici- 
is : Ego tfftttc ago/e/z- 
cz^r inter angelos. Ztf- 
c^j manet /e apud di- 
vum Auguftinum, qui 

E 2 

was very little remdved from 
real madnefs, unlefs he had 
been relieved by a jpeedy rem- 

Well, this will be //^ /^ 
a& of the play. 

1 will.give ?'<f to you. Pool 
and his fomnlazv invemedy?/r# 
a trick as this. They forged 
an epiflU writ ?« rtdfd letters , 
and that tza/ upon common pa- 
per. Thefubjed ol the letter 
tt'tfx this. i^/z fome time a- 
go a pi "ifoner, now free, wifh- 
eth eternal falvation to Faun, 
his very good deliverer. There 
is no reafon, my Eaun, why 
you mould trouble your/c/Jzny 
further in this bufinefs. God 
hath regarded the pious inten- 
tion of your mind, and for the 
merit of it hath delivered me 
from putiifkment : \ nozo live 
happily among the Angels. A 
place is refer vedjor you near 
Saint Auguftin, which is next 
to the choir #/ the apo/tles. 
When you come to us, I Jfiall 
give you thanks face to face. 




eft proxinzus choro A- 
pojlolorum. Ubi vene- 
ris ad nos, #£#/>& tibi 
gratias coram. Inte- 
rim cura z^ vivas fu a- 
viter. Datum ex em- 
pyreo ccel-o, idibus Sep- 
tembribus, anno mitle- 
Jimo quadragintefimo 
nonagijjimo octavo, Jab 
figillo mei annuli. Haec 
epijlola pofua eft clam 
in altari, z*^' Faunas 
Jaclurus erat rem divi- 
nam. Subornatas,<\\i\, 
ea peracla, fubmoneret 
'*eu?n de re qua/i depre- 
head a caju. Nunc 
circ umje ret earn epifto- 
lam, ac credit nihil 
certius, quam earn per- 
latum e ccelo <?£ cngelo. 

A. Iftud «c?» <?// li- 
bera ife horninem infa- 
i\v&,Jed mutaffe g£/?z/J 

B. Sic tjl profe8o 
nifi quod nunc infanit 

A. Antehac nonjole- 
lam tribuere multurn 
jabulis, quae jeruntur 
vulgo dejpeclris ; fed 
pojlhac tribuam multo 
minus ; nam fufpicor 
WMlia piodiu Uteris 

In the mean time, take care -that 
you live merrily. Given Jrem 
the Empyrean heaven, on the 
Ides of September, in the year 
0??<? thoufand four hundred <z;?^/ 
ninety eight, under the fea! 0/* 
;/y/ rz??^. This /^//^r was laid 
privately upon the altar, a;Aere 
Faun was to perform divine 
fervice. One was fuborned, 
who, that being over, Jliould 
tell him of the thing, as ob- 
served by chance. Now ^£ 
carries about that letter, #;?</ 
believes nothing move certain- 
ly, than that it was brought 
Jrom heaven by an angel. 

That is not to have freed the 
man horn madnefs, but tohave 
changed the kind of madnefs. 

So it is indeed, but that now 
he is more fweetly mad. 

Heretofore 1 did not ufe. to 
give .much regard to /lories, 
that are told commonly of ap- 
paritions ; but hereajter, IfhalT 
give m'ich lefs ; for I fufpeel: 
that m a n v t h i ng s h a v e b e e n d e - 
li versa in bocks for true by 




pro viris ab credulis credulous men, and men like 

hominibus, et fimilibus Faun, which have been con- 

Fauno % <{ivc£ adfimilata trived by the like art, 
Junt fimiii artifiao. 

~ B. Ego credo plera- • I believe the mo jl part are of 

que effe hujus generis. this kind. 


A./^\UID nova, rei 
^C/ ejl quod Lai us 

r\dct /ic apud fefe, fu- 

binde (ignans fe cruce ? 

inter pellabo felicitatem 

ho minis. Salve viul- 

tum, amiciflime Lale. 

Vide re mihi admodum 


B. Atque ero felici- 

or, fi impertiarn tibi 

hoc gaudium. 

A. Fac igitur bea- 
tum me quampnmum. 

B. NoHi Balbinum ? 

A. Ilium eritditunv 
fenem, ac laudato ?z- 

B. Sic ejl ut diets % 
fed ^ null us mortali- 
um qui /i^tf omnibus 

WHAT nerd tiling is there 
that Ztf/^J" laughs /t» 
with himfelf; w<?z^ and then 
figning h i mfelj "with thecrofs? 
/o/?7/ interrupt the felicity (?/" 
/^ wtf/z. God fave you &!«<$«, 
my good friend Lalus. You 
Jeem to me very happy. 

But IJJiall be more happy, 
if I impart to you this joy. 

See therefore you make me 
happy as Jo on as pojfible. 

Have you known Balbinus? 

That learned old man^/.'^of 
a commendable ///ie. 

So he if as you Jay, but l£ir£ 

is no one <?/* mankind, who £i 

o///£ at all hours i and 20/10 is z>* 




koris, ant q 
quaque perte&u-s. Ills 
vir habet hoc navi in- 
ter multas egrcgias do- 
tes. Jam oTim infanit 
in artem quam vacant 
-Ale u mi ft i cam. 

A. Haud tu narras 
nceviun quictern, Jed in- 
fignem morbum. 

B. Utcunque £/?, ille 
toties delufus ab hoc 
geneie ho mi nu?n, tamen 
paffus ejl fibi c/^rz ver- 
^mirifice dudum. 

A. Quo pa£lo ? 

B. Quidam facerdos 
adiitz7/w?tf,falutavit ho- 
norifice : Mox yfr ex- 
orfus eft, DoffJJime 
Balbine, ?ni?-a!?ere tor- 
tafis, quod ignotus in- 
terpellem te Jlc, quern 

Jcio nunquam non <?£- 
cupatijjimum fan&iffi- 
mis jtudiis. Balbinus 
annuit, qui £$ illimos, 
w*t/« eft mire parcus 
verb or urn. 

A. Narras argumen- 
tum prudential. 

B. Verum alter pru- 
dent ior per git fie. Ttf- 
7^^/z ignofces wear im- 
portunitati ft cognoris 
caufam cw adierim te. 

ui fit unde* alt refpe&s perfect. TWmart 
AiZi this blemifh among 772*2 rcy 
excellent qualities. He has 
been for fome time mad upon 
the art which they co.ll Alcu- 

You do not talk of a blemiJJi 
truly, but a confiderable d]f 

Howfoever it is, he Jo oj'ten 
deluded by this fort oj men, 
y&fujfered himfelf to be im- 
pojed upon wonderfully Jome 
time ago. 

After what manner f 

A certain prie/t went to him, 
faluted him rejpeftfully ; By 
and by thus he began, mojl 
learned Balbinus, you will won- 
der perhaps, that I a ftranger 
to you, Jliould break in upon 
you thus, whom / know to be 
always very bujy in the mod 
facred Jludies. Balbinus nod- 
ded to him, which is his cuf- 
tom, Jor he is wonderfully 
fparing oj words. 

You tell me an argument of 
his prudence. 

But tk£ other being more 
prudent, goes on thus. Yet 
you will pardon my importu- 
nity, when ^ou know the 
cauje t why / have come to you. 
Dic % 


Dic,inquitBalbinus,kd Tell me, fays Balbinus, but in 
paucis fi potes. Dicam, a few words, if you can. I 
inquit tile, quanto will tell you, faith he, with as 
compendio^0/er0:fcis, great brevity as/ c*in. You 
dotlifjimevir, fata 77207*- know, ra^ learned Jir, that 
talium elie varia. E- the fates of men are various. I 
go nefciq in utro nume- know not in which number I 
r<? ponam 772<? t felicium, mud rank myfelf,^ of the hap- 
fl/zinfelicium. Etenim py, 07- the unhappy, /07- if / 
fi contemplor meurn/tf- w'*ai my fate on one fide, / 
/ww ex altera parte, pi- /?£#* to myfelf t/*ry happy ; if 
dfo?r inihi pulchre fe- on the other nothing jj more 
//a: / fi ^ altera, nihil unhappy //20/2- ;;z^. Balbinus 
*/? infeiicius w^. Bal- urging him, that Ad fliould 
bino urgente, ut confer- bring his matter "7/7/0 afhort 
ret rem incompendium ; compafs ; 1 will make an end, 
finiam, inquit, doflifli- ^#0M /2^, moft learned Balbi- 
me Balbine. Id £/-2/ 72 &i. That &'z7/ />£ more eafy 
faciiius 7722/h* apud vi- /0/- 772^ with a man, /0 whom 
rum, raz hoc totum ne- this 20/20/^ bufinefs ti fo a/*// 
gotiurn efiSic notumut known, that it is better known 
toties nulli. • to no body. 

A.Depingis rhetorem You defcribe a rhetorician 
mihi,. non .alcumiftam. to me, 72c?/ an Alcumift. 

B. M.ox audies alcu- By aud by you will hear of 
mifiam, HceP felicitas, theAlcumilr. J/z/jhappinefs, 
inquit, contigit mihi a yi/M he, befel ?;z<? from a child, 
puero, &/ difcerem ar- that I mould learn <2/2 art, the 
temmzximeexpetenda?n moi\ to be defired oi all, M<7/ 
omnium, 2 //^2 /72 alcu- Alcumiflic art, I fay, the mar- 
mi fticam, inquam, me- row of all philofophy. Bal- 
dullani totius philofo- bmus was awakened a little at 
phiac. Balbinus ex- the name of the Alcumiflic art, 
porre£lus eft nonnihil in gefrure only ; but he order- 
ed alcumijiices, edlxim with a groan, that he 
geflu tantum % caster urn fliould go on. Then he fays % 



jujit gemitu, ut perge- 
ret. Turn ille inquit, 
rne miferum ! qui 
non inci^erim in tarn 
viam, quam oportuit. 
Cum Balbinus rogajfet 
quafnam vias dice ret. 
Scis, inquit ^/m/rfnam 
quid fugit te, B alb me, 
virum uiicHquaquedkr- 
tiJfimuMj efle d up Ire em 
viam huj-ws artis, #/?er- 
#<m qine dicitur ton- 
gatio, alteram quae fife'- 
ra#*tr curtatio. A con- 
tfgit razih' quodam am* 
iv fato incidere in !on- 
gattonem. Balbino 

fcifcitanti, quodnam 
«Hfcrimen vianm cffet, 
imp ud en tern ?ne, inquit, 
4^ loquor ^c apud 
te, cW fciam omnia 
hxc ^fe fie wto, ut 
n&tvriora nulli. /ta- 
y#<? accmrri Aaf ad te 
jitppkx, ut mifertus 
noftri dignererisimptT- 
tiri 72£?Hjr iWamjelicijfi- 
mam viatn curtatio nis. 
Quo pcritior es hujus 
artis, hoc minore ?*£- 
^0*20 potes tommuni- 
cart nobis. /ta Jefus 
Chriftus locupletet te 
fcruper majorities doti* 

O woe's me ! who did not 

light upon that way, zvhich I 
ought. JF/^^n Balbinus ajked 
him what z^jyj he meant. You 
know, quoth he, good fir, (for 
s^/4<z/ efcapes y0w, Balbinus, a 
man in all refpe&s the mofi 
learned) that there is a double 
way cj this art, 072? 0/ which 
is called longation, another 
which is called curtation. But 
h happened to me by fome ill 
fate to jail upon longation. 
Balbinus aiking what the dif- 
ference oj the ways was, i?npu~ 
dent that I am, quoth he, who 
fpeak thefe things before you, 
to whom I know all thefe 
things are fo well known, that 
they are better knozvn to no- 
body. Therefore 1 have come 
hither to you hu?nbly begging, 
that pitying us ^'0# would 
vouchfaje to impart /0 z/j that 
77Z0/2 Atf^/7 way of curtation. 
By how much the mortjkilful 
you are in this art, with fo 
much the lefs trouble can you 
communicate it to us. So may 
Jefus Chrift enrichjy0fc always 
with greater gifts, ff^i^tt he 
did not ?naie an end of entreat- 
ing, Balbinus was forced /0 
conjefs, that he 200 i wholly ig- 
norant what longation or <rx/r- 

taft'0» was. /fr #<$ ^ ex " 




bus. Cumhicncn faceret 
jinem obteftandi, Balbi- 
niis coa&us eft fattri, 
fe prorfus ignvrare, 
quid long at ia aut cur- 
taiio eifet : jubetexpa- 
nat ipfe vim karu?n. vo- 
cum. Turn, inquit ille 
quanquam fcia rue lo- 
qui peritiori r iarnen 
quando jubes ita,faci- 
eun ; qui contriverunt 
totam mtatem in hac di- 
vina arte, vertunt fpe- 
cies r&rum duabus ra- 
tionibus, altera qua eft 
brevior, fed /ztf^zfpluf- 
culum pericidiy altera 
^&z eft longior, fed ^z- 
dkw tutior. £0-0 vide- 
or ;«zAnnfelix, ^&ihac- 
tsnus fudari?n inea^M, 
quae /?## arridet meo 
ammo- : nequc potui 
naucifci quenquam qui 
1W&* indicare alteram 
cujus arnore depereo. 
Tandem Deus immifit 
in mentem, ut adirem 
tc % virum nan minus \f\- 
um qu a m d o£tu ra . /)•<? c - 
trina praftat tibi, ut 
poffis iacile afore quod 
peto ; pietas commovc- 
bit, ut z/f&'j opitulare 
'r^fr^ tu}usjidus eft 

pound himfelf the fignificafcion 
of thoje words. Then faith &?,. 
though / A??0&; If peak to one 
more fkilful, ^/ fince^w <?r- 
afcr fo, / will d& it. They 
who have J'ptnt their whole 
life in this divine art, change 
the fpecies of things two zz/ajy.*, 
©ne which is £&e fhorter, but. 
j^&j- a good deal gf danger, a- 
nother which is longer, bxnthe 
Jams is fafer. I kemto myfelf 
unhappy, zt>/z0 hitherto Aot^ 
fweat in that &'<r)', which aWi 
»0/ pleafe my zrczW, neither 
a?*j/a /^/ tf/?-)» cw, that would 
fhew me /Ae other, with the 
love of which / perijli. At 
la ft God put it into my mind 
that / Jhould come to, you. a 
man wolefs pious. //2-2« learned. 
Your learning enables you, that 
you can eafily Wz/e what I afk; 
your piety wm move you, that 
_)•'#« apt// help & brother, whofe 
prejervation you have 272 ^«.r 
power. That I may not make 
it tedious, when that cheat Iwd 
removed 'all fufpicions of rogue- 
ry from himfelf a 7 '//* Afe? IfexJ 
0/ /^/4 and /z#df ;/2#.</£ him be- 
lieve, that the other zvay. was 
r^r^y rzWZ known to hiin,/<?.r 
/0//?^ /z?/z# Balbinus' mrnd\w\\r 
ed. At length not command- 
iog kiwi/elf, he lavs, farewell ta 




tibi in manu. Ne. fa- 
ciam longum, cum ille 
veterator amovijfet fuf- 
picionem^Wi a fe hu- 
jufmodis Jer?nonibus, ac 
J tc \J[ e jidem, alteram 
vi am tile perfpetlijji- 
mam fibi, jampridem 
Balbini animus prurie- 
bat. Tandem non tem- 
peransy%z, inquit, Va- 
le at ilia curt alio, cujns 
nomen ne audivi qui- 
dem unquam, tantum 
ab eft ut teneam, die 
mihi bona fide tenefne, 
longationem exacle ? 
Phy ! inquit \\\e,adun- 
guem, led longitudo 
difplicet. Cum Balbi- 
nus rogajfet quantum 
temp oris requireretur. 
Nimium, inquit, pent 
tot us annus, fed z>/^- 
rz/7/ eft tutijjima. Ne 
hhoYzJnquit Balbinus, 
etiamji fit ^^/j bien- 
nio, mo do fidas /z/^ ar- 
ti. Ut conferam rem 
in pauca ; convenit in- 
ter eos, a* aggrederen- 
tur m;* clam in cedibus 
Balbini, hac lege ut ille 
fuppecfitaret opera m t 
Balbinus fumptum ac 
lucrum divideretur ex 

that curtation, whofe name T 
have not fo much as heard ev- 
er, fo far arri I from under- 
ftanding it, tell me in good 
faith, do you under/rand lon- 
gation exaclly ? Puh \fays he, 
to a tittle, but the length dijl 
pleafes me. When Balbinus 
had ajked, how much time was 
required, Too much, fays he, 
almoflz whole year, but 2» //*£ 
;tz^;j time it is very fa fe. Do 
not trouble yourfelf, /iyj Bal- 
binus, though there be occajion 
for two years, provided you 
can tmjft to your art. That! 
may bring M* matter into few 
words : // &;# j agreed betwixt 
them, ^tf/ they mould attempt 
the matter privately in the 
houfe of Balbinus, upon this 
condition, that he fhould give 
his labor, Balbinus the charge, ' 
and the gain mould be divided 
equally and fairly, though the 
mode [I cheat offered, of his 
own accord, to Balbinus the 
whole gain that fuould accrue. 
They (wore on both fides to fi- 
lence, which they do who are 
initiated ifc myfierits* Now 
prifently money 7 s paid, where- 
with ^ #77?yi fhould buy^tf^, 
glaffes/W, and other things, 
which are proper^ r furmfli- ■ 
rftg the forge. There our -#/- 



etfuo et bono, quanquam 
modejlus impoftor de* 
ferrebat ultro Balbino 
totumlucrum quod pro- 
veniret. Juratum eft 
utrinque de filentio, 
quvd faciunt qui initi- 
antur inmyjlriis. Jam 
illico pecunia numera- 
/#r,unde artifexmerca- 
r.etur ollas, vitra, car- 
bones, reliquaq^ue, qua 
pertinent ad injlruen* 
dam officinam. Ibi 
nofter alcumijla deco- 
quit ea?n pecuniam fu- 
aviter in fcorta, akam 
et compotationes. 

A. Hoc nimirum eft 
vert ere fpecies rerum. 

B. Balbino urgente, 
ut aggrederetur rem,#« 
non tenes, inquit, illud^ 
Qui capit bene, habet 
dimidium facli ? Eft 
magnum praeparareflza- 
teriam bene. Tandem 
fornax caepit adornari. 
Hie rurfus eratopusno* 
vo auro veluti illecebra 
auri venturi ; Jiquidem 
ut pifcisnoncapituv abf- 
que ejea, fie aurum 
non provenit alcumifhs, 
nifi pars auri admifct- 
nlur. Interea Balbi- 

cumiji fpends that money 
fweetly upon whores, dice and 

This indeed is to change the 
fpecies 0/ things. 

Balbinus urging him., that 
hejhouldfet about the bufinefs, 
do younot under/land, fays he t 
that, he that hath begun well, 
has done \\M his work? It is 
a great thing to prepare jy^^r 
materials well. ^ length the 
furnace ^w^ to be prepared, 
/ten? again M*r* am need of 
new gold, # j zV were a wheedie 
<?/ //z<f gold that was to come 
For as <z yf/X is not taken with* 
out a bait, fo gold comes not 
to the Alcunujls, unlefs a par- 
cel of gold is mixed. In the 
mean time Balbinus was all 




wis crat tot us in fup- 
purationibns. Nam 

f ubducebat,/? uncia^a- 
reret quindecim, quan- 
tum lucri ^/ reditu- 
ru))i ex />? j- 7/2?//^ unciis ; 

decreverat injurfoe- 
re tantum. Cu*i A leu- 
mi ft a dec ox"' [f et hanc 

■nam quoque,jflw 
c7^£ fimulaffet mult urn 

7. circa folles et 
t <s / bonis t unura 77/<?t2 • 
' : /7 a t q u e alter u m , Ra 1 - 
oino rogante acquid 
vesprocederet ; primum 
obmutuir, tandem ref- 
p o n dil u rgen ii M fi c u t 
j •'•• ; (T cla ret re s Jo lent, q u se 
kabfM femper diffici- 
le s a di tus , 6V/ ar/<i 0d * 
z 1 w / • c r ra 1 1 1 m i n ernen di s 
carbonibus : nam erne- 
rat, quern qs cum effet 
opus abiegais aut co- 
lurnis. Ibi centum 
aufei perierant. Nee 
redierunt ad aleameo 
jcirnrk'$i Nova pecunia 
cia ia, car bones mu- 
tantur : famqne res 
cj'ptdr/l vAdjore Jludio 
ciuam 07#<?4 ; quemad- 
iT.ocium in btllo, mili- 
tes,//quid acadit fe- 
cus tffrtf?» vellent,/^r- 

upon calculations. i^r he 
reckoned, if one ounce would 
produce fifteen, howmuch prof- 
it zvould accrue from two thou- 
/and ounces; for he had deter- ' 
mined to lay out fo much. 
When the Alcumift had f pent 
this money too, and now had 
pretended to abundance of pains 
about the 'bellows and fuel, one 
month and another, ,Balbinu& 
afking if the Bufineft advanced 
any thing ; at firfl he was fi- 
lent, at length he anfvvered 
him, being urgent with him, as 
great things life to do, which 
havealwaysdffcult beginnings. 
He pretended there was a mif- 
take made in buying the char- 
coal : For he had bought oak, 
whereas he had occafwn for fir 
or hazel. There a hundred 
crowns were gone. Not did 
they return to the game for 
that the more backward!)'. New 
money being given, charcoal is 
changed ; and now the thing 
was begun with greater eager- 
nefs tha'n before : As 772 ^^r, 
foldiers^/ any thing happens 
otherwifeMtf/2 they could wiih, 
mend it by. their courage. 
When the forge had been heat- 
ed now /tf77?£ months, and a 
golden produtl w^as expefted, 
M^tiot a &y truly ofgoldw as 



ciunt virtute. Cum offi- 
cimjervjfet jamaliquot 
menfes, ^ aureus fcetus 
«xpectaretur, #/ ne mi* 
ia quid em auri efTet in 
vafts, [nam jam alcu- 
mifta decoxerat et 0#z- 
?z£ illud) alia caufatio 
invent a ejl, nimirum, 
. vitra q nib us ufus Jue- 
rat, non fuifTe temper a- 
ta ficut oportuit. Ete- 
nim &/ Mercurius non 
Jit ex quovis ligno, ita 
aurum non confiatur 
quibuflibet vitris.Quo 
plus erat impenJum,hoc 
minus libebat defiftere. 

A. Sic aleatores fo- 
lent ; quafi non fit 
multo fatis perdere hoc 
^w^77i totum. 

B. Sic eft, Alcumif- 
ta dejerabat nunquam 
impofi'um fuifTe fibi 

Jtc. Nunc errore de-" 
prehenfo cater a foretu- 
iiora, et feje farturum 
hoc difpendii mag no 
cum fcenore* Vans 
mutatis, officina injtau- 
rata eft tertio. Alcu- 
mijla admonebat rem 
fucceiFuram /elicius, fi 
mitteret aliquot aureos 
dooo virgini ttiatrr,£(f£ 

in the vejjels, (for now tllfc AI- 
cumx&Jiad Jpait alfo all that) 
another pretence was Jo una 
out, to wit, that the gfoffts 
which 'kt had uja, had not 
been tempered a$. they ought. 
For as a mercury is not made 
out o\ any wood,y2> gold is not 
made with any glajfcs. By 
how much the more was /rifrf 
0/^, by fo much the lets had 
he a mind to dejjft. 

So gamejlers ufe to do ; tfj 
though it were not «tfCjfc bet- 
ter to loje that than all. 

So i/ z'j\ The Alcumift 
/wore thac he was never im noT- 
ed on///, Now the mijtake . 
ing dii covered, ///<? r,t/r w< 
be Jajer, and /^/ Ac? wo tit S 
make up this lofs a#i$ gri<^ 
advantage. The glafTes & 
changed, the forge waj Jurnijn- 
ed a third time. The Ala 
put him in mind, that then, 
would fucceed more happily. \\ 
hejtnt fome crowns as a pivf- 
ent to the virgin 'mother; iv4>rt 
is worshipped, as you know at 
coiit«r a 

6 4 


colitur, ut lc\s,Paraliis, 
nam artem effe facram 
neque remgeri prof per e, 
abfque favore numinum. 
Id conftliumvehemQnter 
flacuit Balbino pio ho- 
mini, ut qui pretermit- 
teret null urn diem quin 
perageret dmnam rem. 
Alciumjla fufcepit re- 
ligiojam prof eft ion em, 
mmirum, in proximum 
oppidum, atque ibi de- 
eoxit pecum&m in gan- 
eis. Reverfus donuim 
ntmciat iibi efle /«w- 
mum fpem, negetium 
fucceflurum £# Jen ten • 
tia % adeo divam vifam 
annuere fais votis. £/<£? 
fu da turn effetjam multo 
tempore, at ne mica 
quulem auri nafceretur 
ufquam, refpondit Bal- 
bino expojlulanti, nihil 
tale unquam accidi]] e fi* 
hi 1« i-'z'ta, experto artem 
toties, tw polle conjee- 
tare iatis #^V/ effet az#- 
y<2. Ouum druinatum 
tjfet dm, tandem illud 
ftutz/ in mentem Balbi- 
ni nura prater mi fiffet 
quo die audire lac rum, 
«tt/ dicere/Wtfntfjpre* 
k;c*> quas vocant. Nam 
nlA;/ iuccedere //2i o- 
miilis. J£* impollor 
inquit, mc miferum ! 

Paralia, for /A* dr/ was /acred, 
nor would the thing be managed 
fuccefslully without the favor 
0/^ Me faints. That advice 
mightily pleafed Balbinus, a 
/72^wj* man, dj who omitted no 
</#>% but ^ performed divine 
fervice. The Alcumijl under- 
took the religious journey, to 
wit, into the next town, and 
there he fpent the money in tav- 
erns. Being rcturnedhome, he 
tells- him, that he had the great- 
efl hopes that the bu fine] s would 
tucceed to their mind, fo the 
Jaint fcemed to agree to his 
prayers. When he had fweat 
now a long time, and not a bit 
indeed of gold was produced 
anywhere, he anjwered Balbi. 
nus, expqflulating, that no fuch 
thing had ever happened to him 
in his life, having tried his art 
lb often ; nor could he guefs 
well what was the r eaten* 
When they had gueffed a long 
time, at length that came into 
the mind of Balbinus, whether 
he had omitted any day to hear 
mafs, oriohytke horary pray- 
ers, as they call thenu For noth- 
ing would fucceed, thefe being 
omitted. There the cheat ]ays, 
woe's me ! Mtf/ was done . 
through for getfulnejs once and 
agafn : Arid lately n/5V?£ from 
a long feaft, I forgot to lay M* 
falutation of the virgin. 2ftm 
Balbinus /ayj, no .wonder, ?/ 


xWadmiflum eft per ob- 
livibnem femel at que 
iterum, et nu per Jurl 
gens a prolix o conviv- 
lb, oblitus fum dicere 
falutationem virgin is. 
Turn Balbinus inquit. 
Non mirum,y£tanta res 
non fuccedit. Artifex 
recipit, pro dtiobus,/i- 
en s p r 3£ t er m i fii s , au di ■ 
turum -duodecim, et pro 
unica falutatione re.po/t- 
turum decern. Cum 
pecunia deficijfet prodi- 
gurn alcumiflam lb bin - 
de, nee caufe petendi 
fuppeterent, tandem 
commentus eft kanc 
technam; rediit domum 
admodum exanimatus ; 
ac lamentabili voce, pe- 
ril, inquit, funditus, 
Balbine, peril, actum efl 
de capire raeo. Balbi- 
nus obflupuit, et avebat 
J are caufam tan'fi. maii. 
Au ha f ubo d e ra f i f u n t , 
inquit. quod egimus ; 
nee expetlo aliuri quam 
ut mox deducar in car- 
cerem. Ad hanc vocem 
Balbinus expalluit fe~ 
no. Nam fas apud 
nos effe capitale, ft quis 
tx ere eat alcurnifiicam 
ah/ que perm i flu pr ma- 
ps. II ie pergit. Non 
metuo mortem, inquit, 
utinam ilia conturgat ; 


fo great a thing doe?: nor fuc- 
ceed. l 77; <? <zr///? promifVsJ^r 
two rndffes omitted," /AVft /z* 
' would Ilea rtwelve,^ rctf . to r o ne 
h\ina\ion, would pay ten. When 
money failed the prodigal Al~ 
cumiji now and then, and no 
pretences for a filing occured, 
at length he invented this inch ; 
he returned home very muck 
frighted ; Sid with a lamenta- 
ble voice 9 I am undone,/c7vi he, 
utterly, Balbinus, I am undone, 
there is an end of my life. Bal- 
binus was amazed, and deft red 
to know the caufe of fo great a 
calamity. The courtiers hr.vo 
fmelt out, fays he,- what toe 
have done ; nor do 1 expect any- 
thing elfe than that by and by I 
{hall be carried to pr fori, At 
this faying, Balbinus was pale 
in good earrteji. For )foa knom 
with us it is capital, if any cne 
exercifs the alcumiliit: art' 
without the perm i {Ron oft fie 
Prince, tit goes oh. 1 do not 
fear diofk, faith he, / a;//& that 
may bfal me ; I tear foinct /v njr 
more cruel. He fay, to bin*; 
afking 7t;,W it was, / Jkail be 
carried forne whither ?>//<? cz 
(iwf ; there 1 jliail be forced 
f o r all my 1 i f e , / a; £ / -^ ft i r t h o 1 e 
for whom I have no mind. Is 
there any <&o//% which ought 
not to he more x: a Utah I e than 
/id? a life ? 7/Wc? the matter 
was examined in confutation. 
Balbinus; Beeaufe & underflood 



metuo quiddam crude- 
lius. Inquit roganti 
quid eilet, rapiaraliquo 
in turrim ; illic cogar 
per omnem vitam labo- 
ran litis qinbus non li- 
bet. yi/2 ei£ ul la mors, 
quae ftrr/z dcbeat effe ptf- 
tfu>r quatn /a/z'j vita ? I- 
bi res ventilata ejl con- 
fuitatione . ifa Ibinusq u o- 
niarn ca/iebat ailem rhe- 
toricam, pulfavit omnes 
flatus fi tf&rt periculum 
p0^<tf vitari. AW £0- 
/ci - inficiari crimen f in- 
quit. Ncquaquam, ait 
?7/£, Res Jpurja ejl in- 
ter rfgwj fateliites; ^ 
habent argumenta^ qiue 
/2 c /? />(^tf ^ d i 1 a i . Nee 
poterat Jaclum quidem 
defh\di ob mamjejlam 
legem. Cum mmiis ad m 
dutlis in medium, tii* 
(h zetur nibi 1^ ///2 / p r ce- 
fidii, tandem alcumiila, 
cui erat jam <?/?#.*• pne- 
fenti pecunia, inquit, 
uos, .naibine, agvnils 
lentis confirms ; atqui 
r<i pofcit pro? fens re me- 
dium. Arbitror adju- 
euros jam, gai abripiant 
;??£ in malemre-Trc. Z)^- 
fi?#w£ cum wzVzzV occur- 
reret Balbino, tandem 
aftumijta inquit, nee 
quidquam cccurrit mi. 

the art ot rhetoric, run over all 
his topics, if any way the dan- 
ger could be avoided. Cannot 
you deny the crime ? fays he» 
By no means, fays he. The 
thing rsJpreadamongtheKing's 
guards ; and they have proofs 
which cannot be confuted. Nor 
ccuid the fad indeed be defnd. 
ed, becaufe of a plain law. When 
after many thing produce a f be- 
twixt th enV^r* appeared noth- 
ing of good fecurity, ^ length 
the alcumift, a/&? A'rt</ now 
need o^i prefent money ^ fays, Z£tf, 
Baibinus, <2# by flow counfels >• 
but //^ ^<>;o- requires # prejent 
remedy. I fuppofe M^y will 
be here prefently, that will hur- 
ry me into an evil conditiqp. 
Lajlly when nothing occured 
to Baibinus \ at length the alcu* 
vtift fays, nor does any thing 
occur to me, nor do I Jet any 
thing left, unlefs that I die 
bravly. unlefs perhaps this 
pleqfe you x which alone is left, 
if Jul rather than honorable, 
but that necefjity is a hard weap- 
on. y&a W, quoth he, ^/?/ 
M?j foit 0/ 7^;* are greedy ot 
money; and thef^fore may £e 
corrupted more eafily /0 te^r* 
/<?/?/. Although ?/ be a hard 
cafe /0 give to thofe rafcals to 
fpend, >r/ as matters now <zr<? T 
I fee nothing better. The fame 
thing feemVd good to Baibinus, 
and he counted out thirty pi ces 




ki, nee yidtQ quidquam 
jumper cp., nili ui peream 
for titer ; nifi fort a hoc 
placet, q\x&& unum iuper- 
eft ttftAf magis quam 
hone flu m mfi quod ne- 
cejfitas eft durum 4e~ 
lum. £m inquit. hoc 
genus ho m % n u m c ffe a- 
vidum pecuniae; etf(/&s 
pofle corrumpi facinus 
utfileant J quamvis fii 
durum dare il lis furcii 
Jens quod profundanb 
tam;n uteres nunc funt 
video w?>4j/ melius. I- 
dem vifum eft Balbino^ 
ac numeravit triginta 
aureos, quibus redinie- 
rtt filentium. 

A. Liberalitas Balbi- 
m eft /#z>#. 

B.Imo alius exiudif 
fes dentem ah eo quam 
nummum in honefta re. 
Sic profpecium eft ahu- 
mijlcr, cui nihil erat pe- 
riculi, niJi<\uo& non ka- 
beret quoA daret arnica. 

A. Demiror nihil effe 
nafi Balbino in tanlum. 

B. Heic lantum ca- 
fet nafo t nafutiflimus in 
ceteris. Kurfum for- 
nax inftruitur novate- 
cunia, fed precatiuncula 
prximjfa ad virginem 
matrem % ut faveret 
cceptis* Jam totus an- 
nus exierat dum illo 

of gold, whereby he mtght pur* 
chafe filenc-e. 

The liberality of Balbinus is 

Nay, you mouldfooner have 
got a tooth from him than a 
piece of money in an hone ft 
matter. Thus provifion was 
made for thealcumifl, who was 
in no danger, but that he had 
not to give to his Mifs. 

I wonder Balbinus Jhould 
have nofenfe to fuch a degree. 

Here only he wanta^w/?, be* 
ing fenfible enough in other 
things. Again the furnace is 
fitted up with nezv money, but 
with a prayer put up fir ft to the 
virgin molh'r, that^ Jhe would 
favor their undertakings. Nor*) 
a whole year was gone, zohilfl 
he pretending now Mzj, then 


caufante nunc hoc.nunc 
7 Hue/, luditur opera, et 
impenfa j^nV. Interim 
extitit quidara ridiculus 

A,, Quifnam ? 

B. Alcumifta habuit 
furtivam. confuetudinem 
cum uxore ^ cujufdam 
aulici J marit\is,conccp- 
ta fufpicione, capitob- 
fervare hominem. Tan- 
dem cum nunciatum ef- 
fect ?7/2,facrificum "ejfe in 
cubiculo, rediit domum 
prater expe&ationem, 

A. Qui d f "aclur us ho- 
mini ? 

B.Ouid ! nihil fuave, 
aut occifurus erat aut 
exfecuuus. Ubi maritus 
in/tans minitareiury£d- 
fraclurum oflium vi ni 
uxor aperiret, trepida- 
turn eft magnopere, et 
aliquod prasfentaneum 
con/ilium circumfpici- 
tur. Nee erat a/tud, 
quam quod res ipfa da- 
bat. Abjecit tunicam, 
ac dejecit/g/J neifenef- 
tram angujiam, nonjine 
pericuio, nee fine vul- 
nere, acfugit. Scis ta- 
les fabutesjpargi iilico; 
itaque permanavit et ad 
Balbinum ; at que. arti- 
fex diuinaret id lore. 

that, his labor is loft, and the 
the expenie thrown away. In 
the mean time there happened a 
certain comical adventure. 

What ? 

The alcumift had a private 
commerce with the wife of a cer- 
tain courtier ; the hufband iay 
ing conceived a fufpicion, began 
to watch M^ fellow. At la ft 
&r&^8 it was told him, that the 
prieft z*wj in the bedchamber, 
he returned home contrary to 
their expectations, knocksat the 

What &>£j he for doing with 
the fellow : 

What! nothingp\eafont,either 
he would have killed him, or 
have gelded him. When the 
hufband being very earnejl, 
threatened that he would break 
the door by force^ unlefs the 
wife opened it, they trembled 
mightily, t and fome prefent con- 
trivance is confidered of. Nor 
was there any other than what 
the thing it/elf offered. He waiftcoat,<2/2tff threw 
hvmfelj through a narrow win- 
dow , nor without danger, -nor 
without a wound, and /led, you 
know that fuch ftories are J'p read 
prefently ; therefore it came 
alfo to Balbinus, and the artift 
had ' gu>ffed that it would be. 

A. Hcic 



A. Heic itaque tene- 
• tur medzus* 

B. Imo elapfus eft 
hinc felecius quam e cu- 

f J?iculo. Audi tecknam 

i hominis. Balbinus ni- 

, hilexpofl.ulabat,/ ; ^nu- 

, bilo vultu iD.di.cabaty£ 

, non ignorare £w<?^ fere- 

, batur vulgo. Ille «#i/£- 

, r#f Balbinum ejfe pium 

virum, pene dix-eriui/i- 

- ptrjlitioju mm n on n u 1 • 

iis ; et qmfunt taies^- 

4K& condonantjupplici 

in peccato fi&z#i 27/j 

magr.o. /tag; injicit 

mentionem ^ fuccejfu 

negotii data opera, que- 

ritans nonJucc p deret ut 

Joleret, aut <7 //W ; adde- 

bat^i? vehementer wtra- 

n quid <^7 cauia. Ibi 

Balbinus commotus per 

occafionem, qui videba- 

tur alioqui deftinaffey?- 

lentium, et £/-#/ qui 

commoveretur facile. 


quod tfi/zW, peccata 0<£- 

/aw/ quo. minus fucce- 

dat, ^zW convenit /r<zc- 

Am pure a puns. Ad 

hanc.vocem artifrxpro- 

,cubuit ingawa, fubin- 

<le tundens pectus, Lack- 

<rym&bili vultu <ac voce 

,i«jquit, dwfti verifli- 

ynum, Balbuie ; peccata, 

Here therefore he is held ^y 
/fe middle. 

, Nay, he flipped hence zwe 
luckily than out oj the bedcham* 

1 A?r. Hear M<? *nc/£ ot the fel- 
low. Balbinus did not expof- 
tuiate at all, £&/ by his cloudy 
countenance fhewed *Aa* /*<f wfcs 

; not ignorant of a'to was re- 
ported commonly. He A&ra/ 
Balbinus aw J a pious man, I 
may a] mo ft fay fuperflitious in 
fome things, aW they who are 
fuch, ^tf/?/y forgive one that begs 
pardon in a -fault ,never /a great. 
Wherefore he makes mention 5/* 
the fuccefs of the bufmefs, ff# 
purpoje j complaining Mtf/ 2/ 
did notfucceed as 2/ ^/S^ or he 
wiJJied : He added that he very 
much wondered what aaatf the 
reafon. There Balbinus being, 
moved upon the occafion, a»/j0 
feemed etkerzujje to have in- 
tendeds/era^, and he zoas one 
who a/£j mov'd eafi'ly. It is 
not obfcure, quoth he, what 
hinders, fins hinder it from fuc- 
ceeding, which it is htJJwuldbe 
handled purely by the pure. At 

'this faying t/ie . arti/i ic.U upon 
hs knees, now and then fruiting 
his breail with a lamentable 
countenance and voice, fays, v## 
have fuel very true, Balbinus, 
fins, //a)'? hinder, £2// rny/zW, 
not yours : For IJliallnot be a- 

Jliamed to % confefs ?;ry filthmefs 
to you, as £0 # #20// ^0/y prieu\ 

The.xueaknefs ot the fldh taj 



peccata, n6n tua : nam 
non pudebit me confiteri 
me am turpitudinem a- 
pud te, velut apud fane 
tiffimura ' facerdotej-p. 
Infirmitas carnis vfee- 
rat me._ Satanas per- 
traxerat me in Juos la- 

» queos, et O me rnife- 
rura ! e fkcrijico factus 

. fum adulter. Tarn en 
hoc munus, quod mifi- 

■ H3us vvrgrni main non 
periit omnino. Perie- 
rain certo exitio, ni ilia 
fuccurriffet. Jam ma- 
ritus affringebat fores, 
fene/lra erat arclior 
qriam w* pofrem e/tf^z ; 
in taw prefentaneo pe- 
nculo, venit in mentem 

J a n cl i (Jim a v i r g i n i s ; 
proadi in genua obtef 
talus fum, n munus fu- 
i 11 e g ra tum, i>! 0/; 2 /a /tf - 
r^/"r. Nee mora, re- 
peto feneftram, (nam 
ire nccefitas urgebp.r) et 
reperi amp lam fatis ad 

A. Credidit Balbinus 
iftis ? 

B. Credidit ! imo ig- 
ndvit, Hiam, et ad ir on> 
uit religiofe, nt pr<?bz- 
ret fe ingratum beatiffi- 
rrt as p? rg 2 # ? • . Ku r fu s 
p cuma numerata eft 
danti fidem ft rem pure 

conquered me. &7ta>2 had 
drawn me into /221 Inares, and 
O woe's me ! of a prie/l, I am 
become a cuckoldma.ker. Yet 
/Azj prefent, which we fent /f<? 
the virgin mother was not loji 
altogether. I had perifhed by 
certain de/lrudion, unlefs JJie 
had fuccored me. Now the 
hufband was breaking the door; 
the window was jlraighter than 
//W I couM get out. In fo im- 
minent a danger, I bethought 
me of the mo Jl holy virgin ; / 
Jfc//tipdnmy knees, / be fought 
her, ii the "prefent was accepta- 
ble, that j$e would help me. 
Without delay, / go again to 
the window, (for fo necefjrty 
obliged me) and I found it 
large enoughjor an efcape. 

Did Balbinus believe thofe 
things ? 

Believe! nay, he forgave him 
too^nAadvif d him religioufly, 
that heJJwuld notjfrw himfelf 
ungrateful to the moil bleffed 
virgin." Again mowy was paid 
him, giving his promife that he 
would manage this hdly affair 
purely for the future. y 

A. Qm* 



A. Quis Jinis tan- 

dem ? 

B,Fabula ejl perlon- 
ga ; fed ego abfolvam^ 
paucis. Cum lufifTet 
i hominem diu ejufmodi 
commenti, et extorfjfet 
non mediocrem vim 
pecuniae ab eo, tandem 
venit qui noverat ne- 
bulonem a puero. Is 
Jacile divinans ilium a- 
gere idem apud Balbi- 
num, quod cgerat nuf- 
quam non, aggrtditur 
eum clam ; exponhqua- * 
lem artificem j over at 
fuae domi ; monet ut 
primum, ni mallet ip- 
fum fugere aliquando 
compilatis fcriniis. 

A. Quid Balbinus 
hie ? videlicet \ curavit 
hominum conjic-iendum 
in carcerem* 

B.lncarcere?n ! imo, 
ninneravit viaticum, 
objecrans per omnia fa- 
era, ne ejfuiiret quod 
accidijjet ; Et Japuit 
mea Jkntentia quidem, 
ywi maluerit hoc 
}^m effe/abula con- 
diviorum, <?£ fori deinde 
venire in periculum 

What was the up/Jiotzt l'aft? 

The flory is very long, £w/ 
IJiniJJi. it in a few^words. .4/1 
ter he had played upon the 
man a long time withfuch in- 
ventions, and had got no fmall 
quantity of money ^taw Az?/?, 
at length z7z#r£ came one who 
y£tf<^ known the knavtjrom a 
child. He £#/57y gueding //2<z£ 
he was doing the fame thing 
with- Balbinus, which he hud 
been doing every where elfe, 
goes to him privately, tells him 
what an artift ^£ maintained in 
his houfe ; he advifes him to 
difmifs the man as foon as may 
be, uniefs he had rather have 
him run away fome time after 
he had robbed his chefts. 

What did Balbinus here ? 
/0 o;z£, he took care the fellow 
was thrown zfl/0 the gaol. 

Into the gaol! Nay, he paid 
him money for his journey, ta- 
jeechinghim by all that was fa- 
cred, //zaz* he would not blab t 
what had happened ; and ^£ 
was zvi/e in my opinion truly, 
who chofe this rather than be 
M* ^tfry of feafts, and 
and the market, and then 
come 2/z danger of confifca- 



confifcationis. Nam 
trat nihil periculi imr 

fo/l 'oris ,tenebat iantum 
artis, quantum quivis 
afinuSt et xmpoflera in 
hoc genere ejl favora» 
bilis. Q}*od fi inten- 
taffet crimen furti,' und** 
tio reddebat turn, tutum 
a fufpendio ; neque 
quifquam alat In bens 
lalem in carcere gratis. 

A. Miferefceret me 
Balbini, nifi ipfe gau^ 
deret deludi. 

B. Nunc properan- 
dum eft, in aulam ; ali" 
as referam multo itul- 
MorTidiam his. 

A. Cum vacabis> et 
audiam lubens, e* pen- 
fabo fabula* 

j t\on, for here bias no danger 
of the cheats he underflood as 
much of the art as any tf/5yand 
cheating in this kind Hri favor- 
ed. But if he. had laid againft 
him the crime of felony, Azj 
un&ion rendered hifn fecure 

from hanging / nor would any 
one maintain willingly fuck a 

fellow in the gaol for nothing." 

1 fhduld pity Bafbinui, un* 
lefs /fo loved ta be deluded. 

Now / mujl haflen to court; 
fome other time 1 will tell you 
much more foolifh things even 
than thefe. 

When jytfw Jhall be at leifure 9 
I both fliall hear you gladly 
and requite Jiory with ftory. 





1 Deu 

m ! 


am tor- 

ve intuetur noJierPhtt- 
drus, eifabindejujpicit 
in caelum ! adoriar. 
Quid novce rei accidit, 
Phaedre ? 

B. Quamobrem in- 
terrogas i{\uc,.dule ? 

A. Quoniam vicferis 
nAhiJaffus. CatoeP/ice- 
dro ; eft tanta fe Veri- 
tas in vultu. 

B. Non mirum, ami- 
ce, conjejfusjum inoay 
me a peccata. 

A. Phy ! jam dell no 
mirari, fed age mini 
£#/?£ yfcfc, ccnieilus es 
omnia ? 

B. Omnia quidem 
-quae veniebant in men- 
tern, &/nc2 duntaxat *#- 

A. Cur reticuijli hoc 
.unum ? 

B. Quiznondum. po- 
iuit difplicere ?/n/n. 

IMMORTAL G<?<f / how 
gravely looks our Phcedrus, 
and now and then looks up to 
heaven I i" will accojl him. 
What new thing ^tfi happened, 
Ptaedrus ? 

Why do you ajli thn % .Aulus? 

BecauTef ya&Jetm to me /o 

have become a Cato of a Pluz- 
drus ; there is^ much feveri* 
ty in your court* trance. 

No wonder, friend, / have 
confJJed\u{i now my fins. 

Pugh ! how I give over won~ 

de ring, but co?ne tell me in good 

JaifJi, have you cenfeffed a// ? 

All indeed which came bit* 
my mind, one only excepted. 

Why fl7<2 j'0& conceal tLk 
o ??€ ? 

Becaufe zV c<?#/J not yet dRf~ 
pleafe »*<, 

A. Ope 



A.Oportet effe fuave 

B. Nefcio an Rtpec- 
catum, fed^vacas, au- 

A. A^udiam equidem 

B. Scis quanta im- 
poftura /?/ apud noftros 
in his qui vtndunt aut 
locant equos. 

A. Scio j^/wi" quam 
vcllem, delufus non fe- 
mel ab Us. 

. B.Iter nuper s incidit 
?;2 z/z?', cum prolix urn fa- 
tis, ^&w e^'^7» accele- 
randum. Adeo quen- 
dam ex illis, quern dix- 
iffes minim e malum fe- 
rns generis, et nonmhil 
amiciiiae etiam mterce- 
debat mihi cum ho mi tie. 
Narr.o mihi effe feriam 
rem, opus Jje prseftre- 
nuo cquo ; fi unquam 
praebuiffet ]e bonum 
virum mihi, nunt prae- 
itaret. Ilk poilicetur 
ft afturum mtcum fie, 
ut age ret cum fuo cka- 
rjf-no fratre. 

B. Fortafns. impofi- 
iurus etfratri. 

B. Inducit infabw 
lu?n, jubet utelegam ex 

It mufl be a iwzztjin. 

I know not whether it be a 
yfo, but if you are at leifure, 

youJJiall hear. 

1 will hear it indeed willing- 

iy- § 

You know what abundance 
of cheating there is with our 
countrymen among thofe who 

Jell or let- out horfes. 

I know more than / would, 
having been cheated not once 
only by them. 

A journey lately happened 
to me both long enough andal- 

Jo to be haftcned. I go to one 
oj them, whom you would have 

Jaid to be the lead bad of triat 

fort, and Jomething of friend- 
fhip too there was betwixt me 
and the man. I tell him / 
have fome weighty bufinej's, 
had need of a very ilout horje / 
if dz/er he had flhewn hunjelj r a 
good man to me 7/W now he 
would do it. He promifes me 
that he would deal with me fo, 
as he would deal with his meji 
d.'ar brother. 

Perhaps he zvould have im~ 
pofdiili twite upon his brother. 

He leads me into the Jlable 9 

bids me choofe outoi all the 



omnibus equis quem- 
cumq ; vellan. Tan- 
dem unusarridebatplus 
c ceteris, llle probat 
meum judicium, dege- 
ranseum equum exper* 
titum eRe frequenter a 
inultis ;fe maluifle/?r- 
vare eumfingulari am- 
ico, quam addicere \g- 
notis. Coiwentum eft 
de pretio, pecunia nu- 
meratur praefens. Con- 
fcendo. ilquus gtfiit- 
bat mira alacritate in 
egreffu ; dixffes efle 
feroculu?n i mm erat ob- 
efulus, et pulchellus. 
Ubi equitafTem jam fef- 
■quihoram, fenji plane 
I of} urn, nee poffe im~ 
pelli quidem calcanbus. 
Audierarn tales ali ab 
i His ad i m p o ft u rain , 
quos judicares irf/gnes 
e fpecie, cater urn im- 
patientiffirnos laboris. 
Ego continuo mecum, 
ca-ptus fum ; age tefe- 
rar/i par pari, ubi redi- 
ero domum. 

B. Quod confilii ca- 
piebas hac, eques abf- 
que equo ? 

A. Id quod res dab at. 
Deflexi. in proximum 

horfe.? whichsoever / would. 
At length one pleafed me more 
than the reft. He approves 
of my judgment , J 'wear: ng that 
that horfe had been defired 
frequently by many ; that he 
chofe rather to keep him for a 
particular friend, than part 
with him to jlr angers. We 
agreed about the, price, the 
money is paid down prefently. 
/ mount. The horfe pranced 
with wonderful alacrity in let- 
ting out ; you would have [aid 
that he was meitkfome, for he 
was pretty fat and handfome. 
When I had rid now an hour 
and a half, / perceived him 
quite tiftdi and that he could ( . . 
not be got on tiuly with the'* % 
fpurs. 1 had heard that fuch 
were kept by them for cheat- 
ing, which you would judge 
fine ones by their appearance, 
but very unable to bear labor, 
I laid preftntly with myfelf, / 
am catch ed ; well / zoill re- 
turn like for 'like, when / re» 
turn home. 

What courfe did yon take 
here, a horiernan without a 

That &;/2?V/i the thing offer» 

ed> 1 turned oflf into the next 

vicuia ; 


vie urn ; iilic depofui 

equum apad quendam 
notum mihi, et conduxi 
a Itt rum ; pro feci u s f u m 
quo deiliaarem, rever- 
jus fnn reddo condiuli- 
tium equum ; repcrio 
w.n\i\x\fo phi ft ampler at ^ 
cbefum . et pukhre pc- 
quiet urn, vcflus eo, re- 
de o adimpoftorcm,r0g"tf 
vx alert t aliquot dies in 
fuo ii-dbulot donee repe- 
tiero. percunclatur 
quam commode geiicnt 
mt. Ego dejero per 
omnia iacra, me nun- 
quam confcendille ter- 
gum felicioris cqui in 
' vha,ro!aj/epoumqua)?i 
ambuluiie, nee Jenfijfe 
laflit.udinem tarn longo 
itinere, nee factum ^z/tf, 
xnacriorera oh laborem. 
Cum perfuaferam illi 
kttceffc vera, cogitabat 
iacitus fecum ilium e* 
qurnn efte alium, quam 
Iiaftenus fufpicalus ej- 
fiet. Itaque priufquam 
abirem, rogabat rnim 
na hi equus eflet vena- 
lis; piimo negabam, 
quod fi iter incident 
denuo, nonforet facile 
mnjcifci fitnilem ; at- 
tamen nihil eiTe tarn 
eharura mxhi % quod no a 

town : There I fet up my 
horfe with one //W was known 
to me, <2tf J hired another ; I 
went whither I had defigned, 
returned^tiioxc mykiredhoik ; 
1 find my cheat, as ^e &'tf j fat 
## J finely rejled /. riding upon 
him, / return to the rogue : / 
beg of him that he would keep 
him fome days in his ft able, 
/2// I come for him again. Ht 
aflis me how well he carried 
me. If tear by #// that s fa- 
cred, Mfi/ / never got upon//z£ 
£#£/£ of a better horfe in my 
life ; that he flew rather than 
paced, and was not fenfble of 
wearinefs in fo I mg a journey, 
nor made a hair the leaner for 
his labor. When / had ptr- 
fuaded him that theje things 
were true r he thought filtntiy 
with himfelf, that the horfe was 
another fort of one, than hith- 
erto he had fuf peeled him. 
Therefore before I went away, 
he ajked me if my horfe was t9 
be fold : At fir It I [aid no, be- 
catafe if a journey fliould fall 
out again, it would not be eafy 
to get the like ; but that noth- 
ing was fo dear to me 9 
which was not to be fold 
for a leirge price ; although 
any one [hould defire to buy 
myftf lay U 




effet venal e p retro lar- 
go • etiamfi quis cupe- 
ret emptum map/urn, 

A. Nee hi agebas 
Cretenfem pule hre cum 

B.Quid multis ? Non 
dimittit me, donee in- 
•dicarem, Indicavi non 
paulo pkmsiyjwrai erne- 
ram. DigreJJus ab nom- 
ine, 7no x iuborno qui 
age re t pa rtem h u j u sfa - 
bulce mihi, pule hre in- 
flruflum £/ edocium. 
/ringreffus domum in- 
rlamat locatorem, ait 
fibi opus effe injigni e~ 
quo et egregie patienti 
labon s. Alter 0/ikrc- 
B#l m-uitos, et prasdicat 
pejjimum quemque maxi- 
me; non laudat ilium 
Jolum, quern vendiderat 
mihi, quoniam exifti- 
mabat r/^r* talem, £7#<2- 
lern prsedicaveram. At 
alter rJ/zVi rogat numct 
ille ^/ venalis. Lo- 
cator primum obticef- 
ceret atque prozdicaret 
alios ambitioje. Cum 
*/?<?, ceteris probatis 
utcunque, fhnper age- 
ret de illo uno, tandem 
locator apudje^ judici- 
G 2 

Truly you acled the Cretian 
finely with ^£ Cretian. 

What needs many words ? 
He does not difinifs me till 1 fet 
my price. / ft t him at not a 
little more than I had bought 
him for. Being gone from the 
man, />y aW />j/ I fuborn one, 
who fhould act a part of this 
■/>/#y for me, well in Unified 
and taught. He entered the. 
houfe, calls upon the jockey, he 
fays that he had need of a very 
good horfe^ and excellently ca- 
pable of enduring labor. The 
other Jliezvs him many, and 
commends every iheworji hdrje 
m.oft. He does not commend 
him alone, which he had fold 
to me, becaufe he thought him 
truly fuch, as I had commend- 
ed him for. But the other 
prefe ntly afks whether he too 
was to befold. The jockey at 
fir ft was f lent, and commended 
others mightily. When he % 
the reft being approved of \\x 
fome meafure, always treated 
about that alone ; at lafl the 
jockey fays to hmff my 
judgment of (hat horfc plainly 



urn meum de ilio equo 
plane fjeilit me. Si- 
quidem hie peregrinus 
fatim agnovit kunc in- 
ter omnes. Cum Hit. 
k) ft a ret, tandem, in quit, 
hie eft ven alis, kdfor- 
tajft deterreberis p rctt d. 
Pretium, inquit ille, 
ncn eft magnum, y? dig- 
nitas rei refpondeat. 
Indica. Indicavit all- 
quanta pluris, quam in- 
dicaram xpfi, cap tans et 
hoc lucrum. Tandem 
convenit de pretio ; Ta- 
lis magna arrha datur, 
ne?npe regalis aureus, ne 
qua fufpicio Jimulata 
emptionis incident. 
Emptor jubet pabulum 
dan cquo. Ait fe redi- 
turum mox et abdu&u- 
rum. ZWetiam drach- 
mam flabulario. Ego , 
iimul atque cognovi 
paclionem ejfe firmam 
Jic ut nonpojfet recindi, 
cedo rurfus ad locaio- 
7c?n armatus ocreis et 
caicanbus. Clamo an- 
helus, ille adefl, rogat 
quid velim. Me us e- 
*quus adornetur, illico, 
inquam nam p r o ft a fee n- 
dum eftt ve ftigio <?/>max- 
\mtftriam rem. /Uqui 
vaQ&o % inquit } mandabas 

deceived me : Since this ft ran- 
ger immediately knew him a- 
mong them all. When he urg- 
ed him, at lafl, fays he, he\% 
to be fold, but perhaps you 
will be frighted with theprice. 
1 he price, fays he, is not 
great, if the worth of ' the thing 
anfwer. Set your price. He 
fet him at fomething more than 
I had fet him at to him, catch- 
ing alfo at this gain. At length 
they agreed about the price ; 
a good large earnef penny is 
given, to wit, a royal crown, 
left any fufpicion of a counter- 
jeit purchafe fiould happen. 
The buyer orders hay to be 
given to the horfe. He fays, 
that he will return prcfently, 
and take him away. He gives 
alio a fix pence to the hoftler, 
I, as foon as / knew the bar- 
gain was firm,/? that it could 
not be broken, returned again 
/0 the jockey, drefled in my 
boots and [purs, I call out of 
breath, he comes, afks me a/tatf 
I would have. Let my horfe 
be got ready prefently,^)- /, 
for / m it ji go i id m ed i at r I v upon 
a very /enou r affair. But juft 
now, quo ik he, you ordered 
i&rf I flbould keep v0«r horfe 
/^;;z<? days : True, fay I, ^&^ 
bufinefs is fallen in my way 




ut aleram tuum equum 
aliquot dies: Vtr um Jin- 

quam/^negotium ob- 
jeciuin eft prseter expec- 
tationem, \dque regium, 
qjaod patitur nuilam 
dilationem. Hie ille, 
Elites ex omnibus^uem 
voles ; non potes ha- 
bere tuum. Rogo quam- 
obrem ? Ouoniam, in- 
quit, vtnditus eft. Ibi 
Jimulala magna pertur- 
batione, inquam Superi 
prohibeant quod dicisl 
Hoc itinere obje£>o, 
non vender em eum e- 
quum, etiamfi quis nu- 
xuerat quadruplum. ln- 
cipio rixam % clamo we 
perditura. Tandem et 
illc incaluit. Quid 
opus, inquit, jurgiis ? 
In die a/It equum, ego 
vendidi; fi numeroprc- 
tium, Adtaf nihil quod 
cgas mecum. Sunt 
leges in hac urbe : non 
potts compellere me ad 
exhibendum equum. 
Cum clamaflem flftii, 
aut eitJii (met equum f aut 
torem ; tan dun ira- 
tu3 numeral firepufli. 
Emeram quindecim. au- 
i vi- 

befides my expeclah on , and that 
//£.£ King's, which admits no 
delay. Here he /aid, you may 
choofe (7i// 0/ ^ which ji?^ 
a?///, you cannot ^ai/* your 
own : I afk, what for ? Be- 
cauje, fays he, he is fold. There 
pretending a great diflurbancc, 
I fay, God forbid, whatjy^w 
ya>i. This70#r ney being fallen 
out, / would not fell that horfe, 
although any one would pay 
me four times the worth. I 
begin a folding, I cry out 
thai I am undone. At length 
he too grew hot. What need, 
quoth he, of all this bawling : 
you fet a price on your horfe, 
I have fold him, it I pay you 
your price, you have nothing 
that you can do with me. 
There are laws in this city ; 
You cannot compel me to pro- 
duce tht horfe. After 1 had 
bawled a long time, either that 
he fliould produce the horfe, or 
the buyer, he pays me my 
price. X had bought him for 
fifteen crowns. I had v lued 
him at twenty fix, he had valu- 
ed him at thirty two. He 
thought to him/elf it is better 
to make this advantage, than to 
return the horfe. 1 go away 
like one grieved, and fcarce 
appeafed with the money given 



jjinti fex, ilk aeftima- 
*at tnginta duo bus. 
Cogitabat apud fe ; 
prieftat facer e hoc lucri, 
quam redrlere equum. 
'Abeofmilis dolenti,£C 
xixplacatus pecuniaaftf- 
ta. Ille rogat ut £0/22 
confulam, fe penfatu- 
rum hoc incommodi fit 
tt/n'j rebus. Sic 2?w- 
pofitum ejl impoilofi. 
Ha bet equum nullius 
pretii. ExpeQat ut 
qui 6 edit arrh a ffi,venidLt 
numer&tum pecuniam ; 
at nemo venit nee &#- 
quam venturus eft. 

A. Interim nunquam 
cxpojlulavit tecum ? 

B. Qua fronte aut 
quo jure facer et id ? 
Convenit quidem Jemel 
at que iter urn. Con- 
queftuseft de fide emp- 
tor is. Verum ego ex- 
poftulavi w/jVtf cum no- 
mine dicens ilium dfrg*- 
722/7/2 eo inalo qui fpoli- 
avit /72 ^ tali equo pra- 
propera venditioni 
Hoc f/? crimen ta7/z &?- 
ne collocatum mcafen- 
ttntia y ut non pqjjim 
inducere animum con- 

772^. Hi? ^i- that 'I would take 
in good part, that he would 
make amends for this inconve- 
nience in other things. So I 
cheated the cheater. He has 
a horfe of no value. He ex- 
petls that he who gave the ear- 
nejt penny, may come to pay 
his money ; but nobody comes, 
nor ever will come. 

In the mean time did he 
never expoflulate with you'? 

With what front or with 
what right could he do it ? He 
met me indeed once and again. 
He complained of the honejly 
of the buyer. But I expostu- 
lated of my own accord with 
the man, faying that he was 
worthy of that misfortune, who 
had robbed me of inch ahofe, 
by too hafty felling of him. 
This z'jacrime/tf o#// placed, 
272 ?72> opinion, that / cannot 
bring 7/2^ mzW to confefs it. 

A. Ego 


A. Ego pofcerern^a- 
tuam mihi, ft defignaf- 
fem aliquid tale. 

B. Nefcio an loque- 
ris tx ammo : tamen 
addis animum mihi, 
quo magis Wbcdtjactre 
jucum talibus. 

I fhould demand a Jlatue 
for myfelf, if I had contrived 
any fuch thing. 

I know not whether you 
[peakjrom your heart: Yet 
you give encouragement to me, 
that I have the more mind to 
put thetrick upon fuch fellows. 


Poly my thus, Gelafinus, Eufcrapelus, Aftacus, 
Phylythlus, Phitogelos, Eugloitus, Lerocha- 
res, Adolefchcs. 

A.T TT nendecet bene 
w inftitutam civi- 
talem define legibus 
ac principe, ita nee o~ 
port't convivium. 

Ge. I flue vero pep- 
placet, ut unus refpon- 
deam nomine totius 

Po. Heus puer, adfer 
hue talos, ho rum J af- 
freights regn u m decerne- 
tur cukunque Jupiter 

AS */ aWj 720/ become a well 
ordered /fate to be with- 
out laws A/?ia Prince, fo nei- 
ther a&j z7 become a feait to be. 

That indeed pleafes us very 
well, that 1 alone ^z^v anfzver 
in the name of the whole peo- 

Soho, />tf>', bring hither the 
dice, Ay ^/zecr 1/0 tej the king- 
dom fnall be difpofed of to 
whomfoever Jupiter lhafi fa- 
fa ver it, 



faverit. Euge ! Jupi- 
ter favit Jlutrapelo. 
-Sortes non fuere cara:. 
Magis idoneus non po- 
terat eUg\,etiam/i punc- 
ta colletlafuiffent viri- 
tim per fingulas tubus. 
Vulgojugatur prover- 
biurn, non tam vanum 
quoin parum Latinum, 
novus rtfa novus kx. 
„ £u. Quod fit felix 
fauflumque huic con- 
vicio. Primum edico, 
ne quis prefer et heic 
prater ridicuias fabu- 
las. Cui dceritf abula 
multator drachma. Ea 
petunia infumitor in 
vinum. At que extem- 
pore confida habtntur 
in legitimis fabulis,/#0- 
do probabile et deco- 
rumfervetur. Si nulli 
deer it tabula, duo pew 
dunto pretiura vim, 
quorum alter dixerit 
kpidifjimam alter fri- 
gidijjrmam fubulam. 
Convivator eflo im mu- 
nis a fumptu vini : u- 
nus juppeditato fump- 
tu m ciborum. Si quid 
controverfce incident, 
Gelafinus efto arbiter et 
judex kujus rd* Si 

vor. Well done ! Jupiter has 
favored Eutrapelus. The lotf 
were not blind. A more fit 
man could not have been c-hof- 
en, though the votes had been 
taken man by man through ev- 
ery tribe. There is common- 
\ytoffed about a proverb, not 
fo filly ash is bad Latin, a new 
king, a new law. 

That which may be lucky 
and fortunate for this feaft. 
Firjt I proclaim that nobody 
produce any thing here befides 
comical J 'lories. He that wants 
aflory, let him be fined^Zv- 
pence. Let that money be 
fpent in wine. And let things 
-invented extempore be reckoned 
among lauful llories, provided 
probability and decency % be 
preferved. If nonefiall want 
a ltory, let tkofe two pay the 
charge of the wine, whereof 
the one mall tell the prettuji, 
the other the dullefi ftory. Let 
the mafler oj the fenfl be free 
from the charge of the wine : 
Let him alone bear the charge 
of the vicluah. If .any dtf- 
pute happen, let Gelafinus be 
the decider and judge oj that 
affabr. If you confirm tkefe 
things^let them be eftablifhed. 
He ■t-fa&Y/ill «tot obey the la%, 



vos fciveritis haze rata 
funto. Qui nolueritjfoz- 
rere icgi, abito tamen 
Jic, ut Jit jus Jafque re- 
dire pojlridie ad com- 

G . Volu mu s legem 
la tarn a rege effe rat am 
noftris Jujfragiis, fed 
uncle circulus J'abula- 

Eut. Unde ni a con- 
vi/atore ? 

Af. Jureconfulti ne- 
gant elTe /^7» quae 
nonjit aequa. 

Eu. Alfentior. 

At. At /«£ /^a" eequat 
optxmam fabulam pejji- 

Eut. Ubi voluptas 
quaeritur, ibi premore- 
tuxnon minus laudis, qui 
*//a7 peffime quam qui 
opti?ne, velut inter can- 
tores ??£?;2<? voluptati 
eft, 7?//? qui cecinerit 
aut injigniter bene, <??^ 
g regie ?72rt/£. Nonne 
plnres rident audita 
coccyge^ ^^^772 lufci- 
nia ? Heic mediocritas 
non habet laudem. 

Af. At cur ple&un- 
tur qui auierunt lau- 
dem ? 

let him go> yet fo that it may 
be lawful and allowable jo r 
him to return the day after to 
the club. 

We will that the law made 
by our king be confirmed by 
our votes ; but whence lhall 
the circle of Jlories proceed ? 

From whence but from the 
entertainer ? 

The lawyers deny it to be a 
law which is notjuft. 

I afient to it» 

But your law- equals ihe l^ 
ftory to theworft. , T j t 

Where pleafure is fought, 
there he deferves «0 \eSsprai/e 9 
who Jays very badly ///#?* he 
who fays very zvell, as among 
fingers no ma a pleafes, unltjs 
he thdit Jirtgs either notably well, 
0r extraordinary ?7/. Do not 
more laugh, upon hearing 
the cuckow, than the nightin* 
gale? Here indifference ha s no 

Rut why are they punifhed 
who get praife? 

Eut. Ne 



Eut. Ne nimia felici- 
tas provocat aliquam 
Nemefm Mis, fi aufe- 
rent ct laudem ttimmu- 
nitatem fimul. 

Af. Per Bromium 
Minos ipfe nunquam 
tulit aequiorem legem. 

Phylyth. Feres nul- 
lum legem de modo bi- 
bendi ? 

Eut. Re defpefla, fe- 
quar exemplum Agefiiai 
r-egis Laced^emonio- 

Phylyth. Quid is fe- 
cit ? 

n\i£« Cum is quodum 
piety ore delectus tjfet 
ui Mipofiarchus, arbitrio 
laiorum ; architnclino 
rogante quantum vini 
iuberet apponi. cuique, 
inquit, Ji largior co- 
pia vini parata eit, data 
cuique, quantum po- 
pofcerit ; Ji malignior, 
di/iributio omnibus ex 

'Phylyth. Quid fibi 
\o\u\t ille Lacon cum 
diceret hcec ? 

Eut. Agebat hoc ut 
ccnvivium neque eflet 
temulentiwi, neque rur» 
Jam querulum. 

Left excefwe happinefs mould 
provoke/^*: Nemefis o,gainJl 
them, if they Jliould get both 
praife and immunity together. 

By Bromius Mvnos himfelf 
never made a more reafonable 

Will you make no law con* 
ceming the manner of drink- 
ing ? 


The thing being con/idered,! 
will follow the example of A- 
gefilaus, King of the Lacede- 

What did he? 

When he on a certain time 
had been chofen governor of a 
feaiW the plea Jure of the dice ; 
the m after of the houfe atfking 
how much wine he ordered to 
be ferved up to every one, he 
fays, if a large plenty of wine 
be provided, give to every one 
as much as he calls for; if a 
more fparing, divide to every 
one alike. 

What meant that Lacede- « 
monian when he faid theft 
things ? 

Fie meant this that thefeaft 
fhould neither be drunken, not 
again quarrelfome. 




Phylyth. Qui fie ? How fo ? 

Eut. Quia funt qui Becaufe there are fo me who 
gaudent bibere largius, love to drink plentifully , there 
funt qui gaudent par- are others who love to drinle 
cius. Reperiuntur et fparingly. There are Hkewife 
abflemii, qualis Romu- found abflemious people, fuch 
lus dlcitur fuiffe. Ita- as Romulus is faid/# havebeen» 
que Ji vinum datur Therefore if wine is given t» 
nulli niji pofcenti, pru none but him that calls for it 
mum nemo compellitur firfl, nobody is forced to drink, 
ad bibendum, et tamen und yet they want nothing, to 
dejiderant nihil, quibus whom plentiful drinking is a-* 
largior potatio eft gra- greeable. So it comes about 
ta. Itaft ut nemo fit that nobody is fad in the feafL 
Again, if -a lefs quantity of 
wine is diftributcd 272 equal 
/hares to each, they have e~ 
nough that drink moderately, 
nor can any one murmur in e- 
bibunt moderatius, ne- quality, fince he that would 
qne poteft quifquam have drunk plentifully ,compof- 
obmuvmur^re in a^qual- es him fe If to temperance zoitk 
ztate ; quando qui hauf- a contented mind. If this ex* 
turus em largius^com- ample pleafcs you, / will ifeit* 
iponitfe ad temperan- for we would have this to be a 
tiam azquo animo. Si itory telling, not a drunken 
hec exempium placet, feafL 
utar, nam volumus hoc 
e/fe fabulofum, nonv'i- 
nofnm convivium. 

Phylyth. Quid igi- 
tur bibahat Romulus ? 
Eut. Idem quod ca- 
nes be bunt. 

Ph) ] ylh. An -non if 
tud inJitrnum re?e ? 

triflis in convivio. 
Rurfus, fi parcior co- 
pia vini diftribuitur ce* 
quis portionibus in fin- 
gulos t habent fatzs qui 


What then drank Romulus? 

The fame that dogs drink ? 

Is not that unworthy of a 
king ? 

Eut. Nihil 



.Eut. Nihil ?nagis 
quara ! quod reges Jpu 
rant sere communi cum 
canibus, nifi qnodzllud 
interefl, rex non bib 4 
eande?naqudLm,quam ca- 
nis bi beret, fed r<2?uj 
haurit tfre ;»■ quetn r€# 
efflavit. Et viciffem 
rex haurit cerem quern 
ratffj efflavit. Alexan- 
der Hie Magnus tuliflet 
^/z/j* glorias, J? bibiffet 
<:w/ra canibus. Nam &£. 
•St/ pejus rege qui tfrgi* 
/at tot millibus homxn- 
u?n, quam vinolentia, 
-Casterum Romulmniu- 
2 fie abfle?niu?n, apo- 
thegma diclum ab illo 
.57(7« infejlivittr 4ecla- 
rat. Etenim cum ywi- 
dfara videns tV/z/wi ab- 
ftinere 6 nW dixiflet, 
vinum futurum azVe, fi 
omnes bibcr cut que mad- 
modum ille : Imo, z«- 
^wz/, turn arbitror fore 
cari{ji/mum,Xi omnes bi- 
berent vinum quemad- 
rnodum e?o, nam fo'^0 
quantum /z&tf. 

Ge. Utinam nojlcr 
Joannes Botzemus ca- 
aionicus Conflantinenjis 
'^de/frt /*e?c. Nam et 

No ?72t7r<? than that king 
breath* in the air cvm?non wit 
dogs, />a/ that Mere t'j Ma/ d// 
ference ; the king does nol 
drink the fame water which the 
dog dra nk, but Me dfog draw* 
in the air which Me /$?'7?£breath. 
ed out. And again Me king 
draws in Me azr which the dog 
breathed out. Alexander the 
great had got more glory, if he 
had drunk with the dogs. Foi 
nothing is work for a king, 
who watches over fo many 
thoufand we/z,then drunkenne/s, 
But M#* Romulus was <z£//e- 
mious, an apothegm fpoken by 
him fltf^ unwittingly declares., 
i^r when <?/?e feeing Am ab- 
Ham from wine, had faid Ma* 
wine would be cheap, if ah 
ihould drink as he : ti ay, fays 
he 9 then / think it would be 
i>ery dear, if <z// fhould drink 
wine as / dfo, for / drink 33 
much as / have a mind. 

I wifh ^wr John Botzem t 
Canon of Conflance, was /zere, 
For /ze /00 is /20 Ithabfleiniou^ 
than /ze j j /azV ta be ; other- 



z&non minus a b/le- wife a courteous and pkafant 

ius quam dicitur, ali- companion, 

ique comis et JeJIivus' 

Po. Age,Ji poteftis, Come z/* you can, I will net 

en dicam, forbere et fay, to {v\^ and blow at the fame 

arc/imul, quod Plan* time, which Plautus fays is 

us ait ejfe difficile ;yW difficult, but to eat fltfdf hear, 
jdere et audire, quodefk 1 which is very eafy ; I will be- 

•erfacile ; aufpicabor gin the bufinefs of telling fto- 
minus fabulandi bonis- ries with good luck. If $£ 

vibus. Si fabula exit flory be not a pretty one, know 

arum lepfrfa, fcitote it is a Dutch one. I fuppofe 
Satavameffe. Opinor the name of Maccus has been 
\iomen Macci auditum heard by fame of you. 

liquot vejirum. 

Ge. Non ell ita diu It is notjblongjince he died* ■ 
}Uod periij. 
Po. Cum is veniffet When lit was come into a 

n civitatem qu£ dicitur city which is called Leyden, 
Leydis, ac novus hof- and being a new guefl, had a 
pes vellet innotefcere viindto become known byfome 
yuopiam joco, (nam is jeft, (for that was the man's 

rat homini mos) in- way) : he entered M^ /720/? of a 
^refTus eft offtcinam fhoemaker, Jalutes hi?n. He 
calcearii, falutat. llle de firing to put off /zu ware, 
cupiens extrvdere fuas c/Jj if he would have any 
merces, rogat nunquid thing. Maccus calling his 
vellet. Mac co conji- eyes upon leather (lockings 
ciente oculos in ocreas that hung there, the Jlioe maker 
pen/iles ibi, calcearius afks him 7/ he would have 
rogat num veWet ere- leather Jlockings. Maccus a- 
as. Macco annuente, greeing to it, he reeks fome jfcf 
qudzrit aptas tibiis illi- tor his legs, he produced them 
us, protulit inventas when found cheerfully, and as 
edacriter, et ut folent, they ufe to do, draws them on 

indue it 

88 CONVIVIUM fabulosum; 

inducit illi. vbi Mac- for him. /772£/2 Maccus #020 

eus y<2?» efTet eleganter was handfomely fitted with 

ocreateis. Qitam belle, leather Hackings. 7/<9&> well, 

inquitj par calceorum quoth he, would a pair of fhoes 

duplicatis foleis cor*- with double folcs, agree jz'z/A 

grueret /zzi" ocreis. /?#- //z^/I? leather flockings. Being 

gatus an velUt et calce- afked whether he would have 

os, annuit» Keperti Jhoes too. he agrees to it* They 

funt et additi pedibus. were found, and put upon his 

Maccus laudabal ocre- feet. Maccus commended the 

as, laudabal calceos. ilockings y com?nended thefhoes. 

Calcearius gaudens la- The five ma her rejoicing fiknt- 

cite fuccinebat illi lau- ly % agreed with /22/72 commend- 

danti, fperans a?quius fng them, hoping for a better 

pretium, pofteaquam price, feeing the ware pleafed 

?nerx placeret emptori the buyer lo much. And now 

tantopere. Et jam non- Jome familiarity was contracc- 

nulla familiaritas erat ed. Here Maccus /ays, tell 

contrafta. litic Mac- me in good faith, did it never 

cus inquit, die ?nihi bo- happen to you, that one whom 

na fide nunquamne ufu youhadjurniftedthuswithlea- 

vtnit tibi, #2* quern «r- ther floe kings and /Wi for a 

maffes tic ocreis et cal- race,as nowyou have me,wen toff 

ctis ad curfum quemad- without paying the price ? 

viodum nunc armafli Never, fays he. But if by 

me, abierat non name- chance, fays he, itfnould hap- 

rato pretio ? Nunquam, pen, what would you do then ? 

ait ille. At que tifor- I zoould follow Mm, fays //i<?. 

fr, inquit, venial ifu, fioemaker. Then Maccus fays, 

quid in facercs turn ? do you/ay that 772 earnefl, or 

Confquertr, inquit £#/- 2/2 /f// ? Truly I [peak in ear- 

cearius. Turn Maccus neftfays the other, ^rci would 

inquit, </im iiia/Jr70 do in ca?ne/L I will try, fays 

zmjoco ? Plane ioquor Maccus ; /0 I run before 7W 

ferio, inquit alter, ^ fa- the Jhoes, do you follow r#?2- 

ceremy^nc?. lixperi- ib"»<f ; and together ^2^/2 //22^ 




arr.mV Maccus ; ^aprae- 
l eurro pro calcejj, tu fe- 
quere curfu ; fimuiq ; 
cum diclo conjecity^ in 
pedes. Calcearius con- 
fecutus eft e vejligio 
quantum poterat, cla- 
| mitaas, tenete furem,^- 
mte furem. Cum cives 
profiliijfent ex asdibus 
undique ad hanc vo- 
cem, Maccus cohibuit 
illos hoc commento, ne 
(juis injiceret manum. 
In quit ridens ac placi^ 
do vultu, Ne quis re m 
moretur noftrum cur- 
fum ; certamen eft de 
cupa cerevifice. Itaqae 
jam o nines prcehebant 
fe fpe&atores certami- 
nis ; Nam fu/picaban- 
tur calcearium fingere 
eura clamorem dolo, ut 
hac occafione anteverte- 
ret. Tandem calcear- 
ius viEtus curfu rediit 
dcmwn fudans tt anhe- 
lus. Maccus tulit bra? 

Ge. I-fte Maccus qui- 
dem effugit calcearium, 
ct non effagkfurem. 
Po. Ouamobrem ?« 
Ge. Quia Jerebat fu- 
xzxr\jecum % 

faying, he threw himfelf upon 
his feet. The Jlioe maker fol- 
lowing hirn forthwith , as faft 
as he could \ bawling,y?<^ the 
thief, /lop the thief. What 
the citizens ran out of their 
houfes on all fides at this cry, 
Maccus hindered them by this 
contrivance, that nobody Jhould 
lay hands on him. He fays, 
fmiling. and with a plea J ant 
countenance, let nobody flop 
our running, the race is for a 
tankard of ale. Wherefore 
now all became fpeftators of 
the race ; for theyjufpecled that 
the fhoemaker pretended that 
cry out of roguery, that by that, 
means he might get before him, 
At laft the flioemaker being 
beat in the race, returned home 
fweating and out of breath* 
Maccus got the prize, 

That Maccus indeed efcapcd 
the fhoemaker, but he did n0t 
efcape the thief 

What for? 

Becaufe he carried the thieJ 
with him* 

. Po. Forte 

9 o 


Po. Forte pecunia non 
erat ad nianum> quam 
poflea refolvit. 

Ge. Verumenz/aclio 

Po. Ea quidem inten- 
tata eft pojt, fed jam 
Maccus innotuerat ali- 
quot in agi fir ah bits. 

Ge.Ouid attulitMac- 
cus ? 

Po. Quid attulit, ro- 
gas in cafu tarn vincibi- 
\\ ? Aclor magis peri- 
clitatus eft quam reus. 

Ge. Qui fie ? 

Po. Quia gravabat 
ilium aclione calumniae, 
et intendebat Rhemian 
legem % qua? did at, ut 
quin intenderet crimen 
quod non pqfpt probare? 
jlret pcenarn quam reus 
laturus erat 9 (i juiffet 
conviclus. Negabat fe 
g o n tr e 6ta fle zke na m rem 
invito domino, Jed de- 
ferente u!tro 9 nee til lam 
xnentionem pretii inter- 
ceGifle ; fe provocajfe 
calcearium ad certavien 
cur jus-/. Ilium accept jfe 
'conditionem,firc. habere 
qucd querentur cum 
ejj'it fuperatus curfu, 

Ge. Uaec atlio non 
mukum abefl ab umbra 
afini. Quid tandem ? 

Pivhaps money wag not at 
hand which afterwards he paid. 

But (here was an aftion of 

That indeed was brought af- 
terwards, but now Maccus was 
become acquainted with fome 

What did Maccus plead ? 

What did he plead, do you- 
ajk, in a caufe, fo eafy to bs. 
carried ? The prqjecutor was- 
more in danger than the perfon 

How fo ? 

Becaufe he loaded him with 
an acHon of'flander ; and urgecr 
the Rhemian law, which orders,,. 
that he who brings a charge. 
which he cannot prove,, Jliall 
fi-'Jfe r the p un i (h m e n t wh ich 
the perfon indlEted Jliiuld have 
Juffered, \\ he had been convift- 
ed. He denied th3t he med- 
dled with the other's ware a- 
gainft the will of the owner, 
but on his giving it of his own 
accord, and that na mention of 
price had paffed betwixt them ;. 
that he had challenged the fhoe- 
maker to the running of a race ,\ 
That he had accepted 'the propo- 
fal, and had nothing that he 
could complain 0/" feeing he was 
beat in a .ace. 

This action is not muchJJiort 
of the fhadow of the ajs. What 
came of it at laft ? 




P. Ubi rifum ejl fatis, 
qui dam e judicious vo- 
eavit Maccum ad cce- 
nam, et numeravit cal- 
ceario pretium. Quid- 
dam fimile accidit Da- 
ventnoz me puero. E- 
rat ill ud temp us, quo 
pi/ cat ores regnant, lann 
frigent. Ouidam afta- 
bat ad fenejtra??i fruftu- 
aviae, vehementer cbefae 
fanuna, .oculis intentis 
in ea quoz pofita erant 
venum. Ilia invitabat 
hominem ex wore fi 
quid vellet. Et cum vi- 
deret intentum ficis, &£f 
ficos ? ait, {unt per quam 
el'gantes. Cum ille an- 
nuiflet, rcg-fl^ quot /z- 
^r^j vellet. J'u, in- 
quit, quinque libras ? 
Annuenti eflfudit t "ant urn 
ficorum in gremium. 
Dum ilia reponit lan- 
ces > i\\e fhbduatfe, non 
curju, fed placide. Ubi 
prodijjet acceptura /tf- 
cumam, vidit emptor em 
abire ; infequitur ma- 
jore t/0t'<? quam curfu. 
11 Ie dijjimulans^ pergit 
(7z/6> cceperat 2r<?. Tan- 
dem multis concurren- 
tibus aJ r/flftrafcernina?, 
re/iitit. Ibi cai^/Es agi- 
tur 2« corona populi ; 
njus exoritur ; emptor 
negabat/* ^mpfjje fed 

When they had laughed fujfi- 
ciently, one of the judges invito 
ed Mace us to. /up per, and paid 
the fhoemaker his price. Some- 
thing like this happened at Da- 
ventry, when I was a boy, it 
was that time, when the fiJJitr- 
men reign, the butchers ftarve. 
A certain fellow flood at the 
window oia fruitfeller, a very 
fat woman, with his eyes intent 
upon thofe things which were 
expofed to fale. She invited 
the man according te cuflom f 
if A<? would have any thing. And 
&>/^/z fhe faw him intent upon 
the fig, «uz// jy#& Aat/* fl?zy figs ? 
faxsjhe, they arc very fine- ones. 
When he agreed on it, jhe a/ks 
him how many pounds he would 
have. Will you kave s fays fhe, 
five pounds ? On his agreeing 
to italic poured/3 manyhgs inio 
his hg/pm'i W nil R Jhe lays by 
the Jcales, he withdraws* not 
running but eafily. When Jhe 
came out to receive her money \ 
ihe faw her chapman was going 
off.Jke follows with a greater 
W02/5? than pace. He taking no 
notice) goes on whether he had 
begun /0 £<?. At laft many 
people coming together at tht 
clamor of the woman, he flood. 
There the can ft .is tried in a 
ring of people : A laughter is 
fet up ; ihe chapman denied that 
he bought them., but that he 
received what had been given t?# 
kir own accord; \i JJie would 


accepiffe quod fuijfet de- 
ktum ultro s fi vellet 
cxperiri coram judici- 
bus.y? comperiturum. 

Ge» Age, narrabo 
fabulam non admodura 
dtffimilem. tu«, nee for- 
taffe inferiorem&tixquid 
hasc non habeat au£to- 
retn perinde eclebrem at- 
que eft Maccus. Pyth- 
agoras dwidebat totum 
vnercatam in tria homu 
num genera, quorum a- 
Hi prodiflent ut vende- 
rent, alii ut eraerent : 
aiebat hoc utrumque 
genus ejfe folicitum, ac 
proinde nonfelix, alios 
non venire in forum ob 
aliud, quam ut fpettent 
gatfdfproferatur z//zr,aut 
quod agatur : hos folos 
tffe felices, quod vacui 
curis 9 irucr entur grata- 
ita voluptate. Atque 
ad hunc modum dicebat 
philofophum verfari in 
hoc mundo'quz?mdmo- 
duni illi verfanntur in 
mercatu, Verum in nof- 
tvhemporiis quarturng-*- 
nu sh o m i n u mfbletob a m - 
buUTe,quiT\<tcemunt nzc 
vendunt ,nec contemplan- 
tur otiofe, fed obfervant 
folicite fi pojfint invora^ 
re quid. Atque quidam 
reperiuntur mire dextri 
in hoc genere s dtceref 

try it before the juftices, kt 
would appear. 

Well, I will tell* flory n&t 
much unlike yours, nor perhaps 
inferior , but that this hath not 
an author Jo famous as Maccus 
is. Pythagoras divided the 
whole market into three kinds 
of men, whereofjOw*? go that 
they may fell, others to buy : 
He faid that both theft kinds 
were concerned, and therefore 
not happy ; That others did not 
come into the market for any 
thing elf e than that they may 
fee what is produced there, or 
what is done : That thefe alone 
z*/£r£ happy, becaufe being free 
/r0#2 ozw, they enjoyed a gra- 
tuitous pleafure. And after this 
manner, he faid a philofopher 
was in the world, as they &;£re 
in the market. But in our mar- 
kets, a fourth /aW of men ufes 
to walk about, who neither buy 
norfellinor look about them idly 
but watch carefully, it they can 
fharp any thing. And fome are 
found zconderfulty dextrous in 
this kind; you would hythattJiey^ 
were born under the favor of 
Mercury. Themafcrofthefeajl 
has given a flory with a concliu 
fion. 1 will give you one with a 
preface. Now hear what\aie\y 
happen d at Antwerp. A certain 
pneft Atftff received there £ »*0^- 
<T£/<r fuai of money ; but 2/2 //- 
mi os.- 



«a/^Mer'curio favente. 
\Convivator dedit fabu- 
lam cum coronide ego 
dabo cum proaemio. 
bAfaflcaccipite quod nu- 
JperacaizV Antwerpiac. 
[Qui dam facrificus ?w 
iperat ijlie vv dxocrem 
\ iummam pecum<z> fed 
r arprntece. Quidam im- 
; poftor animadv?rterat 
id. yWnV facrifcum, 
qui ge/labat crumenam 
turgidam numm'xsin zo- 
na j falutat avi liter, 
narrat fibi datum nego- 
hum a fuis, ut m rcare- 
tur novum facrum pal- 
, Hum parocho fui vici, 
qua eftfumma v eft is 
Jacerdoti per3genti di" 
vinam rem. Rogat ut 
commodaret/^f tantil- 
lum operas, ut irct ie- 
cum ad eos s qui vendunt 
ejufmodi pallia ; quo(\i m 
rneret majus aut minus 
ex modotllius corporis, 
nam ip/ius ftaturam vi- 
dtn fibi congruerz ve- 
hementer caw magni- 
tudine parochi. Cum 
hoc vuleretur love 0^z- 
a«//i, facrificus facile 
pollicitus efl. Adeunt 
aedes cujuj'dam. Palli- 
um prolatum ejl. Sacri- 
fices induiL Venditor 
ajfxrmat mire congru- 
e/e, caw impoftor c$n* 

ver» A certain cheat had ob- 
Jervedit. He went to theprie/i^ 
who carried the purfe ftuff'd 
with money ?rc Azj - i<?// ; he fa- 
lutes him civilly > he tells him 
that he was employed by his 
neighbors *0 buy a new farplice 
for ike par/on of their town, 
which is the upper garment of 
the priejt performing divine fer- 
vice* He afks him that he 
would lend him a little of his 
help, that he would go with 
him to thofe who fell /tfc/a- 
gowns ; that he might take it 
bigger or /<?/; by the meal u re of 
his body, for his flature fumed 
to him to agree mightily icith 
the fize of their par fen. And 
as this fee med a flight/<?ny/c<?,the 
prieft. eafdy promifed. They go 
to the houfe of a certain man* 
The garment was produced. 
The prieft puts it on. The 
feller affirms that it fitted won- 
derfully. When the cheat had 
viewed Hit prieft one while be- 
fore, another behind, he pre- 
tended that it was fhorter before 
than was fit. There the feller, 
/V/r the bargain fhould not go 
forward, denies that to be the 
fault of the garment, /;#£ that 
the full ^«r/e was the occafion, 
that the fhcrtnefs offended on 
that fide. What needs viany 
words ? The prieft lays down, 
the purfe. They view him again. 
There the cheat, the priejl being 
turned from him, whips up the 


templatus ejftt facrifi- purfe, cyid throws himfelfupon^ 
cum nunc a ironte,nunc his feet. Hit pncjl follows 
a tergo, caufatus eft him running as he was with the 
brevius ajronte quam furpliceon, and the feller the 
ejfet par. lbi venditor, priejh The parfon cries out 9 
ne contractus non pro* flop the thief I the feller cries 
cedent, negat id effevi- out. Hop the par/on, the cheat 
tinm pallii,yid? twrgi- cries out, flop the mad. pried; 
dam crumenam efficere, and it was believed, zuhen they 
ui bre vitas offender et e& faw him run /# dreffed, in the 
parte. (?fcz</ multxs ? flreets ; wherefore zvhiljt one is 
Sacrificus depenit cm- a hindrance to the other 3 <Aar 
menam. Contemplan- cheat got a way, 
/#r denuo. /& impof- 
tor, /acr'fico averfo, ar- 
rz/?^ crumenam,tfcaon~ 
jicit/Sin pedes* Sacer- 
dos infequitur c&r/a ut' 
erat palliatus, et vendi- 
torfacrijicam, Sacrifi- 
cus clamat tenete furem, 
venditor clamat tenete 
Jacrificum* impolior 
clamat cohibete Juren- 
tern iacrrficum ; et ere* 
ditum eft, cum viderent 
turn currere jic ornatum 
in publico J itaque dum 
alter eft in mora alteri, 
i?npoftor efxugit. 

Eu.Dignus qui pen- Worthy to pcrijfc not by a 
at nonjimplici fufpen- fing /changing, 

Ge. Nifi jdm pendet.. Unlefs he be hanged already. 

Eu. Utinam nonfo* I wifh not he alone, but to- 
lus, fed una cum illo % gt tfo r zoith kirn., they who fa- 
qui favent talibus por- vor fach ?nonfters to the ruia 
tends in perniciem r*i m of the Commonzoealth. 
- public*. 

Ge. Non favent era. They do not favor them>r 



tis. Eft/ catena, quae 
demifja in terras pertin- 
get did Joveni. 

Eu. Redeundum ad 


As. Ordo rtdit ad te, 

j£ fas eft c0g<rn? Regem 
in ordinem. 

Eu. Non cogar, imp 
veniam volens in brdi- 

jnem, alto qui effem (y- 
rannus, non rex,y? re- 
cufera /^j quas ^r^- 

Jcribo aliis. 

As. Veruntamen az- 
#ft/ principem ^ fu- 
pra leges. 

Eu. Iftuc von e/l om- 
nino falfo di£lumj£ ac- 
cipias principem ilium 

Jammum y quern turn vo- 
cabant Cajarem. De- 
inde// fie accipiasyw- 
periorem legibus, quod 
alii coaBi fervantzzzYwtt- 
##£, ilium praztejiare 
multo cumulatius ///# 

Jponte* Nam quodnm- 
mus *y? corpon, >4<?r eft 
bonus princeps reipub- 
licce, Sed ^W2d? opus 
erat addere^tftfwtfzquiun 
rnalus princeps 7?<?tf ejt 
princeps ; quemadmo- 
du ?n t im p ur us [pi ritus 
qui invajit corpus horn- 
inis % non eft animus, 
Sed adjabulam ; et ar- 
tortf/xonvenire, z/z 4 1 ex 
adjeram iabulam regi- 

nofhing. There is a chain % 
which being let down upon the 
earth reaches to Jupiter. 

We mull return to our Jlo* 

The turn is come to you, if 
it be lawful to force a king to 

I will not be forced, nay I 
will come willingly into order, 
otherwise I Ihould be a tyrant* 
not a king, if I mould refufe 
the Uws which I prefcribe to 

Neverthelefs thy Jay a prince 
is above the laws. 

That is not altogether fqfely 
faid,?/ r you mean by a prince 
that great one, which then they 
called Cajar. And then if 'you 
fo underitand fupenor to the 
laws z^zzz* others bnngJorced % 
keep them infome meqfure, that 
he obferves them much -more 
fully of his own accord. Fof 
what the fowl i£ to the body, 
that is a good prince to the. 
commonwealth. But what need 
z^j- //zdr£ to add good^ hnce *z 
bad prince is not a prince ; as 
an impurej/^znV, that hadfeiz* 
<^the body gftf man is not z^<? 
y^/. But to the /lory ; and / 
think it is fit, that I being a 
king y Jhould bring a ftory cf a 
king. Lewis, king 0/ France^ 
the elevemh of that na?ne,\vhzi\ 
affairs being in diforder at 
ho?nc, he fojourned among the 




am. Ludovicus rex 
Galliarum undecimus 
ejus nominis, cum,rebus 
turbatis domi, peregrin- 
aretur apud Burgundi- 
ones, occafione venatio- 
nis na£tus eft familiar i- 
tattm cum quodam C©- 
none, ruftico ho mine, 
fed fimplicis ac finceri 
animi. Nam monar- 
chic dehElantur homi- 
nibus hujus generis. Rex 
dwerterat frequenter 
ndhujus cedes ex veaa- 
tu, tt ut nonnunquam 
magni prinapes delec- 
tantur plebeis rebus, vef 
tebatur rapis apud turn 
cum magna voluptate. 
Mox ubi Ludovicus ref- 
titutusj^w potiretur re- 
run apud Gallos ; uxor 
fubmonuit Cononem, ut 
com rn'one face ret re- 
gem veteris hofpitii, et 
<\d ferret Mi aliquot in- 
fgnes rapas dorto.^ Ca- 
non tergrverfatus eji, fe 
lufurum operam ; prin- 
.cipes enim con memi- 
mffe talium officiorum. 
.«&*/ uxor mcit. Con on 
deli git aliquot infignes 
rapzs,accini;itur itmere. 
Verum ipie captus ille- 
cebra cibi, paulatim de- 
voravit envies, ur\a dun- 
tax at in fig niter magna 
.£xcepta. pbi Conon 

Burgundians on occafion k>J 
huntings got acquaintance with 
0?2£ Conon, a country fellow, 
but of an hcneji and Jincert 
mind ;j^r monarchs ^r<? </<*- 
lighted with men 0/ this fort. 
The king turned frequently /<? 
A/j Atf &/<? after hunting ; and as 
fome times great princes are 
pleafed o/?7/z common things, /zd 
^/ turnips with him with great 
pleafure. Soon after wher 
Lewis being reflored, now en - 
joyed /Af kingdom among the 
French ; the wife advifed Co- 
non, that he mould put the_ 
king in mind of his old enter- 
tainment, andi\\o\}\& carry him 
{omefne turnips as' a pre/ent. 
Conon declined it, faying that 
he fhouid lofe his labor ; for 
princes did not remember//^ 
fervices. But the wife pre- 
vailed. Conon choqjes out 
fome fine turnips, prepares for 
his journey. But he being 
tempted with the allurements of 
the food, by little and little de- 
voured them all, one only, a 
very great one, excepted. 
When Conon baj crept into the 
hall where th- king wasta pa/s> 
he was prefently known bv the 
king and Jent for. He offered 
his prefent with great cheerful* 
nejs j the king received it with 
greater cheerlulnefs ; ordering 
one of thofe next him» that 
itfzouldbe laid up diligently 
among thofe things which he 



arorepfiflet in aulam, 
}ua rex erat iturus,Hdr 
:im agnitus eft a rege, 
it accerjitus. I lie dt* 
Yklit munus cum m»g- 
I J a alacritate, rex acce- 
hit cum majore alacri- 
ate, mandans cuidam e 
fyroximis, ut reponere- 
tur diligenter inter ea 
jua haberet charijjima. 
/\w\>zlCononem prandere 
tecum ; a prandio agit 
'gratias Cononi,^ juflit 
\mille coronatos numera- 
ri pro rapa Mi eupienti 
repetere fuum rus. Cum 
ifama kujus r ei, ut Jit per* 
vagata effet per omne 
regis famulitium, qui- 
dam ex aulicis dedit re- 
gi non inelegant em e- 
quum dono. Rex in- 
telligent ilium provo- 
tatum benignitate qu am 
pi aeftiteret Cononi, cap- 
tare pra:dam, accepit 
mwnus vultu major em 
in modum alacri,^ con- 
vocatis primoribus,ccc- 
pit confultare quo mu- 
nere penjaret tam bel- 
lum tamque pretiofum 
equum. Interim qui 
doaarat equum, conce- 
pt opimas fpes animo, 


counted mojl dear» He or- 
ders Conon to dine with him ; 
after dinner he gave thanks to 
Conon ;#w^/ordered a thoufand 
crowns to be paid For his tur- 
nip to him, defiring to return to 
his own country. When the 
fame §J this things it happens* 
had gone through all the king's 
fervants, one of the courtiers 
gave the king no uhhandfoma 
horfe as a prefent. The king 
under/landing that he being 
encouraged by the kindneis 
which he had (hewn to Conon t 
catched at a prize, received the- 
prefent with a countenance 
?nore than ordinarily cheerful ; 
and having called together his 
nobles, he began to ccnfult with 
as a return/or fo fine and Jo 
valuable a horfe. In the mean 
time he who had given the 
horfe, conceived rich hopes in 
his mind thinking thus, if he 
made fuch a return for a tur- 
nip prefented by a country fel- 
low,^?*; much moregeneroudy 
will he make a rtturnfor fuch a 
horfe given him by a courtier ! 
When one anfwered one thing, 
another another, Jo the king, 
confulting a/about a grand af- 
fair, and this catching fellow 
had ieenfed a Jong time with 


cogjtans fie, fijk pen- vain hopes, at laft the kinghA 
javit rapam donatam a it comzs into my mind what J 
ruflico, quanta munifl- JJiould give him, and one oftht 
centius penjaturus ejl nobles being called to him, ht 
talemequum oblaturn zvhifpe red in his ear, that he 
ab aulico. Cum alius fhould bring that which fa 
refponderet aliud regi fnould find \nh\s bedchamber, 
confultanti vehdi de and atthe fame ftWhed'efcribei 
magna re, et captator the place jwrappedun dilige?ztl) 
latlatus ejfet dm vana in (ilk. The turnip is brought, 
fpe, tandem rex inquit, 77z<? &«£ gives it with his own 
• i^/zz/ mihi in mentem hand to tJi^ x our tier, as it wa 
quod dtara»illi,<r/ quo- wrapped up, adding, that the 
piam ex procenbu.s zc- horfe feemed to him a#// paii 
cerfito, ^a// in aurem, for with a precious thingvihiq 
Mt adferret id quod Jiadcojl him a thoufand crowns 
reperiret in cubiculo The cvur tier going away, w hi I) 
(Jmulque defigna-t &- he takes oft tke cloth, finds jbr 
cumj obvolutum dili- a treafurc, not coals, as they 
genUr ferico. 7&z/tt fay, £wzf a turnip W0&J dry. Thui 
adfertur. Rex donat that catching feWow being catch' 
cum fua manu aulico, id, was a laughingflock of ever 
Ut ^r^z 4 obvoluta, W- ^y £<?A'. 
.^wj, equum i/zam fibi 
^;z<? penfatum cimelio 
quod confiitijjet fibi 
??n7/£ coronatis. ^z/A- 
a^ digreifus ^m tol- 
lit linteuvi, reperit pro 
ihejauro non carbonts, 
in aiunt, yfo/ rapamjam 
fubaridam. Ita ille 
captator captus rifui 
iliit omnibus, 

A. Jam/? permiitis, Now ?/ you permit me, < 
rvvv,' ut plekeius loquar king 9 that /, £il^ acommone 




kgali a yef cram quedzx 
\\d fabula venit in men- 
*m de eodem Ludovi- 
o. Nam ut anfa tra- 
it anfam, it a fabuia 
abulam. Cum quid am 
mulus vidiflet pedi- 
ulum repent em in te- 
la vejh% fie x is gen i bus, 
t manu iublata, fig *ti fi- 
at fe velte praeltare 
*fcio quid officii, Lu- 
o vico p rceben te f e , fuj- 
L ulit pediculum, et ab- 
ecit clam. Rege ro- 
\antt quid effet, puduit 
fateri. Cum rex inflau- 
Vaiy faflus et\ fuffe pe- 
liculum. Eft las turn 
ffft?zi, in-quit, declarat 
znim me ^S horn in em, 
fK#«t hoc genus vermi- 
culorum in felt at ho??ii~- 
nem peculiariter, pra- 
fertim in adolefcentia, 
iitffifque quadraginta 
core nat os n inner an pro 
officio. lb ft aliquam 
mukos dies, alter qui- 
dam, qui viderat tam 
humile ojficium ceflifle 
f duller ilii, nee ani- 
madvertens plurimum 
intercil^/acias quid ex 
ammo an #r/£, aggreflus 
eft r^^ firuili geftu^c 

mould fpeak q[ things beloiigitfg 
to &f2g\r,Iwill relate what upon 
your itory comes into my mind 
of the fame Lewis. lor 0i a 
link of a chain draws a link, 
jo does aflory ajlory. When Sr 
certain jervant had ieen £ /0*/$ 
creeping upon the king' s ccat.ow 
his bended knees, and with his 
hand held up, he fignijiss that 
he a/ «? tt /</ p ei f o r m y < > ?g ^ 0^? ce o i 
other. Lewis offering himfeif, 
/ze /j ? 4 off t ! i e I o u fe, a n d 1 1 i r e w 
it away privately. The king 
z?/7z z tfg W h ut i t wa s , he tea f djha m - 
td to confefs. When the king 
urged him, he con fe fled /A a/ if 
a.'tf.y a loufe.// zj a joyful omen, 
quoth he, y#r it declares that I 
^/72 a man, becaitfe this kind ^jT 
vermin does infeit w£^ peculiar- 
ly, ejljeciatiy in his yo.::h, $i^ 
he ordered forty crozvns to be 
\paid him /i)r hisfervice. After 
a good many days, /<?//z£- other, 
who /zW obferved that lb mean 
a jet vice had fallen out luckily 
for him, azzr/ /z#>> minding that 
there is a great deal of differ- 
ence whether you do a thing 
/rtf/, 7 z zVz<? heart, or /7 <2r/,accoft- 
ed z7ze fortg with the like gef- 
ture, and again lie offering 
himfeif, he pretended that lie 
took /b?nethwg from the king's 
coat, which prefently he threw 



rurfus illo prcebente fe 
fimulabat le tollere 
quid dam e regia vefte, 
quod mox abjiceret. 
Cum re* urgeret ter- 
g^verfantem, ut diceret 
</#2af tjfci % pudore mire 

away. When the king urged 

him declining to tell what it 

was, fhaine being wonderfully 

counterfeited, at length he an- 

fuered that it was a flea. The 

king having underjtood the 

roguery, what, quoth he, will 

jimulato tandem rejp on- you mahe me a dog? He or* 

dit effe pulicem. Rex dered the fellow to be taken a- 

way, tf/zd? forty Jlripes to be 

given him /ar the forty crowns 

In catched at. 


intelledo fuco, quid,in- 
quit,antu fades me &a- 
nem ? Jufiit hominem 
ro Hi ££• quadraginta 
plagas infligi />r<? qua^ 
dragiiiia conQiiatis cap~ 

Phylyth. Non eft tu* 
tum,utaudio t \uderecum 
regibus facet its ; quem- 
admodum enim leones 
placide I'ricant:, i<dt?n % 
ubl iubitum eji, funt le- 'fellow lies dead 
ones, et .collufcr jacet. ner kingsfavor, 
Ibidem reges favent. 
Sed acferam fabulum 
non di/jimikm tuee . fa- 
bula^, ffg recedamus in- 
terim a Ludovico, cui 
<?r<7/ pro delcclamento 
Jallere hiaates corvos. 
Acceperat do no al.icun- 
de decent millia corono- 
torum. Qooties amem 
nova pecunia obtigit 
principltms % 07hnes offi- 

It is not fafe, as / /^&r, ta 

play &>2*M kings in waggery : 
Jir as lions c^er themfelves 
fometimes quietly to one tha 
rubs them, the fame, when M<?) 
ptcafe, are lions, ana their play, 
In like j nan- 
But / »i/i 
£nz/£" a ftory »0/ unlike yoUi 
ftory a ^/?£/ &;£ w<y ??0/ depart 
in the mean time from Lewis, 
to whom zV a/dij a diver fion ta 
deceive gaping crows. He had 
received as aprefent from fome- 
bcdy, ten thoufand crowns* 
But as often as new money 
has come in to princes, all the 
officers hunt for it, and endeav- 
or to catch lome part of the 
priz£, 77wY did not efcape 



ciarii venantur, et cap- 
tant aliquam partem 
'Ipnedae. Idnon iugic- 
ibat Ludovicum. Cum 
ligitur ea pecunia £*- 
\promta effet in men fa, 
I g'wtf magis invitaret 
f fpem omnium, fie "/cc#- 
/ar £/? circumftantibus. 
0tid 9 an non videor 
#0£?j opulentus ffic ? 
Ubi colic cabimus tan- 
tam r/f/w pecunia ? Eft 
donatiha, convenit do- 
na ri vict /Jim. Ubi nunc 
flint amici % quibus afe- 
fe<? ytojiiis officiis in 
titicf Adfint w« pri- 
ufquam Aft thefaurus 
ejfluat, Ad hanc vo- 
cem permulti accurrere, 
nemo non fperahat &/r- 
yw 7 df fi b i . • C«7» re x znr* 
dijftt aliquem inhibit* 
tern maxime, et jam de- 
vorantem pecuniarn oc~ 
ulis, converfus adeixm, 
inquit, amice, quid tu 
narras ? I tie com mem - 
orabat/? aluifle regios 
f al cones diu f u m m a 
fide, nee fine gravibus 
impendiis , • All us ad - 
ferebat aliud ; quifque 
exaggtrabid fuum qffi- 
cium verbis, quantum 

I 2 

hems. When therefore that 
money Atf^f £^?2 drawn out up 
on the table, that he might raijc 
the more the hgpes of all, thus /*£ 

j^0/£e to them Handing about 
him. What, do not I feem to 

you a rich king ? Vvherejhalt 
we difpofe of fo great a quanti- 
ty of money ? It is given, it is 

fit it be given agamJ Where 
now are my friends, to v;hom / 
am indebted for their fervices 
to we ? Let them come now, 
before this treafure be gone. 
Upon this faying a great many 
came in, every body hoped for 

fomething to himfelf. When' 
thekingy^^; one gaping at it 
v e r y m u c h a nd n o w devour 2 ng 
the money with his eyes, being 

: turned to him, he fays/friend, 

■ what do you fay ? He hld,that 
he had maintained the king's s 
hawks a long lime with great 
faith fulnefs, and not without 
great -'-charges.- Another alledgi. 
ed another thing ; every man 
magnified his office by words 
as much as ho could. The 
king heard c/Zkindly, {i?id ap- ' 
proved of thefpeuh-oi every 

1 one. • This confultation was 
continued for 'a long time, that ' 
he might torment /v?j/7J- «2// the 
longer &*&A A<?^ and fear. The 

firfl chancellor jhod among : 
poterai * 



poterat. Rex audiebat 
cmnes benigne et com- 
probabat orationem fixi- 
guloruiii. Hcec con- 
iultatio dilata efi in 
longum tempus, quo 
torqueret omnes dlutius 
fpe metuque primus 
cancellarius aflabat in- 
ter eos : nam j.u Herat, 
et huvc acciri. Ii pru- 
de ntior cater is, non 
praedicabaty^tf cjftcia, 
led agebat fpe£latorem 
fabula. Tandem rex 
«onverfus ad hunc in- 
tuit, quid narrat meus 
cancellarius ? Ilk fo- 
lus peti^ nihil, nee prvz- 
<iicat J'ua officio... Ego, 
inquit cancellarius, ac- 
cept plus a regia be nig- 
nit ate, quam promerw 
erim ; nee fum rnagis 
Jolicitus de ulia re, 
quam utrefpondeamxt- 
gise munificentia in me, 
tantum apefl ut veiim 
flagitare plura. Turn 
rex inquit, unus igitur 
omnium non eges petu- 
nia ? Tua benignitas, 
inquit alter. j#tf2, prajli- 
tit ne egerem. /^ rex 
verfus ad a!io& inquit, 
&& rgtf/wmixiagnificen- 

them ; for he had ordereciAmp 
alfo to be called. He r more 
prudent ^arc the rejf, did not 
extol hisfervices, but acled the 
fpe&ator of this play. At laft 
the king being turned to hi?n y 
{zy$,w7iat fays my chancellor ? 
He alone afksfor nothing, nor 
does he extol hisfervices. 1^ 
Jays the chancellor, A^iye /?- 
ceived more yrcw the royal 
bounty \ than 7 ^az/e deferved / 
nor aw / more concerned about 
any thing, than that / W2<ry fl«- 
fwer the royal bounty towards 
mz,Jbfar am I from defiring 
to afk more.. Then ^<? &'/?£ 
fays, do you alone therefore of 
all not want money ? Your, 
bounty, Jays the other, has Al- 
ready Jecured me from want- 
ing. There the king bang 
turned to the other s,Jays, tru 
ly / am the mo ft magnificent 
of all kings, who have fo rich 
# chancellor. Here Atfjte was 
kindled more in all, M#/ i 
would come, to pafs, that th 
money \tould be diftributed to 
the refl, feeing he de fired noth 
ing. When the king had 
played in this manner, long e«. 
nough, he forced the chanceL 
lor to take zUthat. fum heme. 
And by and by being turned 
to the reft now faid, you mufi 


>!iffimus omnium regum, wait, fays he> another occa- 
,ui habeam tarn opu- fioru 
-ntum cancillarium. 
leic fpes accenfa eft 
aagis omnibus, futu- 
' umut pecunia diftrib- 
heretur ceteris, quan- 
iloquidem ille ambiebat 
\ihiL Ubi rex lufiflet 

id hunc mo dam fatis, . ". ' \ . . 

liu, coegit cancellaji- 
jm, ut aujerret totam 
:am fammam domum. 
Moxq ; verfus ad cac- 
:gt os ja?Ji mceftos, vo- 
bis ent expeclanda, in- 
quit, alia occafio. 

Phil, Fortaffe vide- Perhaps it milt appear flat 
friiur frigidius, quod zvhic h I am going to tell, wh ere' 
fum narraturus vproin- fore 1 bar thefujpicion of evil 
ie deprecor fufpicio- deceit, or roguery, that I may 
\nem mali doli fucive \ not Jeem to have fought immu- 
ne videar ambiffe im- nity on purpofe. A certain 
munitatem deinduflria. man went to the fame Lewis, 
Quidam adiit eundem defiring that he would order 
Ludovicum, petens ut an office, which by chance was 
juberet munus, quod vacant in that dijtric7,m which 
/<?/7<?vacabat in eo pago, he lived, to be conferred upon 
in quo habitabat,wan[- him.. The king, having heard 
ferri in ipfum. Rex,, his petition, . anfwered readily, 
>auditafeutione,.rfpon- you will da nothing. The pe- 
dit expedite, effices ni- titioner likewife prefently hav- 
hil. Petitor ■ etiam mox ing given thanks to the king, 
aclis grains regi dif departed. The king gather- 
cejfet. Rex, colligens ing from his very look, that 
ex ipfo fronte, effe ho- he, was a man by no means of 




minem non omnino fm- 
iflri ingenii, fufpicans 
que ilium non intellex- 
iffe quod refpondiffet, 
jubet cum revocari. 
Redit. Turn rex in- 
quit, intelligebas quid 
refponderim tibi f In- 
tellexi. Quid igitur 
dixi ? Me efftclurum 
nihil. Cur igitur age- 
bas gratias ? Ouoniam, 
inquit, eft quod agam 
domi : proinde perfe- 
cuturus eram ancipi- 
/<?#*' fpem Azc } meo mag- 
no incommodo : nunc 
interpreter beneficium' 
negafie beneficium cito 
meque lucraturn quic- 
quid eram perditurus, 
ft laclatus fuifiem vdna 
/be. Ex eo refponfo 
rex conje&urans mini- 
Tnefegnem hominem, u- 
bi percunftatus eflet 
pauca. Habebis, inquit, 
quod petis, qua agas 
inihi gratias bis ; fi- 
mulque verfus ad cjfi- 
ciarios, expediantur 
dipiomata, huic, inquit,. 
fine, mora,' ne hscreat 
heic diu Juo damno. 

Eu. Non rieeft quod 
referenx' de Ludovico, 

dull parts, and fufpefting that 
he did not undeiftand what he 
had aniwered him, orders him 
to be called back. He returns. 
Then the king /ays, did yoi 
underftand what I anfwefec 
you ?' I did underftand. What 
then did I fay ? That Ifhould 
effetl nothing. Why therefore 
did you give thanks ; becaufe, 
fays he, J have fometJiing td 
do at home, and therefore 
(hould have purfued doubtful 
hopes here to my great lofs ^ 
now I conftrue it as a kindnefs 
to deny the kindnefs quickly, 
and that I have gained what- 
foever I fhould have loft, if 1 
had been fed by vain hopes. 
By that anfwer the king guefT» 
ing him to be no duttman, 
when he afked him a Jew 
things, you (hall ha^e, quoth 
he, what you defirc\ that you 
may give me thanks twice : 
And at the fame time y turning.. 
tO'the officers, let the patents 
be made readyyW him, faiih • 
he, without delay, that he may 
not flay here, long Jo his loj}.-> 

I want not fomething to re- 
late of Lewis, but I had rather 


fed malo de nojlro tell of our Maximilian : TVho 7 
vMaximiliano. Qui ut as he ufed not to bury his mow 
\nequaquam folitus eji ey, fo he was very merciful to 
elefodere pecunia?n, ita thofe who had/pent their efiate t 
erat clememiffimus in fo they were recommended by a 
\eos qui decoxerant, mo- title of nobility. Being dt fir- 
do commendarentur ti- ous to help a certain young 
tulo nobilitatis. Cum ?»tf# of this fort of men, he 
vellet opitulari cuidam committed tohim* deputation, 
juveni ex hoc genere that he mould demand a hun* 
hominum, mandavit il- dred thoufand Jlorins from a 
li legationem, ut pete- certain city upon I know not 
vet centum miWia jlore- what title. But the title was 
\norum a quadam avi- fuck, that 2/ any thing a^j 0^- 
^^ nefcio quo tituio. tained by the dexterity ^/ /^<s 
Titulus. autem erat /#- deputy, it might ^e reckoned as 
&r, ut /f quid impetra- clear gain. TXe deputy got 
/&w f^?£ dexter itate <fe- j£/^y thoufand, A<? retumedCze- 
gati poflet duci pro lu- far thirty. Caefar being glad 
cro. Lcgatus extorfit of tins unexpected booty, dif- 
quinquaginta inillia, miffed the man, inquiring 
reddidit Casfari trigiw nothing further. In the mean 
ta. Caefar l&tus in- time the treafurcrs and audi- 
fperata prceda dimifit tors had fmelled out, that more, inquirens ni- was received than given ZT^they 
hil prasterea. Interea fpeak to Cafir, that he would 
qusefuores et rationales fend for the man. He was 
olfeccrant plus accep- fentjor, comes presently. Then 
tumfuiffe quam exhibit Maximilian fays, / /zejr that 
turn : interpellant C<«r- you received j£#y thoufand. 
Jarem, ut accerferet ho- He confe/ftd it. You gave in 
minem. Accitus eft but thirty. He confefed that 
venit illico. Turn too. J^w ^z^ give an ac- 
Maximilianus inquit, count, fays he. He promifed 
Audio te accepiiTe^i?2- /^ would do it, and departed, 
auaginia millia. /tf^V Again w/krc nothing was done^ 



eft : Exhibuifti non ni^ 
Ji triginta. Faffus eft 
et hoc. Reddendo, ejl 
Yat\o,inquit. Promifit 
fefaclurum, et difcejjit, 
Rurfum cum nihil ejfet 
aclum, offiaanis inter- 
pellantibus, revocatus 
eft. Turn Cozjar inquit, 
7iuper)uh us es reddere 
rationem. MeminiAw- 
quit ille, et fum in hoc, 
Caefar fujpicans ratio- 
nem nondum cffe fat is 
Jubduclam ilii, pajfus 
ejl ilium abire jic. Cum 
Jiceluderet, ofliciarii in- 
Jlabant vehem enter, 
cla??iitantes non eiTe fe- 
rendum, ut ille illude- 
ret Caefari ta??i palam. 
juberetur exhibere ra- 
tionem inibi, ipfs prce- 
Jentibus. Cue far annu- 
ity Accitus venxt iili- 
co, nihil tergiverfatus. 
Turn Caefar in quit , 
nonnepollicitus es ra- 
tionem? Poliicitusfum; 
refpondit ille. Opus 
eit jam, inquit, nee eft 
locus tergiverfandi am- 
plius. Ibi juvenis in- 
quit fat dextre, non de- 
tre£to rationemy invic- 

the officers, fpeaking to Caefar, 
lie was recalled. Then Ccefar 
fays, /tf^Vy you were ordered 
to give an account. / remem- 
ber % fays he, and I am about 
it. Caefar Ju j 'peeling that his 
account was not yet iufficiently 
drawn up by him, he jujfered 
him ta g# away jo. When he 
thus evaded, the officers prejf- 
ed the matter mightily, crying 
out that it was not to be borne 
with, that he fliould play upon 
Caefar fo openly. They per-" 
fuade him, that being fent for, 
hejfiould be ordered to give in 
his account there, whiljl they 
were by. Caefar agrees. Be- 
ing fent for, he comes quickly, 
not at all declining it. Then 
Caefar fays, did not you prom- 
ife an account f 1 did, replied 
he. It muft be juft now, fays 
he, nor is there room for de- 
clining it any longer. There 
the young man fays dextroijly 
enough, I do not refute an ac- 
count, mod invincible Ccrjar ; 
but / am not very much /killed 
in fuck accounts, as who never 
gave any in : tkofe who/// by 
are very Jk'iljul in fuck ac- 
counts, ,?/ I fee but once how 
they manage fuck accounts, / 
Jliall imitate them eafily. / de- 
Jire you would command them. 



tifllme Ccefar ; verum 
. non fum ad modum peri- 
; tus hujufmodi ratio- 
num, ut qui nunquam 
reddiderim : IJli qui 
nffdent funt peritiffmi 
talium rationum :y£vi- 
dero velfemel quemad- 
modum Hit tra&ent 
hujufmodi rationes, ego 
imitabor facile. Rogo 
jubcas illos vel edere ex- 
cmplum, videbunt me 
docilem. Cafar fenfit 
diclum hominis, quod 
hi non intelligebant, in 
,quos dicebatur ; acfu- 
bridens inquit, narras, 
^erum, et pollulas ce- 
quu?n. Ita dimifit ju- 
venem : Subindicabat 
enim illos folere redde- 
re rati one m Caefari, 
que?nad?nodum\pk red- 
diderat, nimirum,w/ bo- 
na pars pecunice rema- 
neret penes ipfos. 

■Le.Nunc ejl tempus, 
nt iabula defcendat ab 
equis adafuxos, ut ai- 
unt % a regibus ad Anto- 
nium facrificum Lova- 
nienfem, qui fuit in de- 
iichs Philippo copno- 
mento bono. Ferun- 
tur multa hujus viri. 

but to fet me an example, they 
(hall fee me tractable. Cafar 
underftood the faying of the 
man, which they did not im- 
derfland, again ft whom it was 

/aid : andfmiling fays, you fay 
true, and demand what is rea* 

fbnable. So he dij miffed the 
young fellow. For he inti- 
mated that they iiftd to give 
account to Cacfar, as he had 
given his, to wit, that a good 
part of the money fhould re- 
main with them. 

Now it is time that the fio- 
ryflwuld defend from horfes 
to affes, as they fay, from kings 
to Anthony the prieft of Lo- 
vai/i, who was infavpr with 
Philip, by furname, the good. 
There art reported many things 
of this ?nan, either phajantly 
laid, or jocofely done, but 




ve4 jacunde difla, vel 
jocokjacla, fed pier a- 
que fordidiora. Nam 
folebat condire plerof- 
que fuos lufus quodam 
unguento, quod won fo- 
natadmodum eleganter, 
Jed olet pejus. Deli- 
gam unum exmundior- 
ibus. Invitaret unum 
atque alterum bellum 
homunculum obvios 
forte in via. Cum re- 
diiffet domum, reperit 
culinzmfngidam. Nee 
erat nummus in loculis, 
quod nequaquam erat 
infolens illi. Heic e- 
rat opus celeri confilio. fe tacitus, et 
ingreffus culinam fee- 
neratoris, quicum Mi 
erat familiaritas, quod 
ageret jrequenter cum 
illo, famula digreffa, 
fubduxit unam ex cene- 
is ollis, una cum car* 
nibus jam coaBis, ac 
defer eb at teftam vefile, 
domum ; dat coquae, 
jubet carries et jus pro- 
tinus effundi in aliam 
ficlilem ollam fimulq : 
ollam faineratoris de- 
fricari donee niteret. 
E0 fafto, mittit pue- 

mdfl of them nafty. For \\\ 
ufed /{? feafon mod of hi: 
mirth with a certain ointment 
which does not found very 
neatly, but fmelis zvor/e. J 
will choofe one of the cleaner, 
He had invited one and anoth- 
er pretty fellow that?net him by 
chance z/z theflreet. When Ad 
Was returned home, he finds 
the kitchen cold. Nor was 
there any money 2'w his pockety 
which was not unufual with 
him. Hert was need of /pee* 
dy contrivance. He withdrew 
himfelf fdently, and entering 
the kitchen of an ufurer, with 
whom he had a familiar *ac- 

;[uaintance, becaufe he dealt 
requently with him, /Ae wtf?^ 
being gone afide, he took off 
one of the brazen pots, togethe 
with theflejli now boiled, an 
carried it covered under hi. 
coat home ; g/t^j" zV to the 
cook maid, orders the flefh 
tf>?^ broth immediately to be 
poured out zwto another earth 
em pot, <zW at the fame time 
the pot of the ufurer to be rub 
h*d, till it was bright. That 
being done, he fends a boy to 
*/z£ ufurer : who leaving it in 
pawn, fliould borrow two 
drachms oi the ufurer, buiffiould 
take a note, that fhould teftifv 




am ad }ceneratorem s 
jui depofitopignore, fa- 
nat rmituo duas drach* 
nas afaneratorejed ac~ 
r.ipiat chirographurn, 
jfuod teftaretur talemol- 
T |am rmjfam ad ipfum. 
W&nerator non agnof- 
pens ollam, utpote de- 
Yrtflam ac nitentem, re- 
:ipit pignus, dat ckiro- 
rraphum t et numerate- 
:umam. Eapecuniapuer 
\rmt vi num. It a prof- 
Deflum eft conznvio. 
Tandem cum prandium 
2ppararetur fqeneratori, 
ma defiderata eft. Heic 
;iurgium adverfus co~ 
quam. Cum ea grava- 
retur, . afjirmavit con- 
ftanter neminem fuifle 
°o die in culina prater 
Antonium. Videbatur 
improbum fufpicari hoc 
de facnjico. Tandem 
? turn ejl ad ilium. Ex- 
tol or at u?n an olia effet 
kipud illuviy at ??&//# re- 
perta eft. Quid mul- 
Us? Q\\* Jlagitata ejl 
jab \\\o ferio. qaodfoius 
ingrefTus effet culinam 
quo tempore defiderata 
°JL tttcfaftisymmp. 
fiffe mutuo quandam 
ollam,/^aiiam remifif 
In ilii unde furnpferat. 
Cum illi pernegarent id, 
et contentio incaluiffet % 


that fuck a pot zvas feiti to him a 
The ufurer not knowing the 
pot, as being rubbed and bright, 
takes M* pawn, gives Me /?<?^, 
and £<zj/j the money. With thai 
money the boy buys wine. Thus 
provifion was madej^r ajeaJL 
At la ft when dinner was pre- 
paring for the ufurer, the pot 
was miffing, upon this there 
was a brawl with the cook maid» 
When Jhe was grievoully 
charged, Jhe affirmed con (rant ly 
that nobody had been that day 
in the kitchen befides Anthony. 
It feemed wicked to J uf peel this 
?/# prieji. At length they went 
to him. Searched whether //z<? 
/wf was a>?Y/£ him, but ?2^>/^ was 
found. What needs many 
word 9 ? The pot was demand- 
ed of him z>2 earneft, becaufe he 
alone had entered the kitchen, at 
what time 2* a^j mfjing. He 
conjrjjed he borrowed a certain 
pot, Z>^ which he had fint back 
to him of whom he had it. When 
they denied it, a^ the conten- 
tion ^T^a/ warm,&\\\\ionyJbmc 
witneiTes being taken to ium % 
fays,yfe how dangerous it is to 
deal with werc of tbele times 
without a note : an aflion of 
th [ft would be almoft laid a- 
gain ft me, unlets / had the 
hand of the ufurer ; and he pro- 
duced the note. The roguery 
was under flood ; ihejtory was 
fpread through the whole coun- 
try with a great deal oi laughs 
Anton lus^ 

J 10 


Antomius, aliquot, tefti- 
bus ad/nbitis/mqyxh, vi- 
de te quam pen cut of urn 
eft agere cum komimbus 
horurn temporum line 
ckirographo J atliofur- 
ti properr;odum inten- 
deretur rnihji m habe* 
rem manum fanerato- 
ris, et prctulit lyngra- 
pham. Dolus intc Hec- 
tus eft ; fabula difiipa- 
ta e ft per tot am regio- 
nem cum magno rifu, 
ollam oppignoipatam ip- 
ficujmerat. Homines 
favent hujufniodi do lis 
libentius, Ji commiffi 
lint in odiofas perfonas, 
prxfeuvm eps qui folent 
imponere aliis. 

A. Nae tu apperuifti 
nobis mare babularum, 
norninato Antonio : 
Jed refer am dunraxat w 
nam, earn que brevem, 
quam audivi nuperri- 
ine. Aliquot belli ho* 
munculi, ut dicunty agi- 
tabant convivium fimul, 
quibus nihil in vita pri- 
1.1 s quam ridere. Inter 
has erat Ant on i us, atquc 
item alter, et ipfe Cele- 
bris 2,7 hoc genere lau- 
dis,-?/ velut amulus An* 
tonii. Porro quemad- 
modum inter pkilofo- 
pkos, fi quando conve- 
niuat, quefliunculx la- 

ter Mfl/ M<? /w/ was pawned A. 
Az;rc whofe ?/ was. Men favor 
fuch /ncij the more willingly, 
?/they are pra&ifed upon odi- 
ous perfons, efpecially thole 
who are wont te impoje upon 

Truly you have opened to us 
a fea of /lories, by naming An 
thony : But I will relate only 
one, and that ajliort one, which 
/ heard very lately. Some 
pretty little fellow s t as they cal 
them, kept afeajl together, with 
whom nothing in Ife is better 
than laughing. Among thtfe 
was Anthony, and hkewife an 
other % he al/o famous in this 
fort of praife, and as it were 
rival of Anthony. Moreover 
among pkilofophers, \i at any 
time they meet, little quejhons 
ufed to be propefed about the 
things of nature, fo /2<?r<? imme- 
diately a queftion arofe, zy/jtf* 
part of men was $<? 0*0/? hon- 




lent proponi de rebus 
naturct, ita heic ftatim 
qucejiio nata zft^quxnam 
pars hominis effet ho- 
Jieftifjima. Alius divi- 
nabat oculos, alius cor 
alius cerebrum, alius i* 
tem a hud, et qui/que 
adferebat rationem fuse 
divinationis. Antonius 
juflus dicere fententiam, 
dixit os videri fibi #<?- 
neftiffimam partem ^^z- 
7ii urn f et addidit nefcio 
y«a^ caufam. jTa/?* 
ille alter, ne quid ipfi 
conveniret cum Anto- 
nio, refpondit, earn par- 
tem qua fed em us videri 
fibi honeftiftimam. Cum 
id? videretur ab/urdum 
omnibus, attulit hanc 
caufam, quod is ducere- 
tur vufgo honorat'jjl- 
mus, qui primus confi- 
dent, /20c honoris com- 
"petere jfezftz quarn d'z.t- 
r^/. Applaufum eft 
£«*<; fentejptiae, ^ rifum 
eft affutim. Homo 
placuH (ibi de hoc ditlo, 
et Antonius vifus eil 
'Z'ldus in eo cerramine, 
Antonius diflimulavit, 
fuz non detul^rar />rz- 
wafw laudem hone/iatis 
on ob aiiudi nifi /yw<?^ 
fciret ilium velut £?/;2Z/. 
/ww fuse gloria nomina- 
tut urn diverfam partem* 

orable. One guefjed the eyes, 
another the heart, another the 
brain, another likewife anoth- 
er thing, and ejy<?r)/ <?/?<? gave £ 
raz/tf/jofhis goefs. Anthony 
being ordered /0 declare his o- 
pinion, /ij'J that the mouth 

Jeemtd to him /A^ /720// honora- 
ble part (?/ a//, and he added I 
know not zz^tf/ reafon. 7%e# 
that other, that he might not in 
any thing agree zvith Anthony, 
anfwered that that part on 
which we fit /eemed to him #Kp 
1770/? honorable. When that 
appeared abfurd to all, he gavz 
this reafon, that he was reckon- 
ed commonly the mojl honora- 
ble, who fir ft fat down, that his 
honor belonged to that pari 
which he had named. They 
applauded this Opinion, and 
laughed heartily» The man 
was pleafed with himlelffor 
this faying, and Anthony feem- 
ed' conquered in that difpute, 
Anthony took no notice, who 
h d not given i ht chief praife 
of honor ro the mouth for a??y 
thing elfe, but //m* he knew 
that he as the rival of his glo- 
ry, zv oidd name the quite con- 
trary /;^r/. Alter ./wafc d^ys, 
when both of them afcr* invited 
again /0 the fame feu ft. An- 
thcriy entermks finds lit j nW 
talking a^/z fome p7&?rj,wliilft 

Jupper is getting ready, cW 
turning his back of him, foitf 

,/j a routing tart fc/^i if)kjfe« 




Pofl aliquot dies s cum 
uterque vocal us J/etnir- 
fus ad idem convivrum, 
Antonius ingrefjus or* 
fendh cemulum confab- 
ulautem cum aliquot a* 
his, dum cctna adorna- 
tur, tt averfus o mi jit 
alarum ventriscrepiturn 
antefaciem alterius. li- 
te indignatus inquit, a- 
bi fcurra, ubinam didi- 
€ijh iftos mores ? Turn 
Antonius inquit etiam 
indignaris? Si falutaf- 
fern U ore, rejalutajjes 
nunc Jaluto te parte 
corporis, vel te judice % 
hone fti (lima omnium, et 
vocor fcurra. Sic An- 
tonius ? ecuptravit gtori- 
arn anvffam prius. /)<*- 
imj<j omnes, fupereft ut 
judex pernunciet. 

Ge. Faciam id, Ted 
72<?/z priufquam quijque 
ebiberit fuum cyathum. 
En aufpicor, fed /&/?tfi" 
in fabula. 

P. Levinus Panaga- 
\hus adfert baud laevum 

L. QuH tffifi/'»» eft in- 
ter tamlepidos conger- 
rones ? 

Po.Quid abud ? cer- 
latum eft fabulis. donee 
lupus in'ervenires. 

Le. Hue igitur ad- 
fum, ut peiftcidrn/tf^- 

of the o'.her. He being mad I 

Jays, get you gone you rudt\ 
drolij where d/dyou learn \\\tit\ 
manners ? Then Anthony Jays A 
what, are you angry ? If I had 
faluted you with my mouth, 
you would have faluted me a- 
gain, now I Joint t you w T ith a 
part of the body, even you £<?- 
ing judge, the mofl honorable 
of all, and / #>?! called a rude 
droll. ^tfJ" Anthony recover- 
ed the glory /0// before. ffV 
have atljaid, it remains Mo| 
the judge pronounce fentence. 

I will do it, but 770/ before 
every man drinks off his glajs. 
Lo / begin, but f/ze a;'^ in the 

Levinus Panaga&us brings 
no unlucky omen» 

What A/W tarn </0tf<? among 
y^c/^ pretty companions. 

What effi ? we have been 
contending injtories, till you 
as a wolf came in. 

Hither therefore I am come 
tkatlmdy fintfh the jarce : ! 


lam '; Volo vos omnes defire y<^ a// totake a tfceolog- 

prandere prandium the- ical dinner a/zVA me tomorrow, 
ologicum apudm*. eras. 

Ge. PromittisScyfA*- You promife us a Scylnian 

turn tonvivium. feaft. ' //>,,- 

L. NiG/a/^zraiwihoc Unlels yctii cflw/g/J that this 
Jwffe jucundius vobis rvas more plea fan t to you than 

fdbiloib convivio, non the fabulous feaft, / do not re* 

recufo daie poeoas in fufe to fuffer punifhment^^/p- 

cxna. Nihil jucundius per. Nothing is more pleafant 

quam cum nuges trac- than when trifles are handled 

tamur/?rz<?. Jmoujly. 

Charon, Genius, Alaftor» 


QUID ita prop*- ^ X 7HY do you hapten Jo re- 
rtfjgeftiens,^- VV joicing Ala/lor ? 
laftor t 

Al. O Charon, opor- O Charon, you come in good 
tune tu quidem. "Fro- time indeed, I was haitenuig 
pei abam ad te. to \ou. 

Ch Quid novae rei M What news ? 
A. Feto nuntium Fit- . I bring >?<?syj that will bzvery 
turum lrt][Jimum tibi joyful to you and Proferpine. 

Ch EfTer ?£-//« r quod Declare M^/fc what )<?w bring, 
fers, etexdnerto te. and unload your f t If ? 

Al. Yuux: gffjenint fu- The furies ^ai# dfow* their 
u:n negotiuixi //(?// tfttjtei buiiatfs no /^diligently than 



>1 4 


riaviter quam feliciter, 
mfecerunt omnes partes 
oibis tartareis malis 
diffidiis, bellis. latroci- 
«its, peftilenttis, adeo 
uty&mfint plane calvcz % 
emiflis colubris, et c- 
bambultnt exhauftae ve- 
neniSi quaerentes quic* 
quid viperarum atque 
efpidum eft ufquam, 
quando fmt t am glabra 
quam ovum, et non ha* 
bent pilum in capite ,nec 
qu?dquamefih™c\s fucci 
in pttlore. Promde tu 
fac appares cymbam ac 
remos: mox enim tcmta 
multitude) umbrarum 
ventura eft, ut verear 
ne non fufficias tranf 
mittendis omnibus. 

Ch. Ik&nonjugerant 

Al. Unde refcibas ? 

Ch OfTa ptrtuhrat 
ante biduum* 

Al. Nihil <// velocius 
ilia dea. Sed ^wa'igitur 
tuc fi ffas hie ? 

Ch. Ita nimirum res 
ferabat. Profeflus fum 
kuc,ui compararem mi- 
hi aliquam validam tri- 
remem, nam ?7^a- cymba, 
jam putns vetuftate a£ 
jfutjlis', nonfufficerithu- 
i'c opf j ri ; fi funt r/<?ra 
quae 0^2 narravit^aa'z- 
gaavn quid 0ptf.f erat 

happily, they have infecled <A\ 
the parts of the world withheld 
ijh evils, quarrels, wars, rob* 
aeries, pkgues, Jo that nov 
they are quite £<?/af, having dif- 
charged their fnakes, and walk 
about exhaufted of their po> 
fonsy fe^king zvhatfoever vipers 
and afps there are any wh re r 

feeing they art as bare as an egg 9 
and nave not a hair upon their 
head, nor any thing of effectual 
juice intheirbreaji. Wherefore 
ak ycu fee you make ready) <?z«r 
^<?a/ and ^u.rj ; for by and by 

Jo great a multitude of ghofis 
will come, Ma/ I am afraid ti-Jl 
you ftiould not be fufficient to 

ferry them all over. 

Thofe things were not un- 
known to us. 

From whomhadyou heard them? 
OITa brought us news two 
days ago, 

Nothing is fwiher than that 
goddefs. But why then do you 
loHtr here ? 

So forlooth t^e matter oblige 
ed me. I came Utther that / 
might provide myfeltyafftfitrong. 
galley . for fl&y taa*, now rotten 
with age, «waf patched up, W/ 
7?0/ be fujfeent for this work : 
7/thofe things are £r#« which 
6 jf a told, although what Ri6d( 
was there of- Off a f Th * thing 
*V/££f obliges niCffcr I have 
0^z ? 



)Jfa ? Res ipfa com- 
»eliit, nam feci naulra- 
A). Nimirum totus 
•'i/hl/as, fufpicabar te 
jedire c balneo. 
I <■ h. I mo enatabam e 
ijjitygia palude. 
I Al. Ubi reLquiflium- 
Iras ? 

I Ch. Natant cum ra* 

j A I. Sed quid narravit 
Vfia ? 

E Ch. Tres monarchas 
|)rbis ruere in mutuuai 
|:xitium cap.tahbus odi- 
|s. N c ullam partem 
frits Chnjham etfe un 
mint m a fuiiis, nam illi 
?<?j pertrahunt o nines 
'eliquqs m confortmm 
Drill. Omnes effe te/i- 
Jg*j anirnis, z^ nemo 
p r/tf cedere alteri ; nee 
\Danum, nee Polonum, 
[jec Scotum, nee i/^r<? 
iTurcam^i in olio ;«?»#- 
frn dira ; pejhltntiam 
fa^vire ubique> apud 
H* [panes, apud Brnan 
nos- apud Italos, apud 
IGallos, Ad hacc noyam 
Ifotfra natam <?* varietate 
lopinionuni, ### fie vi- 
Itiavit anirnos omnium, 
.&/ (it tf#//tf finc'ra «;«?- 
€fVza ufquam,y£rf frater 
diffidat iratri, 8<rc uxor 
iconvcriiat cum marito. 

been fhipwrecked. 

Indeed you drop all over, I 
fufpecled you were returning 
Irom the hath. 

Nay, indeed, I [warn out oi 
the Stygian Lake. 
Where did you leaved fouls? 

They are fwimming with 
the frogs. 

Bm what fad Offaf 

That three menarchs of the 
world wre rujhmg upon mu- 
tual deflru&ion with capital 
hitreds. And that no part of 
the Chri/lian world was free 
irom the furies, for thofe three 
draw a/7 ihe reft into a //tare of 
the war. Tint they all were 2/" 
y^c/5 minds, that no one would 
yield /0 another J neither M£ 
Dane, nor M^ Ptf/^, n< r the 
Scot, nor zWe d the Tu»k ztftfJ' 
at quiet ; that they attempted 
di final things ; that the plague 
raged every where, among the 
Spaniards, among the Britons^ 
among the. Itahans, among the 
French. Be fides that there was 
a new plague rifen from the 
variety of opinions, which has 
fo vitiated the minds ot all, that 
there is no fir cere fit en dflnp 
any where, but brother djirujts 
brother, nor does the wife a- 
gree with her hu/band. There 
is hqpe, that a noble definition 



Spes < eft, mngnificain 
pern{c\emho?ninu?n naf- 
cituram hinc quoque 
dim, fi res pervenerit 
a Unguis et calamvs ad 

Al. OiTa narravit 
omnia ' h&c veriffime; 
nam ?pfe viui plura his 
cculis, afiiduus comes 
et adjvtor furiarum, 
quoz nullo tempore dt~ 
clararunt ie magis dig- 
nasjuo nomine. 

Ch. Atqui periculum 
eft, ;z<? quis dcemon ex- 
oriatur, ^*n adhortetur 
fubito ad pacem ; ^/ an- 
imi ?norta/iu?n funt 
?nutabiles. Nam audio 
eiTe, quendam polygra- 
ph u m a £ # a? juperos q u i 
?70tt definit infefiai i <^/- 
/#>» calamo, et adhor- 
tari ad pacem. 

A!. I lie nanit fardis 
jampridem. OYimJcrip- 
Jit querimoniam profli- 
gates pacis, nunc fcnp- 
fit epitapkium eidem 
extinclcz. Sunt alii 
contra, qui juvant nof- 
trani rem non minus 
quam ipfas furia3. 
Ch. Quinam ifti ? 
Al.Sum quadavi an. 

of men will arikfYvm hence tc 
hereafter, if the thing comi 
fromhon^ues and quills to ham 

OfTa /p/i all theft things ver 
truly ; for I j&t; more &/$ 
thefe eyes, being a conftar 
companion 2nd aj/i/lant of tl 
furies, which at no time 
dared themfelves 772<?r<? won! 
of their name. 

But ^<? danger is, lejt 
dcemon fhould ftart up, tha 
fhould exhort thtmfuddenly 
peace ; and the minds of mot 
tals are changeable. For 
/*££ r there is <s certain fcribble 
with thofe above, that does nc 
ceaje to rail at the war with 
his pen, ^rc^ exhort them tc 

Hefings to them that hav« 
been dear long f nee. Long 
fince /*£ &>nr a complaint J/ 
xjanquifhed peace ;?<?r*; he has 
writ an epitaph for the fame 
being dead. There are others 
on the other hand, who help 
on our bufmefs no lefs than the 
furies themfelves. 

Who are they ? 

They are certain animals in 


i if 

rnalia pullis et can- 
lidis palliis, cinericiis 
unicis, ornata variis 
>lumis. Haec nunquam 
ecedunt ab aulis ^rz«- 
|^z/77z .* ififlillant in au- 
em amorem belli : 
-fortantur procures et 
^lebem, eundem. Clam-, 
tant in evangelicis 
oncionibus, bellumeffe 
\itjlum, fan&um et pi- 
lm. Ouogue magis 
mireris fortem anu 
mum hominum, clam- 
\tant idem apud utram- 
que partem. Apud 
Gallos concionantur 
D^um flare pro Gallis, 
nee poffe vinci. ^m ha- 
beat Deum protefto- 
refti. Apud Anglos et 
IHifpanos, hoc helium 
jnon geri a Ccefare, fed 
\a Deo. Tantum prse- 
Ibeant fe fortes viros, 
vitioriam effe certam. 
Qucd fi quis inter ci de- 
nt, cum non perire,{(ti 
r eel ef ub volar t\\\ ccelum 
armatum ficut er^/. 

Ch. Et tanta $ 
habetur iftis ? 

A I, Quid non potefi 
fim u la t a relig 10 f Hue 
accedxt juveatus % m- 

black and white garment, with 
ajhcolored tunicks, adorned 
with divers feathers. Thefe 
never depart from the courts : they inftil in their 
ear the love of war : They 
advife the nobles and common 
people to the fame they batvl 
cut in their fermons, that the 
war is jufl, holy and pious. 
And that you may the ynor-e ad- 
mire the flout mind of the 
men, they fay the fame with 
bolhftdes. Among the French 
they preach that God fands up 
for the French, and that he 
cannot be conquered, who has 
God for his prote&or. Among 
the Engiifh and Spaniards, 
that this war is not carried on 
by Cct/ar, but by God. Let 
them only fhew them/elves 
ftcut we>2, the viclory is cer- 
tain. But if any one /i//j that 
he does not per fit, bnx flies di- 
reclly into heaven, armed as he 

And /jyj? ^raz/ credU given 
to them ? 

What cannot pretended re" 

ligion do ? To this is added 

youth, ignorance of things, a 



feritia rerum ,jitis glo- 
riae, ira, animus pro- 
mts natura ad id cui 
v'ocatur. His facile 
imponitur, nee plau- 
Jlrum propellxtur diffi- 
cile, pro pendens ad ru- 
iuam Juapte Jponte. 

Ch. Ego lubensjecero 
aliquid boni iftis ani- 

Al. Appara I an turn 
conviviurn. Potes ni- 
hil gratius. 

Ch. Ex malvis, lupi- 
nis, et poms, nam non 
eft alia annona apud 
nos, tufas. 

Al. lino fcft per did- 
•ins, capis # phafianis, 
i^f vis j^L' gratus convi- 

Ch. Sed quarts mo- 
vet iftos, z/£ promove- 
ant helium tantopere ? 
Aut quid commodi me- 

AI.Quia capiuntphis 
emolumenti e morienti- 
bus quam e vivi.s. «S#/2/ 
teftamenta, parentalia, 
bullae, mvltaque alia/w- 
cra non afpemanda. 
Denique ma hint v er fa- 
ir i ?/7 caflrts, q&arn & 
*/#ii alvcanbus, Bel- 


Mzr/? of glory, finger, a Tmri 
/?r0fl<? by nature 7<? M<rtf t 
which i* is invited. Tbri 
are eafily impofed upon, tfi 
fV /A* waggon pujlied on diff. 
cultly, that leans toward a v S 

I would 'wiilifrgfy do futu 
good to thofe animals. 

Prepare a fine feaft. K0 
c^/2 do nothing -more accepts 

Of mallows, lupines, anil 
onions, for //z<rr£ zj ??0 olhe 
provij/onswhh us, as you know 

Nay, partridges, capons, am 
pheafants, if you will be 
grateful entertainer. 

But -what thing moves them 
that they mould promote /& 
war fo much ? 0r what ad- 
vantage do they reap hence ? 


Becaufe they receive more 
benefit from the dead than the 
living. There are wills, fune* 
r#/ rights, bulls, w^y, watfy 
other gains not /0 £<? defpifed. 
Finally, M^y Z'#(i rather be ??* 
camps, than r?2 f#fc*t tf?//|J 
"War /^aic'jr many bij!iops y who 



n 9 

m gignit multos <?- 
fcopos, qui in pace ne 
jidem ficbant terun/ii. 

Ch. Sapiunt. 

Al. Sed quid opus 
1 triremi ? 

Ch. Nihil*/ veliim 
\cere naufragium rur- 
ts, in media palude. 

Al. Ob multitudi- 

m ? 

Ch. Scilicet. 

A. Atqui vehis urn- 
jras, non corpora, quan- 
tum autem ponderis 
abent umbras ? 

Ch. Sint tipu/a*, ta- 
len vis tipularum po- 
'ft effe tanta f ut one- 
int jymbam. Turn 

if et cymbam ejfe 

Al. At ego me?nini 

diffe nonnunquam 
ria millia umbrarum 
endere a tuo clavo, 
um elTet ingens turba, 
tc cymba caperet om- 
es, nee tu fentiebas 
Hum pondus. 

Ch.Fateor ejfe tales 
nimas, quae dtmigra- 
aw/paulatim e corpore 
enuato phtifi aujt hctli- 
a. Cseterum quce 
evellumur fubito e 

in peace were not fo much as 
valued al a far thing. 

They are wife. 

But what need is there of a 
galley ? 

None, if I would be flip- 
wrecked again in the middle of 
the lake. 

Becaufe of the number ? 


But you carry fouls, not 
bodies, and how little weight 
have fouls ? 

Let them be water f pi ders, 
yet the number of waterfpiders 
maybe jo great as to load my 
boat. Then y o u know my boat 
too is made of fhadow. 

But / remember 1 have feen 
fometvnes three thoufnd fouls 
hang at your helm, when there 
was a great multitude, and 
your boat would not hold all, 
nor did you perceive any 

1 confefs there are fachfouls,- 
which have departed by de- 
grees, out of a body wafted 
with a consumption or heclic 
fever. But thoje which are 
y>u\\z&fuddcnly out of a grofs 
era (To 



era (To corpore, ferunt 
multum corporece molis 
fecum. Apoplexia au- 
tem, fynanche, pefti- 
lentia, fed praecipue 
bcllum, mitt it tales. 

AL Non opinor 
Gallos aut Hfpanos 
adferre. multum pende- 

Ch. Multo minus 
quam et ho rum animce 
non veniunt omnrno 
plumeae. Ccetevum ta- 
les veniunt aliquoties 
e BritanntSy e Germa- 
nis belle paftis, ut nu- 
per peri clitatusfian ve- 
hens decern duntaxat, 
et n\{\feciJJ'emje>Muram, 
perieram una cum cym- 
ba, vefloribus, £<f naulo. 

Al. Ingens dij cri- 

Ch. Quid cenfes fie- 
ri interest, cum crafji 
fatrapae, thra fonts, ft 
polymacharce placida 
accedunt ? 

Al. Arbit'ror nullos 
ex bis qui pereimt in 
j ujlo bello venire ad te , 
nam aiunt eos fubvola- 
re retle in ccelum. 

Ch. Nefcio quo fub- 
volent. Scio illud u- 

body, bring much of the bodt 
ly ma«fs along with them. An 
the apoplexy, the quinfy, th 
plague, but efpecially war 
fend fuck* 

I do not think that theFrenci 
orSpaniards bring muchsvc\g\\\ 

Much lefs than others^ al 
though their fouls too do not 
come altogether as light 
feathers. But fuch come oftei 

Jrom the Britons, from t 
Germans well fed, that late 
/ was in danger carrying t, 
only, and unlefs / had tkrou 

fome things overboard, I hac 
been loft, together with th 
boat, the pafiengers, andlreigh 

A prodigious danger ! 

fger ! 
link is the 

What do you th 
cafe in the mean time, when 
grofs lords, heelers and bullie, 
come ? 

I fuppofe none of thofe whe 

die 2ft a jufl war c<?^?^ to you ; 

for they fay Ma* they fly up 

direclly into heaven. 

1 know not whither they fl) 
to. / 4tf0o> this one thing \ as 



.quoties <*/2bellum, 
veniunt ad me, fau- 
cii lacerique,nt denirer 
ullum faperejfe apud 
fuperos. Nee veniunt 
\\folum onufti crapula, 
\etabdomine, verum c- 
\tiam bullis, facer 'do >tiis, 
plurimifquetf/2*V rebus. 

Al. Sed non dtferunt 

Ch. Verum ; fed 
quae veniunt recentes 
ddferunt fomaia talium 

Al. Itane gravant 
fomnia ? 

Ch. Gravant meam 
cymbam. Quid dixi, 
gravant ? Demerferunt 
jam, Poftremo putas 
tot obolos habere nihil 
farcin as ? 

Al. Equidem arhi- 
tror, tijerani asreos. 

Ch. Proinde cerium 
eft ?nihi profpicere de 
vavi, Qndzfufficiat on- 

Al. O felicem te ! 

Ch. Quid ita ? 
Al. Quia diie/ces 

Ch.Ob multitudintm 

Al, Nae. 

often as there is a war,yS> many 
come to me, wounded and man- 
gled, that I wonder that any 
one is left with thofe above. 
Nor do they come only loaded 
with the dregs of hard drink- 
ing, ?nd big bellies, but alfo 
with balls, livings, and very 
many other things. 

But they do not bring thofe 
things with them. 

True ; but thofe which 
co vie frefh, bring the dream of 
fuch things. 

Do dreams load you fo ? 

They do load my boat. 
What faid I, load it ? They 
funk itjujl now. Finally do 
you think fo many half pennies 
have no weight ? 

Truly / think fo, if they 
bring brazen ones. 

Wherefore / am refolved to 
look outfonajhip which may 
fuffice for the burden. 

O happy you ! 

Why fo ? 

Becaufe ^<?« will grozo rick 

Becaufe oj the number of 


Ch, Siquidem 


GIi. Siquidern adfe- 
rebant fuas ovebfecum ; 
.nunc qui deplorant in 
jcymba, fe reliquiffe a m 
fudfuperos regna,^r#- 
f hiatus, abbatias, innu- 
mera talenta auri, ad- 
Jerunt 722/22/ ad meprce- 
i&r obolum. Itaq ; 


If they brought their richer 
along with than ; Now they 
who lament in the boat, that 
they left with thoji above,kmg- 
doms, bifwpricks, abbies in* 
numerable talents of gold s bring 
nothing to me befides a half- 
penny. + Therefore what /z#j 
2>£d72 /craped together by 

me - 
.quod corrofum eft mi- .720?#thefe three thoufand jyc^rj, I 
hi ja?n ter mille annis, d\\ xhat 7nujl be laid out in one 


id totum ejfundendum 
in unam tiremem. 

Al. Sumptum faciat 
oportet, qui cua?rit lu- 

Ch. At ?nor tales, ut 
audio, negotianturjtc/z- 
C?Wf f ouxfavente Me?- 
curio ditefcunt intra 

Al. Sed nWm deco- 
quunt nonnunquam : 
iuum lucrum mi» us, 
y^/ certius. 

Ch. Nefcio quam 
certum. Si quis deus 
cxoriatur nunc, .qui res pr ina- 
pt um, hsec tota {qxs pe- loft by me 
ficrit mihi. 

Al. De iila re <7«z- 
t/ewz jubeo dormias in 
iitramvis aurein. JW- 
hilzfl quod metuas pa- 
cem intra' decennium. 

He muft-be at charge, &;/*£ 
kzks gain. 

But men, as / hear 9 trade 
?;z <??-<? luckily, who Z>jy the favor 
of Mercery, grow rich 272 three 

But t//£ fame break fome- 
times. Your ^azw is lefs, £*/£ 
more certain. 

I know not how certain. If 
any .God mould arife now, that 
fliould fettle the affairs of prin- 
ces, this 20/20/* booty will bt 

For that matter truly 1 bid 
you fZeep on either ear. You 
need not fear a peace within 
theft ten years. The Roman 
pontiff "alone exhorts diligent- 
Roman us 

itorrjanm bontifex unus 
hortatur fedulo quidem 
ad'concordiam, fed la- 
, vat later em. Et civi- 
Itates murmur ant ta^dio 
I vialorum. Nefcio qui 
( populi confer unt fufor- 
ros, diclitantes iniqu- 
u m effe a / h u m a n le n' * 
I mitceantur J urfu/n de~ 
' orfiuri, ob privatas ' iras 
i fl&f arnbiiionern. d/W- 
r#7/* triumve. vW cre- 
de mt'^'tj furias vincent 
con'fih'a quamlibtt rec- 
ta. Cceterum qivAopus 
erat a ? At" 
Bon ftint fabri a pud 
nos ? C^rte habemus 

C. Pi!!chre,y? quae* 
ram ceream n a vim. 

Ak A Ho ins accerle- 
tur minimo, 

Ch. Ita 5/?, fed-tfztf^- 
rz# deficit «&?. 

AI. Quid Wz'tf P 
nihil fylvarum illic ? 

Ch. Etiain vemora 
quzefuerant in ElviTiis 
campis abfumpta funt. 

Ch. In quern ufum 
tandem ? 

Ch. Exurendis &;;z- 
^r?i haereticorum, aafea 
a/ nuper coaQiJimus 


]y indeed to concord ; but her 
w allies # brick. The cities 
tod murmur out of wearinefs 
of their calamities. I know 
not what people join' their 
whifpers, faying, it is unrea- 
fonabie that human affairs' 
mould be jumbled up and 
down, for the private relent- 
ments, or ambition, of two or 
three. But believe ?ne, the 
furies will conquer counfels 
never fo good. But what need' 
was there £0 go to thofe above? 
Are there no workmen with 
us ? Certainly we have Vulcan ,■ 

Right, ?/I wanted braze:*' 

Somebody wtzy befentfor 
for a fmall matter. 

So z/ zj, but owa? fails as, 

What^ I hear ? Is there 
nothing of woods there ? 

Even the g ro ves to 1 \\ c h &•<? r£ 
in the Elyfiaa fields are con* 

For what ufc, pray ? 

For burning M<? fouls of 

heretics, /3 /Aa/ lately we were. 

forced to dig coals out of the 


3 24 

effodere carlones e vif- 
ceribus terra. 

AL Quid ! An non 
pojfunt iftse umbra pu- 
iiiri minore fumptu ?' 

Ch. Sic v'ifum eft 

AL Ubi mercatus e- 
r is triremem, unde re- 
miges parabuntur. ? 

Ch. Meae partes te- 
nere clavum ; umbra 
remigent, fi velint tra- 

Al. At Junt quzznon 
Jidiccrunt agere re- 

Cb. Nullus eft cxi- 
mitts apudme. Etmo- 
narchae remigant, et 
zardinaies remigant, 
quifqut fuamvicem, 720/2 
■minus quam tenues p!e- 
hes, Jive didicerint Jive 
lion didicerint. 

AL Fac tu mercere 
triremem felicxUr dex- 
tro Mercuric Ego 
non remorabor te am- 
plius* Adferam latum 
nuncium orco ; fed he* 
us, heus, Charon. 

Ch. Quid eft ? 

AL Fac matures re- 
ditum, ne turba abruat 
te mox. 


bowels of the earth: 

What ! Cannot thefc fouh 
be puniflied at lejs charge ? 

So itfeemedgood to Rhada- 

When you have bought 
galley, whence will rowers b€ 
got ? 

My part is /0 hold the helm ; 
&/ the fouls row, if M*y ^2// 
pais over. 

But there are Jome which have 
not learnt to manage an oar. 

None is exempted with m£+ 
Monarchs too row, and cardi- 
nals row, every man his turn,^ 
no lejs than poor commoners, 
whether they have learnt, or 
have not learnt. 

See you purchafe a galley 
cheap by the favor of Mercury 
/ will not detain you awy /0/2- 
^w. I will carry this joyful 
news to hell; but Joho, foho 
Charon ? 

What is the matter ? 

See you kajlen your return, 
lejl the crowdJJiould overwhelm 
you by and by. 




Nay you zvill jind already 
more than two -hundred tbou- 
fand upon the bank, befides 
thofe which are Jiv i m m ihg i p, 
the lake ; yet 1 will haften qs 
turn licebit ; die Mis much as pq/Jible ; td\ tkem that 
me adfuturum mox. I will be with them prefadly* 

Ch.Imo offendes jam 
plus quarn dfocfTz/izmil- 
jia in rip a, praeter Mas 
qua3 natant in palude ; 
iamnn properabo quart- 


AT TNDE es tarn 
v-' exjuccus, quafi 
pajfus Jis rore czm aoz- 
i/?jr. Videris mihi ni- 
hil aliud opamfyphar 

B. Apud inferos urn-.: 
br<* faturantur malva et 
porro, at 6g0 vixi de- 
cern mmfes ubi ?zd z'df 

A. Ubinarn ^#/5 tc f 
nurn abreptus :>2 navem 
gale at a ?n ? 

B. Nequaquam,/^/ 
Synod ii. 

A. Periclitatuses bu- 
limia in tam opulenta 
urbt ? 

FROM whence are you fai 
void of juice ^ as \$ you had 
v ^/z y^^ with dew with the. 
gr a/shoppers. You feem to 
me nothing elfe than thejkin of 
a man. 

In hell ghojls are fed with 
mallows and onions, but / 
/z^r/tf /zWaf- ten months where 
notfo much as that fell to my 

Where, / pray you, were 
you carried aboard a galley ? 

No, but at Synodium, 

Were you in clanger by jam* 
inciii foriehtf city, 

B; Maxima j 



B. Maxime. 

A. Quid in caufa ? 
An deerat pecuma ? 

B. Nee pecunia nee 

B. Quid erat mali 
igitur ? 

B.Mihi res erat cum 
hofpite Antronio. 

A. Cum illo opulen- 

B. Sed fordidiffimo . 
A. NdLrrasJimilc raon- 


B.Minime. Sic di- 
vites Jiunt qui emur- 
gunt e furnma inopia. 

A. Quid ita libuit 
commorari tot menfes 
apud ta/m hofpitem ? 

B. Erat quod dWiga- 
xet t et fie animus erat 

A. Sed die obfecro, 
qui apparaiu' v\v\t i!le. 

B.Dicam qkandoqui- 
dem commemoratio 
a do rum 1 a'fepr u m folet 

A. Futura eft mihi 

Be Illud incommodi 
acceffit a ccelo, cum a- 
gerem illic. Boreas 
Tpirabat tres totos ffze??- 
/<L<\ jiifi jwc*/ illic w^* 


What was the reafon? 
money wanting ? 


Neither money not friends, 

What was the misfortune 
then ? 

I had to do with my landlord. 

With that rich man ? 

But very fordid. 

You tell me a thing like a 

•No". So rich men are th 
rife from extreme poverty. 

Why had you fuch a mind* 
to flay fo many months with 
y&<;A an hoft. i 

There was fomething that 
obliged me, and fo my mind 
was then. 

Em tell me, I pray you, upon 
what provifion does he live ? 

I will tell you, feeing the 
relation of pafl troubles u/es to 
be pleafant. 

It will be fo to me certain- 

That inconvenience came 

fro?n heaven, when 7 lived 

4 there. 7%« north wind : blew 

three whole months, but that 

there I know not how itneva 




cio quomodo nunquam 
• prejerverat ultra otta- 

A. Quomodo igitur 
J fpirabat ires totos merc- 

/^ f 

B. Sub eum diem 
\ mutabat ftationcm ve~ 

lut ex conftituto, Jed 
I port 0<?0 horas migra- 
vitin priorem locum. 

A. Ibi opus erat lu- 
; culentoy^n? tenui cor- 


B. TLratfatis ignis, 
^ fuppetiffet r^za lig- 
riorum. Sed ne w^r 
Antronius faceret quid 
impendii heic, evellebai 
radices arborum ex 
iu fculis infularibus; 
negle&as abaliis.idquG 

fere nofle. Ex his 
nondurn bene ficcis ig- 
nis ftruebatur, non 
abfq ; fumo t fed fine 
flamma, non qui cale- 

faceret, fed qui praefta- 
ret, ne po/fet dici vert 
effe nullum ignem ibi. 
Unicus autem ignis 
durabat totum diem, 
adeo temperatum erat 

A. Erat durum hy 
bernare tftfe, 

continues htyonA the eighth. 

How Mew did it blow Mra 
whole months ? 

About that day */. changed 
its ftation aj t/ aw* on pur- 
pofe, but after eight hours a£ 
Jhijted into its former place. 

There a;*zx need of a bright 
jfr* for a thin tai/y. 

There was enough of fire, if 
there had been plenty of wood. 
But left oar Amroniusfhouldbe 
at any charge 'here, he pulled up 
the roots 0/ /raj out of fome 
grounds m Me ijlands, negleft* 
ed by others, and that common- 
ly in the night. Out of theja 
not yet fc^// dry, a Jire was 
made, not vi\ 4 Cho\\\.fmoke, but 
without flame, not that would 
warm 9 but M#£ would affeft, 
Mj/ aV could not be faid ^rw/y 
that there was no fire there. 
And one ^r£ lafled the whole 
day,y<? moderate owj the burn-* 

It was hard to winter there* 
B. Imo 


B. Imo erat multo 
'durius aeftivare. 

A. Qui fie ? 

B. Quoniam ea do- 
mus habebat tantum 'p u~ 
licum et cimicum* ut 
nee licuerit < efTe qui- 
etum interdiu, nee ca- 
$erefl??nnum nofle. 

A. Miferas divitas ! 
A. Pasiertim in hoc 
genere pec oris. 

A. Oportet fceminas 
effe ignavas illic. 

B. Latitant, nee ver- 
fantur inter vivos ; ita 

Jit ut illic feeminae^/fo* 
nihil aliud quam jfe- 
7722??^ ; et ea minifteria 
defint viris, qux folent 
Juppe ditari ab eo fexu. 

A. Sed non pigebat 
- Antronium trat'tatio- 

nis ? 

B. Nihil erat dulce 
Mi educato in hujuj- 
modi fordibus praeter 
lucrum ; habitavit abi- 
vis potius quam domi, 
negotiabatur in omni 
re. Scis autan earn 
urbem ^mercurialem 
prce cater is. I lie no- 
bilis piftor exijlimavit 
deplorandum ft dies 

^abnjfet abfquc iinea. 

Nay, it was much harder tc 

How fo ? 

Becaufe that houfe had th 
many fleas and gnats, that . 
was neither pojjible to be quiet 
by day, nor take rejl by night; 

Miferable riches f 

Efpecially in this kind of.\ 

The women mu ft be idl 

They lie hid, nor do the^i 
converfe among the men , 
it comes to pafs that there worn* 
en are nothing elj'e but women; 
and thofe fer vices are wanting 
to the men, fhat ufe to -be flup- 
plied by that fex. 

But was not Antonius zik 
ry of that treatment ? 

Nothing was ylezhnito him 
brought up in Juch najlinefs,, 
but gain : He lived any where 
rather than at home ; he trad- 
ed in e/ery thing. And you 
-know' that city is bufied in 
trade above others. That no- 
ble painter thought it a thing 
to be lamented, J a day paffea 
without a flroke. Antronius 
lamented it much more, if 
day pajfed without gain, which 



nironius deplorabat 
e magisy?dies proz- 
rifftt abfque lucro ; 
uod fi quando evenif- 
t, qucerebat Mercuri* 
m do mi. 
A. Quid faciebat ? 
B.Habebat cifiernam 
aedibus ex more ejus 
ivitatis. Illic haurie- 
tetaliquos iitulos aqua, 
2t xnfundebat in vinaria 
jyafa. Heic erat cer- 
(um lucrum. 

A. Fortaffe vinum 
rat cequo vehementius. 

B. Imo erat plus 
yw<2772vappa ; namnun- 
quam emebat vinum 
flifi corruplum quo m- 

I *r^ minoris. <M? quid 
ex eo periret, fubinde 

\ mifcebat faces decern 

I annorum, volvens ac 
revolvens omnia, quo 

* videtur muftum* Ne- 
que enim ille paflius 

■ iuiffet ullam . micam 

feeds perire. 

A. Atji qua fides 
medicis, tale vinum gig- 
nit calculos veficae. 

B. Non erant ;?Wz- 
ci ; nam £rtf£ nullus 
annus in ea domo taw 
felix, qu%n unus a/^e 

if at any time it happened, he 
fought gain af Atfz^. 

What did he do* 

He had a cifiern in his tioufiv 
according to the cuflom of that 
city. There he drew fome 
buckets of water, and poured 
them into the wine veffels* 
Here was certain gain. 

Perhaps the wine was tatf 

Jlrong. i 

Nay *V &/<?x more */z<zfl dead 
drink ; for he never bought 
a>272£ unlefs it was corrupted^ 
that he might by it cheaper., 
Left any of it fhould be loft» 
now and then he mixed dregs 
of ten years old, rumbling and 

jumbling all tpgether, that it 
might feem nezv wine. For he 
would not have^ fuffered any,: 
bit of dregs to be loft. 

But if any credit muft be 

given to the doclors, fuch wine 

breeds the jl one of the bladder* 

They were not doclors ; for 

there was no year in thathoufe 

y2> happy, but one ##</ another 

died of the Hone, /for did he 

al tea 



alter periret calcuio. dread a mournful houfe» 
Neque ille horrebatjfo- 
nejlam domum. 

A. Non. Nc. 

B. Colligebat etiam He coilecled alfo tribute o\ 
vcftigal a mortuis, nee the dead ; nor did he defpijA 
a/per nahatur lucellum gain, though never Jo fmall, 
quamvis exiguum. 

You fpeak of theft, ■ 
Tradefmen call it gain» 

A. Dic'isjurtum* 

B. Negotiators v&- 
cant lucrum. 

A, Quid interea bibe- 
bat Antrcnius ? 

I. Idem ne&ar ferme. 

A. Non fenfit ma- 

B. Erat durus, qui 
pojfet effe vel Foertu^, 
et, ut dixiy fuerat e du- 

What in the mean time dranfe ! 
Antoneus ? 

The fomzneclar commonlyvl 
Did he perceive no harm f | 

He was /wn/, v/ho could eat" 
even hay? an das I /aid, he had 
been brought up from his ten- 
catus a tener'is an#j s in der years in fuch dainties. He 
talibus Mliciis» Ex- looked upon nothing morccer- 
iftimabat w*At/ certius izm than this gain, 
hoc lucro. 

A. Quid ha? Why fo ? 

B. S\ /hpputes uxo- -li>0ar^0w his mk^fons^ 
rem, filios, BWam, gen- daughter, foninlazo, workfolks, 
erum, operas, <?* famu- a«# maids, he maintained at 
las, alebat domi frig**.- home, thirtythree bodies. Now 
te tria corpora. Jam /^ A<?a; f».«^ ^ weaker the 
quo dilutius vinum e- vtine wzsj'yfo muck the more 
rat, hoc parcius bibeba- fparingly it was drank, and the 
tur et ftrius exhaurie- later it was drawn off. Here 
batur. Hie fubducito reckoner me, what a confid- 
ttiAt, quam non pceni- erable/w^ a bucket of water 
tzv.&zm finnmam JStula added jfor «tfry ^jy would 
tf<™# addita in finzulos make zw a year* 

dies J 



its «onficeret in an- 

A. O fordcs ! 

B. Atque non minus 
ompendii redibat ex 

A. Quo pafto ? 

B. Emebat vitiatum 
riticiim t ^&0d? alius no- 

Iuijfet emere. ■ Heic 
srauens lucrum ftatim, 
luod emebat ynmoris. 
Caeterum medicabatur 
vitium arte. 

A. Guo tandem? 

B. Eft genus argillae 
sion ditnmile Jrumento, 
quo videmus equos de- 
leclari, dum et arrc- 
dunt parietes, et bibunt 
libentius ex lacunis 
turbidis ea^rgilla. Ad- 
jmfcebat tertian partem 

ejus terrae. 

A. Eft ijluc medica- 
ri ? 

B. Certe vitium tri- 
tici minus fenliebatur. 
An putas hoc lucrum 
quoque afpernandum ? 
Adde jam aliud ftrata- 
gema : Subigebat pa- 
nem domi, nee id ere- 
brius, etiarn cejlate^ 
quam bis in menfe. 

A. Iftuc ejl appone- 

A. O fneakingeefs ! 
But no lefs profit arofe from 
the bread. 

How ? 

He bought fpoiled wheat 
zohich another would not buy, 
Here was pre fen t gain imme- 
diately, becaufe he bought it 
cheaper. But he cured the 
fault by art. 

What, pray ? 

There is a fort of clay not 
unlike meal, with which we fee 
horfes are pleafed, whilft they 
both gnaw walls, and drink, 
more willingly out of ditches 
?nuddted with that clay. He 
mixed a thlrdpart of that earth. 

Is that curing ? 

Certainly the fault of the 
wheat zv as lefs perceived. Do 
you think this gain aljo to be 
defpifed ? Add now another 
ftratagem : He made his brejd 
at home, and that not oftcner, 
even in fummer y &Hat<twice in 
a month. 

That is to ferve up floties, 



xe lapides non panes. 

B. Aut/i quid e/l du- 
rius lapide. Sed tot2£- 
/&&;# erat paratum hu- 
ic Trca/fl quoque. . 

A. Ouodnam ? * 

B. Macerabant/nzg- 
menta panis mVztf im- 
merfa cyathis. 

A. Labra kabebant 
fimiles laclucis. Sed 

ferebant cperaz talem 
traclationem ? 

B. Primum narrabo 
apipzratumpriTnarum e- 
jus familiae, yw<? divi- 
nes facilius quomodo 
opera traftentur. 

A. Cupio audire* 

B. Erat nulla men- 
tio ifiz£ de jentaculo. 
Prandium differebatur 

jere in primam horam 
a rneridie. 

A. Quamobrem ? 

B. Antronius pater- 
familias expe&abatur : 

Ccenabatur interdum ad 
decimam horam. 

A. At tu folebas effe 
impatientior incdix. 

B. Eoque fubinde 
clamabam ad Orthro- 
gonum generum Antro- 
nii, (nana agebamus in 
eodern conclavij Heus 

not loaves. 

Or if any thing be hard* 
then a Jlone. But # reined 
was provided for this evil too 

What ? 

They (baked jtoVtrej of breac 
z'rc t^zVztf being dipped in tk 

Lips they had like lattices 
But dW Me workfolks bta* 
with fuch treatment f 

Firft / an// tell you the pro. 
vifions of the principal p erf on* 
of his family, M#£ you may 
guefs Me ztttfre eajily how rtwri 
/<?//£;• are treated. 

I defire to hear. 

There was no mention tker 
of breaiifaj}^ dinner was put 
off commonly till the Srft hout 

What for ? 

Antronius the mafter of the 
family was waited for. We 
fupped fometimes at the tenth 

But you ufed to be more im- 
patient under fajling. 

And therefore now and then 
I cried out to Orthrcgonusjon- 
inlaw *f Antronius J for zvewere 
in the fame room jioho Orthro- 
gonus, do they not fup today 



Or t hr ogo ne nonccenatur among the Synodians ? He an- 
4^z>ap«dSynodos ?Re- fwered foftly, that Antronius 

fpondit commodeAntro 
nium adfuturum brevi. 
Cum viderem nihil ap- 
■parari, ctjlomachusla- 
Itraret ; heus, inquam, 
lOrthrogone^rlt pereun- 
dum fame hodie ? Ex- 
cufabat horam, aut ali 

would come prefently. When 

I /aw nothing got ready, and 
my flomach barked ; Joho i I 
fay ,Orthrogonus muft we per- 
ifli with famine today ? ife 
alledgedin excufe the hour, or 
fome like thing. When / 
could not bear the barking of 
| quid fimile. Cum non my flomach, I interrupted him 
jerrem latratum^/? oma- being bufy again. What wiU 
cki 9 interpellabam oc- become of us ? fay I, muft we 
cupatum rurfus. Quid die of hunger ? When now 
futurum ejl ? inquam, Orthrcgonus had fpent all his 
erittemoriendumfame? excufes, he went to thefervants, 
Ubi jam Orthrogonus and ordered the table to be 
confumpfiffet omnem fpread. At length, when nm- 
tergiverfationem, abiit ther Antronius returned, nor 
ad famulos, juffitque anything was got ready, Or- 

throgonus, being prevailed up - 
*>n by my reproaches, went 
down to his wife, motherinlaw, 
and children, crying out, that 
theyjhould make ready fupper. 

menfam adomari. Tan 
deni cum nee Antroni- 
us rediret nee quidquam 
apparatum, Orthrogo* 
nus viclus meis convi- 
ciis, defcendebat ad 
uxorem, focrum, ac li- 
beros, clamitans, ut ap- 
pararent caenam. 

A. Nuncfaltem ex- Now /lozuevw I expecl; the 
peQo ccenam. /upper. 

B. Ne propera. Tan- Be not hafty. At length a 
dem claudus famulus lame fervant came out appoints 
prodibat prafetlus ei ed for that bufinefs, not very 
negotio, non admodum unlike Vulcan ; he covers the 
difimilis Vulcano ; in- table zoith a doth. That was 

M flernit 



fernit menfam linteo. 
£a prima fpes cczruz. 
Tandem pojl longam 
voaferationem, vitrei 
phiahz aiTeruntur cum 
aqua limpida fane. 

A. Altera fpes cce- 

B. Ne propera, in- 
qua?n. Rurfus pojl 
atroces clamores, p/iia- 
la plenis ijiius fecu- 
lenti neclaris adfertur. 

A. O bene factum ! 

B. Sed Jine pane. 
Nihil periculi adhuc. 
Nemo famelicus bibit 
tale vinum lubens. Cla- 
Saturn eft iterum uf- 
que ad ravim. Turn 
demum ilk panis op* 
ponitur, quern urfus 
vix frangeret dentibus. 

A. Certe /#w con- 
fultum eft vitce. 

B. Sub multam noc- 
tem tandem Antronius 
r/^/zzV, fere hoc inaufpi- 
catifiimo prooemio ut 
dicer et ftemacbum fibi 

A. Quid mail aufpi- 
cii hie ? 

B. Quia tunc erat 
nihil quod ederetur. 

A. Dolebat re vera ? 

thejirfl hope of Juppsr. At I 
laft after long fhouting, glafs 
t/m/j- are brought^ »tM water I 
clear indeed. 

Another hope of (upper. 

Do not haften, If ay. A* 
gain, after fierce clamors, a 
vial full of that dreggy neclor 
is brought, 

O well done I 

But zvithout bread. Ncnh-, 
ing of danger yet. No hun- 
gry body drinks fuck wine wil- 
lingly. I fhouted again even 
to hoarfenefs. Then at laft 
that bread i*j ft on, which a 
bear could fcarce break with 
his teeth. 

However now provifion is 
made for life. 

Late at night at lajl Antro- 
nius comes, commonly with 
this moft unlucky preface, that 
he faid his ftpmach was out af 

What ill luck was here ? 

Becaufe/te there was noth- 
ing to eat. 

Was it out of order indeed ? 
B. Adeo 



B. AJeo tit fo'lus 
\devoraturus Juerit tres 
capos fi qias dediflet 
I gratis. 

A. Espe£lo conviv 

B. Primum patina 
cum Jab a cea farina ap- 
pontbatur ilH, quod 
genus opfonii venditur 
illic tenuibus. Aiebat 
ie uti hoc remeclio ad- 
verfus attme genus 

A. Quot c'onvivce e- 
ratis ? 

B. Interdum <?#£ 
aut ncvem. Inter quos 
frtf/ iile doElus Verpi- 
us, y#m arbitror fypn 
ignotum tibi ?'*/ major 

A. Quid apponeba- 
titr il lis ? 

B. An non fatis eft 
jrugi hominibus, quod 

Mclchifedcck ohtuWx. A- 
brahamce viftori quin- 
que regum ? 

A. Nihil opfonii ig» 
itur ? 

B. Erat nonnihil. 

A. Quodnam ? 

B. Mem in i nos fuif- 
fe novem convivas nu- 

rnero in men fa , cum 

So much /#£/ he alone would 
have eaten three capons, if tf/zy 
07?? would have given thtmjor 

1 wait for thejeafl. 

Firfta dijli with /y^a meal 
was fcrved up for him, zvhick 
kind <?/ vicinal 'x is fold //kr<? to 
the poor. He /hid he ufed this 
remedy againjl every /^W of 

How many ^ ?<'£/'? j- were you ? 

Sometimes eight or nine. A- 
mong whom ^«; that learned 
man Verpius, who I think is 
not unknown to you ; and his 

What t6'^zx ferved up to 
them ? 

Is not that enough j^r ?nod- 
erate ?nen, which Melchijedeck 
offered to Abraham the con- 
queror of Jive kings? 

Nothing of other viEluals 

There wasfomethinar. 

What ? 

I remember we were nine 

£z/£/?j in numbers/ tal?le,\vhen 

I counted but Jeven little leaves 




tiumerarem non niGfef- 
tem foliola laclucce in- 
natanta aceto, fed ab- 
/que oleo. 

A. Devdrabat ille u 
gitur fuas fabas/^vj ? 

B. Emerat vix femi- 
bolo, nee /^^^2 veta- 
bat, Ji quis affidens 
proxime vtllet gujlare ; 
fed videbatur incivile 
erifere fuum a£a?# lan- 

A. Secabantur foliar, 
quemadmodum prover- 
bium meminit&t curni- 

1*0 ? 

B. Non jj£# laclucis 

abfuwptisapi imoribus, 
reliqui immergebant 
pancm aceto. 

A. Quid imtmpofi 
kptem/qlia .? 

B. Quid w//2 cafcus 
tlaufula conviviorurn? 

A. Iliccinc zxvX per- 
petuus apparatus ? 

B. Propemocum ; 
ni/i quod mierdtifn M fi 
expertus fuijfet Mercu- 
rium prcpitium, eo die 
erat paulo profi/cr. 

A. Ouid turn. 

B. Jubebat /r^ re- 
cecemes uvas enii 2//zc? 
nummuio cereo, Ea 

of lettuce, fwimming ^ vine- 
gar ; but without oil. 

Did he devour //**« his beans 
£y him/elf? 

He had bought them y^r 
/caret a /at thing, nor yet did 
he forbid it, if «ny onefating 
next him had a mind to tajle ; 
but it feemed uncivil to take 
his vicluals from the fick man. 

Were the leaves cut, as the 
proverbs kes mention of Cum- 
min ? 

No ; but the lettuces being 
eat up by the chief perfons, the 
reft dipped their bread in the 

But what after the feven 
leaves ? 

What but cheefe, the con» 
clufion of feafts ? 

Was this his perpetual pro- 
vifion ? 

Almoft ; but tkv&t [0 me times % 
if he had found Mercury fa- 
vorable, that day he zvas a lit- 
tle more projv/e. 

What then ? 
He ordered three frefh bunch- 
es of grapes to be bought with 
one little piece of money of 




res exhilar&bat totam 
I familiam. 

A. Quidni ? 

B. Id duntaxat ec 
tempore, cum eft fum~ 
ma vilitas uvarum ibi- 

A. Proin prof undeb&t* 
nihil extra autumnuni* 

B.Profundebat. Sunt 
illic naviculatores, qui 
hau riunt quoddam min- 
t/turn genus concha- 
rum, potiffimum e la- 
trinis. Hi fignificant 
certo clamore quid lia- 
beant venale. Inter- 
dura jubebat emi ab his r 
dimidio numrnuli, 

quern WW appellant Ba- 
gathinuin. Turn vert" 
dixiffes ejfe nuptial in 
eajamilia. Nam erat 
opus igni, licet perco- 
quantur celerrime. At- 
que hasc quideiK .poll 
cafeum loco bel'larib- 

A. Bella bellartd 
lAehercuIe. Sid nihiL 
carnium apponebatur 
Unquam, aut pifctum ? 

B. Tandem xABus 
meis clamoribus, cce'pit 
effe/ptendidior. Quo- 
ties autem volebcit vi- 
deri Lucullus^ hi fer me ' 
eifcnt wiijfus. 

M 2 ^ 

£r#/}. That thing rejoiced the 
whole family. 

Why not ? 

That <?;z/}' at that time, zy/ze# 
there is very great cheapnefs 
of grapes there. 

Wherefore did he fpend^ 
nothing out of autumn ? 

He did fpend. There are 
there boatmen^ who take a cer- 
tain little fort of fhellfiJIi^chieU 
ly 0&/ ojthejeioers. Thefe 
£fe£ notice by a certain crj/ 
what *7zey have to fell. Some- 
times he 1 ordered fome ^ ^ 
bought of them/flr Aa^"a piece 
of money, which they c4// Ba- 
gathinus: But then you would 
harve faid //£#£ tf^re a/tf j a wed- 
ding z« that family. For £^r£ 
&a.f need 0/ a fire, although 
they be boiled very quickly. 
And thefe were indeed after the 
cheefe in/lead of fweetmeats*.- 

Prttiyfeeet meats' indeed , 
Uz/£ was no flelh ferved up ev- 
er % orfjli? 

At laft bting overcomt 'with 
my clamors, /£e 3^'w to be 
more /pie n did. But as often 
as he had a mind to fecm a 
Lucullus, thefe commonly were 
A?j -difhes. 

A; lilac 



A. Ifluc vero lubens 

B. Primo locorjuf- 
■culum dabatur, quod 
illi, nefcio ob quam 
caufam, appellant min- 

A. Lautum opinor. ' 

B. Conditwm his a- 
romatibus. Cacabus 
admovctvtr igni plenus 
aqua ; conjiciunt in e- 
um aliquot fragmenta 
cafei bubulini, qui jam 
»lim induruit in Jax- 
um. Nam opus eft bo- 
mfecuri ad defringen- 
dum aliquid. Cum ea 
fragmenta coeperint 
folvi tepore aquee % infi- 
ciunt earn, ne pojjit dici 
mera aqua. ^Prapa- 
rant {ipmachum hoc 


A. Dignum fuibus. 

B. Dein paulum car- 
nium flfe ventre veteris 
vaccae apponitur, fed 
dixum ante quindecirn 

A. Fastet igitur, 

B. Maxinae, ^^ re- 
medium adhibetur. 

A. Quodnam ? 

B. Dicam,fed Vfjre* 
Or neimitfjis* 

That indeed I would wil- 
lingly bear. 

In the firfl place a broth 
was given us, which they, 
/4;z,*b; wj/ for what c^ufe, call 

Dainty, Ifuppofe. 

Seafoned with the fpices. 
A kettle is Jet upon the fire 
full of water, they throw into 
it fome pieces of cheefe made 
ot cow's milk, which long be- 
fore was grown as hard as a 
Jlone. lor there is need of i 
good ax to break any thing 
off. When thofe fragments 
begin *<? /5^ dffolved by the 
warmth of the water \ they give 
it a taite, /Aaf it cannot be call- 
it mere water. They prepare 
the ftomach with this broth. 

Fit for fwine. 

Then a little flefh of tripe oi 
an old cow isftrved up> but 
^027<wf fifteen days before. 

It ftinks, then. 

Yes,but a remedy is applied. 

What ? 

I will tell you, but I fear 
left you flwuld imitate it. 
Jy A, Scilicet 



A. Scilicet. 
B. Mifcent ovum 
calefa&a aqua ; eo ju- 
re perfundunt carnem ; 
ita oculi falluntur ma- 
gis quam nares. Nam 
factor erumpit per om- 
nia. Si dies r e quire t 
efum pifcium, inter- 
num /r^i auratee #^0- 
nuntur, nee A# magnae, 
czm rintjeptemaut otlo 

A. Nihil prazterea ? 

B. Nihil wz/f ille 
faxeus cafeus. 

A. Narras mihi no- 
vumLucullum ifedqui 
potmt tarn exilis appa- 
ratus juffcere tot con- 
vivis, prafertim refec- 
tis nullo jentaculo ? 

B. Imo 7z<?ya'i infei- 
ens, focrus 9 nufus, mu 
nor natu filiiis, famu/a, 
et aliquot parvuli ale- 
bantur ex reliquiis ejus 

A. Tu yitidem aux- 
ifti 02*0 01 admiration- 
em, no n adentijli. 

B. Vix poffum def- 
er Here iftuc tibi % nifi 
j^nwy depinxero 0rafa- 
nem convivii. 

A, Pinge igitur. 


They rj*ix an egg with warm 
water ; with that fauce they 
fprinkle the flefh ; Jo the eyes 
are deceived more M#/z the nof- 
trils. ifyr the ilink breaks 
through all. If the day re- 
quires the eating of fijh> forne- 
times three giltheads areferved 
up, nor thefe great ones, z^rc 
there are /even or «gA* guefts, 

Nothing be/ides ? 
Nothing but that Jlony cheefe. 

You tell me of a new Lu- 
cullus : But how £0&/af fuch 
fender provitionfujficv fo ma- 
ny guefts, efpecially refrefhed 
•with no breakfaf ? 

Nay, thai you may not be ig- 
norant, a mot her inlawed daugh- 
ters n law, the younger fon, a 
maid, an&fome little ones were 
fed out of the remains of that 

You indeed have increafed 
my admiration, not taken it 
a way. 

I can hardly defcribe that ta 
you, unlefs firf 1 paint the or* 
der of the feafh 

Paint it then. 

A, Antronius 



B. Antronius 0^2*?*- 
bat primum locum, nifi 
quod ego fedebam dex- 
ter illi, #<?/w/ extraordi- 
narily. E regione An- 
tronii, Orthrogonus ; 
Verpius ajjidebat Or- 
throgoni ; Strategus t 
Natu 7?tajor filius ajji- 
debat fittifter Antronio. 
Si quis conviva aecef- 
fit, locus dabatur pro 
dignitate. Primum e~ 
rat minimum periculi 
vel difcriminis de jure ; 
nifi quod fragnienta ca- 
fei bubulini natabant 
in difcis procerum. Cce- 
terum quoddam vallum 
fiebat exferme quatuor 
phialis vini aquceque t ut 
nemo ^pofiet attingere 
quod erat appofuum, 
prater t res \ ante quos 
patina ftabat ; nifi quis 
fujtinuijfet effe impu- 
dentijjimus, ettranfilire 
fepta. Nee tamen ea 
patina m&ntbat diu ; 
Jed tollebatur ?nox, ut 
aliquid fupereflei/a tfr-. 

A. Quid igitur ede* 
bant reliqui ? 

B. DelictabacHur/w^ 

Antronius had the firft place f 
but that I y^/ upon his right 
hand, as an extraordinary per- 
fon. Over againjl Antronius 
Orthrogonus J Verpius fat by 
Orthrogonus ; Strategus, bj 
nation a Greek, by Verpius. 
His eldejl {on fat on the left 
hand of Antronius. If an) 
guefls came in, a place \y as giv- 
en him according to his worth. 
Firft there was very little of 
danger, or hazard as to the 
broth ; but that pieces cfekceft 
made of cow's mi\k fzv am in 
the diflies of the great folks. 
But tf certain rampart was 
madt out of comrnenly four i/z- 
tf/j of wine #W water, that ?*0- 
^>0*/y could touch what ttftfj 
ferved up, be/ides three, before 
whom the difh* ftood ; unlefs 
any one would have en'du red to 
be t/(?ry impudent, and /4 /ra^ 
0#<?r the hedge. Afar yet aW 
that difk flay long, £ztf was 
taken» aw-ay pYefefttiy, that fdrrii~ 
thing might be left for the Jam- 

What $<m did the reft eat ? 

They feafted after their 
fafhibn* 'A. Qui? 


f 4 f 

A Qui? 

B. ivlacerabant ilium 
irgillaceum panem vino 
oelujhffimx fsecis. 

A. Tale convivium 
oportuit efle perbreve. 

B. Frequenter pro» 
lixius hora. 

A. Oui potuit ? 

B. Sublatis mox, ut 
'dixit quae non carthant 
periculo, cafeus appo- 
nebcjtur, unde erat nul- 
lum pericuium, w^quif- 

I quam abrade nt quid- 
quam efcano cultello. 
Ilia prwc Lara faex man- 
ebat, et fuus cujufque 
pani$. Atque fabulce 
mifcebantur tuto inter 
j?*rc bellaria. Interim 

fcnatus fceminarum 

A. Quid operas inte- 
rim ? 

B. Habebant «Z/foY 
commune nobifcum s 
prandebant ac coena. 
bant fuis horis. 

A. Verum cujufmodi, 
apparatus ? 

B. I flue*/? tuum <#- 

A. At A<?ra vix fuffi- 
cit Germanis in jenta- 
culum, tantundem in 
merendam, fef'quihora 
in prandinm, tfW horae 
2« can am ; ac »t$ ex- 
pleantur affatim ele- 
ganti t/fotf, bonis car» 


They (baked /£<z/ clay bread 
in wine of very old dregs. 

Such afeajl mud have been 
very Jliort. 

Often longer than an hour, 

How could it ? 
Thefe things being taken a- 
way prefently, as IJaid, which 
did not xo ant danger, the chefe 
was fet on ,from whence there 
was no danger, left any one 

Jkould \ [crape any thing zoith an 
e a ting knife, Thatfamous dregs 

[laid, and every one's bread. 
And flories were mixed fife ly 
among thefefweetmcats. In the 
mean time /^ parliament oi 
women dined, 

What did f&j work folks \* 
themean time ? 

They had nothing common 
with us : they dined and Tap- 
ped a/ their own hours* 

But of what fort was the 
That is your part to gufs. 

But an hour hardly fuffices 
the Germans for breakfaft, as 
much for drinking, an hour and 
a half for dinner k twto hours 
for [upper ; and «w/^/i they be 
filled plentifully with fine wine, 
good flefli and f/Ji, they forfake 
their' mqfler, 3nd 7?y into t 1 



nibus ac pifcibus, defe- 
runt patronum, ac fu~ 
giunt in bellum. • 

B. Cuique genti eft 
fuus m§s. Irali impen- 
dent minimum gui<£ % 
malunt pecuniary quam 
voluptatem i et I tint 
fobrii natura %uo«]ue, 
«0/2 foium inflituto. 

A.Nunc projeclo non 
raircr /<? redvffe nobis 
ta/tt exilem, led demi- 
ror te rediiffe omnino 
vivum, precfertim cum 
affuevijfes antea azto'j, 
perdicibus, turturibus, 
et pka/ianis. 

B. Plane perieram, 
«?yf remedium repertum 

A. Res- «a/i! agitur, 
ubi e/2 opus to/- reine- 

B.Effeceram z*/ quar- 
ta ^<3z\$" pulli tfi&w dare- 
tur raira jam languef- 
centi, in fingula con- 

A. Nunc incipies vi- 

B. Non admodum. 
Exiguus pullus emeha- 
tur s ne multum inapen- 


Every nation has its cwH 
way. The Italians bejiczo very 
little upon tht throat, they'ha^ 
rather hzstmoney than pleqju re; 
and they <2n?fober by nature too, 
not only by cuftom* 

Now /7 'uly I do not wonder 
that yeu are returned to us fo 
thin, but / wonder that you 
are returned at ail a-live, ^/#£- 
£Ztf//|when }^z/ a^r€ accujtomtd- 
before to <f££<?/?j,partridges,^£« 
£0/^, and pkeafants* 

I had certainly perifhed #«* 
/gft a remedy A#i been found 

The matter u ?7/ managed, 
where there is ft^d? 5/"/^ many 

1 had prevailed that a fourth 
part of a pullet boiled mould 
be given me, now langmjhmg. 
tor every meal. 

Now you will begin to live. 

Not i^ry much. A fmall 

pullet jzxzj bought, left wz/cA 

mould be expended ; of which 

dcretur ; cujujmodi fex jort fix would not fujfice one 

nonfufficerent uni Po- Polander, 0/ a goodjlemach for 

breakfaft. Afar <## they give 

meat to it when bought,^/? $<?r<? 

w?VA/ W0/£<? anything of charge. 

Wherefore* winger a l«g of it 


lono ^0/n ftwnachi in 
jentaculum. Afo afa- 
bant cibum 
ejfet quid 

empto, ?ie 



ljuare ala aut poples 

Yne&us macie, U femi- 

Livus coquebatur. Je- 

leur dabatur jilio Or- 

Ithrogoni infanti. Mu- 

Jlieres autem ebibebant 

■jus fcmel atque iter urn , 

J nova aqua inluhjubin- 

\de. Itaque poples ve- 

niebat ad me ficcior 

pumice ; et incipidior 

quovis putri ligno. 

Jus erat nihil aifi mera 


A. Et tamen audio 
genus avium efTe z7/?£ 
«opiofiffimum, */ ele- 
gans et vile. 

B. Eft prorfus, fed 
pecunia eft carior illis. 
A. Dedifti fatis pce- 
narum, etiamji occidif- 
fes Romanum Pontifi- 
eem, #?// fi minxiJJes ad 
fepulchrum ^zz/2 Pe- 

B. Sed audi reli- 
<yixxmfabulm. Sciseffe 
in quaqua hebdomada 
^quinque dfej, quibus 
vejamur caraibus. 

A. Nimirum. 

B. Itaque emebant 
duntaxat duos pullos. 
Die jfovi fingebant Je 
oblitos emere, nevel Qp- 
ponerent totum pullum 
ۥ die, vel aliquid Jk~ 

A, «Nae ijle Antroni- 

msrtified with leannefs, and 
half alive was boiled. The liv- 
er was given to the Jon of Or- 
throgonus an injant. But the 
women Jupped of the broth 
once and again, new water be- 
ing poured in now and then. 
Wherefore the kg came to me 
drier than a pummxce ftone, and 
more injipid than any rotten 
wood. The broth was nothing 
but mere water. 

And yet I hear thatjswl is 
there very plentiful, and fine 
tfttd? ckeap. 

It is indeed, but money h 
dearer to them. 

You have fuffered punim- 
ment enough, although you 
had killed the Roman Pontiff, 
or if you had pijjed againft the 
fepuichre of St. Peter. 

But hear the reft ofthejtory* 
You know there are in every 
week five days, upon which we 
eat flefh. 


Wherefore they bought only 
*&;<? pullets. On Thurfday they 
pretended M^y forgot to buy 
one, left either theyjhould Jerve 
up a whole pullet that day, <?r 
foraethingT^/^ be left. 

Truly ^/Antroniusfla^^ 



us fuperat Plautinum 
Eucltonem* Sed quo 
remedio confulebas vi- 
ta pifcariis diebus**? 

B.Dederam negotium 
cuidam tmico, ut emeret 
tria ova mihi meo are in 
fingulos dies, duo in 
prandium, unum incce- 
nam. Sed heic quoque 
fceminae pro recentibus 
care emptis fupponebant 
feraiputria. Ut crede- 
rempr&clare mecurn ac- 
tus , fi effet unum ex tri- 
bus quod poffet edi. 
Tandem emeram et u- 
trem purioris vini mea 
pecuma s caeterum mu- 
lieres affrafia fera, intra 
paucos dies exforbue- 
runt, Antronio non ad- 
medurn irato. 

A. Itane, tiullus erat 
illic, qui miferefceret 
tui ? 

B. Miferefceret ! Imo 
videbar Mis quifpiam 
gluto et helluo,qu\ unus 
devorarem tantu?n cibo- 
rum. Itaque Orthrogo- 
nus admonebat mejii- 
linde, ut haberem ra- 
tionem ejus regionis ; 
et confulerem mea. in- 
columitati ; et com- 
memorabat aliquot npf- 
trates, quibus edacitas 
conciliaffet illic^ aut 
moiteni, aut aliquem 

Phutm\ Euclio. But by Zuhat 
remedy did you provide^r lift 
on fifli days ? 

I gave a charge to a certain 
friend, that he JJiould buy three 
eggs forme with my own money 
for every day, two for dinner, 
one for fupper. But here like- 
wife the women jW frefh ones 
dear bought put me half rotten 
ones. That I thought they dealt 
well zoith me, it there was one 
oj three that could be eaten. ^* 
length I bought likewife, a keg 
0/^ purer wine r^zV/i my <?a;ra 
money j but /Ae zso?nen having 
broken /A* /W/f, in a few days 
d?r£&/ it off, Antronius not being 
very angry. 

Ay, was there none there that 
pitied you ? 

Pitied ! Nay I feemed to them 
fame glutton, and agormandiz? 
er, who alone devoured Jo much 
meat. Therefore Onhrogonus 
advifed me 720z# ^w^ then to 
have<z regard to that country, 
tfttd? take care of my fecurity ; 
and he mentioned J/bwe of our 
countrymen, upon whom glut- 
tony Aaaf broitglit there <i*Aer 
death, <?r fome very grievous 
diftemper. When he faw me 
prop up my poor body with 
Ibme dainties which the apotke- 



grdvijjtmim morbum. 
Cum is vide ret me ful- 
cire c&rpufculum qui- 
bufdam deliciis, quas 
fharmacopolce _ vendi- 
•tant illic ex pineis nu- 
cleis, aut peponum, 
melonumque, fractum et 
afliduis laboribus et 
inedia, et jam etiam 
morbo, fubornat rnedu 
-cum, amicam miki ac 
familiar em, ut perfua- 
deat moderationem vic- 
tus. Egit hoc rnecum 
diligenter ; ?noxque fen- 
iifubornatum, nee ref- 
pondi tamen. C&;# a- 
geret idem raecum ac- 
•curatius, nee faceret fi- 
nem admonendz, die 
flz/Az, inquarn, eg regie 
inr, loqueris iflhac fe- 
rio <2?2 joco ? Serio, in- 
quit, gttz'rf igitur fua- 
des ut iaciam ? Abftine 
a ccenis mi to turn ; et 
tztfV/^ vino. 2^ mininum, 
■dimidium aquce. Rifl 
/? irftc/g r « ;# conjiliu m . S i 
c a pis me. extindum, ef- 
let #20™ huic corpuf- 
culo, */ raro ^ exiii, et 
fubtiliflrmis /piritibus, 
abftinere velfemel a cce- 
na. Habeo idcompertum 
toties z£/i r<r, ut non li- 
Peat experiri itemn. 
Quid autem cenjes futu- 
ium,yf fie pranfus tan- 


omVifell^r^ of pine kemels,0r 
of cucumbers, and melons, be- 
ing broken both with continual 
fatigues and fa/ling, and .«00; 
a!fo with a difiemper, he pro- 
cures a doctor, a friend to ?ne P 
and acquaintance, to perfuade 
me to <z moderation of diet. £fe 
treated upon this &'z7/z ?#<? dili- 
gently ; and prefently I per- 
ceived he was put upon it ; yef I 
did not aniwen When he treat- 
ed upon the fame thing with me 
more accurately, and did not 
make an end of advifing me 9 
tell me % fay I, cxcellentfzr, do 
you fay thefe things in earned, 
or in jeft ? //2 earnefl, fays he* 
WAa/ then <^0 j\9« advifc me to 
do ? Abftain from flippers #//<?- 
gether j and £^ to your wine, 
at leaft,hz]f water* I laughed 
at Azj famous advice. If _y0& 
d^V<? to have me dead, it would 
be death to this poor body, ^<?tfi 
thin rt7?<i fpare, and of very 
fubtile /pints, to abftain £&i 
0#ce from i upper. I have found 
that fo often by experience, that 
I have no mind to try again. 
And what do you /^??zi would 
be, ifwkzn I have fo dined 1 
Jhould abftain from fupper ? 
And do you order water to be 
added to fuck wine : As though 
it -were not better to drink pure 
water than dreggy. Nor do I 
doubt but Orthrogonus bid you 
fay this. 77?* doclor fmjled^R^ 
qualified his advice* I do not 



4?erem a coena ? Et ju- 
tes aquam addi ta^z tf£- 
??<?? Quafi /z^A2 prcejla- 
retb'ibete puram aquam 
cjuam foeculentam. Nee 

fay /A<?/£ things, quoth he, moji 
learned Gilbert, that I would 
re (train you from (uppers alto- 
gether ; you may tajle an egg, 
tftfd' drink once ; for fo / niy* 

dubito quin Orthrogo- f elf live. An egg is boiled tor 

nus jvjferet te /tfgwz fupper, J* take from hence half 

li?ec. M^ci/fubrifit, of the yolk, I give the reft /0 

,£/; mitigavit conJiliu?n. my Jon , by and by having drank 

Non Ioquor /2£x,inquit, half a glafs qfzvine, I ftudy ft4jj 

dotlijfime G\\bene,quod t late at night, 

arceam te a ccenis in to- 

/um j , licebit gujlare o- 

vura et bibere Jemel, fie 

enim ipfe vivo* Ovum 

.coquitur in ccenam, ca- 

fio inde dimidium vi- 

tclli, do reWquumJilw, 

iHox hauflo f< micyatho 

pint* ftudeo in muUani 

710 clem. 

A. -Num. medicus 

praedicabat ijihac vera ? 
B. Veriflima. A^z.w 

ipfc ambulans forte /?cr 

Did the doftorfay theft things 
truly ? 

Very truly. For I myfejf 

walking by chance a/tftf^ /Ad 

#?tf77Z redibam ajacro, Jlreet, w zs com'mg f rem prayers, 

et comes admonnerat asd my companion had told me 

thatjhe doclor lived there J I 

medicuin habitare i/lic J 
libuit videre illius rrg"- 
^«w, era* astern do mm- 
icus dies : pul/avi fo- 
xe&,apertce/unt ; afcen- 
di, ojfendo medicum 
frandentem cum fiiio,^ 
eodem Jamulo : appa- 
ratus £T<ztf/ duo tfz/#, ni- 
Jiil pratcrea* 

A. Homines oportuit 
^{Te exfangues. 

fi. Jmo tfwitf erant 

had a mind /oj?£ his kingdom, 
and it was the Lord's day ; / 
knocked at the door, z/ was 0- 
peneds I went up, 1 find the 
doctor dining with his fon, tf«^/ 
the lame hisfervant : The pro- 
wiiion teas two ^ip, nothing 

The men mud have teen 
void of blood. 

Nay both were */~4 £00^ /?'/?£ 



\pulchre habito corpore, 
\vwido ac rubido colore, 
lactis oculis. 

A. Eft vix credibile. 
B. At ego narro co~i- 
pertiftima. Nee ille fo- 
lus vivit ad ijlum mo- 
dum, fed comp lures a- 
iii, et dare imaginibus, 
et re lauta. Polypha- 
gia et pcfypofa r crede 
mi hi, eft res confuetu- 
dinis, non naturae. Si 
quis ajj'atfuit paulatim, 
projiciet cO tandem, ut 
faciat idem quod Milo, 
j 2« a b f u mp fit / / #># 
bovem eodem die. 

A. Irnmortalem De- 
ism ! o? licet" /wen va- 
le tud in em tarn parvo 
vi£lu, quantum impen- 
diorum per it Germa- 
nis, Angus., Danis, et 
Polonis ? 

B. Plurimum hand 
dubie, et quidtm non 

fine gravi detnmenlo 
turn valetudims, turn 

A. Scd £K2</ ob Ra- 
bat y#0 minus ille vie- 
tus fufficerit tihi ? 

B. Quia a/fueveram 
diverfis, e/ erat jerum 
jam mutare confuetu- 

body, 0/^ /iWy and ruddy col- 
or, with cheerful eyes. 

It isjearce credible. 

Eur / tell you things I know 
very weil. Nor does he aiono 
live after that manner, but ma- 
ny others b&th nobly defend- 
ed, and of a good eftate. Much 
eating and much drinking, be- 
lieve me, is 4 thing'oi cuflom, 
not nature, -£f any one would 
afe h 1 infelf by d egr ee % : hezvou Id 
improve to that degree at I a ft, 
that he might do » the Fame Mai 
Milo did, 20/20 eat up a xvhoh 
ex- in the Fame day. 

Immortal God ! If it be 
poffible /0 maintain one's 
health a?z/A /0 ft/?/* victuals, 
/2020 w&c/^ charge z j loft hy the 
Germans, Eng}\fh r Danes and 
Poles ? 

Very much, no doubt, and 
indeed not without grievous 
prejudice both to '//^ health, 
and alfo & # man s parts* 

But fcj&rt hindered //2«// <fo* 
would not f office you. 

Becaufe / /W ^^» accuf 

tamed to different things, and 

it was /0.0 /Vz/e then /0 change 




dinem ; quanquam ex- 
iguitas ciborum non 
tarn offendebatw^quam 
corruptio. Duo ova 
poterantfuffictre, fifu- 
iffent recens nata : cy- 
athus vini erat fatis, 
»ifi vapida faex ^/#r£- 
tur pro vino : <&W- 
iiU77i panis aluiffet,x\\\\ 
argilla dixretm pro pa- 

A. Antronium ^ 
zdeofordidum in tan- 
tis opibus ! 

B. Arbitror ejus ecu- 
fum non fuiffe intra 
o&oginta millia duca- 
lorurn. Nee erat a/Za^ 
annus, quo lucrum mil- 
It aucatorurii non acce- 
deret, utdicam parafji- 

A. Sed nuvi juvsnes 
illi, qiabus hxc para- 
bantur, utebantur ea- 
dem. parfimenia ? 

B. Utebantur ; fed 
domi duniaxat t foris 
liguriebant, fcortaban- 
tur, lu deb ant alea. 
Cumque pater gravare- 
tar impendere terunci- 
um in -gratiam honej- 
tijjimorum conviva- 
rurn 3 fa vines perdebaht 

a cuflom, although the fmali 
quantity of the vicluals did 
not fo much offend ?ne as the 
corruption. Two eggs might 
havefufficed, if they ha d been 
new laid : A glafs of wine was 
enough, but that ^<3f dregs 
&'tf j gzi/dw me for wine ; ifo/^ 
a loaf would have Jed me, but 
that c/^y was given me for 

That Anironiusjhould be fo 
fordid in fo much wealth. 

I believe /n'j £/?#/£ was not 
lefs than eighty thoufand du- 
cats. Nor was there any year, 
ik which the ga:n 0/ £ //20a- 
fand ducats was not added to 
it, to fpeak very fparingly. 

But whether or no did the 
young menfor whom this was 
provided, uie the fame frugali- 

They did ufe it ; but at home 
only ,abroad they fared daintily, 
whored, played at dice. And 

hereas the father thought 
much to expend a fafrthing oh 
the account of the mo ft honor* 
able guefts, the young fellow * 
lofkfbmetimes fixty ducats in 
one night at dice. 




\inlerdum fexaginta du- 
I latoj una notle alea. 

A. S\c folent perire 
I qua corraduntury^r^z- 

Dus. Verum incolu- 
mis e tantis periculis, 
quo te confers ? 

B. Ad vetufFimum 
Bontuberniuvi Gallo- 
rum, farturus quod 
d'\{$ena\\ faftum ejl il-- 

So thofe things life to be Ioflt 
a^zVA- is fcraped together £y 
covetoufnefs. But now that 
you are efcaped 0# 0/70 grai*- 
dangers* whither do you betake 

To a very old c/&5 of French- 
men, to make up what lofs I 
fuffered there. 



A.OOD'IE volebam 
XJl te conventum, 
yW negabaris <^ domi, 
B. Non mentiti funt 
omnino. Non erara 
quidem tibi, fed erarn 
ta//z mihi maxime. 

A. Quid anigmatis- 
eft z'y?z*af ? 

B. Nofti Mud vetufr 
proverbium, non dor- 
mi o omnibus, Necjo- 
cupHtficvz fugit te cui 


TODAY / was defrous to 
have met with you, but 
you were denied to be at home. 
They did not lie altogether, 
I was not indeed for you, ^z// I 
was then for myfelf very much,' 

What riddle is Ma/ ? 

You have known //2^ old 

proverb, I do not deep for all 

?ne/i. Nor afo^ the j ejl of Na- 

fica efcape you, to^whom defir- 




volenti inviftre famili- 
arem Ennium cum an- 
cilia, juflu heri, negaf- 
fet effe domi : Najica 
fenfit et difceffit. Caz- 
terum ubi Ennius vi- 
ciffim ingreffus domum 
Najica, rogaret putrum 
jiiim efjet intus. Najica, 
clamavitdfe conclavi,m- 
quiens, non Jura domi. 
Quumque Ennius a£W2- 
/a voce dixijjei, impu- 
dens, non agnofco te to- 
quentan ? Imo, inquit 
JNafica, tu impudenti- 
or, qui non habesfde?n 
mihi, aw ego credide- 
rim tuse ancillae. 

A. Eras f or ta//is oc- 

B. Imofuaviter oti- 

A. Rurfum torques 

B. Dicam igitur ex- 
planate. A^£ dicam 

jicum aliud ^^^w fi- 

A. Die. 

B. Altum dormie- 

A. Quid ais ? -Agai 
®£iava Aer* praeterierat 

rous /0 vifd his friend Ennius, 
when M^ #*&?<?, by the order 
of her majler, denied that he 
was at home ; Najica perceiv- 
ed it, and departed. But when 
Ennius in his turn entering the 
houfe oj Najich, aflced the boy 
whether he was within. Na- 
jica Ihouted from the parlor, 
faying, I am not at home. And 
when Ennius knowing his 
voice, /aid, you impudent fel- 
low, do not I know you Jpeak- 
ing? Nay, fays Nafica, you 
are more impudent, who do 
not give credit to me, whereas 
I trujled your maid. 

You were perhaps bufy. 
Nay,fweetly idle. 

Again jy^z/ trouble me with 
a riddle. 

I will tell you //i<??2 plainly, 
Nor will 1 call a fig any thing 
elfe //to a fig. 

Tell me. 

I was fall afleep. 

What fay you ? But the 
eighth hour h?d paffed then* 



jam, cum fol furgat 
hoc menfe ante quar- 

B. Libertnm eft foli 
per me quidem furgere 
vel media nofte, modo 
liceat mi hi dormire 
ufque ad fatietatem. 

A. Verum nt rum if- 
tucaccidit cafu, an efl 
confuetirio ? 

B. Confuetudo prcr- 

A. Atqui confuetudo 
rei non bonae £# pefli- 

B. Imo nullus fom- 

iuavior quam 

nus <?// 

poft exortnm. 

A. Quahora tandem 
Mesrelinguere leclum ? 

B. Inter quartam et 

A. Spatium fatis 
amplum. Reginae vix 
tot horis comuntur^a? 
unde venijli in iftam 
eonfuetudinem ? 

B. Quia folemus pro- 
forre convivia lufus, et 
jocus 2 w multam notlem. 
Penfamus id difpendii 
xnatutino fomno. 

A. Vix unquam vi- 
di hominem perditius 
prodigum te, 

whereas the fun rifeth this- 
month before the fourth. 

4 It is ixtejor the fun for me 
indeed to xikeven at midnight, 
fo that it be allowed me to 

But whether did that happen 
by chance , or zj z/ a cuftom ? 

Cuftora entirely. 

But //*e cuftom of a thing 
?2^ good z'j very bad. 

Nay no fleep ti pleafanter 
than after the fun is rifen. 

What hour at lafl do you 
ufe to leave your bed ? 

Betwixt the fourth and the 

' Time long enough. Queens 
hardly are fo many hours- a 
dreffing, hut how came you in- 
to that cuftom ? 

Becaufe zy<? zz/£ to prolong 
feafs, games, and jefts till 
late at mght. We make up 
that lofs by morning fleep. 

I fcarce ever faw a man 
more pernicioufly prodigal 
than you. 

B. Videtur 


B.Videtur mi hi par- It feems to me frugality rath- 

fimonia magis quam tr than prodigality. In the 

profufio. Interim nee mean time / neither confume 

abfume candelas, nee candles, nor wear clothes. 
detero vcjles. 

A. Praepoftera jru- Prepoflerou s frugality in- 

gaiitas oui&em Jtrv are deed to J'ave glafs that you 

vitrum ut perdas gem- may loofe jewels. That jlAi* 

mas. Ille philofophus lofopher was otherwife mind- 

aliter fapuit, ^#2 roga- ed, 2^/20 being afked what was 1 

ixxs quidetteipretiqfijji- the niojl precious thing, an- 

?;2W^z, refpondit tempus. fwered /z^. Moreover, Jince 

Porro cum conftet di- it is agreed that the morning is 

iuculum eiTe optimam the bejt part 0/*^ &>/W£ day, 

partem foiz^j diei, /?i jytffc /flr/e to loofe what is M^ 

gaudes perdere quod mojl precious in the molt pre- 

eft pretiojijjimum in cious things 
pretiofiffima re, 

B.An hoc perit^W Is that loft, which is given 

datur cdrpufculo ? to the body ? 

A. Imo detrahitur Nay, it is taken from the 
eorpufculo, quod, turn body, which then is mojlfwect- 
fuavijjime ajjiciturmax- ly affetled, and mo ft of ail re~ 

imeq ; vegetatur, cum cruited, when it is refrefhed 

reficitur tempeflivo mo- with Jeafon able and moderate, 

deratoq ; fomno,ex ccr- Jltep y and is Jlrengthened with 

robatur matutina vigi- morning watching, 

B. Sed eft dulce dor- But it is plea/ant to fleep. 

A. Quid potejl. efle What raw be pieafant to one 
«eW^ fentienti 722/22/ ? that perceives nothing ? 

B. Hoc ipfum eft This z/*ry Mzw^ is plea/art 
dulce fenti're nihil mo- tc perceive nothing of trouble, 

A.Atquifunt felici- But they are more happy in 




ores ijlo nomine, qui 
\dormiunt in fepul- 
Ichris ; nam nonnun- 
Iquam inf omnia funt 

molefla dormienti. 
B. Aiunt corpus fa- 

ginari maximt eo fom- 


A. Ifta eft fagina 
glirium, non hominum. 
Animalia quaz parantur 
epulis rcfte faginantur. 
Ouorfum attinet homi- 
ni accerfere obefitatem, 
nifi ut incedat *nuftus 
graviori farcina ? Die 
mihi, Ji haberesfamw 
lum utrum malles obe- 
fum, an vegetum et ha- 
bilem ad omnia mu- 
ni a ? 

B. At qui ncn Jum 

A. Sat eft attz'/h',quod 
malles miniftrum aptum 
officiis quam bentja- 

B. Plane mallem. 
A. At Plato dixit 

animum horn in is effe 
hominem, corpus eife 
nihil aliud quam domi- 
-c ilium, aut inftrumen- 
tum. Tu cent fate- 
bens, opinor, animam 
effr.principalem portio- 

that refpefl whojleep in their 
graves ;for fometimes dreams 
are troublejome to a man a- 

They fay that the body is 
fattened mojl of all with that 

That is the fattening of dor ^ 
mice, not of men. Animals 
that are prepared Jorfeafs are 
rightly fattened. What figni- 
fts it for a man to procure 
fatnefs, but that he may go 
loaded with a heavier- pack ? 
Tell me, if you had a fervant > 
whether you had rather have 
huii fat, or lively and fiifor 
all fer vices \ 

But I am not a fervant. 

It is enough for ?ne, that 
you had rather have a fervant 
fit for fervice than well faU 

Indeed I had rather. 
But Plato faid that the foul 
of a man is the man, that th* 
body is nothing elfe than a 
houfe, or inftrument. You 
however will confefs, I fup- 
pofe, that the foul is the pmn- 
cipal part of man, the body the 
fervant of the mind. 




ncm kominis % corpus 
miniflrum animi. 
B. Efotj&yk* 

A. Cam tibi nolle s 
miniftrum tarclum ab- 
domine, Jed malles a- 
gilem et alacrem, cur 
pares ignivum et obe- 
fum minijlrem animo ? 

B. Vincor veris. 

- A. Jam accipe aliud 
difpendium. Vt ani- 
mus longe pr aflat cor- 
pcri, €# fateris tf/w an- 
irni longe prsecellere 
bona corporis. 

B. Die is pjrobabile. 

A. Sed inter bona 
animi, fapientia tenet 

B. Faieor. 

A. Nulla pars diei 
eft utilior ad paran- 
dam hanc, unam dilu- 
culum, cum fol exori- 
ens novus adjtrt v\go- 
rem e/ alacritatem 0>;z- 
nibus t difcutitque ??£- 
bulas confuetas exha- 
hari e ventriculo, qua: 
(blent obnubilate &Q m 
micilium mentis. 

B. Non repugno. 
A. Nunc fupputa 

mihi quantum erudi- 
tionis pojjis parare tiki 

Let it be fo, if you will. 

Since ^tfzz would noi have & 
fervant heavy with a great bel- 
ly, £&/ had rather have on 
nimble and brfk, why dfo j'0 
provide a lazy £?z<^ Idifervan 
for the mind:? 

I am overcome with truth» 
Now Atf/zr another lofs. As 
M€ tfn*7z</ far exeds the body,/*? 
you confefs that the riches oi 
the mindy^r excel //z<? gtftfdl 
things of the body, 

You fay what is likely. 

But among the good things 
of the in if id, wijdom has the 
jirjl place. 

I conftfs- 

No part of the day is more 
ufeful for the getting of this 
than the morning, a//zf« the 
fun rifmg Ire(h brings vigor 
<?//'/ brifknefs /(5 #// things, and 
difli pales tliejumes that ufe /(7 
^<? exhaled out of the flomach 
which are wont A# cloud th< 
habitation of the mind. 

I do not fay nay. 

Now reckon up for me &i& 
?#&<:># learning y<?B might g^t to 
your/elf in thok four hours, 




i'ilis quatuorhoris,quas 
f>erdis intcmpejhvo 


B . M ultum profeclo. 

A. Expertus fum 
•plus effici in Jludus, 
^una hora matutina % 
xjuam fn^z/j poftmerid- 
ianis>z"dtywenullo detri- 
ment o corporis. 

B. Audivi. 

A. Deinde reputa H- 
Jud ;Ji conferas infum- 
mam ja&ur am fingulo- 
~jum dierum, quantus 
cumulus fit futurus. 

B. Ingens profeclo. 

A. Qui profundit 
jremmas et aurum te- 

merejnahetur prcdigus, 
et accipit tutorem ; qui 
perdit iiozc bona tanto 
pretiofiora, nonne eft 
mu\totur piusyr o&\gus? 

B. Sic apparet, fi 
papendamus rem 7£ff<2 

A. Jam expende illud 
quod Plato Jcripftt, ni- 
hil ^ pulchrius, gz&l 
amabilius fapientia, 
qwxji poffet or???' cor- 
poris 0£ulis t excitaret 
incredibilem amorem 


B. Atqui ?'/& non 
jpoteft cerni. 

which you lofe z/z unfeafonable 

Much indeed, 

1 have experienced jVzaz: 
/W(?r<; is done i» gtzs'j' jludies, 
in one hour 2« the mornings 
than 272 Mra? in the afternoon, 
and that with no damage to 
^he body. 

I have heard fo. 

Then confider that ; i/" you 
caft up into a fum the lofs of 
every day, how great a mafs it 
will be. 

A huge one, truly. 

He that Jquanders a&ay)t\*- 
els and gold rajhly, is reckon- 
ed £ prodigal, and receives a 
guardian; he that throws away 
Me good things^ y/zz/cA more 
precious, ij not he much w<?r/? 
fca n da-lo vjly prodigal ? 

So it appears, if we exam- 
ine the matter by right reafon. 

Now confider that which 
Plato tt/n/, that nothing is 
more beautiful, nothing more 
lovely M#?2 wi/dom, which if 
it could be [ten with bodily 
<ry^j-, would raife incredible 
iove of 1 tf elf. 

But that cannot befcen. 

A, Fateor 



A. Fateor, corporeis, 
oculis, vemvi cernitur 
oculis animi, qui eft 
potior pars /lominis, et 
ubi eft incredibilis a- 
inor, ibi oportet adjit 
fumma voluptas, quo- 
ties animus congredi- 
tur cum tali amica. 

B. Narras verifimile. 
A. Ito «w?2£ et com- 

muta fomnum, imagi- 
ne?n mortis, pro hac 
voluptate, ft videtur. 

B. Verum interim 
nofturni lufus pereunt. 

A. Perdit plumbum 
bene, qui vertit z» au- 
rum. Natura tribuit 
noftem fomno. Exo- 
riens Jol rcvocat cum 
emne genus animan- 
*ium, turn praecipue 
hominem, ad munia, m- 
tce. Qui dor?nwnt,in~ 
quit Paulus, dormiunt 
nocle ; et quikmiebni 
funt tf^m nocle. Prtf- 
««dfe quid ejl turpius* 
quam cum omnia ani- 
Tnantia expergifcantur 
turn fole, quddam etia- 
?xn falutent .eum ?z<?>2- 
Jww apparentem, ^/W 
adventantem cantu ; 
cum elephantus adoret 

I confefs, with bodily eyes, 
but it is feen a/zVA the eyes of 
the mind, which is /Ae better 
part of man, and tt/^erc there il 
incredible love, M*re muft fo 
the greater pleafure, as oft as 
//z<? wzffd! confers a;&M fuch a 

You fay what is likely. 

Go now and change fleep, 
//*£ image' of death, y^r this 
pleafure, \i itfeems good. 

But z/z ^/2^ mean- time nightly 

/ports are loft. 

He lofes fez^/ well, ^/£0 turns 
it iWd £0/^. Nature ^aj given 
the night for fleep. Thenfing 

y?/?2 calls upon both every &*W 
of living creatures, and efpec- 
ially man, to the offices of 
life. They who fleep, fays 
Paul, fleep in the night ; and 
they who are drunk are drunk 
in the night. Therefore what 
2 j" more fcandalous //2^/2 when 
#// animals awake with the 
h\n,fome alfo falute him w<?£ 
j<f/ appearing,^ coming, a;*//* 
tinging, when ^/4<? elephant ado- 
reth zVz^ r2/^ fun, *^a/ was 
ihould fnore a long time alter 
tf/ie rifing of the fun ? As of- 
ten as that golden fplendor £#- 
lightens your bedchamber, does 



orientem folem, komi- 
nem fiertere diu poft 
cxortum{o\\& ? Quo ties 
ilie aureus fplendor it- 
•lujlrat tuum cubiculu m, 
nonne yidetur expro- 
bare dormienti, jh.tlte, 
quid gaudes perder'e 
optima m partem vi'tss 
tuce ? Non hiceo in hoc 
lit dormiatis abditi. fed 
ut invigiletis honefiif- 
iimis rebus. Nemo' ao 
cendit lucernam, ut 
■dormiat, fed a/ agat 
aliquid opens: ^^ nihil 
aliud quam ilertis ad 
hanc lucernam pul- 
cherrimam omnium ? 

B. Declamas fc/&. 

A. Non £<?//<?, fed ve- 
re. Age, non dubito 
quin audiveris fre- 
quenter illud Hefiode- 
u m , pa rfimon xa e Rfero 
in tundo. 

B. Frequenti (Time, 
nam vinum ^//optimum 
in medio dolio. 

A, Atqui prima pars 
vita, nirnirum, adolefi 
ctntia, eft optima. 

A. Profeaqyfc eft. 

B. At diluculum eft 
A^ diei, <7#0*/ adolef- 
centia vita. An non 
faciunt igiturbuXte.qui 
perdunt adoUfcentiam 
nugis, matutinas horas 

Jbmno ? 


it not feem to upbraid you 
fleeping, thou fool, why dojl 
thou love to lole the bejf part 3/" 
My life ? I do not (h'me/or 
this, that you may fUep in pri- 
vate, but that you may mind the 
in oft honorable things. Nobody 
lights a candle that ^ mayfieej? 9 
but /i?/ he may doj&tf^work: 
../tf/?*/ do ft thou nothing elfe bur. 
fnore by this candle, the fine ft 
gf* // ? 

You declafm prettily. 
Not t/rettily, but truly. Well, 
I doubt not but you have heard 
frequently that of He fiod, /par» 
ing is £00 lutein the bottom. 

Very frequent] y,for wine £r 
the beft in the middle of the 

But the fir ft part m life % to 
wit, youth, is M<? £%//. 

Truly y# it is. 
But the morning is thattb 
the day 5 which youth is to life. 
Do not they do therefore fool- 
ifhly, who lofe M«r jy0z^ in 
trifles; their morning hours ira 

A, Sic 

4d 8 


A. Sic apparet. 

B. An eft ulla pof. 
•{efiio, qua fit confer en- 
da cum vita hominis ? 

A. Ne univerfa gaza 
qui dan Perfarum. 

B. An non odifles 
hominem veh em enter, 
qui poflet ac vellet afe- 
curtare vitam $fit ma- 
lis artibus ad aliquot 
annos ? 

A. Ipfe mallem eri- 
pere m/#/w illi. 

B. Verurn arbitror 
pejores et nocentiores, 
qui volentes reddunt 
vi tarn breviorem fibi. 

A. Fateor,.y£ qui ta- 
les reperiuntur. 

B. Reperiuntur ! /- 
mo, ornnes fimiles tui 

faaunt id. " 

A. Bona verba. 

B. Optima. Reputa 
fie cum tuo anirno, H08- 
.?/<* Plimus videlur clix. 
ille re&ifjime, vitam ^£ 
vigiliam, <?^ hominem 
vivere hoc phinbus ho- 
ris, <7« t 9 rnajorem /?#r- 
fcM tern pons impende- 
nt Audi is ? So?nnus e~ 
mm. eft quadam mors. 
Uiide et fmgitur venire 
ab inferis, et dicitur 
germanus mortis ab 
Homero. Itsque quos 
fomnus occupat, nee 
censentur inter vivos ^ 

So it appears. 

Is there any pofleffion that 
to be compared with ike hjt < 
man ? 

Not all the treafure indeed < 
the Perfians. 

Would you not hate the ma 
very much, who could ah 
would Jhorten your \iie for yc 
by evil arts for fome years ? 

I had rather take his 
from him. 

But / think them worfe tf^ 
more mifchievous, who volun 
tarily 7»^ life Jliorter to ther 

I confefs if any y?^/z a 

Found! AV/, all likeyou do 

Good words» 

Very good. Think thirs 
ra'M your mind, does not Pliny 
feem to have fa id very rightly^ 
that life is a watch, and that 
man lives fo many the move 
hours, by how much the greater 
part of his time he fpends in 
his ftudies ? For Jleep is a /art 
of death. From' whence alfo 
it is pretended /0 come from 
hell, £72^/ is called the brother 
germ an of death by Homer* 
Wherefore thofe whom fleep 
Jeizelhave neither ihoughta??iong 
the living, nor among the dead, 
but>^ rather among the dead. 




nee inter inoriuos % fed 
tamen potius inter mer- 

An Ita videtur omni- 

R . Nunc fubdu cito 
rationem mki t quan- 
ta ?n portionern vitas re 
j'ecent fibi qui fmgulis 
diebus per aunt tres nut 
quatuor horas fomno. 

A. Video immenfam 
fu tn mam. 

B. Nonne haberes 
ale a mi jl am pro deo,qui 
'pulfet adjicerc decum 
annos fa mm re vitce, et 
re v . > c a re /> ) v veclic re m 
sst item ad vigoren dd o- 
1 c f, curiae ? 

A. Qui J ne baSe- 
rem ? ^ 

B ♦ Sed p otes p rae fl a re 
,&?/■ tarn diviuum ben-e- 
un hbu 

A Qui fie 7 

B.Quia ofc/ri» efi ado- 
Ir/teniia diei, juvenilis 
fervet ufq&e ad merid- 
iem. Af (m v i r i I i s fctrfa s , 
en ? fu c c eel i { wy^f ra p ro 
fenccla ; occajas exci- 
p-j t 8f$® ram 9 vel u t 
mats diei. Parfmonia 
au tan eft magnum vec- 
fjgal, y?48? nufquam »&: 
jfa/quanl 0M, An non 
igitur adjunxit /?fo in. 
gens lucrum, qui jtfyfcl 
perdere mag nam partem 

So itfetms indeed. 

Now ca/i up the account for 
me, how great # part of life //z<?y 
£*/ ft^v from themfelves, rc^<? 
every day loft three #/• four 
hours in fleep. 

I fec^a immenfi furu. 

Would not you reckon $te 
alchyimji for a God. MtfJ could 
add ten years to the fit it? ^ 
\onrlfe, and call back advanc- 
ed c:ge /a roe &JJg0/' of youth ? 

^Why fhould I not reckon 
him fo T 

But ymi maj do /his fo divine 
a B&ieffi ft) 

Hmv To ? 

Bicailflfe /&<? morning h t)r 

!• \det[i$ 

n ffii neetr, £y and by the 

fcsr ^^K/i comes 
the ev-j^ng, for ol i a^e ; funfet 
fucceeds *^$ tvempg as /At? flfc^ 
or theday. Ana j mo tliiyis ogrcat 
rev enu e. Lul n'o ■. 1 1 j i - ; e £ / e# fr r 
than A#'<?. Piajs rdt he'" there- 
fore procured to himjzifz great 
gain, w ho /^j ceiij^i ii IbTfe a 
^part of his Wft\ and that 

Wtf f 



vitfot eamq ; optimam P 

A. Prand teas- -vera. 
- B. Proinde ro^um 
que re mom a videtur ad- 
tt a du m i xr p u d e n s , q n i 
<. c c u [an t n u tura m , q u od 
nnierit vitam hotfiinis 
&m anguftis fpatiis, 
n/w lpB Jponie aiirpa* 
tent ft bi untum. <?* <?<? 
quod datum cfl. Vila 
>?/? \qk$?l fatis caique, 

y? difpenfetur par re, 
Nee eft mediocris ^r<y- 

Jeclus, fi yw?i: gerat 
(juceque fuo tempore, 
A pr&ndio vix fumus 

jtmiho mines , cum c<?/-- 
/wi" onufturn cz^zj ag- 
gravat mentcm. Nee 
£/? tut urn evocare fpiri- 
lus <2/> officina floina- 
chrij peragentes offici- 
um ccncoclioms ad fu- 
periora /^//0 minus # 
cctna. At ^002.0 eft 
/0/#j homo matutinis 
/iorzs 9 dum corpus eft 
habile ad omne minif- 
terium, ^w alacer ##- 
t/WMi 1 viget* dum omnia 
org ana mentis J ant 
tranquilla tt ferena, 
dum particula divince 
KwxTtJpiralt ut ait il- 
le, ac fapit fuam origi- 

You fay true. 

Wherefore their compliant. 
feems very impudent, who ac- 
cufe nature for having bound- 
ed the life of man within jo 
narrow a compafs, when they 
<?/ M:^?r <?»»« accord cut off 
y f c?;;2 thewfelves fo much (/ 
£/;o/ which was given them. 
Life ?i long enough for every 
cme, z/ it he difpofed oifpar- 
ingly. Nor 2J ?/! a mean pro- 
ficiency, if <z ?#<z/i does every 
thing in its time. After din<- 
n»r we are fcarce half men, 
v.'hen the body loaded with 
meat oppreflfes the mind. Nor 
is it fafe to call off the fpirits 
from the workhoufe of the 
ftomach, performing the offi- 
ces of concoclion to the upper 
parts, ;w «c^ lefs #/^r /upper. 
But £ /72£# is wholly man ?ra 
/^^ morning hours, whilft the 
body is Jit for all {exvxce.whilfi 
the cheerful tkz'W is vigorous,. 
whilfl all M<? organs of the 
mind #r£ quiet and ferene, 
whilfl the particle of divine air 
breathes^ as a certain one fays, 
##tf? has a timSiure of its orig- 
inal, and is carried out to 
honorable things. 




nem, et rapitur ad ho- 
ne jl a. 

A. Tu concionaris 
quidem eleganter. 

B. Faber aerarius ob 
vile luctllum furgit an- 
te lac em, et amor fapi- 
entiae non poteji exper- 
gefacere nos, ut audio- 
mus fa-Item folem evo- 
cantem ad inazfhmabile 
lucrum. Medici fere 
non dant pharmacum 
n if/ ci i 1 u c u 1 o , z Y/a no- 
nint aureus horas, ut 

fubveniat corpori, vos ■ 
W0/z novimus eas ut 16- 
cupletemus et fanemus 
an i m u m ? Q u o d ft h sec 
habent leve pondus a- 
p.ud le, <*W2 quid z//tf 
coeleflis /fientia apueb 
Solomoneni loquatur. 
Qui vigdavennt ad* 
me, inquit, mane £%&£« 
rtteatf me. 7/2 myfhcis 
p/almis, quanta com- 
mendatio matutinitem* 
par is f Mane prophet a 
ex to I lit mfericordiam 
domini, KM)?* ejus vox 
citditurim&neejus depre- 
lit ^w</ Lucam evange- 
\i&impppulus expeiens 

You preach indeed finely, 

A Brazier /#r poor gflzw ri- 
fes before light, and /Ae /0<y£ of 
wifdom cannot awake us % that 
&;£ ?;?<2y A^zr at lea ft the fun 
calling us up ^ inejlimablegzixi. 
Doctors commonly give not. 
phyfic but in the morning ; 
they know the golden hours, 
to relieve the body, d$ not zoe 
knozo them to enrich and -cure 
/'// e mind ? B u t ?/ 1 h e fe tbi ngs 
^<?<? little weight with you* 
/2^r what /A«^- heavenly ?/'?/- 
^w with Solomon /i^y. They 
that watch for me, y&y.j y%£, in 
the morning fiiall jind me. 7/2 
the ?nyflical pfa 1 m s ho w g reat 
is the commendation of the 
morning time ? In the morn- 
ing the prophet extols the mer- 
cy of the Lord, in the morning-' 
his voice ishtard^ in the morn- 
ing his prayer, prevents the 
Lord. And in Luke the evan- 
gelift, the people defiring health 
and irflruclicn from the Lord, 
flock in to him in themorning* 
Why do youjigh ? 




fanitatem et dotlrinam 
a domino conjluit ad il- 
ium mane. Quidfuf- 
piras ? 

A. Vix teneo lach- 
rymas, cum tubitquan- 
tim ja£turam vita fe- 

B. Eft fuper vac ane~ 
urn difcruciari ob ea, 
quae non pojfiwt revo- 
eari, fed tamen poffunt 
farciri pojlerioribus cu- 
tis. Incumbe/£ac ig- 
itur potius quzm facias 

j a flu ram futuri tern- 
poris quoque inani de- 
ploratione prceteriic-* 

A. Mones bene, fed 
diutina contuetudoj am 
facit mefui juris. 

B..Phy -!. CJavus/*/- 
&fitr clavo, confuetudo 

A. At durum, ejl re- 
Itnquere £4 quibus diu 
off u evens. 

E. lnii'i&qyidem'Jed 
.dive rfa ' } con fu e t u d o 
primum lenit e##i rao- 
jeftiam, max virtii tip 
^'i/ /w mam voluptatem, u t ' 
non op or teat te pceni- 
tere brevis moUjhiz. 

A. Vereor non ut 

I fcarce refrain from tears, 
when I think how great awafte 
of life I have made. 

It is needhff to be tormented- 
for thoft things, which cannot 
be recalled, but yet may be 
cured by future care. Apply 
yourfelf to this therefore rath- 
er tha*i make a wajle of the 
time to come teo by a vain la- 
menting of what is paji. 

You advife well, but long 
cuftom has now brought meun* 
der its dominions. 

Puh ! A nail is driven out 
by a nail, cuflom is overcome 
by cujlom. 

But it is hard to leave thofc 
things to which you have been 
long ujcd. 

At the beginning indeed,h\rt 
a dijfrrent cuftom firfl miti- 
gates that trouble, by and by 
turns it into the gr-eatejb pleaf- 
ure, that you tught not to be 
concerned for afliort trouble. 

- I am afraid it will not fuc- 

B.. Si, 



B. Si ejfes feptuage- 

narius, non retrakerem 
teafolitis. Nunc vix 
egreffus es decimum 
feptimum annum opi- 
nor. Quid autem eft 
quod ifta aetas non pof 
Jit vincere,y? adfit mo- 
do prompt us animus ? 

A. Quidem aggre- 
diar, conaborque, ui 
fim philolalogus ex 

B. Si fecer is id, fcio 
fatis, poft' paucos dies, 
et gratulaberis ferio ti- 
bi, et ages immigrates, 
qui monuerim. 

If you were feventy years 
old, / would not take you ojf 
from what you were vfed to. 
Now you are fcarce paji the 
feventeenth year, I believe. 
And what is it which that age 
cannot conquer, if there be 
but a ready mind ? 

Truly / will attempt it, "and 
endeavor that I mav become a 
philologer of a lover of fleep ? 

If you do that, I know well 
enough, after a few days, both 
you will rejoice in earneft to 
yourfelf and give me thanks, 
whoadvifedyou to it. 


Eufebius, Pampyrus, Polygamus, Glycion. 

Eu /^VUAS ncva&dL- 
^£/ves video hie? 
Nifi animus fa/ lit me, 
aut oculi profpiciunt, 
parura, video tres vete- 

WHAT new birds afo I fee 
here ? Unlefs my mind 
deceives me, or my eyes difcern 
but little, //fe three old com- 
panions 3/ wi'we, fitting togeth- 



res congerrones rneos er, Pampyrus, Poly genius, and 

confidentes, Pampy- Glycion, 
■mm, Polygamum, tt 

Pa. Quid tibi vis What <Jd yotr nea» zviih 

cuvi vitreis oculis, faf- your glafs eyes, you wizard i 

cinator ? Congredere Gome nearer, Bufehus. 
propius Eufebi f 

Po. Saive Eufehi, God fave yo-u, Eufebiu?, 

m\\ 1 1 u m ex opt ate. ra uc h /0 ngtdjo r. - 

Gly. Sit ^«* tibi op* May it be ««# with you, 

time vir. wry good fir. 

Eu. Una Jalute, fa!* In one /alutation, God fave 

vete amies* Qxi'xs ueus you all. What G<7^, or chance 

aut <r^/«-j- fehcior d# more lucky lAofe «f* GW, has 

conjunxit #0^ £ Nam joined .atf ■■? For ?e^72^ of us /W 

#m<? noftrum vidttaYi- /ten- another now this -forty 

urn jam' quadraginta years, 1 think. Nhrcury could 

annis y opinor. Mer» not /i^ae brought us together 

curius non potuiffet better with his rod. 
contrahere nos z# unum 
meWvsfuo caduceo. 

1 Gl. Quid dg-f/tV hie ? What ar<? >'<??/ «&!#£ here ? 

Pa. Sedemus. We are fitting. 

Eu. Video; /ed qua- I fee, but for what caufe? 
de caufa r* 

Po. Operimur cur- We are waiting for a coach, 

rum % qui devehat nos thdtjhouid carry us to Antwerp. 

Antwerp? am. f 

Eu. Ad mercatum ? To the Mart ? 

Po. Scilicet: ; fed Yes; but fpeftators more 

fpeclatorcs magis quavn than traders.- 

f Eu* Et nobis ejl iter And I am tmvettin$ to the 

eoderm Vtrum quid fame place. But what hin* 

objlat, quo minus ea- ders that you do not go ? 
tit ? 

Pa. . Non d urn 



Po. Nondum conve- 
nit cum aurigis. 

Eu> Biffici'e germs 
hominufi) ; fed vifne 
lit imponamus illis ? 

Po. Libcrety? Iu>e- 

Eli. Simulemus nos 
velle a Lire {imul pedi- 

Po. Credant alius 
czncrosvolaturos ^unm 
nos tarn grandes con- 
fecluros hoc iter pedi- 

Gl. Vultis retlum ac 
verum confilium ? 

Po. Maxime. 

Gl. llli potant, quo 
diutiusyia'z/w/ id, hoc 
plus pcnculi erit, ??£ w- 
^2 'dejiciant fltfi in lu- 

Po. Oportet venias 
admodum diluculo, ft 
z^j 1 aurigamy^m?#2. 

G i. Quo per veniamus 
maturius Antwerp? am, 
ftipuiemus currum no» 
bis quatuor foiis. Oft- 
/£0 tanfcillurn pecuniae 
contemnendum. //t?c 
damnum* penfabitur 
muhis commoditatibus. 
Sedebimus commodius, 
ac tranfigemus hoc zV^r 
fuzviffimemutuis fabiu 

We are not yet agreed a/?7A 
the coachmen. 

A hard kind of men ; But 
afeyou willing that we {houid 
impoie upon them. 

It. would ple'afe me if it 
could be. 

Let us pretend t-hat we will 
g<? together on foot. 

They would believe/co^r 
that crabs would fly, than M<z£ 
we fo aider ly mould difpatch 
/Az J" journey onjovt. 

Would you have right and 
/rz/e advice ? 


They #r<? drinking, the lon- 
ger //2 <?y */<? that, jo much the 
more danger will there be, /<*/? 
yi?w^ where they throw wj* into 
the dirt. 

You muft come very early 
{{you will have a coachman 

That we may come the foon- 
er to Antwerp, let us hire a 
coach for us four alone. / 
think that fo little money is to 
be defpifed. This lofs will 
be made up by many conven- 
iences. We fhall fit more 
conveniently , and Jh all p aj s this 
journey moll fweetly 2?3 mutu- 
al flories. 

Po. Glycion 



Po. Glycivnjuadet 

GJ. Tranfegi. (T^/r- 
feen da m us. V a h ! 

Httwc iibet vivtre, poft- 
eaquarn contigU mi hi 
videre fodales <?/m ca- 
riffimos, &* tan to in- 

Eu. Ac vide or miht 

Po. Quot annos fup- 
putatis, e# tftti convix. 
imus Lutcfra ? 

Eu. Arbitror tf0« 
pane lores quadraginta 

Po. Turn vidtbamur 
omnes aequaks. 

Eu. Ita eramus fur- 
roe, ft# fi 0*a€ quiJ 
•dijcrwiinis eiat/> 
fill am. 

Pa. At *« » fo quanta 
in aqua lit as ? Nam 
Glycion habet «ifoV fe r 
nii, t/ Polygamtis <w- 
*/ videri /a'/ai i&NHB 

Eu. Frofe6toy/c res 
hahtt. Ouid iti 2« 
tattfa* ? 

Pa. Quid ? /** hie 
cejfavit ac rtjlitit in 
citrfu, oft* ille &Rl 

Eu. Oh ! a/mi nan 

Glycion advifes right. 

I have bargained. Z<?/ &j- 
^0 fw. Oh ! «0a/ I have a 
mind /0 /iira^ after if< has hap- 
pened to me /0^ companions 
formerly very dear, a/Ster fo 
long an interval. 

And Ifeem tomyfelf to grow 
young again. 

How many years do yon 
count \t /ince we lived togeth- 
er at Paris? • 

I think no fewer than forty 

Then &;£ feme a al! of an 

u : o zas were a-! mo ft, or if 
;• mm any thing u 
£&&*, it was very lit tic. 

But 7?0ar how great is Me /;?- 

eq^ahty ;. for Ghnon has 

nothing of old age, a /7^ ?olv- 

gamus might feem his grand- 

jot her . 

dy /S the tking zt. What 
thing ?j t$4 ovcafion? 

What f Either he Her 4 /0?'- 
AW# and jlop^ed in the gift*, . 

#r, the other has ovtran him. 

Qui Years dv-nof loiter, 



xeflant, qnamtumvis 
homines ceffent. 

Po. Die bona fide, 
G'/yc2 on y quoi annos ca- 
meras ? 

GJ. Piures quam du- 

Po. Quot tandem ? 

G i . Se x ag i n t a yi A . 

Po. Sed quibus <zr- 
/^wj- remoratus es /?- 
neclutcm ? Nam H^we 
canities, #£^&<? rugofa 
eto£2£ adeft. Ora/e vi- 
gent, [cries dentium u- 
trinque ni tet, /w/ar eft 
vividus, corpus juocu- 
lent am, 

Gl. Dicam mias af- 
tes, 7^0 afo tu narres ?Z0- 
bis vicillim tuas artes, 
<gp u ib u s a c e e i e raiti [c nee - 

Po. Recipio me foe - 
turum. Die igitur, 
quo coniulifti te r^/z'c- 
£22 Lutetia ? 

Gi. Recce Mi patri- 
am. Com-moratus ?7- 
lic fere annum, ccepi 
difpicere de eiicrf?ndo 
genere vitas. Quam 
rem .££0 credo habere 
non /ra? momentum <zr/ 
f elicit atern. Circum- 
fpiciebam ya*d? fucce* 

ho zv muck jo-eve r men z»#)> /02- 

Tell me, ?'/? gwaf faith, G/y* 
cion, how many j^/cj do you 
reckon ? 

More than ducats* 

How hi any at la[? 

* But by what arts have you 
kept off- old age ? For neither 
boarinefs, war a wrinkled^rrc 
isyei. come upon you, 7&* ■ 
eyes are brlik, ^ r#i^ of teeth 
on each fide is neat, the color 
ii 4u»r/^ and the body jail of 

I will tell ffzy arts,[o be you 
tell #5" again your arts, ^y 
which you hafteioedon old age* 

I undertake £fltf<f 7 wz7/ */<? *7. 
Tell us then, whither did you 
belnke yumieVi after you left 
Paris ? 

Dire£ily into ?ny country, 
Having (laid there almof: a 
year, I began to confidcr about 
c hoc fi rig a way o 1 life. Wh ich 
thing / believe to have #0 
fmall moment towards happi- 
nefs, I confidered what flic- 
reeded with any one, what did 




deret euiquam, quid 

Po. Miror fuiffe tibi 
tan turn mentis, cum'm- 
hil fuerit nugacius te 

Gl. Turn cut as fere- 
bat ; et tamen, # 007/f, 
non gefli omnem rem 
^zc meo marte. 

Po. Mirabar. 

Gl. Priufquam ag- 
grederer quidquam, a- 
dii quendam e cwibus, 
grandem natu, pruden- 
tijjim u m 1 ongou/u rem m 
et probatifTimum te/li- 
monio totius civitatis, 
ac meojudicio, feliciffi- 
mum etiam. 

Eu. Sapiebas. 

Gl. Ufus hujuscon- 
filio duxi uxorem. 

Po. Pulchre dota- 
tam ? 

Gl. Mediocri dote; 
Ea res ceffit mihi plane 
ex animifententia. 

Po. Quot annos na- 
tus eras turn ? • 

Gl. Ferme viginti 

Po. O felicem te ! 

Gl. Non debeo tot urn 
hoc fortunm % ne quid 

I" wonder you had fo much 

/£«/£, whereas nothing was ware 
trifling than you <2£ Paris. 

Then 7#y age allowed it ; 
#W yet, £00^ yfr, I did not 
manage the whole affair hereby 
my own condu6i. 

I wondered. 

Before / at temp ted my thing, 
/ went to one of the citizens, 
elderly, very wife by long ex* 
perience in affairs, and very 
well approved of by the tejlu 
mony of the wholmcity, and in 
my judgment very happy too. 

You were wife. 
Ufing his advice, / married 
a wife. 

With a good fortune ? 

With a moderate fortune ; 
That thing fell out to me truly 
according to my heart's defire. 

How many years old were 
you then ? 

Almoft twenty two. 

happy you ! 

1 do not owe all this to for- 
tunc, ilo not mi (take. 

Po. Qui 



Po. Qui fie ? 

Gl. Dicam,a/n dili- 
gunt priufquam deli- 
gant ego delegi judicio, 
priufquam diligerem, et 
tamen duxi fianc magis 
ad poferitatem, quam 
ad voluptaiem. Vixi 
cum ea fuaviffime non 
plures oclo annos. 

Po.Reiiquit orbum? 

Gl. Imo duo fllii,/<7- 
tidemque filiae fuper- 

Po. Vivifne privat us , 
an jungeris magiftra- 
tu ? 

Gl. Eft mihi publi- 
cum munus. Majora 
poterant contingere,ve- 
rum delegi hoc inihi % 
quod haberet tantum 
dignitatis, ut vindica- 
ret me a contemptu, 
cacterum mimine ob- 
noxium molejiis nego- 
tiis. Ita nee eft ^*W 
quifquam objiciat me 
vivere mihi. Et eft 
unde dem operam ami- 
cis quoque nonnun- 
quam; Contentus hoc 
ambii nihil magis ; ve- 
rum geffi magiftratum 
fica/dignitas accreve- 

How fo ? 

I will tell you. Others lovt 
before they choofe, / chofej^ 
dicioujly before / loved, and 
yet I married her more/or i[fue: 
than jfor pleafure. 1 lived 
a/z'/A A^r moft pleafantly no 
more /A#fl eight years. 

Did file leave yu child- 

Nay, to# fons, and as many 
daughters fur vive her* 

Do you live a private per- 
fon 9 or do you bear any office ? 

I have a public office* 
Greater places might have fal- 
len to me, but / chofe this for 
myfelf, becaufe it had fo much 
of honor, that it would fee ure 
mt from contempt, but not at 
all liable to troublefome bufi- 
nefs. 5<9 there is no reafora 
/Aa* any onejkould objetl that 
1 live for myfelf. ^f/zi I have 
it in my power to be fei vicea- 
ble to my friends too fomc- 
times : Content with this, I 
fought no more : But 1 bore 
my office fo, that dignity ac~ 
crued to it from me. I reckon 
this handfomer than /0 borrow 



fit illi ex me. Ego dignity Jrem the fp'/endorvt 

duco hoc pulchrius office. 

.quam f timer e mutuo 

dignitatem exfplendore 


Eu. Nihil verius. Nothing more true. 

Gl. Sic confenui in- Thus I grew old among 

ter77z<?0i" rives charus citizens dear to all, 

Eu. I flue eji diffi- That is. very hard, feeirg 

-•ciliimum, cum dictum has been faid not without re 

fit nvn abs re, cum qui fori, that he who has nobods 

habet neminem immi- his enemy has irot any one \\\\ 

cu?n, nee habere quen- friend ; and that envy is a!- 

quam amicum ; et in- ways the companion oi happv 

vidian) ejft femper co- nefs. 
mitem feiicitatis. 

Gi. I nvidia /#/<?/ co- Envy nfes to attend t;poi 

rmt?iiiirui£nem feiicita- extraordinary happinefs. J 

tern. Mtdiocrilas eft mean i$ fa/e. And ?Mj wa 

#$$. Et $k fuit m- wry coiiflant ozr<?, not to pro 

■hi perbetuurn JliidiiCm f cure to myfelf any advarftag 

ne cofopararcm quid by the dij advantage ic/i o 

^v ?n- Ithrufi mvfeif 2,^0 ;?<? bufi 

mei comrnodi ^v ?«- I thrujl my 

cemmedis aliorum. //z- nefs,^«/ cfpecialiv >'&^/ m 

£«/£ mernet'wH///j 'ne- l fe\l from that which a^/W /10 

gotiis, /?</ praecipue be undertaken without 'he ol 

continui me #£ /h>; fence of many. Wherefore; 

.quae $» poterant fuf- a fiiend jfjr to be affifted, / bt 

<ciplfne oii^nWmulto- friend him >, that / proem 

rum. I'taque/F amicus ho eri$tny to' inyfeif upon the 

erit juvandus, bene.fa- account. And if any J d?flei 

C20 iliifc, ut j&*>m ^^arifes^z any hand, Ie 

nullum inimicum mihi ther fofteri it £y clearing myfd 

kac de c'aufa. Et fi or quajhit by ■ kindnefs,^ fuff< 

Qaidjw.utiatis otmva it to die away, by taking 1 



\ialicunde, aut le- 
nip purgatione, aut^v- 
tiuguo officiis, aut pa. 
tior intermori difftmu- 
latione, Abflineotem- 
per a contentione ; 
q^'&ji incident, 7723/0 
facer£ '[J^tvrHTil 7di 

Qf&fc ami cilice. 


•At-terjs ago quendam 
Muione???, amdto om~ 
- ; jaiiito et ff/#- 

Q&gW JH!-i;i;S ammo. 
D a i n n o * /?//' ■ V rf / cv /72, a u t 
jauum .n nil Ids ; praeft- 
ro rr;e runvni ; quod 
t'c/.m vdctn, credo ne- 
Wirri ; R072 fcrutor a!i- 
orum arcana* tztfi for- 
te /,'vc't q-:;.i nunquam- 
effulw. Am taceo J<? 
A24 qui, non junt p|% 
femes. u..vr ioquor <2/>v 
zr£ ac civil iter, hl^g- 
m pars limuitaturn 2/2- 
fer homines nafcUurcx, 
itftemperaiitia lingua. 
Nee excico h#j alo #/2- 
* fiia-.wiates. oW 
I'bicunqmi <?/■ 
&$* daiur,tf#/ exfcnguo, 
autmtlsgo, His rationi- 
bu>s hatlenus vitavi (a- 
vidaam.y $t tfAu benevo- 
Isnfciana ?;zn;/. a/jfc, i v in rri. 
; « Pa. Noil fenfifti cce- 
li&atum gravem f 

notice. I abflain always/nm 
contention; which if it hap- 
pen, 1 had rather fuflfer the 
lofs 0/ money than friendfhip, 
In other things 7 ## a Mi tie, 
I J mile upon ail men ; IJalute 
Kid .i/~lt' re kindly. J eppfd 

in» ^in'C wfo^ZiijTlS, I COIi- 

dejrin Ms ujage or a [lions or 
no man. I prefer myfelf £<?- 
y.?/^ nobodv. What / would 
hive concealed, / trufl to no- 
body : 1 examine not into oth- 
er me:/* fecrets, and if by 
chance I knew .any thing ? /#ez/- 
er blab if. 1 either hold my 
tongue <?/ /A,yJ who are nit 
prefent, or iptak fr?e?;aLy ai) i 
c i v illy . A g rea I pa rjt o f 1 1 • * 
quarrels among men ari,:.r 
irorn the. im-emperance of the 
tongue. 1 neither excite nor 
promote other mens quarrels. 
1^'it w. here foe ver an op hart u~ 
nity is given, 1 either put a\ 
end to them, QX^UjJcn ikim. 
By thefc means hitherto I 
have avoided envy, and pre- 
ferred the good vili of my cit- 

Did not, you find, a fngle 
life troublefome ? 

Gl. Ni^ji 



G!. Nihil unquam 

-urcidit mi/ii quidem 
acerlius in vita morte 
uxoris ; ac optaffem 
vchtmznitr i illam c#>?- 
/enefcere una mecum, et 

rz'j ; fed quando v*T"fulrri 
eft ati'ter fuperis, /#/?- 

cavi fie expedire map?) 
utriquc ; nique pinavi 
cm jam cur djcrucia- 
rem me in am luetu, 
prajattm cum u nihil 
piodeffet defuntlcE. 

Po. Nunquamne in- 
cclfit libido repetendi 
matrimonii, praefenim 
ca/g iftui ciffijfet ieli- 
citer ? 

Gl. Incest libido ; 

Jed dux-eram uxor em 

caufa liber or urn ; non 

duxi rur/us caufa /;£<?- 


Po. At 5# miferum 
cubare folum ^/^i 

Gj. Nihil <y? difficile 
volenti. Turn cogita 
quantas commodi tales 
fzeiibatus kabeat. Qui- 
dam decernunt ex omni 
re, yf quid incornmodi 
ineft : Qualis ille Cn?- 
^j vidctur fuijfe, cujas 

Nothing £c<?r happened to 
^z^ indeed more bitter in mi 
file, ^£/2 ft //2^ dWyi of n y 
wife : And I could have wi fil- 
ed mightily, that (he might 
have grown old together with 
?-*, awi t&ioyed our commoti 
children ; but Jivrx i't feemed 
other wife to God, / judged tf 
fo te fe £<?/ter for both : AW- 
/fcr did I think //zere a'tfi <2/?y 
ca^£ why I Jliould tirment 
myfrlf avM oar*? mourning» 
especially fince //ta/ would do 
no good /0 ///<? deceajed. 

Had you never a defire /<? 
marry again, el^eciullyyi/iCd it 
Jell cut luckily ? 

I had dc fire ; but I had 
married t? &>?/£ lor the fake of 
children ; 1 did not marry &- 
PTzzw for the fake of children. 

But it is miferable to lie a- 
3one whole nights. 

Nothing?* difficult to one 
that is wilung. Then confider 
how great advantages a (ingle 
life has. Some take out of 
every thing, z/any incoaven- 
iency is in it : Such as that 
Crates feems /0 /for/* £**«, un- 
der whefe name goes an epi- 



titulo ferkur epigram- 
ma caligens mala vita» 
Iftud fir over hum pla- 
cet his, optimum non 
fiafci. Metrpdprus ar- 
*idet mi hi magis, de- 
cerpe&s undiquaquc,y£ 
-quid <£<3#z ineft. A 7 a/# 
fie vita fit dulcior. Et 
igpi induxi anirnum fie, 
a/ oderim po£ expetam 

gram, colktling the evils 0/ 
/?/?. That proverb pleajes 
then? Vzj £{/? not to be born. 
h&eirodorus pleafes me more, 
gathering from all fides, //any 
g^W be in a thing. For fo 
life becomes ?&are plea f int. 
And / have brought my mind 
to that, that 1 hate or deiire 
W$iwg very much. So it 

comes to pafs } tkatii anygood 
nihil vehememer. ita happens to me, I am not elated 
fit, zit h quid bom con- or infolent ; if any thing is 
tingat, non efferar nut lojl, I am nut much troubled. 
infoJefcam, ft quid de- 
cedat, non admodum 

Po. Nae /# espkilof- 
ophus fapientior Tha- 
itit ipfo,y£ quidem ^?0- 
tes iftud. 

Gl. Si y&z</ segritu- 
dinis ebortum ejl am- 
mo, ut vita mortalium 
iert ffza/Va hujufmodi, 
g*rr$ ex animo proti- 
nus, five y// ira ex of 

Truly you are a philofophcr 
wifer Mtftf Thale* himfelf, if' 
indeed you can do tlut. 

If^^y Mz-rcg of trouble g- 
rz/Lr in my mind, as the life 
<?/ mortals produces a gnat 
many things of this kind, i 
ca/lit out ot my mind imme- 
diately, whether u be anger 
fenfa, fwe #az'J aliud from any offence or #zz_}/ thing 
j actum mdigne. eife done unworthily, 

Po. At fwnt quaedam ■ But there are fome injuries 
injuna; quae moveant which wo ula f rai/e refentment 
ftomachum vel placid- even in the meekeft man: And 
iffimo ; et tales [ant fuch art frequently the off eu^ 
i r equenier offen/a fam- ces of fervant$. 

Gi, Pallor nihil refi- 1 fuller nothing to fettle %n 




deie in animo ; Si que- 
am meder\ t medcor : Sin 
minus, cogito fie, <]uid 
prodertt me nngi, re 
habltura nihilo melius? 
Quid multis ? Patior 
ut ratio impetret Aor a 
me W£,t, quod tempus 
paulo /?<?/? impetrarer a 
#z<?. Certe j/2 nullus 
dfo/tfrarmni /«/?/« jquem 
patior ire cubkum ate- 

Eu. Nihil mi rum fi 
tu non ftnefcis, qui jifo 
tali animo. 

Gl. Atque «dta? ne 
reticeam ^^zWapudam- 
icos, ozz/z cum primis 
net committer em quid 
Jlagitii quod /><2^/ effe 
probro vel wnta" vel 
w^'i" Iiberis ; na?n ni- 
hil <?/?, irrequietius ani- 
rno confcio fibi male. 
Quod fi ^tf?*/ culpse fit 
admiflum, non to cubi- 
ttrot, priufquam recon- 
ciiiaro #2£ Deo. Con- 
ventre bene r^w Deo 
ejh\o\\s vera, tranquilf-- 
tatis ; nam homines 
non poiTunt no cere his 
m&gnopere, qui vivuni- 

Eu.; Num. quando , 

*wy razW : If / c^n cure it, /♦ 
^ r#re rt : But if #<?£, I think 
Mar, what will it Jignify for 
me to be vexed, the thing being 
like to be nothing the better? 
What needs many words ? / 
Jujfer reafon to obtain that o£ 
me pre/ently, which time a lit» 
t(e- after would obtain of me. 
However there is no trouble o£ 
mind/0 great which Ifuffer 
to go to bed with me. 

No wonder if you do not 

grow old, who are of fuch a. 

And accordingly that I may 
not conceal any thing with my 
friends, / toohcare efpecially 
not to commit any crime, which. 
might bit a fcandal either to, 
meat my children ; for noth- 
ing is more reftleis than a 
mind confeious to itfelfoi any . 
thing that is bad. But if any 
fault be committed, I do not 
go to bed, before I reconcile 
n yfelj to God.. To agree well 
with God i jr • the fountain of 
t?ue tranquility : For men- : 
cannot hurt them. much t who.*- 

life fo. 

Wi^tLer a£ anyjime &&& 



metus mortis crucial the fear of death torment you? 


GI. Nihilo magi s 
quarn&j nativatis ma- 
cerat. Scio morien- 
dum. Ifta folicitudo 
f or taffe adz mat mihial- 
iquot d\es?vitce, certe 
poffet adjreere nihil, I- 
taque committo hanc 
totam curam Deo. Ipfe 
euro nihil aliud quam 
i*f vivam <^rce fuaviter- 

Po. At ego ferefce- 
rem tazdio % fi degerem 
tot annos in eadem ur- 
be, ilza/tt^contingat ttt- 
£/£r£. Bornae, , 

GL. Mbtatio /0« 
quidem /tafc^ nonnihif 
voluptatis ; vero a£ 
peregrinaiiones longin- 
quae addunt pruden- 
tiam fortaffe ita habent 
plurimum periculorum. 
Video r mihi obire to- 
tum orbem tutiu-s in ge- 
ographica tabula neaue 
mdere paulo plus in 
hi ft 01 i i s , quam .fi volt- 
tar em viginti totos an- 
n,os a of ex em pi urn Ulyf- 
fls., ^*r omnes terras 
tnariaque. Habeo prae- 
du>Lufri, fupdidibefl no a 

No ?«{?r^ than the day of my 
birth troubles vie. 1 know / 
mujl die. That trouble per- 
haps would take away from 
mefome days 0/ #*y /?/£, how- 
ever it could add nothing. 
Wherefore / commit tYxhwhole 
care to God. I wzW nothing 
elfe but Ma/ I may live wclll 
and pleafantiy. 

But / (houid grow old with. 
wearinefs, if I Jhould live fo 
many years in the fame city 
although it fhould happen to 
me /0 #c£ at Rome. 

The change of [place indeed 
has fornething of plea/ure ; 
but as travelling into foreign 
countries gives prudence per- 
haps, fo has it very much dan- 
ger. Ifeem to myfelf to pafs 
over the whole world more 
faftly in a map, ##</ not to fee 
a little more in hiftories, Mart 
if I roved about twenty wholt 
years, ofer the example of U- 
lyffes, through all lands and-- 
feas. / have a little eftatc 
which is ciiftant nv more ^<7« 
two thou/and paces from tilt 
city. There L become a coui*- 
tryman 0/a Qiuztnfomctimej, 



plus quam duobus mil- 
libus paffuum ab urbe. 
\b\ fio rufticus ex ur- 
bano nonnunquam. At- 
querecreatus ibi, redeo 
novus hofpes in urbem ; 
nee faluto ac falmor al- 
tier <\u?im /z renavigaf- 
fern ex infulis nuper in- 

Eli. Non adjuvas va- 
letudinem pharmacis ? 

Gl. Mihi nihil rei 
cum medicis. Nee in- 
cidi venam unquam, 
nee devoravi catapotia, 
neehauf] potionts. Si 
quid lafiitudinis abori- 
tur, propello malum 
rnoderatione viclus, aut 

Eu. Nihilne tlbi cum 
iludiis ? 

GL Eft ; nam in his 
efl praecipua obletlatio 
vitac. Verum oblefto, 
non macero me his. Si- 
quidem ftudeo vel ad 
voluptatem, vel ad u- 
tilitatem vita, non au- 
teiti ad ojltntationem. 
A cibo aut pajcor lite* 
ratis fabidis, aut adki- 
beo leftorem. Necuii- 
quara incumbo tihris 
.ultra horam. Turn 

And beiftg rejrejhed there, / 
return a new guefl into the 
city ; nor do I fahiie and am 
faluted otherwife than if I had 
faiied back from the iflands 
lately found out. 

Do not you fupporf your 
health by phyfic ? 

1 have nothing to do with 
the doctors. / have neither 
opened a vein at any time, nor 
/wallowed pills-, nor drunk po- 
tions. If any languor anfes, I 
remove the evil by a modera- 
tion of diet, or living in* the 

Have you nothing to do 

with flu dies ? 

I have; for in thefe is the 
chief diver/ion of my life. i>/^ 
I divert, not torment myjtlf 
with them^ For I ftudy «JA*r 
for pleafure, or for the conve- 
nience of life, and not f or ofien- 
iation. After meat /#/# £zM<*r 
cheered with learned^? rzw, or 
/ employ a reader. Afar do I 
ever mind my books above an 
hour. Then / rif\ and taking 
up my riddle, / either play 
whilft I walk a //////? in my 


s 77 

TufgAy et arrepra teftu- 
dine, vel contillo obam- 
bulans faulifptr in cu- 
biculo, vel repeto me- 
cum quod legerim, etji 
congerro eft in promp- 
tu, refer o ; mox redeo 
ad I i brum. 

Eu. Die bona fide, 

Jen t is nulla incommoda 
ienefttuis, ^z/^ ierun- 
tur M& plurima ? 

Gl. Somtras eft ali- 
quanto deter? or 9 nee ^ 
memcrria pennde, te- 
nax, »^f infixero #/<- 
^W. Libera vi meam 
ridem, exp-Jui vg&J£ 
rneas magtcas artes, 
q u i b □ s a 'V meam ju ven - 
tutem. Nunc refer at 
Pclygamus pari jfjfV, 
unde colleger it tann^m 


Po, Fquidem cetabo 
nihil tarn fid os fodales. 

Eu. Narrabis e//^^ 

Po. Cum agf.rem Lu- 
tetias, ipft noils a/mm 
non abhor ruerxm ab E- 

Eu. Sane meminimus t 
fed arbitrabamur te 
relicluriim iilos mores. 

chamber, #r I run over arc/A 

myjelj what I have read, and 
2/ a companion ^<r at hand, / 
r<?/<?/e it to him ; by and by, / 
return to my book. 

TeH me . .?* £00^ truth, da 
you perceive no inconveniences 
of old age, vkich are reported; 
*0 /^ very many ? 

My fleep is fcrnething 
worfe, nor is my memory^S 
tenacious, unlefs I fix £/ry 
//£?#£ in it. I have difcharg- 
ed my credit, / have related to 
you my magical arts, whereby 
I keep up my youth. Now let 
Pclygamus relate with the like 
Jait/ifulnefs. how he centracled 
fo much old age* 

Truly I will conceal noth» 
ingjrom Jo faithful compan» 

You will tell it to thofe 
that will hold their tongues. 

When / /;iW at Paris, you 
your ft Ives know how Jar I 
was from dylikuig Epicurus. 

Indeed we do remember, but 
we thought that you would 
leave thofe manners, together 


UH cum adolefcemia 

Po. Ex multis quas 
adamaram illic. abduxi 
unam ?necum do mum, 
earn que gruviciam. 

Eu. In paternas se- 
eks ? 

Po. Refla ; fed men- 
tit ns f<2#2 eiTe conjugera 
cujufdam a«»« natfi^ia, 
vrnturiise^t *»< -v. 

Ea. Credidit paiir 
id ? 

Po. Imo olfccit rera 
!#//# quatriduum. JWfl.v, 
fuere/i w i'tf jurgia. A^c 
tartien temper abam inte- 
rim tf£ convivus, ab a- 
lea, c^tenfque malis or- 
/?7w. Quid multis ?- 
Cum pziev nori/rtiCKt &« 
xiem^ta#ff^Mk& riegans 

Je Vei»e Utc/c tu.e.s . 

nas domi. ac fuhiride 
minitans abdicationem, 

verh Jolum. et denv ^ra- 
vi alio a*/;* rnea galhna, 
YLigmuit mihi aliquot 


Gl. Unde rei $/$*- 

P;>. Mirer dabatrxon» 
inh\\J~urtim,zc pnxterea 
plus- /^zi 3&ris aiiem 
conflatum eft. 

Eu. Reperieba-nfcur 
#wti fatui tit crederent 

Fo. Sunt qui credent 

with. your, youth, at^ans. 

Of w^tty .*vhich 7 had !oved % 
there, / carried one with me 
home, and her with -child. 

Into your failures houfe ? 

DkreErly ; but pretendingA^ > 
jhe* was the wife of a certain 
friend pi mine^ &/j£ would 
come by. $nd by. 

©id yourjather believe it ? 

Nay, he [melt out t|>e rraHe.r 
zv'uhin four days, Piefcmly 
there was cT^/fcolling. ifor 
ytx did 1 abjiamm the mean 
time jromfeafls, from dice, <3 /7 J 
0/,W ;;«d ■ «-W j, Wl-at needs 
m 5 n y w o r d s ? Wk ei&m y fa : h e r 
ivovld not make and end c$ 
^fcoidrzz. denying that ht would 
j&tp fuch •rk , ??j at home, tf/ii. 
now ancl then iLredi-nt^g to. 
dil'card me, I ran azvay 9 and 
removed to anocher piacs zvjih 
my #fff. She 'brought mtfoms 

Where had you money ? 

"My mother gave me fo-me- 
thing by jkalth. and beftdes^ 
more ^&h enough of debt : 
eon traded. 

Were there any found ^ 
foolifh <u to im&jfcOa 2 

There are tfiofe who truft 



nvHis lib^ntius. 

Eu. Qaid tandem ? 

Po. Tandem cum jpa- 
tcr fe?io paravet abdica- 
tions ?n y amici inUrcef- 
ftrunt, et compofuerunt 
hoc ball am his leg i bus, 
a/ ducerern uxorem 
nj)ftratenu?\ repudiarem 
Gall am. 

•Eu. Erat tfsjteJ- ? 

Po r \ r e.rbz Juturi tem- 
poris zntercf/'trant, fed 
jr^j- prsefentis 
temp oris acceflerat. 

_ Eu. * Qui /&#& igitnr 
divertere ab ilia ? 

Po. Poll refcitum eft 
efTe nieae Galfae 02077- 
"*/*;;* 'Galium,- undeiub- 
cii;xerat/£ pridem. 

Eu. Habes '£/#0 uxo- 
rem nunc? 

Po. Non nifi hare 

Eu. Oclavam ! Non 
diSus es Poly gam us 
fine augurio. Fortaffe 
omnes decejftrunt Uti- 

Po. Imo £i//<i non fe- 
liquit aliquot catulostf'0- 
?/ii meat. 

En. EgO WfZ/V/73 tot 

ga'dinas, q^as penerert 
ova w?'/b' dorni, A 7 tfft 
/^^ polygamic ? 
Po. Adeotasdtt, ut u 

none more willingly, 

V/lntat la/l ? 

At laft, icken my father in 
tatnejt was preparing /0 difin- 
herxf me, friends interceded, dtnA 
made vp this difference upon 
thefe terms, //W I fhould rr*ar~ 
ry a woman cf our own coun- 
try and divorce my French 

Was (he jffctfr &>z/f ? 

Words of the future time 
had poffed betwixt us, but a 
rencounter of the prefent /m<r 
had bden added to them. 

How could you then part from 
her ? 

A ft er w a rd s it was know a 

that my French woman had a 

' kufbdndi a Frenchman, from 

whom ihe had withdrawn her- 

Jelfloug before. 

Have you therefore a wife 
now ? 

But this eighth. 


An eighth ! you were not 
called Poly gam us witkovt au- 
• gury. Psrhaps they all died 

Nay/?'.f?7 one \chjbme young 
ones "m ?ny houje. 

1 had rather have as many 

( kens, that might lay eggs for 

vie at home. Are you not wta* 

ry cA marrying fd often ? 

I am lo weary, that if this 

. kcec 



hose oflava moreretur 
hodie, ducerem nonam 
perinde. Imo hoc male 
nabet me, quod non lice» 
at habere duinas aut 
ternas, cum unus galius 
poffideat tot galltnas. 

Eu. Equidem ^tfW 
miror, {\barum pingutf 
ti t quocique collegeris 
tantum fenii : Nam ni- 
hil acceierat feneclutem 
aeque quam immodic<z 
atque intempeftwet com- 
potationes, impotentes 
amores mulierum, et m- 
moderata falacitas. Sed 
quis d/*V familiam ? 

Po. Mediocrls res ac- 
ceflit ex obitu parentum, 
et laboror graviter ma- 

Eu. Defcivifli igitur 
a Uteris. 

Po. Plane ab equis* 
quod aiunt, adafinos j 
ex heptatechno Jaclus 
faber monotechnus. 
Eu. Mifer i 
Po. Nunquam vixi 
codebs ultra dfewtt dies, 
jemperque nova nupta 
expulit veterem lutlum. 
Habetis fummum vitae 
meae bona fide. ^#&£ 
utinamP^^/yrz/.; narret 
nobis quoq ; fabulam 
fuae vitae, (72/2 portat «*- 
tatem belle /i^j. Nam, 
m fellor, eft grandior we 

eighth Jhould die today, / 
would marry 2l ninth the next 
day after tomorrow. Nay, this 
vexes ?#£, that it is nut lawful 
to have two or three, whence 
cock has fo many hens. 

Truly / dfo »0* wonder, if 
you are not fat, and that 70a 
Atf#<? contracted to much of old 
a?e : For nothing ha (Jens on 
old age fo much as excejjive and 
unfeafonable drinking, extrava- 
gant love ofwomen^nd immod- 
erate wantonnefs. But who 
maintains your family ? 

A (mall ejlate came to me by 
the death of my parents, and I 
work AarW with my hands. 

You have deferted therefore, 
from letters. 

Indeed from horfes, as they 
fay, to affes ; of a man or (ev- 
en arts lam become a workman 
of one art* 

Poor man ! 

I never lived a Jingle man a. 
bove ten days, and always a 
new married wire expelled my 
oldy^rr^w You have thejum 
of my life in good earned. And 
I wifh Pampyrus would tell us 
too the Jlory of his life, r^Atf 
bears <2££ well enough. For, 
tttf/e/f I am miftaken, he is eld- 
er than me by two or three 

d nob us 



xhiobus aut tribus an- 

Pa. Dicam equidem n 
vobis vacat audire tale 

Eu. Imo erit voluptas 

Pa. Ubi redvffem do- 
mum % flatim fenex pater 
ccepit urgere me, nt am- 
pleflerer aliquod genus 
vitae, unde non nihil 
quajlus accederet reifa- 
miliari z ac pojl longam 
eonfultationem negotia- 
tio placutt. 

Po. Miror hoe genus 
vita;, arrififfe potiffu 

Pa. Eram natura fiti- 
ens eognqfcendi novas 
res, varias regiones, ur. 
bes, linguas, ac mores 
hominum. Negotialio 
yidebatur maxime appo- 
(ita i2<^ «df ; ex quibus 
nafeitur prudentia. 

T*o. Sed mi/era, vide- 
licet» qua fit emenda 
|>lerumque magnis ma- 

Pa. Sic eft. Itaque 
f*ter numeravit fatis 
k \plam fortem, ut auf. 

S'arer negotiationem. 
*ique uxor cum 
*&£>& dote ambiebatur, 
UsrTeaJorma, quae /w/<r- 
r4tf commendare et in* 

I will tell you indeed \t you 
are at ieifure to hear y^c^ a 

Nay, i* will be a pleafure ^ 
'hear it. 

When I had returned home^ 
immediately my aged father be- 
gan /0 «r^me /0 embrace tome, 
way of lite, whereby fomething 
of xncreafe might accrue to our 
eftate s and tf/fcr long confulta* 
/^^merchandize pltafedme. 

1 wonder that this kind of 
life pleafed you efpecially. 

I was by nature greedy of 
knowing new things, divers 
countries, cities, languages and 
manners of men. Merchandize 
feemed /A* rnojl appofite to that 
purpofe ; From which things 
anfeth prudence. 

But miferable, truly that which 
is to be bought for the mo ft 
part with great evils. 

So it is. Wherefore my fa. 
ther gave me agaedlargeRock, 
that I might begin vnymerchan» 
dize. And at the fame time a 
wife with a great foitune was 
courtedybut of that beauty which 
might recommend one even 
without a fortune. 

Eu. Succeffit ? 



Eu. Succeffit ? 

Pa, Imo, priufquam re- 
direm domum, etfors el u- 
Jlkra periit. 

En. Naufragio fortajfe. 

Fa. Plane naufragio, 
nam impegimus in fcopu- 
luni periculofiorem quavis 

Eu. In quo mart occur- 
lit ifte fcopulus ? Aut quod 
nomen habet } 

Pa. Non poflam dice re 
roare j Jed fcopulus eft in- 
famis exitiis muliorum. 
La tine dicitlir Ale a ; quo- 
modo *vos Graeci nominetis 

Eu. O te fiuitnm ! 

Pa. Imo pater ftultior, 
qui credere t t ant am fum- 
mara adolefcenti. 

Gl. Quid faclum eft de- 
lude > 

Pa. Nihil eftfaclum, fed 
ccepi cogitare defufpendio. 

Gl. Erat pater adeo //«- 
placabilis ? 

Pa. Interim excidi 4b 
uxore, mifer. Namparen- 
te? puellce frmul atque ro^- 
nonjerunt haec aufpicia, re- 
uunciunint affinitatem \ et 
aftiabairi perditiffime. 

Gi. Mifeieleir me *#i. 
Sed interim quid confilii 
tentatum eft ? 

Pa. Id quod lolet /« *fe/*- 
peratis rebus. Pater ab- 
dicabat, ref perierat, uxor 
perierat. Quid pluris P 
Deliberabamy^rio meeum, 
an fufpenderem me, an 
conjicerem memet aliqho 
in monafterium. 

Eu. Crtidele con/ilium. 
Scio utrum eljgeris mitius 
genus mortis. 

Pa. Imo quoi vifum eft 

Did it fucceed ? 

Nay, &?/or* I returned home. 
both principal and */* was gone. 

By fhipwreck, perhaps. 

Plainly by Jhtp<voreck, for mug 
ftruck upon a rock more dangerous 
than any Malea. 

In what jfca occurs >£*/ rock? 
Or what *#/#£ has it > 

I cannot /*>// the fea ; but the 
rock is infamous for the ruin of 
many. In Latin it is called tflea : 
How you Greeks name it, I know 

you fool ! 

Nay, my father was more fool- 
ilh, <wbo trufted/o great a fum to a 
young man. 

W hat 'was done then ? 

Nothing .<zvas done, bnt I began tQ 
think of hanging. 

W as your father to impfacdble? 

In the mean time /tu* s baulked 
of my wife, poor man. F^r the 

farents o/'/^ girl, as ioon as M<y 
ne<w thefe omens, renounced aj£n- 
ity <witb me f #«</ I loved #*$/£ 

1 pity jwtf. But i« *&? mean 
time what courje was tried ? 

That ot'foV/j is ufed in defperate 
cafes. .flfy father difcarded me, 
™y fubftance -was gone,#*y *u>{/> was 
gone . #7xz/ «^/ wo re words ? I 
deliberated ferioufty with myfeli, 
^whether i (hould hang myfetf, or 
^#/ my tetffomeivAe re into a mon- 
aftery. , . . 

A cruel refoluthn. Iktiowwbich 
you chofe the milder kind of death* 

Nay* wAtf* ftem€4 '0 ** &*". 



mibi turn crudelius, adeo 
totus difplicebam mibi, 

Gl. Atqui compluresde- 
ficiunt/> eo t ut viyantfua- 

Pa. Corrafoviatico fub- 
duxi me furtim procul a 

Gl. Quo tandem ? 

Pa. In rliberniam. II lie 
faclus fum canonicus ex 
ho rum gene re, Qui rant 
llnei extime, /tftf^i in time; 

Gl. ?-J.ybernaffr igitur a- 
pud Hibernos ? 

Pa. Non. 3W ver'atus 
apHd\\S3& ^oj menfes, tftf - 
cviga-ui in heottara. 

G I . ■<> i i d otfendk te #jW- 

Ma Nihil »#/£ quod ?//«// 

• lUt&fi <v Jehatw mihi 

m-tius quam promeritis e- 

jus- a?/? erat d'tgnus non #~ 

«o fufpendio. 

Eu. QUttt^ri/fl in Sco- 

Pa III c ^a* /i«^o fafttis 
fnm pellicezts apud Car- 


.iui.t-Joinuies plane moiv 
tuos mundo 

Pa. Ita nfijftm' eft' mchi 
ra/rc audirem ///<?/ canen- 

G 1 , Qju d , m or tut can it nt 
etia-m ? ^V 9/ menfes <£i^i- 
apud /7/o.r cotos. ? 

Pa. Propemodum fex. 

Gl. O Conftantiam ! 

Eu. Q^iiid offend it il- 
luc ? 

r'a. Quia «iJ^a vifa eft 
«r?Ai fegnis /*/ de!ica r a ; de- 
mde reperi «to/ os iliic <:£• • 
/vo>.? non admodum fam, 
I* folitudinew, iff <?^i 
^or. Mini emt/flnwce- 

//>*> #z<?r^ rri^/ fo entirely did I dif- 
pleafe my f elf. 

But a great many put themfelves 
^in there, //>#/ they may live W0r«? 

Having fcraped together money 
for my journey , I withdrew my f elf 
privately /9 a £rra/ diftance from 
my country. 

vV hither *# krjl ".? 

Into Ireland, "here I was made 
«ar cannon of their kind, <u>Ao are 
//W/z without, and Q&y : qUen within. 

Did vou winter then amono- the 
Injh ? 

No. But having been 'with them 
two months, Zfa/ied-into &cotiarid. 

What tjrendedyQu -among them > 

_ Nothing &*/ that that eonfti tu- 
ft on feemed to me more gentle than' 
to futtrve defertx of him tu^o was 
T^r/Aj not cf a fugle hanging. 

What did you do hi Scotland ? 

There a/ # fitaf* man I became- « 
leathern^ one among the Carthu- 

Men plainly dead to the xvcrld. 

So it appeared to me ou/j^w I 
heard /^/«iinging. 

What do the d*adfng too ? Hotjj 
many months didyoujpend with- 
thofe Scots } 

Aimo r r ./?:*•. 

G onJiancy ! 

What ojfcidedyeu there ? 

Becaufe the life feemed to me la- 
zy and nice ; then I fbuud war/ry 
th e re o/ a Jft#' i no t <ve ry < > 1 1 i £ e - 
cauje of the hlitude, as / imagine. 
\ had hut U;tle bra : n, / tv^j ajraid 
left itjhould.ail be loft. 




rebri, <verebar nc to: urn. 

Po. Quo dcv.cia.fii dexn- 

Pa. In Galliam. Revc- 
riWWcquofdam totss £#■/- 
ia-tos, ex infiituto j/^i 
Uenedieli qui teifcantut» ra- 
/j^ veflisyi? lugere in hoc 
mundo ; *•/ inter .$o.r qui 
jp/fc fum ' a -x^*» ferrciit 
cilicium fimile r^W, 

GI. O graven» ?nacera- 
ti&nem corporis ! 

Pa. Hie tgi undtfehft 

' En. Q*ikl obfiitfr, (]mo 
irh i 1 1 11 s manerc s /7 ft c g e t - 


fr'a. Qma *//«■ rcperipkip 

ceremoniarum quam reite 
fittatis. Pneterea audie- 
ram effe qunfttaht' multo 
Janiliorer his f»6J tfeFanj*- 
das fe<w'cuffe'i ad Jeverio- 
rem difciplinam, fOtlYavef- 
te mutata in cnndida-m-:^- 
/>.W hos &/#* decern ;*ra« 

Eu. Quid ofendebatlnc ? 
Pa. Nihil admodum ; 
nam reperi hos i fodales 
commodes fans. Sed 
Gracum proverblum /&£- 
<vebat me. Ira que decre- 
turn erat #«/ non effe #zaft- 
achum y aut ^ monachum 
ifUjgn 'ter. A cceperam 

*$£ cjuofdam Brigidenfes y 
homines plane coeleftes. 
Gontuli mead bos.' 

Eu. Quofc me*fes egiiti 

77//C ? 

Pa. Biduum, /zf^ id/tf^ 

Gl. Difplicuit {hoc genus 
vitse ttfque adeo ? 

Pa. Non recipiunt n'fi 
qui ohfiringat fe mix pro- 

Whither did you flee then ? 

Inlo France. / found there 
/o^i' all in 4fot-£, of the order of 
St. Benedict who. tcfiif.y by the 
color of their coa;, ihat they mourn 
in this world ; and among them 
fo me w ho for their upper ga rment 
woie hair cloth like a net. 

Q grievous mortification of the 
body ! 
litre If pent eleven months,, 

VJh'Aohlndevedjou from, flaying 

there always r 

Becaufe there I found more of 
ceremonies than true piety. Be- 
fdes, / had heard that there were 
fome much word holy than thefe 
nvbotn Bernard had brought to more? 

ft*vtre difcipline,.//»* black garment 
being than g- r/ into a white; With 

thefe / lived ten months» 

What offended you here ? 

Noth-ng *very much ; for I found 
thefe conpanions good enough. But 
//>*> Greek proverb moved me. 
Wherefore I was refolved either wot 
to be « monk) or /0 &z a monk *v- 
markabty. I had heard there ivere 
f j me £ r^r t den fa n s , men .' n* /y ce - 
leftial. i betook myfeif /t> /jfc^7?i. 

How many months did you fpend 
Two days,«or that indeed entire* 

Did this kind of life difpleafe yoit 
fo much ? 

They admit no one that does not 

bind himfelf immediately to the 



feflTioni. At e£o nondunt 
adeo infaniebam ut prabe- 
rem me facile ca.p\ftrd,quod 
nunquam liceret exeuiere. 
Et quoties audiebam vir- 
gines canentes, uxor erepta 
e rue i a bat an i mum. 

Gl. Qjad deinde ? 

Pa. Anrmus- ardebat- a*- 
more faucli monies. Tan- 
dem' ogctynbulans incidi in 
quo/dam praefe rentes eru~ 
ce i n. Hoc Jignum arrWit" 
mihi vvot'mus, fed varietas 
remorabatur electionem. 
Aui gethbant albam> alii 
rubr am, alii viridem., aUi 
verfcoHrem, alii Junpii- 
cem, alii dupli em; Ego,' 
w^ reltnquerem quid /'«- 
testatum, gefli ferme om- 
nzsformas. Veru.n? <r$/7/. 
/>fr/ ipfa re, ^ ionge <*£/- 
im£ c i r cu m f e r re <r ru eem i it < 
pa!)iOjte# tunica, qaam in 
eo rde'. land em fe (Tu s /'« - 
qzirendo, fie cogitabam ■ 
mecum, //f adequar omnem 
fanct.hnoriiam femet, pe- 
tam fanetam terrain, ac 
redm:> domunv onuftus 

Po. Nuin- profectus es 
ev P 

Pa. Maximc 

Po. Undtfuppetebat vr- 

Pa. Dimiror V/?//^ venire 
tibi innientem «f/«r deni- 
q.u'e «> rogares, ac «vi 
fsreundatum fuijfj ma ho 
<*«/<?. Sed »o/?i proverbi- 
um, qujevis terra tf/z/arci- 
fcem . 

Gl. Guam art cm cir- 
ca ?n! fejbii ? 

Pa. v.riiromant'cam. 4 

GL Ubi didi'ceras earn? 

Pa.-- Quid refer I r' 

profefTion. #«/ I *«$#§ not yet fo 
mad as to put myfelf ea/ily into a 
no'bfe, which I {houM never be a- 
bk /o yZ>tf i^ o/. And as often as 
I heard {he virgins (inging, the' 
wife I had loll tormented my 

What then P 

My mind was inflamed with the" 
love of hblmefs. At laft, #f / was 
walking, 1 lighted upon some car- 
rying a crofs. Th ; s badge pleaied 
tfjr immediately, but the variety 
hindered my choice. «Sow* bore /7 
white one, feme <z r^^, fome <z 
green t {o\v,z a Jingle, fome # double 
one. I, /£<zj /" might not leave any 
thing untried, wore ahnoji all ?&£ 
fttrts. But 1 fount by tne thing it- 
felf, f&*f i/ /J quite another thing 
to carry £ rrtf/j upon a gown, or j. 
tunick, /Atf?r 'in- the heart. -^ letft 
being weary with inquiring, thus 
I thought with myfelf, /fcarl may 
get fl//holinefs at once, \ will go to • 
//6f holy land, ^r^ will return' titiriii: 
loaded with h'alinefs, - 

D Si 'you go thither f 


W hence had you money for your* 
journey ? 

I wonder that this is come into' 
your mind now at 1 a (I to afk, apdS 
i hat you did not afk that Jong &|-. 
y'tfr*. But you have k^Tu,) the 
proverb, any country maintains an'-' 

What are did you carry about t ■' 

The Chiromantic. 
Where had you lea kit it ? 
What iigniiies tW? 

GL Qi!^ 



GL Quo praeceptore ? 

Pa. Eo qui docet nihil 
n?n y ventre. Pnedicebam 
prreterita, prsefentia, et 

Gl. %tfclebas? 

Pa. Nihil minus ; fed <f/- 
vinabam audaciter, idque 
tuto, videlicet, pretio <zr- 
^//0 pritis. 

, Po. Poterat /#w ridicula 
tf rj ale re /f ? 

Pa. Poterat, ^/ quidem 
fi/;» duobus fa mul is ; tan- 
turn fatuorum ctfatuarvm 
til uaique. At timen cum 
adierem Hierofolymam,dA- 
dideram me in comitatum 
cujufdam magnatis, pr&di- 
< vttis ) qv\\ natus annas ftptu- 
agint a , negabat/? u.- 
rnm <ry#'.? animo, /if addi- 
iiJet Wervfolymam prius. 

Eu.. Kt reliquerat uxo- 
rem <:£>/»/ ?* 

Pa- Atque /r# liberos 
at jam . 

Eu. O fenem imfcie pi- 
um ! Atque rediiih illinc 
fanclus ? 

Pa. Vis fatear verum ? 
Aliquant o deterior quam 

Ku. Sic, ut audio, amor 
reli^ionisexculfus eft* 

Pa. Imo magis tncandu- 
it. Itaijue re : verfut \\\\- 
tsliam, addixi me mili- 

Eu. I^ane venabaris re- 

ligionem r* btllo ?■ Quo 

^//i^ pote.\ ejfe fceteratius"? 

• Fa, Er&xfancla militia. 

En. Fcmliis in lur- 
cw ? 

Pa. I mo ckoddam fane- 
tins, «/ pneaicabant /&//;. 

Eu. Quidnim f 

Pa. Juhus/fi undus bel- 

Under what matter ? 

Him avho teaches every things 
the belly. / foretold things paft^ 
prefent, and /o come. 

And did you know them ? 

Nothing lefsy but I guejftd bold- 
ly, and that fafely, that is, my 
reward being received firft. 

ponld/o ridiculous aw ar/ main- 
tain you '? 

It could, and indeed tvlth two 
fer-vants ; fo many [foolijh men and 
foolijh women are there every- 
where. Yet when I went /o 3^- 
rufalem, I joined mfelf to the 
company 0/<* c/rtain great man, 
ffry >***&> who being fe<venty years 
old, denied thM he ihould die with 
a cotueri/cdviwnd, unlefs he went to* 
Ji-rufalcTK firft.. 

And had b* left 2l wife at home £ 

And/*. children /00. 

O an old man thrpioufly pious ! 
And' did you return /row thence 
holy ? 

VVjll you have me confefs the. 
truth ? Something worfe than I 

Thus, as \ hear, the lo<veofre« 
ligion was expelled. 

Nay, it.- <voas mwe in flame d\ 
Wherefore returmtfg into Italy, I 
applied my'felf to nva r. 

Ay, didyou bunt for religion in ^ 
ivar ? Than which/ *what can be 
more wicked ? 

It was a hofy warfare 
Perhaps againft we Turks ? 

Nay, fomething more holy., as 
they fa id then. 
What ? 

julius the fee and waged war a- 



jigerabat ad<verfus G alios. 
P.orro experientia multa- 
rum re rum etiamjcommen- 
da bat militia m mi hi. 

Eu. Mukarum,y>^ma* 

Pa Ita. compfri $o(i. I?i 
tamen <vixi durius hie 
quam in raonafteriis. 

Eu Quid turn poftea ? 

Pa. 'Jam animus coep't 
Vacillare, utrum redirem 
ad negociationem inter- 
mijfam,. an perfequexer re- 
ligionein fugtentem-. In- 
terinvL^/i/Mn mentem pof- 
fe conjungi. 

Eu. Quid ? utzttesjimul 
et negotiators monachur? 

Pa. Quidni ? iVi^i/ re- 
ligiofius ordinibus mendi- 
cantium ; et tamen nihil 
fimilius negotiator! \ voli- 
tant />fr omnes terras et 
maria j vident multa, an- 
diunt multa, penetrant 2// 
omnes domus, plebeicrum .-. 
nob Hi urn atque re gum 

Eu. At non.caupQnan.-i 

Pa*, Ssepefelicius nobis. . 

Eu, Qjiod ^«w/ ex his 
delegijli ? 

Pa. Expertus firm a**- 
3f j lor mas, 
. Eu». Nulla .placuit ? 

Pa^ lmo, smnes perpla- 
cu*runt y ft lieu i net ttegoti- 
ari ftatim. Verum per- 
pendebam fudandum mihi 
diu in ehoro priufquam ne- 

fotiatio c rede ret ur mi hi. 
am que ice pi cogicare de 
*venanda abbatia» Sed 
primum hie Diana nan fa- 
vet omnibus, et venatio. 
eft tape tonga. Icaque oe- 
to annis confumptis in nunc 

gainft the French. Moreover \ thfe. 
experience of many things likeujifn 
recommended war to me. 

Of many, but bad things., 

So I found afterwards. And yet- 
1 lived more hardly here than in 
the too naileries. 

What then afterwards ? * * 

N'ovj my mind began to waver, 
vobeiber f fhould return /3 mer- 
chandize, which I had given over % 
or ptrfue religion*: flying from me* 
ln< the mean time /"/ came into my; 
mind that they might . be joined to-' 

What? that you * might be at 
once both a merchant and a r monk; 

Why not > Nothing, is more re- 
ligious than the orders of the men* 
dicants \ and yet nothing is more 
like merchandize ; they rove. 
thtough ali lands ax\\feas y they fee 
/tftf/ry tbingsAlicj hear many things^ , 
they thruit /«/0 all houfes ct-com- 
, moners, noblemen and kings. 

But they do not traffic. 

Oftentimes morefuccefsfully tha;* 

What /sr/ of thefe rfirf. jo«. 
cboofe ? 

I tried #// forts» 

Did none pleafe you ? 

Nay, /£^>> a// plea'ed me very 
nvellj if I might have traded im- 
mediately, ifo/ I cenfidered that I 
muft fiveat a long time in the com~ 
fany, before tie > bidfnefs of traffic 
would be trusted to me* And now 
1 began to think cf hurting after an 
abbot's place. But in the tirft place 
/^r^ Diana does not favor all men, 
tftf^ the hun»ng /* often longs 
'there fore eight years being fpei:t- 
after this manner/ ■'when the dearh 

1 8* 


modum, aim mors fatris 
elfet nuntiata, rever(us 
domum, ex confilio matris^ 
duxi uxorem, et re ail ad 

Gl. Die /«//•/', cum fume ■- 
&es -fubinde nouam veftem, 
*z<: velut transformareris 
in aliud animal, qui ^o/w- 
//?/ fe re decorum £' 

Pa. Qui minus quam A/ 
qui /« e:\demfafrula agunt 
v arias perfonas ? 

£u. Die «o£i,r bona /£^, 
qui expertus es nullum 
non genus vitae, ^.^V/ pro- 
bas maxime omnium ? 

Pa. Omnia wo/? congru- 
unt omnibus : Nullum ar- 
ridet mibi mag,** <?## >rc hoc 
yao</ fecutus -liiro. 
. Eu. Faiuen negotiatio 
habet mu Ita ineomuioda . 

Pa* bic efii Sed quanda 
nullum genus vitae ^sr^r 

of my father w?& told nie> returning. 
home by the advice of my mother, 
I married # ivife, and relumed to 
my old traffic. 

Tell w<?, when vow *<>•£ nowand 
then * »*&» coat, and as it wers 
changed into another rr^a^/n^how 
could you keep uy at decorum P 

Why /^/> than ///^y who iff the 
fome playacl various parts* ? 

Tell «i in good earnejl, you who 
have tried \-\::y k:ndo\ XM^ivhick 
do you ap.:>; ^ve rn&ft of ail ? 

Airthin«R d* not agree with all 
men : Noxe pleafes wfi more /6#* 
this which I have followed. 

Yet merchandfee.'\\a& many in- 

So it is,. B.ut feeing no £i#<i of 

life i^ wibeut any int-onzreniences, 

pmnibusT iruommodis, orno I mind //jw province -which 1 have 

/><3/7r partem ^^avw .nacfcus got. But' now- remains Kuiel uss 

rLt^& will not think much to\releue> 

fQUie /^«£ of s h is i ///<?. 

f u m . Ferumn u n c fupereft 
Eufebius, <7&/ non grava- 
bitur ex pii care aliquani 
fe/enaM.,iii& wtte. 

Eu. I mo tot am '- fabulant, 
j£videtur,.»<&*t n;o*i h&bet 
mult os actus. 

Gl. Erit magnet-re gtUr 

Eu. Ubi r<ediiffsm in pa- 

Nay;, /fo whole play, (fit feems 
goodj/o» it ha» not **'##? acts. 

It will be. wry. grateful; 

When /ty^ returiipd>'"mtQ nty 
tr-iam, deliberafvi*$\\& me own ; country, / deliberated- with 
annum q,uod nam #*««/:. vi- vny{e\$ayea.r. whdi fond - of life A- 
fyou-ld >e mb irate a An d a t t he f & me> 
time I 'examined n\y Mi, for wka*ti 
kind I. atw inclinable on tit. /«> 
//>t' /«r-'/« tit&e a prebend t/jult o/w 
fere.i 'me, as they call \t,vfagq9& 
rich income'. I accepted />. 

tae velum ample c^i . Si- 
mula ue. exployaw meip- 
nim, .^r/ " ^wffc/ genus <?$?;»? 
propenfus ajy idoneus. 
Interim pr«abenda. ^y?' o£- 

/£*£) quam . vocant, /arij 
opimi ptoventus. Accept*. 
G 1 . H pc gen us yitaa ^*;/- 

g^.naale audit. 
f 'i£.u.. Videtur ;. 

«*«i.'.>.z exap,- 

This /e?rf of life commonly got& 
under an ill name. 

lt-feein$73 me defirablq, enough; . 



iaadum/a/zV, xxt human* 
res font. An putatis ejfe 
mediocrem fe licitatem, tot 
commoda dari fubito vekit 
e c<2?/d,dignitatein, bonejlas 
^edes, beneque inftructas, 
/Sr/Ef amplos annuos redi- 
tus, honorificum fodaliti- 
itm, deinde templum, ubi, 
fi Iibeat,<L>tf c^j religion! ? 

Pa. Iilic luxus otfende- 
bat /Txf, et infamia concu- 
binarum, /#« quod tleri- 
que ejus generis oaerunt 

E u . Ego « on f peel o qu id 
#/// agu>it,/>*/ quid ^/r a- 
gendum mi hi ; et adjungo 
me melioribus, fi non pof- 
Jam reddere tf/iw melio- 

Po- Vixifti per pet uo in 
ii\o genere ? 

Eu. ? ; erpetuo, #7/* quod 
yzquatuor annos primum 

Po. Quamobrem ? 

Eu. Partitus fum hos an- 
nos z/tf, ut da rem feffjui- 
amuim fiud'io medicine, 
rtliquum tempus theolo- 

Po. Cur id? 

Eu. Quo melius mode- 
rarer et animumet corpus, 
et nonnunquam conjulcrcm 
amicis. Nam et concionor 
nonnunquam pro mea fapi- 
entia.S , /rhacteni»s'yi.*itran- 
qulle/«/if, contenius z/- 
nico facerdotiu, nee ambi- 
ens quidquam pr#terea y 
recufaturus etiam li offera- 


Pa. Utinam lie ere t dif- 
cere, quod caeteri noitri fo- 
dales aganty quibufcum 
miximus familiaritcr. 

Eu. Pollum commem?n*~ 

as human affairs are. Do you 
think it to be a (malt happinefs y x\\aX. 
fa many good things (Hould be giv- 
en a man en afudden, as it were 
from he&men, honor, a band fame 
houfe, and ivell furniftied, a gooi 
large yearly income , honorable 
company, and then a cburcbywhere, 
if you have a mmd,_V0K way enter 
upon divine woffhip ? 

i here luxury attended me y and 
the infamy of concubines, ar»4 */- 
y<? that wo/i /zz^zz of that way hate 
1 earning. 

I do not regard whit others cfo, 
but what ii to be done by me ; and 
1 join my felf to the better forty if / 
cannot make others better." 

Have you lived alitays in that 
ivay ? 

always, but that / fpent four 
years at rirfr a/ Pa/amium. 

What for ? 

I divided ftRo/fe years fo y that / 
£*?«&>*• a year and a halt za the ftudy 
of phytic, the rejl of my time to di- 

Why that? 

That / /night the better manage 
both mir.d and body, and feme- 
times affljl my friends. Fori preach 
too fometimes according to my 
vviidom Thus [o far 1 bame li\ed 
quietly enough, content 'with one 
\ i '''tn,,and not Jeekirg tor any thing 
hejtde's, and w. old retufe it too 9 n 
it jbould be offered. 

I wifh ive could learn what the 
reft of our companions are domg f 
with whom <we limed familiar] y, 

I can relate fome things offonve 



rare qusedam de njmnul- 
lis ; fed video nos nan ab- 
ejfe procul a civitate ; 
quare,y* videtur, conveni- 
emus in idem diverforiunt. 
Jb'\ per otium conferemus 
de ceteris atfatim. 

Hugitio Auriga. Unde 
noftus es tam miferam 
Jafcinam, lufce ? 

Henricus Auriga. I mo, 
quo defers ifiud iupanar, 
gxneo ? 

ting. Debueras effundere 
iftosfrigidos fenes alicubi 
in urticetum, ut calefce • 

Hen. Imo tu cura iftum 
l^^w.utpr^cipitestf //<:#£/ 
in prof-ndam la«iam\ ut 
refrigerentur, t?^;« calent 


Hug. Nan foleo free a pi- 
ta re msam \fa rci n a rn . 

yen. Non ! ^'yw? vidi 
te nuper dejeci/Je fex (lurf 
thuftanos \x\ coeium,j£<r ut 

dldis. Ttl interim ride- 
bas, qua/? re bene gefta.' 

Hug i\ T 4*c injuria ; ^<rr- 
miebant omnes, et odh- 
bant multum ponderis 
•currui men. 

Hen. At >ȣ/" fenes fub 
levarw.t meum cur rum e- 
gr^gle, $£* totuin */?r. gur~ 
rienres perpetuo. Nun- 
q.iuin vidi meliores. 

del i talibus 

Hen Sed /»i (eniculi sunt 

Hug. Qni sets ? 
, Hen. Cjnaia bibi per eos 
te r per via u infig n ite r b o - 
nam cerenjifiam. 

Hog. Ha, ha, hae. Sic 
$W#bmz tib'u 

of them ; but / *^? we are not far 
/row the city ; wherefore, */ it 
feems good, we 'will repair to the 
fame inn . T here at our leifure we 
will confer about other tilings at 

Where got thou To miferable a 
tuggagt, blinkard ? 

Nav, whither art thou carrying 
that bawdy company, thou rake ? 

Thou fttouldeft have thrown 
thofe frigid old fellows fomewhere 
into a bed of nettles,*© warm them. 

Nay, do thou take care of that 
enmpany, to throw >them some- 
where into a deep ditch, to cool, 
for they are more warm than e- 

i do not ufe to overthrow my 

No ! Rut T fow-tbee lately th^ouo 
fix Carthufians into the dirt, so that 
f/tey came out black, in dead of 
•White. Thou in the mean time 
Ivj ghedft, as if the. tiling had been 
well done. 

Not without r-eafon.;. they were 
all ajleep, and added m\ich<iu eight 
to my coach. 

Rut my old men have eafed my 
chariot extraordinarily, through the 
wh)ie journey* prating perpetually. 
I never law better. 

Yet thou doft not ufe to be pleafed 
.But thefe old fellows tf/v good. 

How kit owe ft thou ? 

Becaufe I drank v'uh then thrice 
by thje road extraordinary good 

Ha, ha, hae. So they aregcfc/ 
with thee. 


'-' * v ;v